Sunday Podcast: Pitt 38 OSU 45

That was one of the most frustrating games I have watched Pitt play in a long time.

It is easy to be disappointed in the team when they get blown out, but to score 38 points on the day and still lose is hard to watch.  Actually the last quarter was impossible to watch because ESPN wanted money more than continuity and dropped us like a hot potato after a 2 hour lightning delay.

But any time you opponent opens up the game with a 91 yards TD pass on their first play – when there was no defended within 10 yards of the receiver – you should pretty much steel yourself that bad things are going to happen.  And they did – all day long.

Mason Rudolph had a 20.7 ypc average yesterday – the OSU receivers catching and running with the pass the ball averaged out to 20.7 yards gained.  That right there is the defensive game plan for each of our remaining opponents.

But with that said the OSU fans must have felt much the same way as their team could push their lead past 14 points and Pitt just kept hanging around. Until the very end of the game when our QB pulled a McSorley and threw an INT with 0:15 seconds left to close out our chances.

We can, and should, point a lot of fingers at a lot of our units and players but the pointer finger needs to be squarely in the DBs direction.  As I stated last week – they were horrendous individually and as a group – Jordan Whitehead included.  The OSU QB, Mason Rudolph, had his way with them to a tune of 550 yards given up in the passing game.

Here is the final box score – see for yourself what the damage was:




144 thoughts on “Sunday Podcast: Pitt 38 OSU 45

  1. Peterman going 14/29 is as much of a problem as the D-backs.

    What happened to the shovel pass?

    Tipton lead with three catches, I think all on the last drive. WTF

    Ollison with one catch and no carries. WTF

    No plays for Herndon, Watts or Camp. WTF

    It was a game of big plays, they had one more than us in the fourth quarter.


  2. If I am being honest and objective I can’t see how anyone who watched last weeks game didn’t expect us to get toasted! Maybe not THAT bad,but pretty close.
    Wide receivers may be weaker group than DBs, at least going downfield.
    Anyone who blames Peterman on that throw to Weah, well, that was an extremlt tight window if you saw it from the other angle. Still, for the life of me don’t understand not using slot receivers on quick slants, as they have 8 in the box and fake to RB or jet sweep would freeze them and you would have big gainer on throw Peterman could make!
    This is the Rolaids team.!!


  3. Their were plays we were flat out beat. But there were plays the quarterback threw right on the Monet to the receiver in full stride and our receivers did a pretty good job. I realize we don’t have the speed but it will come. We were in perfect storm for a letdown. My uncle the bookie always bet against a team who played a big emotional game one week and vice versa. I felt it was a great learning experience for all concerned players coaches and us the fans. We won’t see that till Clemson and we’ll be stronger defensively. North Carolina is very beatable. I’m happy with coaches we have compared to last six coaches I feel we will win and we improve. Speed is what we need. Hopefully we can recruit that. The wade boy from Clariton with Hamlin? And Jordan w with Miller we can compete. Be positive. A lot of teams would love to have Coach Narduzzi. Be supportive of players and maybe films will enhance our coaches play calling. We are undefeated in ACC. Big game this week HailTo Pitt


  4. Great game…IMO. Fun to watch. We lost which makes it tough but we never gave up. D needs to play better. Need to get focused on this weeks game.. I think most everyone thought we would lose this game this week before the season but we can do this!!! Also that QB for OSU can throw a football…He threw some one the money shots yesterday. Impressive.


  5. My understanding is that Central Michigan played mostly a cover 2 versus OSU I could be wrong but I watched a little of the highlights.

    Pitt mixed up their coverages but played mostly the press or man to man.

    Our db’s were torched in press coverage and I’m sure there were a few times they were expecting help but the safeties didn’t help.

    I know I sound like a broken record but this defense doesn’t have the proper personnel to play that scheme against better teams.

    Pitt at times put pressure on the QB and it paid off with bad and hurried throws but again the db’s looked horrid for the entire game.

    I’m just disappointed because that was a very winnable game.

    The team played hard and never quit and there was no let down.

    The defensive coaches really didn’t help out any by continually putting our db’s on an island and this contributed to the loss.

    The offense at the end was pretty predictable and they seem to have lost their creativity other than the jet sweep. Peterman is a game manager at best.

    UNC has a better running game than OSU and remember Switzer? He is still there and I’m sure it could be another 500 yard passing effort by our opponent unless our defensive coaches really figure something out.


  6. Speed kills. We need to recruit more speed in the secondary and keep upgrading the D line with more depth and speed. I carefully reviewed Phil Steele’s team factors pre season and figured PS ?, O. State loss, NC loss Clemson loss. Lamont Wade where are you? Remember this is the defense that Chryst built that could not stop anything only the season before last. I am impressed how far the coaches have moved this team so quickly considering where we were in 2014. H2P


  7. Reed, agree with much of what your saying today. Under Narduzzi, we’ve had a really hard timing putting up 60 minutes of good football. We’ve been inconsistent.

    That shuffle pass to Orndorff is STUPID. He is really slow with the ball. That play should never happen. Narduzzi’s loves fest with Hall being the second RB is wrong. Name me one CB that has improved under Narduzzi. We brought our DB coach Hill from Wyoming, he’s not exactly coming up roses.

    Ollison played, but with ZERO carries. It wouldn’t surprise me if he transfers next year.

    Its disappointing that by and large Narduzzi’s recruits have not been good enough to get on the field. Narduzzi brings in McKee and Brightwell in the class before the last one. Yeah, they have speed but they came in as string beans and continue not to be ready for p5 football.

    One thing talked about very little on boards is how we pretty much collapsed down the stretch last year. Hopefully this year does not repeat itself.

    Our pass defense is so bad, that our offense has to put up 40 a game to have a chance to win. Even on 3rd and 17, were giving up first downs. With our offensive philosophy, the longer the game goes, the tighter Narduzzi and Canada get.

    Last night in the 4th quarter the game was there for the taking. We couldn’t run the ball to get the win against a team that has a HORRIBLE run defense. What did you say Reed when you read the stats, we had something like 8 punts in a row then a interception.

    UNC next week at Chapel Hill. I expect this will be a loss and we will be 2-2 after next weekend.


  8. I think the loss of our 2 biggest recruits who could have contributed the most really hurt us. PN cannot play effective his defense effectively without good CB play.

    With a healthy Hamlin and Miller and Coleman having a year under their belts plus Ford and hopefully Wade, our DBs should be the most improved unit next year.

    BTW, in the last 2 games, PN has called TO 4 times when the opponent had 3rd or 4th and long …. and each time, the opponent made the first down


  9. We couldn’t run the ball in the last 11 minutes of the game because someone apparently forgot to pack our wet field cleats. Did you see our players sliding when they were running lateral and tried to turn it up field?

    Also suspect that contributed to Maddox falling down that last deep pass.

    I would put wrong foot gear as one of my 3 negatives.

    If you didn’t see how much it hurt us, re-watch the last 12 minutes of the game.


  10. Oh I agree Pittfan. The shoes or lack of shoes. Didn’t the PITT brass read Reed’s weather report? I’ve been shaking my head since last night and could see how obvious that mistake was.


  11. Blame this loss on defensive coaching. The entire first half we watched the db’s get toasted, yet no changes in strategy. Did better in 2nd half, but damage was done. Of course go back to press at end and watch receiver run free.
    Steelers db’s are bad too, but at least they keep plays in front of them.


  12. ike, agree, that was a blatant hold on Whitehead on that long TD run in the 2nd quarter

    The 2 new commits we were counting on the most are not available. I would expect that next year with Hamlin, and Miller and Coleman with a year of practice, plus incoming Ford hopefully Wade will make the DBs the most improved unit. They’ll certainly be more athletic


  13. Reed,
    When the game starts with the uncovered bomb on the opening play on the road in a hostile environment … it doesn’t always end badly. I personally witnessed 60,000 of my screaming new best friends as my dad, the pitt cheerleaders and I were all stunned on the first play. I have to say the Pitt game plan that day was brilliant other than everyone being in the box on the opening play. It was all Genilla passes for the first half and then all Ironhead for the second half. Give them the opposite of what they expect … pure genius!


  14. It’s pointless to talk about freshman who aren’t available to play and recruits who aren’t yet on campus. Narduzzi knows what he has and needs to play strengths and weaknesses against opponent stregths. He can’t play “his style” against everybody with the guys he has.

    The D was playing much better in zone with blitzes. The TV analyst continually noted the inability of the OSU QB to make quick throws in front of the Pitt DBs. He also noted that Pitt needed to make OSU prove that they could sustain drives. I know we Pittsburghers think TV analysts are boneheads unless they are homers, but the proof was in the third quarter play.

    I am not sure how much quicker freshman and uncommitted DBs are are going to be than Maddox and Whitehead. Speed can make up for some deficiencies but it’s clearly not all that is missing in the current secondary. Nice rundown by Webb on the decisive touchdown. How’s that for some speed?


  15. This was a game all but the most ardent Pitt fan expected us to lose and we did. Our offense scored 38 points which indicates we have a pretty good offensive coordinator. The main problem was the defensive mind set of our head coach and defensive coordinator. They were determined to go with press coverage and for good stretches of the game Pitt got burned because of it. Pitt does not have the personnel to match up against teams with a good quarterback and excellent wide receivers to play this kind of defense all day. I was hoping to see more five defensive back formations but if there were any, I missed them. Let us hope that Narduzzi understands this weakness in his team as he watches the film today and installs something were one of the linebackers are pulled for a faster defensive back. This is especially needed on long third and fourth down situations.

    Pitt can still start the season 3-1 with a win over North Carolina next week. I know we will be the underdogs, but I like our chances in that game. No need to give up hope on this season just yet!


  16. In answer to your question about Ollison. He played on special teams yesterday. He appears to be the odd man out in the backfield for some reason. This started way back in Spring camp.


  17. @gc Narduzzi has a flat out man crush on Hall. Even though Ollison is the better running back(at least right now). 2016 JC is not nearly the 2014 version. This year were going to need more than JC, who is getting 2nd team reps at RB is a big deal.

    Last night they gave carries to Moss and ZERO carries to Ollison. Message sent loud and clear. Like I posted above, Ollison transferring would not be a surprise in the least.

    Last year some were bashing Chaney last year when they were finding ways to put Ollison on the bench. Its now crystal clear the marching orders were/are coming from Narduzzi.


  18. Duzz and these DBs remind me how Coach Chryst used Chad in the early part of the season.. Once he started calling a game the suited CV’s strengths he became a much better player and our offense rolled.. Does Duzz have that gear to shift into to play to the current DBs strengths??


  19. I don’t know what is going on with Hamlin right now but in a high school game I was actually watching he sustained a goofy/awkward looking injury. Turns out it was a sports hernia. He missed a few games but then came back. imo it’s the same injury lingering.


  20. Anonymous. because of the LBs, DBs, and WRs, I don’t consider this to be a real Coastal contender … but in another year, I think we will. I can see another 8 wins year … all we have to do is win the rest of the home games and away at UVa. It’s next year and the following when I think we become legit Coast contenders


  21. Wwb – he is a 5 yard out wr. No speed and no seperation. If the bengals are stupid enough to waste a third round pick on him all the better for the Steelers


  22. Nard Dog’s defense at MSU (which was a much much better team than Pitt)in his last game as DC was torched for 603 yards by Baylor in the Cotton Bowl. Which runs a similar pass oriented offense as Okie State.

    One would think, knowing he had much lesser players at Pitt, there was no way, we could play solo coverage, press defense on the corners. That he would have designed a defense to try to minimize our obvious problems at CB.

    Appears to not have learned anything from his last meeting with a Big 12 pass oriented team.

    All I can say, is ……..Thank the Football Gods we beat the Pedo’s…who are not a good team.


  23. ~ bj

    It was very interesting to note that Hall was the first RB in the game to relieve Conner. Now Hall is a Nard Dog recruit, while Ollie was a Paulie recruit.

    To me, Ollie at this point is the far superior RB and far more experienced RB, The kid was 2nd team All-ACC last year.

    So along with the unwillingness to learn from past experience (Baylor’s 603 yards passing) and not adjusting the defense to fit Pitt’s lesser personnel, not using Ollie as Conner’s relief, is another …..head scratcher.


  24. If I didn’t know who the coaches are…….I would have sworn I was watching a Matt OutHouse defense yesterday, 60 yards shy of giving up 700 yards.

    Good thing we don’t play in the Big 12.


  25. BJ,
    I don’t understand the Man-crush with Hall.
    And woulda, shoulda, coulda…why wasn’t James given more carries Last Year?
    With Ibrahim out, he was the only one with break away speed. And with him gone to Whisky, all we have is Henderson and Whitehead. Defensive coordinators, good ones, will quickly learn to squash that dog and pony show.
    As for the defensive backs….please let there be someone in the wings to replace Maddox. While Lafayette never did learn to look for the ball, plenty of receivers have increased their NFL bonuses courtesy of Maddox. I hope when his college career is over, they buy him a drink or a hooker.


  26. ~ Anon…..I’ll start drinking the Kool-Aid (with vodka) again if we somehow beat the Tarholes in Chapel Hell.
    Land of Dean Smith and ultra PC, while cheating the very best they can.


  27. Emel – It was reviewed on the Field. Not sure who does that. He still struggles when pressure on. He is a dink and dunk 5 yard out WR.

    Ollison should start at RB.

    Narduzzi was to busy making sure we looked like bush leguers jumping up and down and splashing water at the end of the 3rd quarter.


  28. I didn’t see every play, as we were switching locales at the last moment, due to technical difficulties.
    And then the lightning fiasco and the long long delay and then only available online. (you’d think ESPN would have put the remaining 12 minutes on one of their other many many channels, like ESPN news or ESPN Classic, after millions of people had invested 2-3 hours of their day, but no….only online. Can’t imagine they would do that to one of their favorite programs in the Big 10 or SEC)

    I can see from the game stats Pitt had 0 interceptions on almost 50 Okie State pass attempts.

    Did our DB’s even manage did knock a few passes down ?


  29. Boyd’s knee was definitely down. I’m not complaining though, it made up for some horrible calls/missed calls that went the Bungles way all day.


  30. Was in Maine yesterday taking the boat out of the lake by my lonesome . Fiasco! Reed, where were u and your Coast Guard buddies?
    Only caught the game after the rain delay…but OSU had a receiver nab 9 balls for 296 yards?
    Did we have a defensive tackle covering him?
    Was Matt House his position coach?
    Or maybe it was Oprah?
    Another grand NFL payday courtesy of Pitt.


  31. Watching the replay of the shootout in Stillwater – two things are very obvious in the first 20 minutes:

    We had 4 DB’s burned – besides Maddox and Lewis, the back-ups Dane Jackson and Phillipie Motely were torched. Do we have a 3rd string?
    We don’t run the ball much behind the two senior lineman. Is O’Canada saving that part of the playbook for unc?

    Last week after the pedo victory, HCPN apologized for not giving J.Parrish any touches in the game. This week vs the Pokies, no touches for J.Parrish.


  32. UPITT, you just keep digging your crazy hole deeper and deeper when it comes to Tyler Boyd. He was a second round pick. Today, against a good defense he averaged 13 YPC. Not bad for a rookie who is still adjusting to the pro game. I think TB will be just fine and man do I wish he was still on Pitts’s roster…Lastly, if it was just you and Tyler Boyd alone in a room, would you have the stones to call him a pussy to his face?


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