Game Thread: Panthers vs Tarheels

All righty then.  At the time of this writing; 11:45 am, we have had 52 total predictions on the game and Pitt is the favorite in 31 of them leaving UNC with 21 of us thinking they will take the game.

That sounds about right given how badly we Pitt fans want to come out of Chapel Hill with a win.

As I wrote yesterday my head says NC will take the game but I’m going with my heart today.  I did the opposite in picking PSU by my figuring and Pitt took that match.  But today my heart will win out (sounds like a country western song…).

I want to clarify something I wrote in a comment the other day after we got torched by OSU through the air and the discussion was about the defensive backfield players and their talent level.  I wondered why Narduzzi – who must have know that we pretty much going to suck back there given we were pretty good in all the pass defense categories in 2014 then dropped in his first year here.

Year Passing Yards


Passing Efficiency


Main Starters at CB & Safety
2014 24th  –  198.9 43rd – 121.59 Vinopal, Pitts, Briggs and Maddox
2015 54th  –  214.7 66th – 126.97 Pitts, Maddox, Whitehead, Webb
2016 124th – 330.3 91st –  136.30 Lewis, Maddox, Whitehead, Webb

My point last week was to wonder why Narduzzi – especially given his big reputation for developing defensive backs could 1) possibly overlook see the importance of the position as it stood and 2) get some immediate help back there in the form of a transfer or JUCO player – either a grad transfer who could play right away or an experienced transfer from another school who might have had to sit out 2015 but would be eligible this season.

Narduzzi has used transfer players and JUCOs more than any Pitt HC I can remember, DW did a lot also, and just off the top of my head we currently have seven on the roster now; DE Hendrix, QB Peterman, QB Stocker, QB Schneider, WR Araujo-Lopes, DE Edwards and TE Chris Clark.

But no transfers in at what was a weakness unit last season – especially in giving up the big passing plays.  Yes, he did recruit DBs in the last two classes but IMO to rely on true FR to come into a Power Five school schedule and succeed right away is wishful thinking.  Case in point we are still seeing the same kids back there as we had last season – and to think Hamlin or Miller were going to waltz in and start really couldn’t be counted on.

A talent like Whitehead – yes, but he’s a special case and head and shoulders above the other young DBs.

Anyway – all that is going to be a moot point after 7:00 pm this evening because we are going to see a 180 degree turnaround in our pass defense this afternoon…right?  They are who will lead us to a Big Win… correct?

I hope so!

Let’s hear your thoughts during the game today and remember the eyes of the world are on you (quite literally – you’d be surprised how many international visitors we get everyday).




3rd Quarter Stats3-q-nc



950 thoughts on “Game Thread: Panthers vs Tarheels

  1. Well, other than waking up with a splitting headache, I can say I survived and am good to go.

    Go where?

    Let’s see – I have choices as to how I spend my entertainment dollars. And yes, yesterday’s game was to be entertainment, played by college aged student-athletes. Winning is the objective and Pitt has lacked in that area for some 32 years.

    Golf is entertaining to me, both playing and watching. Check
    Watching a good movie with my wife is as well. Check
    Good concert. Check
    Professional hockey game live. Check
    Time with my two grandkids. Double check
    Date night with my wife. Triple check

    Pitt football in it’s current state? The tickets & parking are already paid for, but the pain and suffering may be too costly.

    My wife has already informed me that she wants to go to the Marshall game (us and 5,000 Marshall fans). “Got to support the team”. So I plan to attempt to “entertain” myself again with Pitt football next weekend at Heinz Field. Reed’s trap game now has become a possible underdog situation considering the Marshall passing attack.

    I kept saying with under 10 minutes to go in the unc game – one more score and we win. A FG was all that was needed. But no, our new OC, Mr. O’Canada had a brain freeze on national TV and we could not move the ball on a very weak D. He underutilized TE Orndoff, ACC Rookie of the Year QO and the pre-season 4th ranked Oline. UNDERUTILIZED…!!! Forget the fact that Conner only had 16 carries…

    My headache is getting worse, so I’ll sign off and try something else.

    SOP, I mean HTP!

    PS – if Barney stays (doesn’t take the Oregon State job), do you think he’ll raise the season ticket prices for next year?


  2. I too will be at the Marshall game due to my wife wanting to attend, but my lord SOP reared its butt ugly head yesterday. I don’t understand how a division 1 football program can have ZERO players in the secondary for years at a time. I love the Nard Dog and was a huge fan of Wanny and see this team and coaching philosophy as Wanny 2.0, is there another Sunseri in high school anywhere???


  3. 900 comments (and this is my first) ….. too bad there is no interest in Pitt FB!

    I assume most if the comments are very negative about the pass defense, the conservative offense in the 4th quarter, playing not to lose and SOP (all very true), and last night I indeed was angry about all 4 issues But it’s a new day, the sun arose (and is hiding behind the clouds at present) ….. and the following 4 items are also very true

    1) I saw a team that included many soph and fresh .. and many of them played well
    2) UNC had the better players and athletes yet they were outplayed for much of the game on their own field
    3) the defense is missing Hendrix (DE) Damlin and Hill (CBs) who we thought were going to be difference makers this year … and are athlertic enough to compete
    4) this remains a works-in-progress for both the players and te coaches

    We are where we thought we would be – 2 and 2 – only possibly with closer losses than expected


  4. www – pretty level-headed view. I agree with all 4 of your points but here’s the distressing part for me. The coaches and most notably the head coach (the one we all love because he’s not Todd Graham and Paul Chryst) are solely responsible for losing these last two very winnable games. They know what they have and don’t have yet they insist on running the same defense and turtling with the play calling in the 4th quarter. People can say “fire Canada” ..I call BS on that. The head coach sets the tone and we are scoring plenty of points with a shitty qb. Canada’s not the problem. A stubborn Narduzzi is. Watch that press conference again. Pathetic lack of accountability. What he should have said very plainly, “the kids worked their asses off today and I cost them the win. Period.” That would be what every good coach would say – and it has the added benefit of being the truth.


  5. Ok, so now that I don’t see the coaching getting any better, our only hope is that recruiting makes up the difference. And how is that going so far? Not well enough.

    My excitement for all things football at Pitt with HCPN has dropped precipitously. Anyone worried about anyone leaving? NOPE! At least not coaches, maybe a couple key players will bolt.

    Just one quick question for HCPN, if he says his defense improved from last game and specifically referring to the last drive where they dinked and dunked down the field saying the kids did fine but there is just going to be someone open at times, why don’t WE take advantage of that?

    Truth is, we have a talent deficiency on defense, but now I am seeing a HC former guru DC who will live and die by HIS SYSTEM. That may work given time and talent, but we sure don’t have talent now and I don’t have confidence that we will any time soon. Great coaches in college adapt to the talent they have and have systems they can implement to best put players where they can hide deficiencies and succeed.


  6. As much as I’d like to get the Sunday Podcast up by brunch-time it will be late today as I have to go to the hospital and will be there for awhile – my son’s surgery of two weeks ago went south and he has to have another procedure.

    Hopefully we’ll see it up by 12:00 – 1:00 or so… by then we may have 1,000 comments.


  7. So, am I willing to throw PN and staff out with the trash, no, but I’ve got to see either coaching adjustments that reflect the reality of our talent or personnel changes that attempt to deal with it. That and as others point out, a coach who sees himself and his staff as at least half of the problem and therefore 100% of the answer.


  8. And as for that game, welp, I had an engagement that forced me to leave the TV with 6 minutes left. I like Dan72 was totally convinced we would blow it…but of course very sorry we did…and super-grateful I did not watch the end.

    A few thoughts:
    1. So much for all the talk of the benefits of being in a second year of a system. Our first year offense is kicking, our 2nd year defense is missing assignments and playing more confused than any 1st year system I have ever seen.
    2. Some one please tell me, is there hope? I mean, at this point, if you play Pitt, why not just throw deep every…single…play? Seriously.
    3. Reed or someone skills at looking up statistics….I would love to know the following: a) average 20+ pass plays against Pitt this season b) FBS average for the same thing. Also number of pass interferences for 20+ years, Pitt vs. national average. I mean if we are not dead last I will be shocked.

    I will end with one bit of perspective. Having missed the last 6 minutes, I was actually seriously impressed with Pitt’s play all around, secondary of course utterly excluded. We took it to UNC in Chapel Hill for the 54 minutes I saw. Too bad FB is 60 minutes..


  9. I actually think NP is being ” coached down” He looked much better at times last year and threw the ball several times 20 to 30 yards for completions. Phuck, Canada is not calling passages that are airborne further than 10 yards. Get our receivers 1-1 and give it a try Weah and Matthews are big fast guys. Tre Tipton has some hands … For crying out loud these Panthers have been playing ball since they were little kids.. They dream of making that play.. UPitt is right “open up the phucking play book” If Canada was a basketball coach he would eliminate the 3 point shot

    2 years in a row I have been so disappointed in our offense..Chryst and Rudolph’s running game would have run wild in the 4th quarter against the heels… Carolina would have laid down …We have the line to do it but to much jumping around and shifting playing cute .. Need to play with an attitude..need some moxey
    @Reed .. I had the same thought re: if CV were still on the team( I mentally emblazed his hi-lite from 2014) He wouldn’t see the field with this staff much like Ollie.. I watched Ollie pancake a couple of guys yesterday…by default he is a far better runner than Hall and he gets 1 carry yesterday , I think, for positive yardage..why ????
    And please I don’t want to start a. CV controversy – he got benched at Arkansas State…
    Time of Possession doesn’t mean jack$hit when you opponents rested offense controls the ball for 11 of the last 15 minutes of the game. because we can’t make 1 phucking 1st down which would have taken valuable time off the clock … Then we had a couple of ” injuries” .. really… on one of Carolinas drives… Oh let’s stop the clock… only helped Carolina…no injury and the clock keeps ticking… Tic.. Tic.. Pitt Wins
    No need to bitch about the defense, namely, pass coverage.. I told my wife with the score 36-23 and unable to convert on 3 rd down 2 times in a row that we were going to lose 37.36… The SOP stars were lining up before my very eyes.. all the symptoms were there and the patient succumbed
    I sat on the Carolina side.. They are a bit aloof, somewhat arrogant and don’t know shit about football.. They love powder blue.. These dummies collectly booed their coach on 2 occasions when they punted from within their own 40 with lots of time left … Then they all shook my hand and heard the great bullshit and how ” we don’t seem to get playing good til the 4th quarter” Give me a break… One of the years we are gonna beat those sons a bitches from Chapel Hill!!
    Let’s Go Pitt

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  10. Reed – don’t worry about us or starting another thread, Take care of your family, Heck – we may be up to 2,000 posts if you wait a day.


  11. I have more concerns re: offense at this point because I have given up on the pass coverage
    Duzz used to want to hold the opponent to 13 @ YSU .. What’s wrong with mantra “If the don’t score.. They don’t win.”


  12. Peterman was 14 -18, and missed 4 consecutive short third down passes in the fourth qtr.

    I get that the pass defense is porous and the run defense is stellar. But as bad as it is, the last two games would have been won if the offense wasn’t completely non’existent in the fourth qtr.

    As much as this was on Peterman, it has been more on the conservative play calling.

    Canada is totally creative for three qtrs then goes in to a shell for the fourth qtr.

    116 points scored in the last three games and only 10 in the fourth qtr.

    That is why we are 2-2 instead of 4-0

    Defenses that we completely own for three qtrs own us in the fourth.


  13. Lot’s of fair weather fans on here. I graduated in “74 so I’ve seen the full spectrum of Pitt football. I will continue to make the drive from Virginia Beach to the remaining home games to support the players and to meet up with friends. To quit on the team is to quit on recruiting and the future.

    Do you think South Bend will be half full the next home game? Or the dairy college? We will get the team we deserve if we continue to whine but not support. How many times have we heard a lost recruit say the game atmosphere was amazing at other schools. That is directly on us, we will continue to wallow in mediocrity if the fans base quits at the first sign of adversity.


  14. Agree gc, but here’s the question….are the 4th qtr. failings on Canada or Narduzzi? Who is responsible for the atrocious play calling in the last 3 games in the 4th qtr. I honestly don’t know but can’t believe Duzz looks at Canada and says – “hey do whatever you want and look me up when the game’s over”


  15. I have to say, losing to UNC is killing me. 4 in a row I believe? My boss is a UNC fan. My son’s best friends family all live powder blue.

    I hate Penn State but UNC is getting up there…sure NCAA, just let them cheat in the worst kind of way but who cares? They are UNC! They can do no wrong. Makes me sick to see people turn a blind eye while Pitt apparently plays clean…and loses. Just sickening.


  16. Larry – you’re right. But the problem is we don’t have a “fan base” and aren’t doing much on the field to develop one. The 25,000 of us that show up for this shit, pay our money, make donations, etc. for the past 20 or 30 years aren’t enough. We’ve lost a generation of graduates who did not have any “football experience” in college and won’t be back when they are making money to buy tickets.

    We have also lost the “casual” fan who didn’t go to Pitt but lives here and likes college football. Those two fan bases are how you go from 25,000 to 60,000. And, so far, we aren’t giving the other 35,000 any reason to give up their time or money. That’s the problem Larry, not the folks complaining on this board who actually show up and suffer.


  17. What do you do? The chancellor extended this guy’s contract last year.

    I see poor tackling technique from #2 and #23. I see DB’s playing the man instead of the ball – and seemingly content w/ tackling the receiver after the catch. These are all serious flaws on a defense coached by a self-proclaimed defensive guru.

    Like Chryst… the team and style are perfect for the B10. NOT the ACC.

    And like Chyrst this guy will trudge through 6-6/7-5 for 2-3 years before Dantonio retires and will find success at MSU due to the makeup of the league. Our only hope is someone at Pitt is smart enough to realize you hire a coach to compete in the ACC – not the B10.


  18. gc.. In total agreement with you.. NP missed a couple of 3rd down passes and threw one poorly behind JC which he caught but far short of the sticks.
    NP and aircorps get few oppurtunites and nearly the whole passing game is west coast possession type passes.. Defenses adjust because we have no history of torching an opponent with even an intermediate pass and the deep ball is non existent.. Some of our opponents have to have a weak DD… WE DO… Find him and exploit … This OL is good and will NP time… Time to GROW the OFFENSE
    DBs need lots of hugs / TLC … Get those help wanted ADs out tomorrow…


  19. First, while the offensive play calling deserves some criticism, the defense is the bigger problem in my eyes. I know people hear want to blame the defensive “system,” but I don’t really see it. The players just haven’t been able to get it done, no matter what the coaches do. Someone commented about how they never see the safeties near the ball on a pass play — I remember one long TD throw to #7 on a corner route where we must have been in either cover 2 or a man-free type coverage, and our safety was two steps too slow to get there.

    So I can’t blame the coaches there, they were trying something to help the corner and the safety just wasn’t good enough. On that final TD, you can’t call any defense other than leaving your corner on an island. If you double team a split end, then they run (actually walk) up the middle for a score. The secondary has gotten beat too many times during the past two weeks, but there isn’t a magical solution like everyone on here assumes that there is.

    My suggestion would be to play more cover 2 with two high safeties but, like I said, I saw our safeties fail to effectively execute a cover 2 type look and it resulted in 6 points. Also, your LBs have to play a role in pass coverage, especially on those intermediate level passes over the middle, but they completed a number of those kinds of passes.

    I will say this — we played against two outstanding looking QBs the past two weeks. OSU and UNC had QBs far superior to ours, and the clearly better QB has won both times. Now, I don’t know yet if it’s because our defense is really that bad, or if it’s because those QBs are all-conference/all-America/all-everything players.

    I saw Ollison play a number of snaps, but they were almost all at H-back type positions. I’m sorry, but I would much rather have him at tailback for a few plays instead of Hall or Moss. A number of people said Moss looked good, but I didn’t see it, at least not when he lined up at tailback.

    No disrespect to Connor (who is playing great), but from what I see, Ollison is the most explosive back we have, at least for purposes of this 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense that Canada wants to run, so he needs a few more snaps at TB.

    Finally, we are bad fourth quarter team. There’s no question about that. Do we still do that mosh pit thing? If they do, Narduzzi should think hard of quitting it, because it’s not working for this particular squad.


  20. LarryV… Great post!!! I free 100% … The vast majority are diehard PITT people who attend and give.. And care… I have had the oppurtunity because of this Madis to personally meet some of these Pitt patriots..We were at Pitt the same time so I can relate…keep posting.. That sounded like a good locker room Knute lecture.. Need you to lecture the boys going into the 4th quarter


  21. I can hear the excuses for next season’s mediocre record already – we have a young, first year QB running our O.

    Burn the redshirt now and get him some playing time in the Marshall game. If NP strings together 3 drives in a tow without a TD, yank him for the true FR. Stocker playing does us no good for next year because he is a SR.

    NP had the ball in his hands for 4 series in the 4th qtr to close out a BIG win and delivered 3 points.

    Time for a change.

    What are we PURSUING today?

    How about BEAT marshall!


  22. Hate to bring this up but Narduzzi brought in Peterman and ran Voytik out of town because he was a better passer.

    James Conner is now our leading receiver at 13-169, Henderson second with 12-126.

    I know we miss Boyd but this is ridiculous. The rest are not bad with Orndoff, Weah and Tipton.

    This is on the coaching and game plan that only works for three quarters.

    The jet sweep is our signature play, but it isn’t used or doesn’t work in the fourth qtr.

    You won’t win many football games if you can’t or won’t throw downfield.

    We now have no power running game, or downfield passing game.


  23. What I find MOST amazing about this team is that our running game can be as successful as it has been with absolutely no passing threat. This is a team game where each part depends on direct or indirect help from the other part/s. We have ONE functional piece, the running game, and nothing to complement it. How we can still run at all is actually miraculous…even if just for 3 quarters of a game.


  24. Ollison is definitely the odd man out. Big backs need a lot of carries to be effective Ollison with 0 last week and 2 this week. I though Moss played well and had a burst and was close to breaking a big run.

    At least they seemed to lower Conner’s carries to keep him fresh for the fourth qtr. Didn’t make any difference in results though.

    Our fourth qtr mantra should be No Guts No Glory, emphasis on the No Guts.


  25. The running game is interesting, in four games we have 625 yds in power running, 355 in Jet sweeps, and 128 in QB scrambles. I don’t think that is all that good considering we don’t have a passing game, and we shut down in the fourth qtr.


  26. Just a thought that I had … If we don’t throw the intermediate or deep ball on offense how do our DBs get better during practice through the week….. Daaaaaa… Send the over to the Steelers practice field to get some real experience


  27. More interesting Stats;

    We have run for 1108 yds vs our opponents 435 really good.

    We have passed for 643 yds vs our opponents 1444, really bad

    Our total yardage 1751 vs our opponents 1879.

    Considering that we only play offense for three qtrs.


  28. Agree with many of you. The real head scratcher is with our killer running game, how could be NOT be successful with the deep ball? Play action should work better for Pitt than anyone else. I honestly thought our first play for scrimmage was going to be play action and then a 40 yard pass attempt. Oh well I can keep dreaming!

    As for how the running game can work when everyone knows we will run, look we have a running game that can make the point of attack anywhere from right sideline to left. That is Pitt’s definition of “spreading the field” and frankly I see no reason it can’t continue to work all season long. What a 1 -2 punch in Connor and Henderson. Beauty and the Beast!


  29. Perhaps instead of the “jumping dog pile” at the end of quarter 3, we should stand quietly and pray … Thus saving our energy for our Achilles heel .. The 4th quarter.

    In addition it makes us look like a high school team, which is the level we play at in the 4th quarter and matches our hideous uniforms!


  30. Not much to add here as it seems we all get it. If for no other reason PITT needs to chuck the ball downfield early in the game to get the linebackers off the line of scrimmage. If they can do that they may not to run the gimmicky offense as much. It doesn’t look to me as a NP problem as it is a game plan problem. You have A Matthews in the game clear it out for him and throw it as far you can on third and long. Winslow did a good job yesterday as did Blewit.

    The problem is with the offense 3 yards and a cloud of dust mentality. You just don’t have downs to waste. but they have to throw vertically.

    How about the two kicker’s names yesterday? I thought PITT may have had the all time worst in Blewit but Weiner is very close.


  31. A huge part of winning football is learning how to finish games. Obviously this staff has a lot to learn.

    Hey Blewitt had a great game yesterday. Give the kid some credit when he plays well.


  32. gc … Right on .. Blewitt is sighted in.. We focus too much on the negative aspects of Pitt football
    Back to my earlier comment… If the Dbs don’t see much deep passing in practice cause it’s not part of our offense then ” we play like we practice.”


  33. Didn’t read any comments about the game as I could predict who said what! So sorry if this was pointed out, but those two passes Peterman threw on third down out in the right flat are probably the toughest to complete for any QB. No room for error and if completed will barely move the sticks.
    I had no problem with play calls until last drive. Eerily similar to last week. Wonder if those where Canada’s or suggested by HCPN? Ya, lots of jet sweeps but no one has really stopped it this year..
    Not blaming it all on coaches or players,both at fault, but how can a safety constantly leave man and blow coverage?? Shakeup is needed.
    Don’t sleep on Marshall , scores lately not indicative of team. Will be a very,very hard game.
    I am numb and extremely disappointed, not by record because it’s what
    I thought before the season. It’s because we actually could be 4-0! Despite it all,who would have thunk it? Guess that’s what makes it harder to take!


  34. No worries Ike.

    Just listened to Narduzzi’s post game.

    Really like to hear him take some responsibility for the result and say what they need to do

    rather than just improve execution.

    The lack of fourth quarter offense is on the play calling.

    The defense should never have been put in the position to “save” the game.

    While he is right in saying they made the plays and we didn’t fourth quarter collapses are on the

    coaches probably more than the players.

    What are the coaches going to do to solve the problem?


  35. Six months ago everyone felt we would be lucky to be 2-2 at this stage of the season. We could be 4-0 if not for a few plays As an old coach it takes a few years to change kids play in systems. Who do you think is a better coach we’ve had in last twenty years who has energy knowledge and lead Pitt. The money we pay Narduzzi and his staff is minimal by standards paid to other coaches. Give him time. We have some good young players that can play. His system who are hurt. I am being positive on this game and last. We will win and I and my family will be at the games rooting Pitt to victory. Many of you negative responders who graduated from Pitt with great degrees probably dot attend the games anyhow. We could have a football factory like Oklahoma state and other teams but we don’t we chose to give you a fine education If you want to critisize every game and play do so but understand we all want Pitt to win and they will in time. Be positive. Be patient. How did Sabin do his first two seasons as head coach. Hail to Pitt Go to the games enjoy the game as a sport for all


  36. Let me say something sacrilegious. JC is not the player he was in 2014. Yes, he has been outstanding as a receiver (better than I thought he would be – he really has nice hands) but he is slower, not as strong, more tentative. This has not affected us for the first three quarters because the other running plays have been so creative and successful that the defense didn’t focus on him. This is s bigger problem than people may think because when the chips are down in the 4th quarter JC has and will have a tougher time getting the job done. The jet sweeps are necessary because JC is not yet himself. No jet sweeps, no 2014 JC and we have a problem.

    As for the rest of it, as of the moment I’m going with those who think the glass is half full simply because I want to believe. Then again, that 3rd down pass to JC was so poorly conceived and executed and such a statement about Canada’s lack of faith in NP that I just don’t know what to say.

    As for the defense, hey they had a lot of 3rd down stops. And If you didn’t notice Brightwell is fast and has a motor.

    Question for you guys who know football better than me: How come we rarely see JW helping out on long passes but we see the other safety failing to effectively help out all the time? Is it just because the strong safety seldom finds himself in deep coverage? If so maybe JW shouldn’t be playing strong safety.


  37. Hope family is ok Reed.
    I never am critical of players even though they get scholarships but coaches get paid. We get outcoached in the 4th quarter especially on offense. We cannot finish games when the opposing team puts on the heat. All 4 games show this. We miss every key play and several close plays to put the game away. How do we correct this error when the game is on the line? Only Lewis did it in the PSU game and he saved our butt or PSU would probably have won.


  38. I have been a Pitt fan since 5, 56 years ago. I will be there next week with She who Must Be Obeyed(wife) wants to see Marshall which seems to be in common with other fans. Criticizing is not lack of support so here are some things I think I think 1) James Connor is not yet recovered from the grueling ordeal he went through and I dont expect he willl until next year – where is QO? Why isnt he playing – be honest Nard 2) Jordan Whitehead who has out of this world talent has all but disappeared, Last year teams did not pass at will against us and he was noticeable in run support. The question is he not reading correct or has our DC not put him in position to succeed 3) our secondary sucks and this is PN and JC supposed expertise, I a sick of excuses of not executing. While it hurt to lose Hamlin and Hall where are Thieren and the DB from FLA – they cannnot be worse 4) While NP was not great they have rarely thrown the 20 pass to attempt to get a first down or open up the defense 5) Somewhat related is shown in the post game presser posted by Reed where Nard says they practice a “4 minute” set, If the head coach tells OhCanada to keep it on the ground as defense coaches are prone to – dont risk a turnover, Thsi is why those short swing passes are thrown on third down – they are low risk but low return. The opposing defense doesnt have to worry about us beating them with the 15 yard pass like UNC did. This rests on the Head Coach.



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