How We’ve Played Ball So Far

We are going to be talking a lot about stats, numbers and trends in this article to try to get a handle on what this 2016 version of the Panther’s football team is all about.  That tells just some of the story – the other part is coaching and decision making and all the intangibles that go into wins and losses.

There are some positives and negative there also but one thing I’d like to point out from the onset is that I think HC Pat Narduzzi has done a good job of getting our kids ready to play, and to play a full 60 minutes.  That hadn’t been the case with some games last season but this year it is something I’m not too worried about.

So – I spent a good part of last evening perusing all the established Pitt football media outlets to try to get a flavor of how other writers and fans really felt about the loss to Oklahoma State last week.

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