POV’s Pitt-PSU Prediction Thread

When I was at a tailgate before the Villanova game a Pitt fan I know asked me “Why are you so negative now?”  I laughed that off and countered that I am  “Trying to make it real… compared to what?” (Jazz fans know what I’m talking about).

But he was actually kind of pissed at me and braced me up to give him a Pitt-PSU winner right then and there.  I told him I have no idea because I hadn’t seen our team play yet. But then I said Pitt by three points because that was what I wanted the outcome to be – not really what I thought it would be because I had no idea what Pitt could do on the field.

That was then this is now.  I have to say right off the bat I have a bad feeling about this game and it is because of our track record in “Big Games” along with our tepid showing last week.  Overall we are poor at rising to the occasion and have been for some time.  It is a whole different world to beat teams who you are better than or equal to – and when you win eight of those in one season we fans get very (overly) excited.

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