Sunday Podcast: Pitt 38 OSU 45

That was one of the most frustrating games I have watched Pitt play in a long time.

It is easy to be disappointed in the team when they get blown out, but to score 38 points on the day and still lose is hard to watch.  Actually the last quarter was impossible to watch because ESPN wanted money more than continuity and dropped us like a hot potato after a 2 hour lightning delay.

But any time you opponent opens up the game with a 91 yards TD pass on their first play – when there was no defended within 10 yards of the receiver – you should pretty much steel yourself that bad things are going to happen.  And they did – all day long.

Mason Rudolph had a 20.7 ypc average yesterday – the OSU receivers catching and running with the pass the ball averaged out to 20.7 yards gained.  That right there is the defensive game plan for each of our remaining opponents.

But with that said the OSU fans must have felt much the same way as their team could push their lead past 14 points and Pitt just kept hanging around. Until the very end of the game when our QB pulled a McSorley and threw an INT with 0:15 seconds left to close out our chances.

We can, and should, point a lot of fingers at a lot of our units and players but the pointer finger needs to be squarely in the DBs direction.  As I stated last week – they were horrendous individually and as a group – Jordan Whitehead included.  The OSU QB, Mason Rudolph, had his way with them to a tune of 550 yards given up in the passing game.

Here is the final box score – see for yourself what the damage was:




144 thoughts on “Sunday Podcast: Pitt 38 OSU 45

  1. I went to the UGa vs UNC game in Atlanta, Imo UNC is a better team than OSU.

    UNC can run and throw the ball and they still have Switzer.

    I’m not optimistic about winning the UNC game, I’m 50/50 on going up there to watch the game.


  2. L-Ville(the last school admitted to the ACC) is sitting at #3 after trashing a team. nobody trashes…..Florida State 63-20.

    Get this…… they are avg’g 65 ppg. lol

    I say….when will it be Pitt’s turn ? Do we get another turn ?


  3. When we hire bad asses like motorcycle cocksman or Herman and pay them. Narduzzi is still acting like a DC. Open it the hell up and play exciting football. Trust your QB vs playing prevent offense.


  4. ~ Jack…I posted the latest NCAA QB stats on previous page. UNC QB is rated much higher than Rudolph in passing efficiency. At like #14 or so in nation. If you can believe that after Rudolph’s record performance against us.


  5. Google “Pitt logo” on images and right click “save image as” for the ones you like, then browse those up. You can list several images on Gravatar and change them when ever you want. I have about a dozen saved. You have to then load up the one you like and it will show.


  6. ** This is what a team Chock-Full of 2 and 3 Star Players keeps doing up in…. lol:,+MI/@42.7489247,-84.7563429,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8822e875eae5abf3:0x3b19b3f7117ca625!8m2!3d42.7369792!4d-84.4838654 — the “Michigan Un-Sexy” Peninsula haha

    I would venture to-say 70% of Mark Dantonio’s success has come off Pat Narduzzi —- even in disappointment just Try to Imagine what Pat Narduzzi can do at Pitt in “Recruiting Heaven” 🙂 🙂 :).

    P.S. — I’m a “Linebacker Guy” lol — I think they MAKE THE TEAM lol) Man, just wait til Kazeon Pugh, Chase Pine, and Saleem Brightwell are 220+ and flying all-over destroying teams —- and more Linebackers are coming….

    ******* And while Pitt FIGHTS for another 8+ wins this year — just keep waiting for Thomas MacVittie — he’s The Golden One lol who will dominate for PItt 🙂 🙂 .


  7. “Dark Knight”
    I care more now (especially after the Joe Paterno garbage haha so ridiculous) about beating the DAMN TAR HEELS than the irrelevent big-10 team in the central pa boonies

    SOOOOO right!!!!! They are totally irrelevant!


  8. Despite the porous play of the defense in the OSU game you gotta love the fight in these Panthers. Should know much more about what we have after the NC game.


  9. “Dark Knight Michigan State gets its fair share of three and four and five star recruits this is an eight years ago”

    Haha @Upittbaseball you’re right, I know, but still Le’Veon Bell (2-3), Kirk Cousins (2), Conner Cook (3), Trae Waynes (2-3), Darques Dennard (2*) — so many of the “Michigan State Greats” who have led them to this points, *** Who Pat Narduzzi Recruited *** along the way were not “National Hot-Shots!”

    —- For those who don’t see how great Jester Weah (Weee-Ahhhh) could really be if Nate Peterman got him “Tha Rock” Better:

    A QB has gotta’ toss the rock up to where his Wide Receiver can get it —- “Downfield Passing” is not just (a la Maddox and Lewis Secondaries lol) Wide Receivers being WIDE OPEN — a decent QB has to get the ball downfield!!!

    Look at the plays that made the Ohio State vs. Oklahoma State a win for OSU — a QB has to be able to throw “Contested Balls” with enough accuracy to where your wide receiver by-far has the best shot at it.

    Mannnn….If a top-flight QB had 6’3” Jester Weah as his WR he’d be making this guy into a Star….

    ***** NO One has noted *** that maybe a lot of the poor downfield passing game is a possibility of Nate Peterman not building any chemistry whatsoever with his receivers??? …. A la how Tom Brady camps-out with his New Wide-Outs to throw and study together to build chemistry, trust, and timing??? —–BIG QUESTION


  10. WHATEVER —- just wait til Thomas MacVittie “Takes The Reigns” —– Pitt will have “Our Own” Marcus Mariota+ at QB 🙂 🙂 🙂 = Bet On It 🙂


  11. P.S., @ “Recruiting Nazis” lol:
    Lamar Jackson, the True-sophomore “Dude” who has “instantly” made Lousiville (ALL 2 and 3 star guys, no one can debate that) all of a sudden into a “National Power” lol—-well Pitt Blanked him last year and no-one thought anything of-him lol. Now He’s a Greek-GOD yikes.

    He was a 3-4 star recruit rated below where both Nathan Peterman and Chad Voytik were ranked… when he was recruited everyone would have thought he was “nothing special”.

    …. Kirk Cousins (Way-Paid NFL Washington Redskins QB) + Conner Cook (Rose Bowl Winning, won 33+ games in 3 years at MSU) were both recruited by Pat Narduzzi and both were 2 STAR RATED QUARTERBACKS —-

    Nate Peterman will play his “Heart-Out” for Pitt this year, and lead Pitt as far as he can —- But Thomas MacVittie, who @Reed, will SNARE the starting-reigns With FURY following this-season, will lead Pitt to 🙂 Greatness 🙂 .

    Nate Peterman better step it up — because Matt Canada is calling good-enough A$$ plays:

    Wanna be a $tar?? —- you gotta make Contted-AZZ-$HIZZ, PERIOD.

    Nate Peterman better remember the throws he made vs. Louisville and to Zach Challingsworth vs. Duke and Step-It-Up lol, or Pat Narduzzi is gonna Bench him and just run Jordan Whitehead or James Conner outta the Shotgun with option all year — I’m tellin’ ya’.


  12. ^^^^^^^ @ Upittbaseball — YESSS!!! Maybe Pat Narduzzi goes anti Clammed-Up, Scared, Wu$$ie Attitude and decides Thomas MacVittie is the FUTURE, and the NOW of Pitt Football and he starts!!

    6’5”, 215, Great-Arm, and “Lamar Jackson” quality speed and athleticism —– Why not just play MacVittie??? Be a MAN Narduzzi lol 🙂 🙂


  13. If Lamar was so so and now a Heisman Winner it is 75% coaching because Canada has made Peterman and his 4 kids wife and house in North Side worse.


  14. Not football, but still important. How come no one has commented on PITT’s new lower ranking in US News and World Report. What are we now #70? It seems every year we go down a few numbers.

    When I was at PITT we were ranked in the 40’s. Now we are down to about 70!

    We have schools above us that until recently were a joke. What is going on with our reputation?


  15. I like Peterman and think he’ll get a shot in the NFL as a free agent next year.—PS: I think Whitehead is being waisted on playing defense for Pitt. He is needed much more on the offense playing opposite of Henderson IMO. We are going to have to reply on the offense putting up some big numbers to counteract the likely hood that our opposition will succeed in putting up a lot of points via the pass the remainder of the year.


  16. Jim Herman was hired by Houston at abut the same time Nard was at Pitt. One of the first things Herman did was to hire Todd Orlando as DC.

    Meanwhile, in this past off season, UW had to hire a DC and guess who they inquired about? (Hint – it wasn’t Matt House who would have had a whole 3 years experience as DC .) No, they made an inquiry to Orlando who wasn’t interested.

    My source BTW was the Thursday night telecast between Cincy and Houston – and they mentioned it.


  17. I can certainly see MacVittie as real good Pitt QB over the next few years … but please let’s not put in him in Lamar Jackson’s level just yet.

    That is unless you were being sarcastic Dark Knight …. frankly, I often have no idea what you’re writing about in many cases


  18. To All POV’ers – When I started this blog the only real rule that I set down was that it would be a politics-free blog and that I’d either curb or delete posts that dragged politics into the discussions.

    I have noticed lately that we have posted some comments that have addressed politics specifically so this is a reminder…

    Please leave the politics to other venues – Facebook and other websites are good for that – but not on here.


  19. One thought at this time is the coaches. On his plus side Nard has more fire in his belly and a looked of dogged determination than anyone since Jackie Sherrell. On the downside I am beginning to question his selection of assistants, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Conklin’s background at FIU had a defense of many turnovers. He was apparently hired on the basis of this and his praise of Narduzzi’s defense. That defense, whether Conklin plans it or Narduzzi it must be able to adapt some to a team that will flat out throw the ball. It doesn’t seem to have any flexibility in it. Where was Whitehead? OSU took him out of the game. Perhaps Nard needs to adjust by moving safeties more. Posters during the game made fun of his halftime comment that the DL needed to rush better but it did in the second half – players or schemes that should have been looked at critically going against and offense like OSU has.

    Granted the defense needs better athletes than those brought here by FHCPC and House. Wish I could have heard what Robinson said specifically. On offense I would note that OC Canada did not bring in any assistants but took those brought in by Chubbs and Nard. Nard has also not come through on the big time recruiting front up to this point, though wins would help. Also a good HC is not afraid to jettison coaches that haven’t worked out in this environment. Remember Majors brought in Avenzano, Sherrill, Fazio, Jimmy J, Pat Jones etc. I just don’t see this quality at this point.

    At the time I was not as impressed as I was deliriously happy that we beat Ped State who almost $hit the bed Saturday versus TEmple on “Joe come to Papa and sit on Jerry’s lap Paterno”, Good athletes no coaching at Ped State – boy is Franklin a whiner. I am not ready to jump off the Cathedral yet as almost everyone but Dr. Tom and DK thought we would lose to OSU before the season started. To paraphrase Chuck Noll we have problems and they are many.


  20. @JRNPITT

    I totally agree with you. I am not an expert on safety play but Whitehead isn’t making a huge different in overall team defense.

    Get the ball in his hands. If he and Q. Henderson are both on O at the same time the opposing team is scared as hell.


  21. I stand by my comments above that Pitt does not have the defensive assets as yet to compete satisfactorily. Hamlin and Hill … the 2 new recruits that we thought could contribute this year cannot play.

    This is a work-in-process and we have to take the good with the bad. If 2 years from now, our defense doesn’t perform substantially better, then we have a major beef.

    On the offense side, Peterman is a really good game manager / decision maker … and that will do right now especially since our best offensive assets are our OL and RBs.


  22. In Narduzzi’s defense, the safeties are as much run stoppers as they are pass defenders. And Whitehead was clearly held on that long TD run in the 2nd quarter.

    Pitt does not have overall defensive assets to compete against the good offenses right now … that should be clear. The 2 recruits we expected to play right away (Hamlin and Hill) can’t play. I suggest we wait 2 years before we complain about our defense.

    On offense, Peterman is a really good game manager / decision maker which will have to do especially with the lack of experience with the WRs. Reliance on our OL and RBs is essential


  23. Thanks, Reed, for the no politics reminder. Just wondering. If the left side of our offensive line i supposed to be one of our strengths, why did we run to the right side so much during the game. Until we got stuffed in the last few possessions: third down pitch to Connor on a busted sweep to the left.


  24. Pitt needs much more talent on D and wide receiver. Period. It is going to take a few more years.

    Did you people think Pitt was going to go undefeated this year? Let’s be realistic.

    Most of us predicted 7 or 8 wins so when Pitt loses to a very good team, a team with more talent, stop acting like it is the end of the world. We need new assistants, play a freshman QB, blah blah blah.


  25. Wow, we certainly have learned a lot after 3 games:
    1. PSU had a hard time with Temple. Hence they’re simply not that good.
    2. We all called going in to the season that our DBs were not that good. After review, the call has been “confirmed”
    3. For Duzzs defensive scheme to work, you need the horses in the defensive backfield. Currently we have Shetland Ponies.
    4. Everybody now knows how to beat us: throw the ball, then throw the ball some more, and then, throw it some more again.
    5. North Carolina throws it better than OSU.
    NOT GOOD. 😞


  26. Hey rocket Great Post. Unbelievably many pity fans thought we would win 9 games or more… I said 6-6 at the beginning of the season…I hope I’m wrong but I’m still sticking with it. We do not have all this talent that everyone thinks we have,


  27. I’m taking notes boys. Thou shall not be so hard on your beloved football team. We shall persevere. After-all, we survived the “the steve” days, we can overcome anything. Keep the faith!……..



  28. wbb, I screamed for Pitt to hire Orlando as DC….real disappointing….

    This Pitt FB transformation is going to takes years, not games. You don’t change 30 years of ineptitude in 6 months.


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