POV: Sunday Morning QB

This will be a very quick article as I’m stretched thin here.  But here goes…

Thursday night saw us lose a close heart breaker to a Coastal Division opponent Virginia Tech by the score of 39 to 36.  It went down to the end of the game with Pitt still having a chance at to at least tie it up but we fell short. 

There are some things that just absolutely jump out as far as positives and negative go. Since it was a loss we’ll start with the negatives:


* Our pass defense This is getting to play like a broken record and almost every game we play we point to our horrid pass defense as on of the negative aspects of the game just played. 

Thursday we allowed 406 yards through the air as their QB, Jerod Evans went 26/40 for 406 yards with two TDs and no INTs.  That is a QB rating of 166+ and he chewed us apart.

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