Uniform Stuff Again

Take a look at the uniforms we will be wearing for this the Georgia Tech Homecoming game on October 8th.  I like it – at least more than I do our current ones.


But this begs the question – why can’t we wear this all the time?  Well, I answered that question back on August 20th with this article “Look Back; Uniforms Seem Familiar?”

In it I wrote:

Anyway, when I saw the color combination I had to scratch my head a bit to place just where we had seen that combination before, if even we had.  It isn’t enough to just say “We are going back to the old style uniforms every so often” because that ‘old’ uniform had so many iterations.

I did that because this is what we had seen in the past:


I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t really like the ‘new’ uniforms.  Every fan has his preferences but I think we didn’t go far enough in acknowledging our past successful and championship years (right) when Pitt and our uniforms were in the forefront of college football’s consciousness.

NC & OSU Games (Losses)

Beside the numbers looks a bit torch-cut to me.  Look at Conner on the left here. 

What part of that uniform – if there is any at all – reflects Pitt’s great football history?  None.

If you look at that above photo series of past uniforms every single iteration has some Old Gold (or variation thereof) included.  It may have been just a helmet or just the numbers but it was always there somewhere.  Now not so much and that’s a shame.

If we look back at the uniforms we have worn in our four games so far this season we see that against North Carolina and OSU we wore the one shown above that Conner has on.  Blue helmet over white shirt over blue pants.

PSU Game (Win)

In the PSU game we wore this (right).  You can see it is the all-blue combo with gold numbers & lettering.  It also has the fuller arm bands which I think helps a lot.  That gets back somewhat to a reflection of the past.

For the season opener and our game against might Villanova we came out in a Gold, blue and white top-to bottom combination. 

Villanova (Win)

I want those gold helmets every game because that is our Pitt gold color and is an identifier and reminder or our best days.

We haven’t seen the gold pants combo yet either .  Last years uniforms were actually fine with me and I like them a whole lot more than I do our gimmicky present day ones.  Take a look at Tyler Boyd’s uniform the numbers stand out the gold is there but understated and there is the old stripe down the legs.

 Image result for Tyler Boyd pittPut a script PITT on that helmet and it works.  That is pretty nice to my eye and perhaps should have been the one we chose to keep and build a brand around – but that loses money in the long run and Pitt is all about money.

But here is the real story behind Pitt’s uniforms – they exist for two reasons.  First they cover up the player’s nakedness.  Pretty simple there.  But second they generate money for Pitt and the apparel company making them.  In our case that is Nike.

Here is the very interesting part of all this though.  For some strange and I think rather ridiculous reason Pat Narduzzi has allowed a select group of seniors – the “Eagles” he calls them – to decide which uniforms will be worn each week.  That is within the home/away options the home team gets.

So the above unis are what the Eagles have picked so far.  But you can be sure the Eagles didn’t have anything to do with this ‘throwback’ uniform – that is all marketing department stuff.

Let’s hope this keeps us from fumbling the ball against GT like we did in ’14… although we did play a good game and got a win against the Yellow Jackets last season.

This game should be fun to watch on many levels – one of which will be these uniforms on our kids.




84 thoughts on “Uniform Stuff Again

  1. How about a “replica” throwback!!!
    When wasthe last time this team has worn their khaki pants???
    These “almost throwbacks” are close but not close enough.. I will keep dreaming ..


  2. I’m with Reed on this one. The throw back uniforms for homecoming tie us in to our glorious past. Should wear them always ( white shirts for away games).
    Also, if I could dream the yellow would be “Big B mustard Pitt gold”. I dream big👍
    Thin the Herd


  3. Those white and blue things are hideous. The Nard Dog seems to be thrilled with blue and white. Huh
    Aren’t they the Creepy Valley Creepsters uni colors ?

    Maybe he wants to coach there in his subconscious.


  4. Plus we lost 2 games we should have won in those hideous things. And both losses were in the worst Chinese Water Torture manner.

    Burn the damn things now !!!


  5. I noticed even the coaching staff was wearing white polos with blue pants. Again Pedo State all over.
    Not a hint of Gold/Yellow on their togs.

    I want my Gold back. Preferably in ingots.


  6. I have said it often, new uniforms are incredible. The numbers look better also but I could care less what font the numbers are.

    I say keep the matte blue helmets and uniform combos for half the games.

    For the other half, wear the throwback yellow helmet and uniform.

    Get rid of the gold helmet only. The yellow and matte blue helmets are more unique, plus yellow for the old timers and traditionalist and matte blue for the younger generation. Problem solved.


    I know the eagles pick the uniforms, but I am sure that pick is based on the teams wishes. Not just their own.


  7. Emel,
    You’re right buddy – worse than Chinese Water Torture!
    But in reality it wasn’t the uni’s fault. It was the Head Coaches fault for thinking like a DC and not a HC – hence, playing not to lose with safe 4th quarter O play calling, instead of playing to win!!! Sadly, no uni can help us there. :<(


  8. And what is it with these short pants. The bball players want their shorts longer, while the football bro’s want their bottoms shorter. smh

    Insanity rules. 🙂


  9. ~ jrnpitt

    Never heard of the phrase….the clothes make the man.

    We play like schmucks cause we looks like schmucks.


  10. By the way, there are hundreds of teams in DI football that wear white. Penn State did not invent the color.

    Sorry gents, the players obviously don’t like the gold pants.


  11. Reed wrote…What part of that uniform – if there is any at all – reflects Pitt’s great football history? None

    “None” is the correct answer if you have blinded yourself because you dislike the uniforms.

    The script, the blue, the gold, the arm stripes…what isn’t Pitt?


  12. Nard n Barnes not connected to our Mustard history so uni’s doesnt matter to them-they just want to sell $hit..don’t know about our CEO even though he is a PITT man ..the Marino era uni’s were the best ..distinctly and proudly PITT…I am no longer bitching about unis even though the present ones suck and are not the best uni’s in the ACC..who comes up with that $hit anyway noming ours the best in the ACC

    I was on the 1st Apollo-Ridge team after the merger.. our new colors were Blue and Gold and the nickname of “Vikings” was picked..as worked out all summer I dreamed of wearing a shiny metallic gold helmet..we were given Elders Ridges old blue and white unis (major disappointment) and when the helmets came they were phucking CANARY YELLOW (puke) Bring back the Mustard (Autumn Gold)-that was the color used on the magnets I gave out last year including Barnes, Gallegher, EJ and one to Duzz’s barber who I met at the pregame parade in Annapolis.

    Let’s fight to get the chorus back in the PITT Victory song which was taken out for political correctness …because we interjected ..da da da da da Penn State sucks..


  13. I was a Viking too and our HS uni’s were nicer than these hideous blue and white things. We look worse than the Toledo Rockets.


  14. Khaki and Navy are the predominant colors…. The khaki reeks of Stevie Pedie…I know I am color blind but my brain just can’t see gold in that khaki they are wearing…so glad there is tradition in some schools where changes if any are minor..that consistency of uniform is a common thread that unites the alumni across the generations…Ohio State, Michigan, So Cal, ND, Alabama, Auburn..football schools..We are trying to be one..or are we..


  15. Emel, so true, we were chastised for inserting P-E-N-N, P-E-N-N PENN STATE SUCKS! into our fight song. Anybody at the Pitt PSU game this year catch the students new chant for PSU? I think they are going to want to switch back to our version.


  16. By the way, Ditka wore a blue helmet. You want to tell him he wasn’t part of the Pitt tradition, LOL.

    You all want to say the mustard and blue are the true Pitt colors. Well, that simply isn’t true. It was part of some winning years. That is it.

    Look at he entire history of Pitt football. It has not been the same color throughout like PSU, USC, Alabama, etc. Going back to the early 1900’s Pitt has changed it’s uniforms over and over and over again. Gold helmets were probably used most, but there has been blue and even white. The shade of gold and blue has changed a million times. We have football tradition, but a classic uniform is not part of it.


  17. Notrocket … I totally agree with every word you just posted . My Pitt history watching goes back to 1962 and I attended 70-75.. I was in the stadium when the Panthers came out in the Mustard and Blue.. I was “wowed” at that sight. I think it was Palko who after the YSU throwback game” I finally feel like a Pitt Panther” and Wanny went as far to say this uni should be worn every game comparing it to the Buffalo Bills who went back to their old uni and the players and fans wanted them every game.
    That Marino/ Dorsett look was our best and one of the best looks on college football … and it stands the test of time…


  18. It’s nice that the PITT players can find common ground and a consensus on which uniform they want to wear each game. Something that will never happen with their beloved football fans.. 🙂


  19. all I know is I have my throwback hat ready for the Ga Tech game

    Pitt Panthers Gold MVP Script Cap _ Official Pitt Panthers Team Store


  20. wwb..I ran into a fellow POV’er, Dr. Tom, in Chapel Hill who was sporting that same hat..youinz will be twinz!!!


  21. NRS, that said, my wife brought home a PITT shirt to wear first game and I told her she had to take it back even though she was looking really good in it. It had the DinoCat. No way Jose I told her. She bought another one game day with PITT script.


  22. if you but a shirt from the Panther store, they fit big. I also bought a Pitt script shirt– blue with gold lettering. It’s a freakin’ tent


  23. Just read my 12:51 post and I thought Where the Phuck did that come from??? The run on stuff after ” I gave Duzz’s barber a magnet.”
    I was dictating a text on my cell phone to another person while I had the Pov open and had finished the 12:51 post but hadn’t posted it yet.,,some crazy $hit happens when I dictate on the cell to the POV which is my main way of posting..Dictation is posted in the comment space and simultaneously written down in the space for my name which I have to erase then place my name before posting..this is a unique site

    BigB – I edited that other info out including your name. I thought you were having a stroke…


  24. wwb.. Pittsburgh men are big especially around the middle..may years ago when Pitt came to East Carolina I chartered a bus with a lot of locals from here in Northeastern NC. to go and watch the Panthers and the Pirates ( another NC loss for us).. we got to Ficklin Stadium, parked and started drinking when a bus from the Burgh pulled in beside us..as the Pittsburgh men got off their bus my buddies observed and one of the remarked ” BigB, you came down on the wrong bus.” I glowed …Proudly Pittsburgh,,,Hail to PITT


  25. BigB – met you at either Stand & Joe’s or the Rams Head in Annapolis. Immediately placed the magnet on the fridge in our laundry room…..the one where I keep my beer.


  26. I’m big around the middle and it’s still a tent

    Chris Peak ‏@PantherLair Sep 28
    #Pitt’s opponents in the last 3 games have run 217 plays and been flagged for 1 holding penalty. None in the last 2 games.


  27. Not only is Pitt doing the annual makeovers to sell more jerseys and profit from the sales, but it is also doing this to sell the program to recruits. Kids like to see the different uniform combos that the designer brands make for these schools. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of multiple helmet and jersey and pant colors, but I’ve heard that the players are.


  28. JoeL ..thanks for the shout-out..Remember you well but thought your handle was JoeKnew..It was at the Rams head..Planning to go the the Ga Tech game them to Charlottesville the following weekend..ready for some Panther football and a chance to get out of town..living near the beach ain’t all it’s cracked up to be..No colors are WORSE than Green and White..Beat the HERD..by a lot!!!


  29. Whatever happened to the “Pat Signal” from earlier in the month? HCPN told us the recruit wanted to announce at the end of the month at his very own press conference.

    Maybe we’ll find out when the injury report is released before the Marshall game – lol


  30. @Erie The rumor is that verbal is a 10/1 announcement. Who knows. With that being said, we didn’t close guys after the PSU weekend. Were due for some good ones.


  31. Erie Express,

    I’m not a PantherLair subscriber but apparently there was some talk there that the Pat Signal from earlier this month may be TE Charles Reeves. Not sure, though. Would be nice.


  32. I was thinking Garbutt for the verbal….no info, just wishful thinking.

    And along the lines of wishful thinking, like a little kid wants Christmas to stay for ever and ever, I want Franklinstein to stay for ever and ever. I say: Extend that contract now, man-woman AD. And do it quick before a division 3 school without a program snaps him up.


  33. EE, I agree that PSN article seems like no Hamlin this week but Nard is as coy a person as you’ll find. It has come to the point where when he says one thing, you should expect the opposite. Brighjtwell only got on the field out of necessity, and then played well. If Damlin is going to play at all this year, this should be the game he begins


  34. Erie,
    Just read the PSN article and agree with wwb. Duzz says that we wouldn’t see Hamlin just guaranteed that we will! LOL


  35. BigB – 12:54 post, looks like DK without his anti-schizo drugs. 🙂 Classic rant. maybe a subconscious rant or perhaps you speak in gibberish to yourself, heck I do.
    wwb – larger guys like me like big sizes; you must be one of those thin guys that they have all medium size t shirts at free giveaways; never a frickin free 2XL. Better order my throwback hat now.
    BigBs color scheme is the best of the multiples through the years, they should pick that and call all other combinations “throwups” and they could sell new sets of “throwups” all the time. $$$$$$$$


  36. — Back in High School against North Allegheny (not a “Pittsburgh Guy”, but North Allegheny is pretty “For Real” I believe — especially this specific year):

    The Kid’s Got $wag 🙂 haha

    —- It won’t hurt to let the kid get in there and Hand The Ball Off / Give the ball to Quadree Henderson on Jet Sweeps. Basically what the “Current Starter” is doing.

    MAYBE…just, possibly, MAYYYYBE, Ben DiNucci might attempt to throw the football downfield to Pitt’s wide receivers (maybe a pass to 6’3” Jester Weah or 6’5” Aaron Mathews, against a 5’10” corner, where they have a chance to make a play??? lol 🙂 ) or 6’5” Scott Orndoff?? I’ll take a weaker-armed “Competitor” vs. a QB riddled with the YIPS any-day, anytime.

    Food-for-thought for Pat Narduzzi. I’m ultra-disappointed in the Weeny-ish, Uber-Conservative nonsense of the last two weeks. I Never saw Pat Narduzzi as the Turtle-Up, Clam-Up type which he’s been the previous 2 weeks 😦 😦 — which absolutely regardless of whether the best talent has been playing or-not, has cost Pitt 2 wins.

    #HailToPitt !!! #It’sAllGood 🙂


  37. The yellow on the Alternates is pretty close to the color of the Empty seats at Ketchup Field.

    So if you got all attending to wear a yellow jersey matching those, than the empties would blend right in.

    Pitt should hire me and DK ! 🙂


  38. The turtling does bother me a lot but then again he just might see the bigger picture with the receiver’s and QB. Also and ultimately PITT was in position to win the game with a first down their last possession and/or a stop on defense on UNC last possession on 3 fourth down situations last game. Point is, he’s doing something right down in Oakland if anyone wants to admit it or not.


  39. The 4th quarter ‘turtling’ has been going on all season.

    Against Pedo State = 11 plays, 23 yards. 2 punts, 1 lost fumble and 1 fortunate TD due to QH PR

    Against Okie State = 25 plays, 77 yards (many of these on last drive when Pitt took ball at own 8 yard line and Ok State went into prevent defense), 4 punts.

    Against UNC = 13 plays, 53 yards, 3 punts and 1 FG.

    4th Quarter Totals = 45 plays, 153 yards, 9 punts and 1 FG (the 1 TD was due to QH’s 84 yd PR to Pedo State 10) Average gain per play = 3.4 ypg.

    Considering the opponents defense was out on the field about 2/3’s of these games. The huge time of possession in favor of Pitt is working against. Either the offense is gassed by the 4th quarter, which would call for more aggressive substitution pattern among the huge offensive overweight guys or Pitt is just a choke.
    And that would be SOP.


  40. Without the easy yards given by OK State’s prevent defense in that game.

    The Average Yards Per Play in the 4th quarter is more like in the 2 yards per play category.

    And that my friends is pathetic. Pitt-i-ful.

    Better change on Saturday against a weak Marshall team that was waxed by the Zips 65-38.


  41. —– Look-Here, lol: Chad Voytik is a QB who transferred to a team that went 9-3 last year — now that team is 0-4 and Voytik got benched, and Arkansas State just got-beat by (LOL) Central Arkansas University (FCS, I guess?? lol + lol) — So, Nathan Peterman winning the starting QB job was a NECESSITY, and it was not some case where an absolute, undervalued or “Overlooked for some reason” Stud fell-into Pitt’s laps.

    Tennessee-“knowledgeable’s” had absolutely, positively-Zero disappointment about whatsoever about Nathan Peterman leaving the program. He’s Just Not Good Enough 😦 😦 .

    Enough of the “Lame-Ducks”. —- Pat Narduzzi needs to move-on now, make Pitt exciting, and Seek-Out his best talent!!!

    Lol, Narduzzi should know first-off, as he sat Conner Cook for his entire redshirt freshman year while Michigan State struggled through a 6-6 season!! Next year, Conner Cook (RS Sophomore at that point) Started, and Michigan State went 10-2, won the Big-10 Championship Game, and Beat Stanford for the Rose Bowl win!!!!

    Lame-Duck Quarterbacks who clearly aren’t studs at all, are just dead-weight to building the program 🙂 .


  42. Well clearly Arkansas State was clearly overmatched against a good Toledo team (3-0) and sec Auburn.

    Putting that on Voytik is kinda silly DK. Plus we don’t know how many seniors they lost off of last years team.

    Pitt in 2014, with any semblance of defense (sound familiar) could of, should of won 8 games maybe more.

    Lost to Duke 48-51
    Lost to UNC 35-40
    Lost to Houston 34-35 (in 2016 unc manner)

    So actually we could have won 9 games with CV as QB.

    Actually imo CV would make a better QB in O’Canada’s system.


  43. And to further clarify, we when ‘turtle’ in these 4th quarters, CV I think is much more likely to make a ‘play’ with his legs than NP is. Much more athletic kid. NP probably a little better passer. Their stats almost mirrored each others in passing from CV’s 2014 vs NP’s 2015.


  44. ^^^ I’m not disagreeing that Chad Voytik might actually have performed better this year, and maybe, honestly, the Offensive Line deserves their Quarterback DELIVERING, after they’ve paved such a path throughout the entire game.

    —– Regardless, Chad Voytik is long-gone from OUR Pitt —- I’m saying that right-Now, Any-Quarterback on the roster can deliver what the current starter is capable of putting-out.

    And Manny Stocker is a fellow 5th year senior along with Nathan Peterman. They both offer nothing to Pitt’s future (and Nathan Peterman hits-pure grass when the shot really counts 😦 ) —– Ben DiNucci and Manny Stocker are sitting (while fully-eligible) because Pat Narduzzi is straight up being “Joe Paterno a-la 1985 CONSERVATIVE” right now?? …. Which I never, ever thought he was that type of guy!


  45. Yea I agree DK. Marshall is a sieve defensively. I mean come on, gave up 65 points to the Akron Zips and another near 60 to L-Ville. Would be a perfect opportunity to see what another QB could do.

    You see how desperate HC’s are for wins and not looking towards the future in these type of games.

    Since we rely on the run for 80% of the offense, shouldn’t really matter who is taking the handoff. So put a kid in there to get some experience. Who know’s it might be a pleasant surprise. If he isn’t, then you can still win the game by putting NP into the game. It’s not like we’re winning games by putting up huge passing numbers.


  46. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. Almost no one under the age of 40 likes older uniforms than the ones now.

    They look clean without being flashy and don’t look like Navy/ND. Myself and all people I graduate have ONE compliant, and that is they cannot buy a white jersey. Please stop being old heads about this.

    Maybe, just maybe, Pitt doesn’t want to time travel back to the 70s/80s. Maybe they want to move forward… And this constant rambling of getting back to that tradition sounds a lot like the unwillingness to move on in a much creepier PA area code.

    The reason these uniforms get praise many places outside of this site is because this IMO:

    1) They acknowledged the tradition of the past by returning to the script. Everyone recognizes it. But they don’t scream “well just pretend we are 70/80s Pitt football”… It is called MIDDLE GROUND and its a good strategy to please old and young unless the old are being grumpy and stuck in the past

    2) They pay their tribute with the alternates for 1-2 games a year max. Otherwise its not a tribute. Otherwise they lose their luster and just become another glaring uniform to everyone outside of Pitt fandom.

    I say that’s a good way to try and please the greatest percentage of the population


  47. ^^^ BUT, YES — Chad Voytik was horrible, by-the-way, and Nathan Peterman has totally regressed after a full off-season and months with a new offensive coordinator 😦 .

    I was not attempting to imply Chad Voytik was good for Pitt lol. He got benched as his new Sun-Belt school, and his career is done.

    @Reed: Call-Ins!!! You know you want to hear many of our voices! 🙂


  48. FWIW, If someone knows where I can buy the new white jersey, I will literally do it tonight… And I have never bought a jersey in my life. I know 7 people off the top of my head that would do the exact same thing if I sent the source.

    Still contemplating a blue regardless…. If I could find a Boyd jersey in new Blue or white, shut up and take my money!!!! My only dislike is I’m still not sold on number font, but I’ve adapted to it at this point.


  49. Or in the last 2 games, even winning games.

    Would love to see 2 new CB’s as well, maybe move JW to CB(as u suggested) and put Mitchell in at SS or move Webb to SS and Mitchell to FS. Webb is a terrible FS.

    Surely it’s worth a try since the current past defense is horrendous.


  50. Had we not had the Houston Nightmare, CV would have been only Pitt QB to have back to back Bowl Game wins since Dan Marino.

    So horrible he was not.


  51. I’m 39 and all of my friends and ex players hate the uniforms. Like what we wore In 95-97.

    They are blah and stale. Still look like Akron and ND and Navy. Numbers are moronic.

    Throwbacks are better and closer to past but blue is too Royal.


  52. ^^^ @emel :

    *What I want, is for Manny Stocker to get Wildcat (& AT LEAST THREAT to throw snaps) and I think Ben DiNucci at the very-least needs the plays to hand-off and do these jet-sweeps (Much-Less Throw — like the Current Starter does much of that).

    Voytik, Smoytik, Peterman, Whateva-Man — @emel, what do you think Pitt needs to do now, Say, if “YOU” were Offensive Coordinator??!! lol — keep in mind — Chad Voytik is SO long-gone he’s in buried-outta the history books.

    What Now???

    I-personally lobbied for Nathan Peterman (i.k.a. Tino Sunserio — upgraded version) only because Pitt needed an upgrade BADLY at that point …(Sorry @Emel Voytik was a “neglected” Russell Wilson….who got benched at Arkansas State…..?????)

    Ben DiNucci= WINNER, Manny Stocker is a RUNNER —- Quadree Henderson is a speed-Demon. If a top-flight QB were playing with Jester Weah he woulda made that 6’3” dude a STAR….

    C’mon, why do “Fans” have to imagine-up all sorts of ideas while Head Coaches just stew-away, so pitifully $cared of getting ‘Fired’???? 😦 😦 haha


  53. ~ DK

    I’ve been vocal about Manny getting some snaps for a while. Since this is a ‘run based offense’. With all the jet sweeps, trickery, misdirection, etc., it would seem a natural to have an option type QB. Since we’re not throwing down the field, why do we have a throwing QB in. I don’t get it.

    If we’re going to run 80% of the time, let’s go Full Tilt. Get another burner in the backfield and let’s go !
    QH is a threat, I say get Ibrahim in there as a WB (wingback) and let’s go multiple WR’s, RB’s going opposite
    directions, on any given play. This could be real fun and real productive. And that could draw lots of stud RB’s who wanna run.

    I’m not a real fan of the pro-set offense in college. College football is fun because of all the different offenses run. If I wanna see pro-set, I’ll watch the NFL. Which btw I don’t. And won’t…….boring.


  54. You go from McVittie to Dinucci on every other post. lol If they aren’t ready, they aren’t. And putting them in too soon, could be detrimental to either’s future.

    As far as I know, neither are option type dual threat QB’s. Pitt is scoring enough points(47th of 128 teams), possessing the ball 2/3’s of the game.

    The problem is, they aren’t scoring enough in crunch time.


  55. The opponents aren’t quite as formidable over the next 3 weeks. Marshall, Georgia Tech and UVa. If this team is going to do anything this year, we have to win all 3 games. As after that, the level of the opposing QB’s goes back up and that is our Achilles heel.


  56. Not sure if it’s the revolving door at OC (and HC) but I find it extremely frustrating that NO Pitt QBS have shown real improvement from year to year (and at times seem to regress) in probably 10 to 15 years! Probably deadly combination of poor recruiting and coaching !!!


  57. Emel – agreed, the next 3 games are critical to win. Pitt needs to right the ship against the Blundering Herd – figure out the right personnel combos.

    Then we get back into the ACC with GT and uva.

    On the other hand, unc plays FL State this weekend, then VT and miami is consecutive weeks.

    The opportunity to get back into the Coastal race is right in front of us.

    Now, if unc takes care of their business, we are playing for 2nd again.

    NP should have a very short leash on Saturday – 3 consecutive series without a TD, then a change needs to be made.


  58. DK – slow down on the videos… we talked about this via personal email just a short time ago. They detract us readers and I’ll start deleting the ones that aren’t specific to the conversations at hand. I haven’t ever censored before but I’ll start.


  59. Guys – thanks for being so patient. I’m working in a combined Know The Enemy & Predictions thread right now. Will do my best to get it up by early lunch hour… I say early because you are Pitt fans and with a two game losing streak you’ll be taking an early liquid lunch to get ready for the game tomorrow.

    Son is doing OK – the hospital called us in and admitted the infection was started there and not at his home. We have a day nurse stopping by to check on him and change bandages and repack surgical wounds this morning…. thus I have some time to write. He’ll be fine in the long run. Still eats like a chow hound.

    Re: Peterman. I’m not sure that Voytik would have fared much better with Canada as the OC but I do know that we probably would have seen him get into a ballgame in relief of the struggling NP before now. It would be so great to have a experienced back-up QB onboard.

    I think Canada needs to start this next game with a normal run/pass mixture (60/40) just to get an idea of how we can play when the passing game is used at the beginning of the game and not just later in the 2nd half.

    If Peterman can’t get some 1st downs with his arm (and not just on 3rd down plays) then put Stocker in.


  60. there was a lot of discussion here last week about Ollison not being used. The following is an excerpt from today’s Trib article about Chawntez Moss which may shed some light:

    Moss said the rotation is determined through performance and situations.

    “If you’re hot, you’re staying in,” he said. “But for that (North Carolina) game plan, they wanted to use me particularly more so outside because I’m a little bit faster, a little bit quicker.

    “They like to use James in the goal line because James is, you know, Big James. They like to use (Ollison) in certain situations because Q is more knowledgeable about the offense, like the no-huddle type stuff.”

    I believe they have a dilemna in that they’re trying to please 4 backs. If Conner was the back he was in ’14, there would be no issue .. but he obviously isn’t. Maybe they are hoping that one of the 4 to stand out, but it may be hard to determine based on limited use.


  61. @Reed.. no stroke … but dictating on my cell to post on the POV has a couple of interesting technical twists… as I said in a f/u post .. I started a post on the POV then responded to a text via dictation and had someone come into my office who’s voice was also captured and somehow, by spooky magic the words transferred to POV… will be typing on my cell from now on but still no time to proofread… I am supposed to be working…


  62. BigB – agreed, and I’d start with Orndoff split wide with J.Parrish as the TE. Add Henderson and Tipton to the mix and NP should have no problem completing passes. With Conner in the backfield as a dual threat to run or be a receiver, this O should March right down the field (in all 4 qtrs) behind the preseason #4 ranked Oline.

    Plus, this Marshall D is fairly porous.

    Hammer the Herd!


  63. If my math is correct, we ran the ball 73% of the time last week. That is to much, remind me again how WR recruiting is going.


  64. Clipped this from PSN –

    “Should Chase Litton be 100% on Saturday, Pitt fans may have reason to worry: 9 different receivers on Marshall have recorded a reception of over 20 yards this year when Litton plays.

    Defensively, Marshall ranks 113th in total defense despite shutting out Morgan State in the opener.”

    The Pitt D needs to stiffen up this weekend and the O needs to continue it’s successful play calling & execution from the first 3 qtrs of the P5 games, but extending the effort into the 4th qtr.

    A total team effort is needed for all 4 qtrs this Saturday to get the season back on track vs the Blundering Herd.



  65. Again on the vids….just remove the “http://” from in front of the “www…..” and the link will work by clicking it on without embedding the video.


  66. Can we cut the Nard Dog crap? Maybe you should save it until he actually beats someone…let’s say ranked??…or at least puts a defense on the field that isn’t putrid. Wake up. He’s created the motif that he is sooooo good. Haven’t seen it. Also, Pitt claims to be spending more on sports but with the incredible paranoia and secrecy that surrounds everything the university does, does anyone really know if they are?

    Seeing is believing. What are you seeing??????


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