POV’s Saturday Post-VT Podcast





Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi was frustrated by the loss, and by some calls — or non-calls — from the officials.

“I thought the coverage was real good,” he said. “I thought there were some things that were one-sided that irked me.

“We had guys in position to make plays and we didn’t make them.

“Give the quarterback some credit. He put some balls out there. (Receivers) did a great job of pushing off all night.  “Give them credit for that.”


75 thoughts on “POV’s Saturday Post-VT Podcast

  1. Great Job Reed! Love how you call it the way it is. I agree 100%. I don’t think he should be fired but this is who he is and what you can expect. 6-7 wins a year. Glad we spent 3M on it. Fuente is a stud and has class. It showed. He can coach as well.

    Listened on the plane today.


  2. Havent had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, will do so and be back to comment Upitt – Fuente is a stud? Really? It took to well into the third quarter before he aired it out deep after trying to run. Sister Mary Elephant coaching the Little Sisters of the Poor knows to air it out on our DBs. Not impressed with Fuente either.


  3. Imagine that? Upitt dissing on Pitt after a loss? A sure a thing as the sun rising in the morning.
    Just look at the comment “this is what you can expect 6-7 wins a season”. Last season in his first year, Narduzzi brings home 8 wins. This year he knocks off Penn State & is 11 points away from having the Panthers undefeated. Geez.

    Never met the guy but bet he has brown eyes because he’s so full of BS. Same old $hit from him, never changes.


  4. I think he is doing as well as can be expected with the talent at hand. No need to panic. But he needs to chill out. ACC refs are as bad as BE back in the day. The inconsistency is the problem.


  5. 2things
    1 Did not like play calling . We need to keep this defense off the field. Need to establish the run. We need longer drives. We either score quickly or 3 and out. Getting in a shoot out is not a good idea with our D IMO
    2. If he is going to leave these corners with one on one coverage they need to back off at the line of scrimmage . Can’t be chasing these receivers from behind 5 yards off the line of scrimmage once the play starts.


  6. Doc Tom – works both ways. PSU WR doesnt drop a sure TD or QB throws INT. Think Narduzzi is the answer all you want. I prefer substance vs. talk.


  7. Agree Reed and I’ve posted this several times. This defense won’t work in a conference OTHER than the Big Joke, where they have the lowest scoring games, the worst QB’s and the some of the worst offensives in D1 football.


  8. Apprentice Coach Narduzzi needs to learn it’s not all about him, his ego (see sideline antics vs VPI), his system (press coverage w slow undersized defenders) or his stubbornness. It’s about wins and losses!

    Play any kind of a defensive zone and this team only has one loss!


  9. I said it before an I’ll say it again. For those of you that are mad and disappointed in Narduzzi it’s only because he has this PITT team playing so well and have been every game this year. When was the last time a PITT head coach did that 8 games into a season? So you’re upset with HCPN for being better than all the pre-season predictions I read on here.


  10. I’ve never cottoned to the ‘wait till he gets his own players’ notion, but u can’t make chicken soup with chicken shit.
    Every good receiver last year stole Avonte ‘s lunch money. Why would anyone expect anything else this year?
    And for Ryan Lewis? Simply pitiful.
    So, if HCPN wants to live and die by the cornerback sword, it is his livelihood on the line.


  11. we possibly could have lost 5 games or could have won 8 games … and everything in between. But 5 and 3 sounds just about right. And any of the 3 losses are not head scrtatchers aside from the fact we could have won.

    No doubt that our defensive scheme foes does not fit our personnel being how slow we are at the LB and DB positions … but we are still a young team. If our defense doesn’t improve by this time next year, then things will have to change.


  12. Wonder how Montae Nicholson is enjoying his junior year. Dravon Henry injured for his.

    Two local backs that could be helping immensely if they stayed home.

    Narduzzi needs to sell these kids on the homefield advantage.

    Foster/Boyd the perfect example.

    Guys that star at home are remembered.


  13. After hearing Reed mention the Opponents PPG against Pitt was 32.4 ppg. I had to go back and look to see if we’ve ever had a worse Opponents PPG.

    Ok we go back to the last truly dreadful season at Pitt, that being 1998. WLAT’s 2nd year. That team won only 2 games and lost 9, Opponents PPG was 30.4 ppg

    The 1996 team, JM II’s last year, inflated by the YUGE beatdown by the Bucknuts, O/PPG was 39.1 ppg
    The 1995 team who was a dreadful 2-9, had a lower O/PPG than this year at 29.9 ppg

    The 1993 team was another dreadful one at 3-8 and allowed 33.7 ppg.
    The 1992 team, Paul Hackett’s (another Coordinator) last season, mercifully. That team allowed 35.8 ppg
    Which was 106th of 107 teams.

    And then you’d have to go ALL THE WAY back to one of the worst teams in Pitt history, the 1972 1 win and 10 loss team, Carl DePasqua’s last season. Even they didn’t allow as many O/PPG as this year’s defense.
    31.8 ppg

    I won’t torture you any more with some of the ’60’s Dave Hart teams. But even his 1-9 teams for 1 year had a lower O/PPG than the current dfense.

    So we are witnessing one of the worst Pitt defenses EVER !


  14. The dichotomy of Pitt’s defense is that against the run we’re stout, against the pass it’s a rout! We also happen to bring out the best in opposing QBs. It must be a real confidence builder when you know that you can just throw the ball up in the right spot for your WR and expect them to come down with it.
    Pressuring the QB is harder too under such circumstances. Therein lies the major weakness with Pitt’s defense. Shore up the troops in the secondary, getting guys in there that have the physical attributes to go one on one successfully and the entire dynamics change.

    BTW, I see the warts on this team Upittbaseball, they are big, ugly warts. They can be removed with ease by a skilled plastic surgeon. IMO, Narduzzi is that surgeon. Not 🍹 no Koolaid, just a optimistic view of the world.


  15. And as many of us thought, WVCC was a fraud at #10. First good team they play and they got clobbered by 17. Go Home Mountain_eers !


  16. They will rebound next weak against one of the worst D1 programs in the Nation, Big 12 weakling Kansas. who has won a total of 13 games and lost 66 in the last 7 years. With only 3 conference wins in that time span.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk !


  17. It’s not just the secondary. The front 7 has to put pressure on the QB. Against vt, there were 3 sacks and 2 QB hurries. That is not enough. Price is very good, but he is all we got. He is double teamed on every play and our LB’s could be just as effective sitting in the student section.


  18. The weakling Jayhawks even have a better pass defense than us. Now that truly is very sad. And they play in the Pass Happy Big 12.


  19. Montae Nicholson and Demetrius Cox did not start today for MSU in their secondary. Ended in a blowout loss to their rival Michigan with Chase Winoch and Patrick Kugler from da-burgh.

    From gc @ 2:45pm – Wonder how Montae Nicholson is enjoying his junior year. Dravon Henry injured for his.

    I’m watching miami sleep walking thru their game today with nd. Pitt needs to go kick the canes next week and then prepare for the next big win opportunity vs Clemscum in two weeks.

    But first, lick our wounds from Thursday night and come out clawing vs the canes.



  20. Hard to get pressure on the QB when it’s hike it take three quick steps and heave it. Leaving the two inside backers just standing there with their hands in their pockets. It’s not just helping the corners it’s player personnel and schemes. I’m sure that Narduzzi knows more than me but I to feel he dropped the ball the other night. I surely do not think he’s a bad head coach though. Just learning.


  21. Reed .. agree with you on the constant OL shifting… we had 3 false starts -2 on Bookser and 1 on Bisno.. We have been exciting to watch on the O but a little too cute for me…good D shut the jet sweep completely down but the power running game with Jaymar and George the animal sprung JC into the secondary ..that’s what this team was built to do… would have been interesting to see how Chryst and company who have attacked with this O- just sayin
    Duzz has a lot of growing to do as a HC and it’s not happening this year up to this point…If most of were in his shoes we would back at the past 7 games and conclude” We are lousy against the pass and every team remaining will be gunning for us.” Pat doesn’t get it … Change- adapt – morph- phucking coach …
    I like
    Emotion and spirit but the sideline antics were over the
    Top..How can you think when your that cranked up. The General has to have some self control in the heat of battle… you can’t get on an adrenaline high..our undersized islands were holding just as much


  22. Hate seeing Thug U getting rolled like this (ikr). Cause if they lose big, Richt will be ALL OVER THEM, in the week leading up to the you know who game. Plus they’ll need 2 wins in the their last 4 to get Bowl eligible.

    And all these Florida 3rd rate bowl games always like inviting them, even if it’s a ‘day trip’ for Cane fans.
    The 1000 or so that go to a 3rd rate bowl game.


  23. Chubbs had another fine game as OC for ‘how about them dawgs’ ! 10 points and 177 Total Yards.

    how does this bum keep getting jobs. Oh yea….Coaching fraternity.


  24. Some comments off of Dawg Nation:

    I’m always shocked how a run up the middle against a stacked box doesn’t work. How do you get paid for these play calls

    The whole planet knew what play calls was coming on that one.

    Freaking Chaney playing scared! Give me a break koolaid!

    What a complete waste of an offensive series. UF going to get great field position now

    Memo to Jim, our run game sucks dude!

    Chaney has no imagination…up the middle..up the middle..realize field position was bad but you got be a little more aggressive…

    Yep, and Chaney isn’t helping him at all with his predictable play calling

    I’m beginning to believe Aaron Rogers couldn’t look good in this offense. 🙂

    We’re going to keep trying. We’re going to keep trying. We’re going to keep trying. – Jim Chaney

    Awesome. That one falls squarely on Chaney. He’s such a terrible coach.

    This is going to be a long day – we cannot do simple things – this team is poorly coached

    (only in the 9th page of 42)


  25. Ok… I listened to the podcast and it was well done. However trying to compare Pitt pre-ACC to today is laughable. Those were some shitty teams in that conference. But if you are going to go down that road – why no mention of the Bowling Green debacle?? I’ll tell you why… Because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

    When he starts losing when Pitt is double digit favored… rant on.


  26. Pitt hoops on a mystery road trip?
    My guess – returning last year’s mystery scrimmage with Georgetown.

    The Whisky potatoeheads look good


  27. And some more ;

    Chaney is stubborn with no ability to change scheme to utilize current personal strengths = garbage.

    Can we please get out of these 2 TE sets

    Here comes the three and out after a horrible first down play. I wonder what our average yardage is on first downs this year?

    Chaney =Shithiemmer (or whatever his name is)

    Defense did their job and got a stop. A great stop. That was all on Chaney for putting us in a terrible field position right off the bat

    You enjoying this? We fired Richt to get better coaching. This is not good high school coaching. Losing to Vandy and two weeks for this?

    statistically time for Eason interception. And I think Chaney will put him in a perfect play call to accomplish that.

    Eason looks horrible at this point in the season. Chaney is doing him no favors with predictable play calling.

    Good gracious Chaney…. up the middle is NOT WORKING YOU MORON!

    Jeez Chaney is such an idiot. I almost hate him as bad as Schotty. He’s a huge reason for all of our three and outs

    Geoff Collins(Gator DC) is making Chaney his little bitch

    Love how CBS keeps pointing out how bad we are on offense.

    Chaney is not getting it done at OC

    (we’re only at halftime, lol )


  28. Fraud is saving Pitt from being the absolute worst pass defense in the Nation. Oregon has another 500 yards passing against the Fraud Devils.

    So there is some…….Saving Grace…..in Fraud after all ! 🙂


  29. Good point Gasman. With a lot of these coaches, maybe most. It’s more about their ego’s than anything else.

    Not sayin that is the case with the Nard Dog. But it could be.


  30. Allowing 35 points a game in today’s landscape is like giving up 25 in the 1970’s.

    I still think Narduzzi is playing a rope-a-dope strategy to lull Clemson into a false sense of security thinking they can just lob it up to their WRs. He will unleash a totally new defense with Hamlin and Whitehead leading a victory over a top 3 team and gaining momentum for recruiting and next season.

    A guy can hope, can’t he? hehe


  31. I said before the season started my only concern with this team were the corners.

    Coaching staff needs to bring in some JUCO and grad transfer CBs to upgrade the D ext season. That will help Hamlin and others mature and also bring competition to the position. Others will lose their scholies.


  32. LOL I HOPE IF ANY RECRUITS / THEIR FRIENDS AND FAM COME ON HERE, THEY IGNORE 90% OF YOU — And only read “Dr. Tom”, “gc”,and a few otheres….

    Some of you are Truly Inspiring 😦 😦 yeesh.

    No one mentions Oklahoma State is the team that Crushes WVU ?? Or that North Carolina and Virginia Tech will both be top-20 and Okie State is 6-2 and right there to get the Big 12 Championship??

    No one mentioned Pertinent, Relevant Points because the WHINERS are just coming out of the woodwork like termites, and giving each other fuel it seems, hand-in-hand together to trash Pitt Football!!! Yikes.

    When these certain-few posters come out of the shadows at certain times and start posting their Anti-Charisma Garbage it’s like a sickness -spreads on here!!

    I’m out — *If anyone comes in here to get a feel for who Pitt Fans and Supporters are: IGNORE “@upittbaseball” and everything that dude EVER SAYS trust me 🙂 lol.


  33. One of the best Movies Ever:

    Dang ‘@Reed and his Minions’ ^^^^, “Game Over Mannnn, Game Overrr 😦 😦 ….What are we gonna dooooo????” Hahaha yikes!


  34. Dark Knight – I mean Mrs. Narduzzi or Steve Barnes. Younseriously are talking shit on here? You have said 5 players this year are future heismans on our roster. First it was Peterman, then the qb who never took a snap. High school kids who are not even at Pitt. If I am negative. You make Dr. Tom look like a debbie downer. My points make perfect sense. We have a defensive guru who sucks at Defense and who jumps around like a bush league softball coach. All while Potato Sack goes Top 10 and PSU will be Top 20. Am I pissed yes. National TV and we look like Heidelberg Middle School on Defense. You probably also think Cesar Brissel Stallings will do good.


  35. Thanks for the endorsement DK, although I am not sure I am worthy in that my rose colored glasses aren’t as rosy as yours or Dr Tom’s. I certainly don’t want to turn off recruits or their families because we need them and Pitt is an excellent choice for them.

    While I like where the program is headed, I am frustrated that Narduzzi seems (IMO) to put his D system ahead of winning right now. I hope he gets the corners and pass rushers he needs to make his system work. I just think it is a shame that we are so close to being really good, but the system is holding us back, at least for now.

    Some significant games today, OK ST handled WV rather easily turnovers helped, but by comparison we played them tougher. Wisky handled undefeated Nebraska. I liked Chryst and am happy for him. He is doing it with a RS freshman QB so there is hope for us (He is a QB Guru and seems to get the most out of them). Hated to root for Miami, unfortunately they came up short. We really need to win next week.
    BC beat NCST, may help us bowlwise if we win next week. MSU lost as expected, they are in free fall.
    Maybe we find out how loyal Narduzzi is sooner rather than later, but I don’t expect Dantonio to be fired just yet.

    By the way, Reeves is a big time get had great offers including Alabama, just the kind of guy we need more of, especially on defense.

    I am hoping DK is right about MacVittie, he needs to be the guy next year and over achieve if we are going to be any good. We should have another great O-line, again thanks to Chryst, and that will help MacVittie more than anything.

    Our defense will be extremely young,so hopefully these speedy Narduzzi recruits are ready. Maybe Hamlin getting experience this year is a good thing.


  36. You guys crack me up” you act like it’s unusual for a college coach to loose his mind. happens every week in at least a half dozen games. It is an ugly look, but most every coach has these moments at times, from JoePa to Woody. Better teams coaches do it less often because they usually win and don’t get screwed. But take a look at some of these guys used to winning when things don’t go their way. They are worst, John Wooden comes to mind, didn’t loose often but may have been poorest loser of them all!
    Also, some of you are like the political commercials, I’m just sick of reading the same old shit. If you have nothing new to say give the rest of us a break. At least in two weeks the commercials will be over, unlike some who are like Herpes, the gift that keeps on giving!


  37. Listen, Jimbo got a big 15. That’s not working refs, that’s really out of control. He’s been like that for years. Some coaches just do that. Again, I find it disgusting, but to act like PN is unusual is BS. As far as I know PN has never got 15, punched another player or run across the field to acost opposing team. Sure, whining ang bitching isn’t what I want to see, and others downing the same doesn’t make it all right, but he is that intense, so we better get used to it!


  38. If our goal is to compete for a national championship, then someday we will need this defensive scheme.
    You can’t compete with the top 4 teams playing zone d.
    If, if we get dbs who can cover one on one and d linemen who can be disruptive in the backfield, then this defense works.

    The argument if we should run it without experienced talent is very debateable.

    I’m in this for the long haul and hope someday we can compete at that level.


  39. Interesting to look at the four teams involved with Pat Narduzzi landing at Pitt –

    Nebraska with 2nd year HC Mike Riley at 7-1 and ranked in the top 10
    Oregon St. w/ 2nd year HC Gary Andersen at 2-6
    Wisconsin with 2nd year HC Paul Chryst at 6-2 and ranked in the top 10
    Pitt at 5-3 with the only coach of the four without HC-ing experience

    Nebraska played 3 non-conference games with ONE being a P5 team
    Oregon St. played 3 non-conference games with ONE being a P5 team
    Wisconsin played 3 non-conference games with ONE being a P5 team
    Pitt played 4 non-conference games with TWO being P5 teams

    Nebraska’s only loss is to Wisky
    Wisky’s 2 losses are to top 10 teams (Michigan and tOSU)

    Pitt beat BIG JOKE pedo state (who beat BIG JOKE tOSU)
    Pitt lost close games to three teams with 6-2 records and ranked in the top 25

    Point is, Pitt is not too far away from being a legitimate contender – the fan base can’t give up.



  40. Funny how no one on here can connect the dots. Fat Paulie was a big idiot when he coached Pitt – now look at him. Not so stupid anymore is he? Guess what… the idiot Narduzzi will be in the same situation 3 or 4 years from now when he’s coaching MSU.

    You know what the difference is? Wisconsin and MSU don’t fill their staff’s w/ guys like Josh Conklin or Matt House. House is now LB coach at Kentucky which is probably more his pay grade.

    Why doesn’t PItt have competent staff? Look at the empty seats, idiots. I have a friend whose father retired as a salesman for a lumber yard in St. Albans WV. He contributes $3K/year to WVU as a retiree. I am fairly confident the big mouth’s who pound their chest on here w/ their daily caustic masturbation contribute far less, if anything, to PItt football. You know… because “Pitt sucks and until Pitt wins the National Championship… I’m not giving them anything.” All you important people would rather waste your precious time ranting and raving about a football coach instead of doing something constructive.

    Look in the mirror, idiots.


  41. ^^^ OMG — I HAVE TO COME BACK ….then I read this Jewel from poster “John Ramella”….

    “Things suck, they will always suck, I am going to take the effort to write-out why Pitt Football Sucks and Will Always Suck…..”Pretty accurate summation lol.

    #SpeakForYourDANGSELF seems appropriate 🙂 🙂 🙂


  42. Just finished listening to your podcast. I think everyone is entitled to an opinion, I don’t agree with a lot of yours but I like to have my opinions challenged. Give this coach 2 more seasons before we run him out of town. My most relevant comment regards the attendance at the VTech game. You came in from out of town so you may not have realized that the Pens played a home game to a sell-out crowd. Pittsburgh is a professional sports town, Pitt has to schedule around the pro teams. We can’t go head to head against a Pens home game and then whine about the empty seats. This one is on the AD, come on guys, you have to coordinate with the big boys in this city!


  43. ^^^ Lol Oh … @ “John Ramella” , your message was actually much more complex I Jumped The Gun There sorry!!

    Maybe I need to remember to: #SpeakForMyDANGSELF !!!! lol 🙂 whoops apologies @ “John Ramella”


  44. Thinking John R is making a lot of sense here^. Only I believe PITT does have an administration in place to move the football program further down the line. I was until recently convinced that Pat would not being going anywhere anytime soon. If PITT can’t get more butts in the seats and more money for asst. coaches they won’t be able to get the bigger recruits and keep the better local kids at home. Result, many of you get your wish and Narduzzi will fly the coup much like the hated Graham who could see the hand writing on the wall. Time for the administration to step up this off season when Conklin is shown the door.


  45. I wanted to add and as always….. It’s not just at PITT but many schools, it’s the schools that keep wishing for a coaching change and keep changing that keep losing. Better be careful what you’re wishing for is an old common theme around PITT. If PITT can keep this coach here for a while we all would be better off!


  46. Good point Trouty. It would be good if Pitt could coordinate with the Pens and Pirates so that they don’t have to compete, but I don’t think the Pens or Pirates care. Also a free Bon Jovi concert on campus didn’t help.Pitt also cannot refuse a Thursday Night game because of TV money and contracts. Too bad though, because if the game would have been yesterday afternoon or evening, probably 50,000+ on a beautiful fall Saturday.


  47. Wait, seriously? Who but Pitt could schedule a free Bonus Jovi concert on campus the same night as a prime time FB game.., Is that true???


  48. Dark Night – with all due respect cut the “whiny” bullshit. Fact of the matter is that we PITT fans expect more. We have the right supportive admin, a good coach and we sense what is soon coming, so we want more, now.

    Are we a class or two away, absolutely. But we see that we have a real shot at a return to top 20…top 10 and we want it.

    Whiny? No fucking way. We expect great results from a great university.



  49. I really don’t get you guys. “Coach putting his system first…”. We DO NOT HAVE THE DBs that can play competitively at this level and schedule. END OF STORY. Will we get the players? I really believe we will. Our O is in good shape and if you look at the players it supports the results. Defensively, not so much.

    Have faith in the best coach we have had in decades.

    UPitt – I love you and your posts but all is not lost with this coach and team.

    Do I think we should beat Miami? Hell yes I do! Can we? Not so sure with our DBs.


  50. John,

    How much have you given?!

    Stop the BS rants about being fed up w Narduzzi. He is the best thing to happen to Pitt football in recent memory.


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