Game Thread: Panthers vs Tarheels

All righty then.  At the time of this writing; 11:45 am, we have had 52 total predictions on the game and Pitt is the favorite in 31 of them leaving UNC with 21 of us thinking they will take the game.

That sounds about right given how badly we Pitt fans want to come out of Chapel Hill with a win.

As I wrote yesterday my head says NC will take the game but I’m going with my heart today.  I did the opposite in picking PSU by my figuring and Pitt took that match.  But today my heart will win out (sounds like a country western song…).

I want to clarify something I wrote in a comment the other day after we got torched by OSU through the air and the discussion was about the defensive backfield players and their talent level.  I wondered why Narduzzi – who must have know that we pretty much going to suck back there given we were pretty good in all the pass defense categories in 2014 then dropped in his first year here.

Year Passing Yards


Passing Efficiency


Main Starters at CB & Safety
2014 24th  –  198.9 43rd – 121.59 Vinopal, Pitts, Briggs and Maddox
2015 54th  –  214.7 66th – 126.97 Pitts, Maddox, Whitehead, Webb
2016 124th – 330.3 91st –  136.30 Lewis, Maddox, Whitehead, Webb

My point last week was to wonder why Narduzzi – especially given his big reputation for developing defensive backs could 1) possibly overlook see the importance of the position as it stood and 2) get some immediate help back there in the form of a transfer or JUCO player – either a grad transfer who could play right away or an experienced transfer from another school who might have had to sit out 2015 but would be eligible this season.

Narduzzi has used transfer players and JUCOs more than any Pitt HC I can remember, DW did a lot also, and just off the top of my head we currently have seven on the roster now; DE Hendrix, QB Peterman, QB Stocker, QB Schneider, WR Araujo-Lopes, DE Edwards and TE Chris Clark.

But no transfers in at what was a weakness unit last season – especially in giving up the big passing plays.  Yes, he did recruit DBs in the last two classes but IMO to rely on true FR to come into a Power Five school schedule and succeed right away is wishful thinking.  Case in point we are still seeing the same kids back there as we had last season – and to think Hamlin or Miller were going to waltz in and start really couldn’t be counted on.

A talent like Whitehead – yes, but he’s a special case and head and shoulders above the other young DBs.

Anyway – all that is going to be a moot point after 7:00 pm this evening because we are going to see a 180 degree turnaround in our pass defense this afternoon…right?  They are who will lead us to a Big Win… correct?

I hope so!

Let’s hear your thoughts during the game today and remember the eyes of the world are on you (quite literally – you’d be surprised how many international visitors we get everyday).




3rd Quarter Stats3-q-nc



950 thoughts on “Game Thread: Panthers vs Tarheels

  1. And I have been right so far. We beat a bad PSU team and a FCS Nova Team.

    Peterman isn’t allowed to throw except shovel passes.

    Play Ollison and pass to a TE. We will run BS Sweeps like it is JV


  2. UPitt, you have been telling us for 4 years what a great player and great choice Foster made going to Bama, and what a thug and poor player Boyd is.

    Foster has 19 career catches and Boyd has 8 in two games in the NFL.

    Some Pitt Fan you are.


  3. I still believe Foster is way better than Boyd. Because one is a slot wr in the NFL who catches 5 yard outs and cant stretch a field. Foster is in college. So you think Boyd would be doing any better at Bama?

    Peterman is average. Obviouksy the OC thinks less of him than I do. He won’t even let his QB throw the ball. Zero trust.


  4. “So you think Boyd would be doing any better at Bama?”

    Yes, and who cares, I am sure TB doesn’t right now.

    Upitt, feeling any weaker in your propping up of UNC while UGA is getting smoked by Ole Miss?
    Does UNC have a win to be proud of? or that Pitt should be scared because of?

    There has got to be some medication to help a Pitt fan like you….or for the rest of us to deal with you. LOL!


  5. Zero trust in WR’S not the QB. Coach Duzz knows what he has in Peterman not so much in the wide-outs a work in progress. Think Tipton has a big game


  6. Boyd caught more passes than either AJ Green or Antonio Brown last week, two of the very best in the game. Thirteen yards per catch. Not bad for a rookie. Hines Ward couldn’t stretch the field either.


  7. I am here tailgating with Dr. Tom in Chapel Hill North Carolina… We are talking about you UPitt … I like Michigan State, Notre Dame and Arizona State -California over… Thank you blog for uniting me and Dr. Tom


  8. Potato Paul smoking Michigan State.

    Potato Sack with actually support and coordinators and no mustard on his Rocky Balboa Gray Sweatshirt is pretty good.


  9. Line up to 7.5 and 8 in Vegas. Keep in mind $$poured in on Pitt last week and I think the bettors are just as wrong here.

    Must win for Pitt if we are going to do anything this year!

    A NC Blowout would set us back badly!


  10. Chubbs is a sloppy mess. Say what you want but appearence matters. At least enforces disclipkine or lack of it.

    Emel – Another shooting. Fucking crazy.


  11. Chryst looks like a genius now, don’t think he is missing House at all.

    Narduzzi’s old D looking like crap. All those great D Backs aren’t helping when you get blown back off the line.


  12. I live near Athens Ga, Chaney is really getting a lot of heat and was up to his old tricks of shitty play calling and playing QB derby.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t last the season. UGa fans are really delusional and have no tolerance.


  13. Thanks Dan72!

    Jags need a Win.

    I thought Baltimore was blah and due to lose. I was in Florida yeaterday. It is hot. Jags have talent.

    Heat might have an effect on our conditioning tonight.


  14. For all of you said PC sucked as a coach, told ya so, lol. He is a great offensive coach and now has a real DC.

    Nice guy, but a total prick for leaving Pitt. No better a person than Fraud Graham.
    You just like him because he had open practices…;)


  15. Paulie’s sweatshirt is red today, not grey. Wisky hammering MSU who last week hammered nd.


    With the Georgia Dawgs getting crushed today, does that lessen the fear factor many of you have with unc.

    Look for Pitt to make a BIG statement today that the Coastal Division goes through Pitt.



  16. I’ll start some meaningless conversation…

    Pitt should go blue helmets with any uniform half of their games and go the throwbacks the other games. Lose the gold helmet forever!


  17. Chyrst’s Wisky team a reminder of how tough it will be to win at Pitt.

    The problem is recruiting enough elite level players, not necessarily 4 and 5 stars but guys that can compete.

    The big programs have whole states to recruit from.

    Western PA alone is not nearly enough and it looks like we have lost it, at least for this year.

    Wisky had the better pass rush today, made a big difference.

    Two huge wins this year for Chryst.


  18. The Blue helmets look alright with the white uni’s. They’re hideous with the all blue ones.

    Pitt has always worn Gold helmets. But who cares about traditions right.


  19. I think the lack of recruitable talent in W. Pa at the moment is why PN is looking at Ohio. Thanks for the weather report Emel, still awaiting Reed’s Drunken Weather Girl to weigh in – rising tides and tsunamis.
    Another shooting? You guys up to 3? Duck.

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  20. What I meant about the coaching gig at Wisconsin being a whole different animal than Pitt. Was based on the politics of college football, tv networks and the Big 10. As opposed to the ACC.


  21. Looks like Potato Paul decided to get some assistants who can coach & recruit for a change. Nice what a little money and actually caring will do. Of course it’s a lot easier to recruit to Wisconsin that Pitt.


  22. As for Pitt, Canada trusts Peterman, don’t think he trusts the very inexperienced receivers. Without Ford, did the even have 5 catches last year. I doubt it.

    They MUST find a passing game. I like the motion option offense if they can freaking pass out of it. It is more a college offense than we have seen. Henderson running the ball is not a bad thing.

    Shit, let Henderson throw when he gets the ball. Lol

    I’m out, beers to drink.

    Go Pitt


  23. Emel

    I said wear the yellow throwback half of the games. The all blue looked awesome against PSU.

    Also, Ditka wore a blue helmet, did he not?


  24. Wisconsin’s main players in their offensive backfield are Corey Clements from New Jersey (who was a Pitt de-commit) and Alex Horibrook from Eastern Penna. (another Pitt de-commit).

    They have 10 players from Florida. Most of the defensive backfield where you need speed. And the Florida kids are also WR’s.


  25. We’ll have to agree to disagree notrocket. I did not like the blue helmets at all, with the all blue uni’s.

    As far as I know Pitt has always worn Gold Helmets since they stopped wearing Leather ones.

    Pitt, Navy & ND always wore gold helmets, along with BC.


  26. Maybe one of the older Panthers would know for sure. Pitt wasn’t in my consciousness until about 1966 or so. They wore all Gold helmets then, with nothing on them. And then the Pitt script was put on with Johnny Majors in 1973, along with the mustard gold color.


  27. I don’t like the start to this game. Can we please punt the ball away from the Twerp.

    Heard a rumor this week that MacVitte moved into the 2 spot at QB. NP did not look good on the first series – I’d give him 2 more series to score and if not, bring in the FR.


  28. Keep your eyes on the O line….hoping we can wear down their D line eventually, but right now the line is not getting any push off the line.


  29. NP= 7/8 for 56 yds; JC – 5 for 15;

    Pittsburgh Passing
    Nathan Peterman
    7/8 56 7.0 0 0
    TEAM 7/8 56 7.0 0 0
    North Carolina Passing
    Mitch Trubisky
    2/2 3 1.5 0 0
    TEAM 2/2 3 1.5 0 0
    Pittsburgh Rushing
    Quadree Henderson
    2 16 8.0 0 16
    Chawntez Moss
    2 15 7.5 0 10
    James Conner
    5 15 3.0 0 7
    Jordan Whitehead
    1 8 8.0 0 8
    Maurice Ffrench
    1 6 6.0 0 6
    George Aston
    1 1 1.0 0 1
    Darrin Hall
    1 1 1.0 0 1
    Nathan Peterman
    1 0 0.0 0 0
    Team 1 -28 -28.0 0 0
    TEAM 15 34 2.3 0 16


  30. Future ESPN headline: 2021 and Franklin’s still looking for his first big win at PSU

    2022 headline: Franklin looking for high school job


  31. Narduzzi – You sir are a joke as a coach. If you can’t coach these idiots them get Juco transfers. 80% of your D wouldnt start at Edinboro.


  32. wide open, wide open…..announcer nailed it “nobody runs with him”….. Hey coach, I guess the kids aren’t doing what you told them….


  33. @erie

    Who knows he wiffed on the tackle and fell asleep on that pass, he is really bad and it’s early too. Maybe another shoot out.


  34. Honestly, we all said we’d have to outscore them in a high scoring game. So, I’m gonna stop bitching about our D3 defensive backs and assume they will score every time they have the ball and keep my blood pressure down.


  35. another well-crafted offensive gameplan that the offense is EXECUTING

    how long has it been since the pitt offense had both a good plan and good execution

    matt canada might just finally be the right OC for pitt


  36. Reed – supposedly our LB recruits for the last two years are still 205 lbs but fast – so too small to play LB. Get Webb out of there and throw one of them out there. It’s like we’re playing 10 on 11.


  37. Webb doesnt know his name.

    Girl in cheetah skirt on Switzer’s TD is smoking hot.

    Our Defense is a embarrassment. We better only score TD’s or we lose this game. Only way to win.

    A team with a good offense and good defense destroys us.


  38. UNC has possessed the ball for5 minutes and is down by 6, our pass defense is a liability and with 43 seconds left ….


  39. 100% on Narduzzi. Stubborn bullshit. He knew exactly how shitty all the D backs are. He knew, he knows and did nothing about it – either in going the juco route or not being too stubborn to change the scheme. Does anybody see any way we win this game?


  40. Have you ever seen a pass defense this bad. Granted we are still up 3, but with everything that went Pitt’s way in first including 24+ minutes of possession, can it possibly hold up?


  41. Lucky nfl rules don’t apply or UNC gets the ball on the one.

    We dominated TOP, when the ball is thrown against our defense there is always a chance for a big play.

    What adjustments do you make because our secondary can’t cover or tackle.


  42. only defense that we could use… to blitz on every play to either sack qb or rush his throw, cause we can’t cover. That is plain for all to see, including their coaches.


  43. @jimbo

    Do you remember the burnt toast patrol?

    It was under Foge or Hackett, but Narduzzi’s db’s take the prize!

    They are bad


  44. Notice what paul christ did today. Still think Narduzzi is the answer? Hope I’m wrong, but feel like we don’t have a chance in the second half.


  45. Zero Chance we win this. To beat us hust throw the fucker up and easy W. No momentum and basically a tied game and they only had the ball 5 mins. It is pure comedy.


  46. Chryst wasn’t the answer at Pitt. Come on, it’s very easy to come on here and praise Paulie after a game like they had today. They struggled mightily last against a FCS school.


  47. I think the info I wrote about the last three years of DB play is very telling – and to me that’s all on Narduzzi. He shouldn’t have such a poor pass defense this year. Maddox wasn’t this bad in the past – certainly not in ’14.

    Maddox, Whitehead and Webb weren’t even this bad last year. It is all on the DC and thus on the HC also. And sad to say it isn’t going to get any better for the rest of the season IMO. We’ll play better in spots but it is such a glaring weakness other DC’s have to be licking their chops watching our game film.


  48. is our net rushing minus the 35 yard fumble by Officer – not that it matters. Freshman making mistakes cant be worse. Give a 40 yard cushion – might take 7 or 8 plays to score (sarcasm)


  49. Winning programs fires coaches mid season. Not Pitt we just award 22 year contracts for mediocrity.

    Hell a Charlie fires a coach every month.

    Chizik will
    Make adjustments. Narrduzzi will just choregraph the 4th quarter water dance.


  50. I don’t think Chryst would have been any better for Pitt had he stayed. He fits perfectly up there and his 14-3 record proves that. But any Pitt fan that keeps running his coaching into the ground is just spouting sour grapes. Hew’s done a great job for Whisky.


  51. Va Tech put up 54 points against a decent East Carolina team (2-1, loss by 5 to South Carolina), so with that new offensive minded coach Fuente or something, they are no longer going to be offensively weak,


  52. Instead of HCPN giving snide, smart-ass answers, invoking the cloak of secrecy, and refusing to discuss injured players, perhaps he can find a few defensive backs who want to play football.
    Webb is horrible.
    Briggs is clueless today.
    Maddox is horrid.
    Lewis is bad, but the rest of the jokester so are so horrible, that he hasn’t been burned yet. But stay tuned.


  53. Gotta like Moss’s attitude and style. I have a strategy for the rest of the game…..I’m going to watch us on offense and then when we have to play defense I’m switching to ABC to watch PSU get the shit kicked out of it. Yep, that sounds like a plan.


  54. Does ESPN think the game is in Miami with this music. Sad how far ESPN has fallen. First it was the UN of announcers and they 89% women who know zero sports.

    Play Moss over Connor.


  55. If I was UNC I’d go for 2 point conversions every TD.

    Our Defense could use 21 players and it wouldnt matter. The entire Defense needs therapy.


  56. Dont wprry guys. We have a stud HC who was a great DC. Like when Baylor hung 65 on him in 3 quarters. If we lose Narduzzi it will be to Bucknell as a Janitor.


  57. OK, say you’re a high school CB….would you want to come to Pitt and be made the fool under Narduzzi’s system? Me either…..

    Better start burning some red shirts coach….before it’s too late.


  58. Lol upitt I might change my handle to upitty we need it defensively our pass defense is nonexistent and UNC has no run defense


  59. Gimmick offense will work against bad teams. Alabama will give up 22 yards to this carnival offense. Speed at Lb’s and DE’s shuts this down. IE Clemson


  60. Gasman – won’t matter – he won’t answer any questions. He’ll blame his kids for not doing what they’re told. The problem is they’re being to run fast, cover your guy and tackle…and none of them can do that.


  61. Narduzzi isnt going anywhere. No one wants a HC known for his Defense that ranks last in US. People want offense not a HC who gives up 33 points to Whitehall 7th graders.


  62. I’m dancing with the 4th qtr gang. 3rd and 4 to start the 4th qtr. Let’s get one to Orndoff over the middle and keep the drive alive.


  63. New life and a chance for our offense to make a statement drive right now. Conner should be well rested by now…

    If there was ever a time this season, it is now!


  64. Narduzzi’s Defense he said. Haha. I wish I was in the media in Pittsburgh. I’d love to ask Narduzzi queations and not let him throw up Mike Tomlin answers.


  65. Reed – and his name would be MacVitte

    Our offensive play calling in the 4th qtr stinks. We just gave unc a short field with a 13 point lead.