POV’s Pitt vs VT Game Thread

“The time has come” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things: Of shoes and ship and sealing wax – of Pitt football and kings…”

Pitt football most of all.  Here is your official PittVirginia Tech game thread and here are the ever-enjoyable “Game Notes” for Pitt’s Media Dept.

I’ll be in the Press Box tonight so should be able to chip in with observations as we slowly beat VT into the ground with our running game…

Have at it and enjoy – but make sure to read Dan 72′ BB price I just posted earlier this morning.

469 thoughts on “POV’s Pitt vs VT Game Thread

  1. I’m thinking we see a trick play by Pitt tonight. As someone suggested on another thread, maybe a pass from Matthews — or a fake kick of some sort, especially if we are behind. Having the Pens playing at home tonight as well really hurts, especially with dreary weather.
    Hope the crowd is decent.


  2. Last year Ollison ran for 125 yards against VT and was the hero, in a 17-13 victory.

    This one will be a high scoring affair.

    I’m afraid VT’s better defense will be the difference.

    Hoping I’m wrong.


  3. #HailToPitt !!!!!!

    RS Senior, In his Home-Stretch for his entire College Football Career —- Nathan Peterman is going to have to be an ANIMAL tonight for his Team to beat a Tuff’, and totally evenly-matched Va Tech Hokies Squad.

    No need to try and insult or put down Va Tech — they are Coastal Division Rivals, a truly solid-team with a ton of NFL guys on both sides on the roster, so much respect to them 🙂 .

    But they do not understand just How Bad Pitt and Our Fans NEED this win for OUR PROGRAM and it’s continued Evolution into A True NATIONAL BRAND. Pitt Football NEEDS to come out tonight with All Cylinders FIRING on full-tilt.

    If Nathan Peterman can come out and be a QB- BEAST (From SNAP ONE — not in-spots, no slow-starting, no late-game “Clamming Up”….Natie-P has got to be a STUD tonight from his first snap) and just find ways to Gut-Out first downs and then eventually TD’s for Pitt —- this could be one Helluva Game. Nathan Peterman is gonna have to get 2 or 3 HUGE first downs on straight-up scrambles, showing crazy-Heart, Guts, and Ball$ of Bra$$ lol.

    Just because Va Tech has a really, really bad loss to Tennessee (WEIRDLY bad — Va Tech is the better team) and one Fluke, Ohio State losing to pswho – ridiculous, “didn’t show up” loss to Syracuse — this team is Solid, Fast, and Talented and NFL-stocked ….. SO IS OUR PITT SQUAD, only 1.5 years into the “Chancellor who CARES Evolution Process” 🙂

    Pitt Is IT !!!! 😉 LIGHT IT UP on National TV Nathan Peterman (& run hard too, scramble for first downs!) — so We can LIGHT UP THE CATHEDRAL TONIGHT! 🙂


  4. Once again I’m guessing those pesky gold pants just don’t feel comfortable but hey it’s the players call.

    Had a bad feeling last night out of the blue that this would be the game PITT doesn’t keep up and may get blown out of the building. So I just had another beer.


  5. We’re going to see a big time Pitt victory tonight. With the extra prep time, CC is going to have some new wrinkles on offense that will surprise VT; as a result, this may be J.C.’s best game of the season especialy given the strength and confidence of our offensive line. Does anyone have an update on the injuries to our defense? VT’s offense is talented, but how did they lose so badly to Syracuse and play so poorly against Tennessee? It should be typical Burgh football weather tonight — cool and damp — and that will help. A slick field will cause some turnovers. Hoping the fans are plentiful and LOUD. HTP. Let’s light up the Cathedral tonight!


  6. Syracuse has an exceptionally good QB which Pitt will find out later this season. Peterman will have to have great game to offset the pressure VT puts on our running game by stacking the box. Hope we see that great game from Peterman, but I’m not counting that happening.


  7. Dan72..Appreciate you BB article and your insights…I usually stay at the Sheraton Station Square when we come up from Carolina for Pitt home games but none planned this year..next time I will give you a shout and maybe we can have a pre-game beer.
    Let’s keep the pursuit going by taking care of business tonight…LET’S GO PITT!!!


  8. Just read in the hometown Pittsburgh paper/Valley Daily News version that Pitt BB player is considering a Colon Kapernick protest during the Star Spangled Banner…


  9. That’s EXTREMELY disappointing. I’m not going to say anything else other than if I was coach, I wouldn’t allow it.
    If we lose tonight it is clearly all Jeter’s fault with this news coming out on game day.


  10. Well I was going to pick Pitt to win, but now with the all Blue uni’s and helmet, I will have to consult the Tea Leaves again. The national media and indeed the nation(even the World) loved the Royal Blue and Yellow, and we’re going to be on National TV. So we’re not going to capitalize on that media love and national love of the Royal Blue & Yellow. That is so Pitt. Be back later after consulting the Leaves.


  11. wwb, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Pitt hasn’t shown a lot of interest in Robinson. At least he’s not one that is talked about very often. From what I’ve understood he’s been a WVU lean for a long time. Who knows though.


  12. JJ, I believe you’re right. I assure you I am not one who claims “well. we weren’t recruiting him anyway” when we lose a recruit … however, in this case, I agree that his name has not been mentioned too much at all when it came to Pitt recruits.


  13. I understand that Robinson’s grades were a little subpar. Not starting rumors but that’s what I heard. I know he transferred this past year to Imani C


  14. After a visitation with the Ghost of Jock, and his advisement that Pitt wore the All Blue thingies when we beat the Pedo’s, EMel did another reading of the Tea Leaves (or was it coffee grinds), no matter.

    And much to my amazement the Leaves read the same exact thing. A Pitt victory !
    The score was slightly altered however, but nonetheless a win anyway.

    EMel’s Tea Leaves said Pitt 38 VT 35. (in the all Blue things)


  15. ~ Dan72 Have one on me bro. Lucky guy you, get to be in da Burgh, drinking at the Station and going to the game. Have fun and bring home a win dude.

    Pluck a Gobbler


  16. Was at Market District this morning discussing poor weather for game when a couple behind me in full Pitt garb said that they were going and it wasn’t going to rain. They in fact stated they were from New Hampshire and came in for EVERY home game!! Made me embarrassed I was complaining about some rain!
    Like most, head says Hokies, but to be a sure winner I’ll just go the opposite of whatever our favorite cement seller says lol. Seriously, low scoring tonight, Pitt 24 VPI 20!


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