Know The Enemy: Georgia Tech

(As always here are the Georgia Tech Game Notes for Saturday as put out by the Pitt Media Dept.)

We face our second ACC conference team on Saturday at Heinz Field.  The kick-off will be at 12:30 and at Heinz Field.  As we remember last season we beat the Yellow-Jackets by a score of 31-28 on an almost-last minute FG by Chris Blewitt:

That was also Nate Peterman’s first three-TD game for Pitt as he went 14/21 (66.6%) for 162 yards and 3 TDs & 0 INTs.  That sort of play is what we came to expect from Peterman last year – not a lot of yardage but production in what he did do.  Let’s hope he replicates that Saturday.

What was best about that 2105 GT game to me was that it put the previous year’s 56-28 loss where we fumbled the ball away so much to rest.  That loose-fingered play led to this post-game paragraph that I wish I had written as it fit the situation perfectly:

“Pitt did its part to help during a comical opening 10 minutes that practically gifted Georgia Tech a massive lead before the game was halfway through the first quarter. The Panthers fumbled four times in their first six plays, finding increasingly elaborate ways to give the Yellow Jackets the ball.”

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POV’s Monday Morning QB: NC Loss

Well, what can we say that hadn’t already been said about this last game?  The POV Podcast article made my thoughts pretty clearly known – but I do want to emphasis one thing.  I do not think Pat Narduzzi has lost the kids, lost the season nor should he be fired as I have read elsewhere from upset fans.

I have always known that Pitt fans knee-jerk week to week if a game is a win or a loss, but even I’m surprised at the level of disappointment and even hatred directed at him by Pitt fans on the internet.

Granted most Pitt fans don’t feel this way but a whole lot do and while I am as level-headed when it comes to Pitt football as I can be, at least as I try to be, it is a bit shocking that to me that after only four games some fans are throwing in the towel on the season.

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Sunday Podcast: NC loss

I’ll start off with the bad stuff and try to lighten it up toward then end of the article.  First off here is the Press Conference immediately after the game.  Honestly, it saddens me from start to finish.  Here is some of what I wrote in yesterday’s comments section:

Here listen to Narduzzi’s post-game press conference.  Not his most sterling moment…

After expressing his love for the team he starts off listing the plays that weren’t executed correctly and points his fingers at the players, again – this is his MO after a loss folks.

Jerry DiPaola actually does start off the questions part with a direct question “This is three weeks now, what are you going to do about the pass defense?” Narduzzi says – literally – “You can’t do anything about it” then quickly whips out the “We only gave up 18 yards rushing” and moves on…

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