Sunday Podcast: NC loss

I’ll start off with the bad stuff and try to lighten it up toward then end of the article.  First off here is the Press Conference immediately after the game.  Honestly, it saddens me from start to finish.  Here is some of what I wrote in yesterday’s comments section:

Here listen to Narduzzi’s post-game press conference.  Not his most sterling moment…

After expressing his love for the team he starts off listing the plays that weren’t executed correctly and points his fingers at the players, again – this is his MO after a loss folks.

Jerry DiPaola actually does start off the questions part with a direct question “This is three weeks now, what are you going to do about the pass defense?” Narduzzi says – literally – “You can’t do anything about it” then quickly whips out the “We only gave up 18 yards rushing” and moves on…

The only time he mentions the coaching at all is when he says he “thought his coaching staff put the players (DBs) in a great position to succeed out there”.

Yes fellow Pitt fans, he actually said that when discussing giving up all those passes in the 4th quarter. Then he cuts off the presser after 4:04.

It’s a bit like saying “Hey, at least I quit beating my wife last year

This guy just can’t bring himself to be honest with the media about his losses – he even goes so far as to say that ‘we did better this week’ than against OSU because we ‘didn’t give up the long passing plays’. He’s deflected blame for two weeks now and I wonder just what he thinks his responsibilities as a HC is. He truly believes that it is only during the time the players are either behind closed doors or during a game and sees the media as an enemy.

You can bet Barnes and Gallagher are freaking out with that approach because Barnes was brought in specifically to fund raise and grow the donor base and you can bet donors look at these actions and aren’t too optimistic or eager to send in $$ or any other support for that kind of attitude.

Here are some facts about the game:


Here is where we stand nationally and our statistics in major categories.  Have a handkerchief handy when looking at the defensive stats.


One last note in the text here and I’ll mention it in my podcast.  Isn’t it time Pitt fans quit looking down their nose and denigrating what Paul Chryst did at Pitt.  His tenure didn’t give us the number of wins we wanted but when it came to ‘big games’ he showed up – which is more than we can say about Pat Narduzzi so far.

pc-vs-pnIf We look at Narduzzi and feel good about the future prospects that’s one thing – I’m not sold on that issue at the present but looking at what transpired over both HC’s first 17 games there is really no comparison save one more win for Narduzzi.

But that ‘one more win’ was the PSU game this season and that was a great thing – maybe not the toughest opponent football-wise but Narduzzi delivered on a game that every Pitt fan wanted us so badly to win and we did – Kudos for that for sure.

I want to post this chart again to show that we, in essence, have the same personnel this season as we did last season in our defensive backfield.  I turned this problem over in my mind all last evening and really can’t figure why our play has dropped so horribly.

Year Passing YardsAllowed Passing EfficiencyDefense Main Starters at CB & Safety
2014 24th  –  198.9 43rd – 121.59 Vinopal, Pitts, Briggs and Maddox
2015 54th  –  214.7 66th – 126.97 Pitts, Maddox, Whitehead, Webb
2016 124th – 330.3 91st –  136.30 Lewis, Maddox, Whitehead, Webb

FYI: Here are Chad voytik’s stats this season at Arkansas State – he was benched in favor of a SO QB who has done pretty well…


Onto Marshall back at Heinz Field and, hopefully, to get back on top in the win column – the game’s at home and the kids need their fans and supporters out there cheering them on.  It will be played at 7:30 so you’ll have time to visit and tailgate before hand – I’ll drive up and be in the press box.

Note: Received the prediction prizes the other day – I’ll take some time and figure out the winner for each game – unless a reader beats me to it (hint, hint).

129 thoughts on “Sunday Podcast: NC loss

  1. Only team last year that we beat, that had a good QB (and even that kid was replaced ) was L-Ville.

    And that was with the once in the 3 decade offensive half Pitt had of 38 points. The coaches went into the Turtle offensive mode in the entire 2nd half and nearly blew that 42-17 lead.

    The rest of the wins were over teams with crap offenses and shit QB’s.


  2. As badly as the D-Backs, save Whitehead, have played, does anyone besides me think it is time to kick the tires on some of the freshmen? Hamlin (when healthy), Garner, and Coleman CAN’T be any worse than what we have seen these past 3 games, and no, I’m not subscribing to the theory that we have faced 3 good QB’s in those games. None of those 3 QB’s will be in the nfl unless they play Pitt 5 times a year to pad their stats. It’s just bad play and bad reads, plain and simple.
    Saving Red-Shirts at this point does nothing long-term to help build the program, winning games does b/c it will bring in more high quality recruits. It’s time to start burning red shirts and put the best players on the field, even if they are only freshmen.
    PS: it’s time to sell out and WHATEVER it takes to get Lamont Wade on roster. He is definitely not Avonte Maddox 2.0 He is a 5-star recruit for MANY reasons including his athletic ability, his technique, his game IQ, and he is built like a tank. Pitt cannot lose out on him, especially after what we have witnessed the past 3 games.


  3. Live in Highland park for a few years … right off Negley Ave on same road as the big Catholic church in Morningside. I would take a lot of walks in the actual park and you could really smell the Zoo.


  4. My buddies and I arrive very early at Oakmont in the 1983 Open and parked on the other side of the Turnpike … and the first thing you see as you enter by the 3rd tee is the Church Pews. We walked directly to the clubhouse where, despite being very early, there was a large contingent. As it happened, the 2nd round participants were just finishing up due to a Friday rain delay and, sure enough, the first group of pro golfers I ever witnessed live included Arnie. He made the cut but was not a serious contender .. but still quite a thrill.


  5. That’s it — Hampton St … not sure why I remembered Negley and not Hampton. Really liked the Park from the reservoir at the top to the wading pond at the bottom, and the tennis courts nearby. Do they still have jazz concerts on Sunday Ave in July and August?


  6. Spread teams are going to put up huge numbers against 95% percent of teams. Pitt’s horrible D numbers will come down. Oklahoma State put up almost 500 on Baylor.

    4th quarter conservative offense is killing Pitt

    Brightwell and Wirginis should be on the field the entire game. So much more athletic. Did you see Brightwell chase down Switzer from behind?

    Glad to see the coaches springling in the younger guys. Ffrench on some sweeps. Who said he was slow? He is very fast. Once he gets more comfortable it will show.

    Start giving the younger DBs some reps to see what they have. F the redshirts.


  7. What does our defense’s rushing yards allowed look over those three years? Maybe teams didn’t pass against us because they didn’t have to. I haven’t looked at stats just throwing out ideas.


  8. Enjoyed the podcast Reed. I put the headphones on in the den and had a cocktail “with you” late afternoon while scanning the Sunday paper.

    Immediately after the game Sat, I managed to catch Hillgrove interviewing HCPN him before the presser. He was clearly stunned and disappointed. I’m going to follow Emel’s lead and give HCPN a pass on the post-game presser.


  9. Oklahoma state almost put up 500 on Baylor, but only scored 24 points. I didn’t watch, but what explains the two touchdown scoring difference? Red zone defense?


  10. HCPN is like many other coaches and we are like any other fanbase. When the team wins. we overlook his gruff, aggressive style, but when we lose well ,,,,


  11. My daughter and son-in law just moved to Highland Park.

    With the success of Google and Bakery SQ, on one end and Children’s Hospital on another side the whole area is doing better.

    Nice restaurants on Bryant ST.

    Beautiful turn of the century housing stock getting updated.

    Highland Park a great community asset.

    Young people finally moving back to the city.


  12. Last year, when watching Pitt, 3rd and long didn’t seem like such a freaking struggle. In many games, I was confident as a fan, Pitt could easily complete a 10 yard pass for a first down. We saw Peterman throw just fine. Was it better receivers in Boyd, Holtz, Ford, a better offense, better routes?

    I say it is a combination of the above.

    Verses UNC, end of 3rd quarter, 4th quarter non-drives…

    3 and 4, incomplete pass
    3 and 6, incomplete pass
    3 and 6, incomplete pass
    3 and 8, screen to Connor, no gain

    There was only one 3rd and long Pitt was successful and it was on the 2nd drive, 3rd and 7 complete to Tipton for 12 yards.

    There was a 3rd and 14 first drive, incomplete

    NC dared Pitt to throw, stacking the line in the 4th quarter and Canada wasn’t aggressive. However, any freaking offense should be able to convert one of those four 3rd downs. Just one and they win the game.

    UNC’s offense, 4 for 4 on 4th down conversions. Clutch for them, a hideous stat fro Pitt.


  13. Peterman threw some fine passes in the first half. The problem with the passes in the 2nd half is that is that they were all on obvious passing situation.

    I made this statement after the Penn State game when we could have easily lost …. while protecting the lead, you need to pass on 1 st or 2nd down when the defense is not packed in


  14. 99% of all you guys had PITT right at 2-2 before the season and you were hoping for that. Now here they are at 2-2 and the sky is falling.

    All I asked out of PITT this year was for strong starts and effort throughout the entire game. I wanted to see a well coached team that didn’t shoot themselves in the foot all the time. I wanted to see a D-1 football team on the field. Some of you may say that you’re not seeing all that. I disagree. Sure PITT has warts but I expected that part of it. 12 games into his head coaching career and you guys are panicking. In one aspect Narduzzi reminds me of Wanny in the fact he does have a lot to learn about being a HEAD COACH in college. Give him time he is a football coach through and through and will be a faster learner then DW.


  15. Use to live in Youngstown, PA and would cut up through the drag past his country club. How many times I would see Arnie Palmer walking down the fairway alone and practically every time he would look to see who was driving by, often waving.

    Actually my sister in law graduated with him and knew him enough that he would recognize her when around town. (No, I’m not that old.) The type of man that deserved to be as highly thought of as he is. He was a good man.


  16. Wonder if on that last 3 and 8 if we had run to keep the clock going what would have then have happened? Pros run all the time in that situation.


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