Pitt vs Miami, 2021 ACC Tournament 1st Round

Here is the Gameday Thread for today’s Pitt Basketball game. Today we play the Miami Hurricanes  in the first round of the ACC Tournament starting at 2:00 pm.

Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win.  These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Basketball Homepage

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Roster

Sports-Reference.com Pitt Homepage (current & historical)

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Miami Basketball 2020-21


212 thoughts on “Pitt vs Miami, 2021 ACC Tournament 1st Round

  1. I’m ready to just burn this season.

    I hope Pitt loses

    Then we can look forward to vinegar drinkers talking about Narduzzis two star Elon recruits at spring practice and Koolaid drinkers talking about how this fall season will finally be meatballs breakout season after six long mediocre years.

    We Pitt fans have so much to look forward to. 🤠


  2. I’m hoping for a win. Need something positive for the end of the season and a tournament win will show progress and hope.


    1. False hope

      If champ goes to the nba, this team isn’t even top half of the Mac.

      Life is too short to have 6 straight years of bad basketball.


    1. It will end the agony and not prolong it. We can all move on.

      In the past five years, pitt basketball is 64-88 for a .421 winnining percentage.

      You have to go all the way back to 1964-69 to find a five year stretch as bad as this. That’s 50 years.


    1. I thank god I wasn’t alive back then to see it.

      We’re talking five win seasons. Today’s ‘modern’ day stretch averages out to 13 wins per season.

      Did y’all have color TV back then?


  3. I am a Same Old Pitt Fan – Always wanting a win and sometimes ending with a broken heart. Go PITT


  4. Seriously a team that is highly flawed loses two of its most productive players and people rail against Capel for not winning. Absurdity at its finest. Get down on him for not recruiting better players, ok, but no coach wins with what we have right now.

    We can debate whether it is his fault that X and Toney left, or whether that is a good or bad thing, but saying he is a bad coach because he can’t win with the bunch he has now is a fool’s errand.

    Congrats to Champ, our first ACC all-teamer. Is Champ a great player because of coaching or because he is it because he is highly skilled and highly motivated.? To become a great team Coach needs to recruit more guys like him. Game after game he puts up numbers.

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    1. Capel only lost those starters for the last three games. Although I would argue he lost both mentally and attitude wise at seasons beginning.

      That’s all on him. He recruited them. He coached them.

      Capel doesn’t get a free pass. Are we going to shower Capel with excuses just like many of y’all do with Narduzzi.

      Both of them are grossly overpaid for their performance. They are losers.


  5. Tex, like many on this site, I’ve about had it with your negativity! What do you do for a living that you can post 21 times a day? In my 48 years as a Pitt fan, no matter how pissed I was, I’ve never rooted for Pitt to lose. We’d all appreciate it if you’d STFU! Thank you

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    1. Dan, you know we’re drinking/golf buddies but, damn..

      That’s unnecessary. He’s entitled to his opinion- and it’s frankly one of very few dissenting opinions voiced here.

      That comment, along with the other one I read the other day attacking Tex’s upbringing and his parents (not posted by you) are completely unfair.

      Fight the argument, not the person.

      As Margaret Thatcher put it, “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”


  6. Like

    1. The reprimand was a non-apology apology. Checked the boxes for breaking the rules, not for what was said. In addition, no quotes. None from the AD of condemnation. None from Coach of remorse for what he said.


  7. On a different note… New Steelers OC Matt Canada talking football and the importance of “running the ball.”


    “All of us realize we didn’t get done everything we wanted to (accomplish) in the run game,” Canada told Steelers.com. “All of us who are here are a part of that. We have to improve upon it in a multitude of ways. We are focused on it. We are studying who is running the ball well. We have always believed in running the ball well.

    “You win up front. You have to be able to run the football when they know you are going to run it. And you have to be able to throw when they know you are going to throw it.”


    I still say Canada’s Offense is nothing more than “Smoke ‘n Mirrors.”

    We will find out come fall.


    1. Here’s what I don’t understand. A huge problem with the Steeler’s offense last season was the QB making risky, ill-advised passes – which led to several interceptions.

      So the Steelers then promote the Quarterback’s Coach. What in tarnation is up with that?

      I’m expecting a disaster for the Canada/Big Ben Combo next season…

      Go Pitt.


      1. Agree if they really commit to Canada’s Offense.

        Steelers had some success with Canada’s Jet Sweeps early in the season. However, once it was on tape you saw LESS and less of them.

        Even College DCs came around to figuring Canada out.

        Just ask Ed Orgeron at LSU.


      2. Canada had no say in the play calling of those ill-advised passes.

        I sure hope Matt intends on running the ball more and I’m sure he will. The line and backfield will be revamped, so it’s natural to expect improvement. Only it’s possible nothing changes because that seems to be Tomlin’s M.O.


        1. But Canada was the QB Coach… I just don’t see a very good mesh between a future NFL HOF QB in his final year and an OC in his first year as an NFL OC… 🤔


  8. I live in my parents basement. I’m a 600 pound loser who types on my keyboard all day
    I actually have a degree from Penn State
    And I’m one of the 47 percent


  9. As for today, personally looking forward to the game. Watching Pitt Basketball is a much more ENJOYABLE experience since Johnson left.

    Odukale has brought some real stability to what had been HAVOC. Not to mention the improved defensive play.

    We SHOULD see the “down time” actually pay some dividends, especially for Odukale and the other Players who had little time to adjust to playing a lot of minutes.

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  10. If Ben couldn’t win in his prime with the Killer B’s and an outstanding O-line don’t think Canada or anyone else will make a difference now that he is a pretty much washed up old guy with no elusiveness and a weaker inaccurate arm. Not to mention average running backs and a makeshift line.


  11. I’m with Dan

    I have a list of 5 replacements for that particular poster, to what “institution” can I submit it?



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  12. Hope we win, but win or lose, it’s not to make much difference to the program….or recruiting.


  13. I understand, per the ACC rules, that coaches are not permitted to publicly speak about the refs.. But I am glad our coach did.

    Officiating should be fair and reasonable. It shouldnt be the expectation that Pitt will be treated differently by an officiating crew

    While there are other avenues to work on having unreasonable officiating, corrected, I have to believe the Pitt organization had utilized then, and still nothing had changed.

    How to end the favoritism in the ACC, would make for an interesting discussion.

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  14. It’s showtime!!! Good luck to Coach Capel, Justin and all the rest of our Pitt Panther basketball team. Leave it all on the court! As fans, that’s all we can ask.

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  15. I cringe when an announcer says our opponent “is not a good shooting team”.


  16. Horton is a liability defensively and too one-dimensional offensively. Odukale is getting better and better.


  17. The team that “is not a good shooting team” is shooting 48.4% and 83% from the line.


  18. I would just pull the plug on Pitt. Mercy killing. A comatose patient gives better effort than Pitt.

    If champ leaves for the nba, we’ll all wish Rockports back. This team will be terrible. Transfers aren’t the answer. Good luck with team chemistry

    I’ve reserved being negative on whiny Jeff for almost three years. Only in the past 6 weeks have I turned against him when it became plainly obvious he couldn’t coach and control players.

    Heather has my list.

    Tex who recommended oats for this job. He’s now sec coach of the year.


  19. It looks like we have a pretty good back court with Odukale and Sibande for next year. .

    So hopefully Coach can find a couple difference makers inside and a guy or two for the future.


  20. Pitt being outplayed by Miami guArds and getting crushed on the boards. 8 turnovers to two for Miami. Pitt very lucky to be as close as we are.


  21. A bit of a nitpick but Odukale has two turnovers and I think in both cases his defender took the ball off of him while he dribbled. Expected for your forwards or center. A little concerning for your point guard. But I like Femi and think he can overcome that.


  22. The reason Pitt is in the game is because of Sibande’s shooting and Okudale’s play BOTH Offensively and Defensively.

    But for Pitt to win, Champagnie needs to HEAT UP!


    1. Pitt isn’t playing much defense. Don’t know what you’re watching. Miami is shooting 51% FG and
      50% from 3.

      Lots of easy layups off of pick & rolls for them.

      The offense part is correct but who doesn’t see that !


  23. am I imagining things or is Pitt getting little to no calls

    hmmn, maybe JC being taught a lesson


  24. Noah Collier seems to be getting a lot of minutes in this game. Also this is the first game that I can remember where Brown has outplayed Coulibaly.


  25. Champ less than a shell of himself.
    Wong travels every time he goes to the hoop. Miami is the better team. Pitt hanging on by a thread.


    1. Champ looking like he wants the season to end more than JC or anyone else

      sloppy, lazy turnovers by him today, not looking like Miami is doing anything special defending him either


  26. Pitt w 12 turnovers leading to 16 points. Pitt getting crushed at the foul line. But Panthers playing with guts!

    No matter how this ends, I’m encouraged for next year!

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    1. Especially the way Femi played as a freshman. He reminds me of Carl Krauser, another NY tough kid.


  27. Still need Champagnie to make this thing GO. Obviously, not his day for shooting. Needs to concentrate on cutting to the basket and drawing fouls.

    Calling Coach Capel!


  28. Pitt failure to stop easy give and gos by the Canes has cost Pitt 14 points. Turn the correct way Pitt!
    Can’t turn your back on the driver.

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  29. Agreed Dan, way to call it the way you see it. I see it the same way, how much more can we take?

    Who roots for “his team” to lose?

    Billy calling out the double standard.

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  30. I feel bad for Champ. He was our leader all year. Hate to see the season end this way for him. Hope he’s back next year.

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    1. Absolutely! Thankful that Odukale and Sibande picked up the slack or this game could have been really ugly.


  31. I don’t think the ACC needs to fine pitt for capels outburst on officiating. They already did their justice by calling Pitt for about 14 more fouls.


  32. Recap is easy for this game. Miami is the better team! Champs play was dismal. He’s not going pro.
    You need muscle and athletic ability to play in the NBA.

    Pitt gave it all they had. Miami got both guards, who had been out, back. Miami’s has owned Pitt in every sport since I was in college!

    I’ll have a season recap in a day or two.H2P

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  33. I won’t kick you Pitt fans when you’re down. But I will say I told you so.

    Tex – no fan of Pitt basketball under this coach.


    1. Goodbye Tex. Hope I don’t have to read any of your rants until football startup again. Sorry to be mean, but your negativity is nauseating.

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  34. Fundamentally bad defense. Been a theme all year, regardless of the lineup.
    And more telling, regardless of how bad the opponents shooting on the year.

    How many points did miami have on pick & rolls and
    even on under the basket Out of Bounds plays, for easy layups.

    Hasn’t changed all year and that is……poor coaching.


  35. That was tough. Too many TOs, ball handling needs improving and the FTs…. dang.
    Champ’s gyroscope was clearly off today as well.

    Hope they get plenty of time to practice together before next season to work on that stuff.
    Perhaps some time with a sports psychologist on the FTs in addition to technique, practice, etc.


    1. Miami was playing with 6 scholarship players. So they were under-undermanned.


  36. maybe I don’t know basketball technically but I don’t see any reason to have high hopes for next year

    possibly small incremental improvement but this is a team with average talent and an average coach and no recruiting in place that could surprise and change that

    disappointing considering the bounce back from StF to get to 8-2 with the Duke win

    total garbage after that

    ACC refereeing or whatever, no BS COVID excuses, Pitt is FAR from back and frankly deserves a ton of criticism


    1. When HS kids become men the team vastly improves. That’s how Dixon won for years. This team is VERY young and has little experience. Did you watch Kentucky at all this year?


    2. A friend of mine sent me a text knowing I wasn’t going to waste my time watching Capel – he told me know to buy season tickets for next year – poor D, poor FT shooting and he said the team looked lethargic.

      I asked him if it was due to them being out of shape or was it lack of hustle? He wasn’t sure.

      Anyone have an opinion? ikr…


  37. Didn’t read this thread, thanks guys for putting it together. Didn’t get to see much due to the time, but I agree with dan’s recap above, Miami simply had more talent now that they have all their players back and we lost so much.

    But I have a few other thoughts, although we statistically lost this game at the free throw line, and yes Champ had a bad game shooting 25%, the other stat that stood out to me was the Center tandem of Coulibaly and Brown who combined for 0 points and 3 rebounds. wow…. In fact, given that our best 2 players today were Odukale and Nike (followed by Horton’s efficient 10 points), I would say our greatest immediate needs for next year are a Center and Forward in that order, followed by a guard being third in the pecking order. Keep in mind, Jeffress appears nowhere near ready, so unless a light goes on we have a great need at forward even if Champ comes back.

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    1. Miami didn’t have all their players back. They only had 6 scholarship players playing today as
      was mentioned during the broadcast,
      Box score shows they played a total of 7 players.

      They were missing their leading scorer, Chris Lykes and one of their other better guards,
      Earl Timberlake. Plus their leading rebounder, Waardenburg and another Forward, Cross
      And another starter, Beverly.

      Agree with the many needs of Pitt. Most of which haven’t been addressed now going into
      Year 4 of Capel.


  38. We are probably a hair better than we were when Stallings was fired. Not much better than a hair IMO. As for Champ, I don’t think he’ll return to Pitt next season. Not sure where he will be but I don’t think it will be in Pittsburgh.


    1. Or…… Champ comes back. His brother Julian transfers from St. John’s to Pitt. Coach Capel lands one of the high end centers who currently has Pitt in his final 10. And we lose a nail biter in the Final Four.

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  39. The foul differential is not quite as bad as at first glance. The foul calls were 10 on Miami and 19 on Pitt. We committed 5 fouls in the final minute and a half while desperately trying to get back into the game. So 10 to 14 prior to that. The differential on foul shots happens when you miss the front of one-and-ones versus making your foul shots.

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  40. Not complicated. Champagnie just 5 of 19. A couple more FGs and couple more trips to the line… and Pitt wins.

    FORGET everything else. That was the difference for THIS Pitt Team today!

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  41. Remember when they said Horton was the best player in practice last year. That tells you all you need to know. Cannot be very upbeat for next year.


  42. Tough season, nice to see Odukale and Sibande have great games.
    I may have jinxed Champ earlier in the day when I said how consistent he is.
    Sorry about that. No doubt next year will be really bad if he doesn’t come back.
    Even still he needs much more help inside.
    Foul shooting can improve with practice.


  43. I am nowhere close to giving up on Coach Capel. I still think he is the right guy for Pitt in the ACC Conference. And I can’t wait to get back to the Pete and the Oakland Zoo next season. I only remember being completely out of 1 or 2 games this past season, Notre Dame and Clemson. I really don’t see the similarities between now and the Stallings seasons.

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    1. Are you referencing football or basketball or both? I am thinking both. Awful.

      I am not giving up on Capel, although disappointed in the results thus far. I just think he needs to stay in his lane and forget all this other political statements, refereeing stuff. Go recruit better and coach better. Why hasn’t any other P5 program come after his brother as an assistant?

      Remember, the portal brings other peoples problems here. Yes, we might get lucky…….but we might not. Major problem is that Pitt Basketball and Football candidly, have no culture of winning or practicing hard, or respecting officiating, or anything from which to build. The AD builds culture. We are heading into year 5 right?

      Maybe Femi and Jeffress can create a championship culture if they stay. That is how you do it.


  44. There were two of us on the Femi train at the beginning of the season. Is he a perfect ballhandler, no. Does he have a big body playing the point, yes. Does he see the court well, yes. Is he patient, yes. He has had a few good games now and it was unfortunate he didn’t get more time as we removed some of the problems.

    Candidly, I will say that I do not think Miami was that much better than Pitt. We had opportunities to win and didn’t. Pitt got Champ to have a big head and poof, his season tanked. Maybe an injury as Dan suggests, but he didn’t show an injury today. Weak upper body, yes. Airball, yes. We all shoot em, but typically not while wide open. I did note that he got a junk dunk at the end to push him over 10 points, but his game was disappointing. It’s funny that we speak of him going to the NBA or coming back better, but an option may be for him to transfer to St. John’s to play with his brother.

    I was disappointed with the game. I think Femi will get more consistent and we should not get over-excited with Sibande. It was just a singular game.


    1. Don’t worry….I don’t think many of us are excited about much. Losing to a team that had lost
      10 of their previous 12 games, with half their team out injured.

      Some of these stats were because with just 6 – 7 players Miami couldn’t guard real tight, since
      they didn’t have the volume of players to get into foul trouble. And that shows with them
      only getting 10 fouls called on them.

      Pitt basketball is like Pitt football in the ability to look good at times, but when it comes to ‘crunch time’
      they more often than not….fold like a cheap suit.

      And you saw that on display again, as in the last couple minutes. after the 66-66 tie, Pitt was
      outscored 13 to 7. And turned the ball over several times.


    1. I don’t agree with many too often, but I do feel competent to spot basketball talent. I am not sure if you were first to hop on the Femi train or I was. I know I started very soon after his commitment, when I researched and watched his film. Hopefully he continues to play with a calm demeanor offensively and as a bulldog defensively. His size for a point guard and length is superb.

      His size unfortunately, can be a problem in ball security at times but he can’t be perfect. He will work on free throws. I learned free throws by having my middle finger on the “rubber air hole” each time I shot one. This made for a consistent feel. Free throws to me, were always shot more with your legs and a proper technique. Femi ust needs some gym time and good repetition, not repetition. There is a difference. Repeating bad form, creates bad form.

      I don’t like how this season worked out and I am tired of making excuses for a lame Athletic Department. Giving support without representation for 35 years! Awful.


      1. Either way PoD, we were both on him early. Good job! He now needs to get some consistency and maintain a good assist to turnover ratio. Crap….that might be a banned technical term under Reeds new guidelines. He can dish really well, with good handles on both sides. Crap, definitely getting a Reed suspension. ONIONS!

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  45. Guys played hard. But a late meltdown (too common of an occurrence by anyone’s standards) and the bad game by Champ doomed us. We will not improve next year without fortifying the front court with some fresh blood. Coulibaly and Brown are not ACC caliber players, and the chances of Hughley returning are pretty slim.

    You can’t help but be encouraged by the recent play of Femi and Sibande, however.

    I’m not giving Capel a pass by any means, but the more I hear, the more I am convinced that Johnson was a cancer that poisoned the entire team.

    Capel needs to bring in some reinforcements. Fast.

    I suspect that Champ stays. I hope.

    Hail to Pitt.


  46. A disappointing season to say the least. The team needs plenty of work and quality reinforcements. It is going to be a long off season. As they say, wait till next year or the following year or ..


  47. We finished 10-12 and lost to two of the three teams below us in the ACC standings. We did not play the third team below us BC due to COVID-19 protocols.

    Very poor showing by coach Capel in year 3 – showed no improvement in my opinion.


  48. I looked at the ESPN % pie chart around noon today and Miami was given a 25% chance of winning.

    I guess Pitt shooting 35.7% from the foul line was not factored in to that pre-game pie chart.

    Before dinner tonight I went to a nearby park and shot 20 free throws. I made 12 – that’s 60% by a guy who hasn’t played a game in 14 years.

    I would love to attend a Pitt men’s basketball practice to see what they work on. What ever it is, Horton has been touted as the best…

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  49. —Awful way for Champ to finish up his Pitt career.

    —Nice to see Femi make so much progress. He did have a good demeanor about him from the get-go.

    —The lack of ability and offensive skill at Center continues to doom us. I appreciate that Coach Capel has aimed high in the center-recruits he has gone after – guys like Oscar and Cockburn – but looks like he’s going to need to lower his sights a bit and work on guys who can develop versus more instant-impact guys. Maybe we luck out with a playable transfer for next season…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Awful way for Capel to end yet another losing season going 2-10 in the last 12 games.

      Awful recruiting class right now.

      Tough offseason ahead with not much to look forward to.


  50. Dan, regarding Tex… Thank you for that public service announcement. No one on this blog should ever root for Pitt to lose. Tex, you need to go off somewhere by yourself and get a life.

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  51. I rooted to end the pain. Now I personally can move on. Respect that.

    Don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. You’re not my parents. I don’t care how you define what a fan is and isn’t. You may consider me a bad fan but that’s ok. I’m a bad man.

    I’m sure the players and coaches are also glad this season is over. Losing 10 of your last 12 games has to hurt and wear on you.

    Capel doesn’t understand the concept of defense just like Narduzzi doesn’t understand offense. And these two bums are the most highly compensated individuals in the entire Pitt system. Pitt is throwing good money away.

    Should I applaud true loyal Pitt fans supporting a bad product and mediocrity then?

    Tex – if I had a dime for all of capels new recruits coming in, I’d have zero dimes.


  52. I’m thinking we’ll tell you as much as anyone can tell anyone, double standards shouldn’t exist among adults,,,, inside Reed’s parameters, anything goes, if you get pissed on as a result or your own pissing, oh well

    we’ll respect you as much as you deserve and respect others,,,,, very little, in some areas perfectly warranted

    we’ll tolerate absurdity as much as you tolerate mediocrity

    good fan? bad fan? do and be whatever fan you wish, and if you’re displaying it here, accept that it will be judged and called out

    frankly Dan surprised me with his comment
    I had a little fun with it
    it’s all entertainment

    Capel at this point is less entertaining than Narduzzi for me, his emotional pressers are a bad sign that strike me far more negatively than Narduzzi’s arrogance

    there is not enough positive or success happening with either program to be satisfied where they are at and the trajectory is mostly sideways in FB and only slightly upward with BB with reason to doubt that will continue
    of course BB was at a point that it couldn’t possibly go anywhere but UP from the fiasco of Barnes/Stallings

    I really do expect next year will tell me everything I need to know for each

    and Tex, I’ll be surprised if you are completely wrong about either guy


  53. Capel lost control of his team and one good player (Toney) and one average player quit. He a also made a huge mistake not building depth all year. Sitting Simbande, Jeffries, Collier most of the year was idiotic. Brown showed zero improvement under Capel.
    I have no confidence this team will be better next year, with or without Champagnie. For that to happen, Capel would have to recruit the fab 5.


    1. Dixon never played more than 7 guys unless their was an injury. These coaches are judged by wins. Capel has said that if a kid doesn’t play well in practice he gets no time on the floor.

      Brown would show no improvement under Coach K or anyone else you can name.


  54. Tex… Keep your chin up. This site would be a lot more boring without you and most know it.

    Your “negativity” serves to balance out the “fantasy” of others that really does nothing but perpetuate the SOP results.


  55. However, just one suggestion. If you could just stick to a SINGLE moniker when posting your comments?

    Personally, I have NEVER posted under any other name but the one I use.

    Think this helps maintain some integrity to the Blog as a whole.

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    1. They are called “sock puppets” …posting under another moniker. Several folks do it all the time but we all know when Tex does it because his comments are quite repetitive! On Tex, he crossed a huge line with me when he outwardly rooted for Pitt to lose. Most of his comments are predictable and boring and I pass right over them as do most of you. But to say “I hope Pitt loses” infuriated me. And few have been as angry at Pitt Football and basketball as I have!

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      1. You can respect my thoughts. That’s all I ask.

        I don’t need anyone to like or agree with me. I also admit, I need to do a better job hearing the other side.

        Have we reached a Kumbaya moment? At least a truce?


    2. When I have something to say, I post as Tex. I only use a fake handle for comedic relief at times and to accentuate a point or to follow a punch line.

      It’s never used to hide behind. I’m proud of what I have to say and I know it offends 95 percent of you. That’s why I say it. But I do actually believe most of my bs. 🤠


    1. That’s what family does. It’s never personal to me. And yes I’m self aware enough that I’m annoying. I’m putting it nicely.

      An airing of grievances is always cathartic.

      It’s all out of my system now.

      I hope champ comes back. I hope Capel strikes gold with transfers. Maybe even with a five star big man.

      I still have hope and I’m not ready to throw him under the bus like his boss.

      Narduzzi is a different story though.

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    1. A brutal fact that Capel can’t hide. Nor should Pitt fans. I really wish Capel success. He seems like a very decent man. He needs help. I’d chip in for better assistants. I’d personally carry the bag for the bag man. 💰


  56. And what has been the most popular blouse color at Kaufman’s during four of those five past years?

    Tex – Meyers is a full 30 hours behind my comment. He must get his research from me.


  57. Capel has been unfairly criticized over this season’s results. Sources say that Pitt’s problems largely stemmed from off court activities, including parental interference, that resulted in some players disliking each other. If players totally despise each other, no coach can fix that, and some players must leave.

    This can happen with a first class, where players think they will come in and run the show. That is not a formula for team coherence. Sometimes you need to cut out the cancer, and I think this is what Capel did. He deserves time to recruit more players and improve things from here. We all know that Dixon would have had 8-10 cupcake wins to get him comfortably over the .500 mark. Capel didn’t have this luxury.

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    1. You’re straight right about Dixon. We at least can all agree on scheduling. Both football and basketball. See bipartisanship isn’t dead after all.


    2. every coach since the beginning of high school deals with off court activities…parents, girlfriends, everything. If you can’t lead, you lose teams. Dan will agree…..maybe. Pitt ain’t different. Let’s not try to excuse away another year of disappointment like we’ve done for football for 35 years.


  58. Must admit that Capel has actually grown on me the last few weeks.

    It helps to realize he is just an average or SLIGHTLY above-average coach.

    Like rooting for a GOOD guy who is also the underdog.

    Now if he can just recruit.


    1. Don’t see how anyone could give a grade of C. If we say finished .500 in conference and
      didn’t lose in the first round of the ACC tournament to a team below us in the standings
      I would say…ok it’s a C.

      But we finished 12th in a 15 team conference. Lost to the 13th place team in the 1st round, who had just lost 10 of their last 12 games.

      And indeed Pitt LOST 10 of their last 12 games. Only beat 3 teams on the season with a winning
      record. Geez even lost for the first time EVER to St. Francis who was terrible and finished LAST
      in their 3rd rate conference at 6-`16.

      A ‘C’……really ????


      1. I’d like to meet the 6 people that gave Pitt BB a grade of B. If all 6 had a last name of Capel then i’d understand.


        1. haha….Capel, his brother, the other 2 former HC asst’s makes 4. And he ordered 2 other
          gofers on the staff to vote. Wallah….makes 6.


  59. Geez guys. Go easy on us vinegar drinkers, negative thinkers and Debbie downers. Pitt just gives us plenty of material to work with.

    I didn’t script this dark comedy.

    UPitt is right 95 percent of the time. I’m right the 5 percent he isn’t.

    Providing truth to Pitt sports since the early 90’s

    You would have hated to be our professors.

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  60. What is overlooked by many is that a school’s reputation regarding a sport greatly impacts a recruit’s opinion of the school and, as a result, his/her likelihood of committing to that school. Pitt’s basketball reputation went from above average under the end of the Dixon era to 3 steps below abominable under Rockports. That reputation takes time to overhaul. It truly was (as the popular slang goes) a dumpster fire.


    1. It hurts when Capel didn’t get off to a good start. Now he’s severely behind. Like I said he needs help. If that means opening up the wallets for better assistants and to pay some people with bags, pitt will have my 100 percent support.

      Again, Capel seems like a very decent man with the passion needed to be successful.

      I’m more upset at this point that Pitt publicly shamed him. And peak said it was to avoid paying a $10k fine. Pitt can afford to pay Capel $3 million but they’re worried about being fined so they jumped ahead of the ACC with a public statement throwing him under the bus. Crazy.

      Capel deserves better.


      1. Of all the things Pitt fans have to complain about, Pitt’s statement on Capel doesn’t even make the top 100.


        1. That’s throwing him under the bus. That’s public shaming. All because pitt is too cheap to pay a $10k fine. That’s ridiculous.

          So pitt releases a fake apology. Idiots are running this administration.


        2. Pitt Administration runs its trap just like Capel’s players……take the high road Heather Blouse. See, like I just didn’t.


      2. It’s a compliance fine tex, of course she turtled. She put us on probation for somebody holding up a stupid sign. Compliance Drama rules the world!


  61. I guess if we don’t have Pitt to kick around, we have each other to talk about. No matter if you’re an optimist about Pitt’s athletic programs going forward or a pessimist, we got each other.

    “But yah got to have friends
    The feeling’s oh so strong
    Yah got to have friends
    To make that day last long”

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  62. I think Capel is a good person too that cares about the kids. Not sure about saving 10k though…Pitt is very p.c. however.
    If he lands the big guy he is chasing thats a game changer.


  63. Capel is going to have his work cut out for him. He’s relying on transfers to fill the void. That’s a tough order. Think about team chemistry. Getting acclimated. Getting to know a new system. It’s tough on any young kid. And then think about the academic side. Getting used to Oakland and a change of scenery. Classrooms and course work. Friends and family. Very difficult for any transfer to make an immediate impact. It’s a tough transition even for adults. That’s why it’s always best through the draft or recruiting of players from high school. This transfer portal will be the ruin of college basketball. Far to easy to transfer. Need to make it difficult.


  64. So they finished upgrading the soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse building and it looks awesome.

    What is the status of the wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics building next to the Pete? I thought they broke ground.


    1. Looks far better than before. More importantly, adds functionality. Again pitt is playing catch up to ACC schools. I’m sure Victory Heights has been delayed somewhat with covid. Facilities under the normal time schedule was at least two years away. 2023. Fitzgerald is home for at least another two years. That’s a shame for volleyball and wrestling who deserve better.


    2. I think that specic addition has been scrapped. Read something about that months ago. A permanent delay. Why. Don’t know. Covid. Money. Priorities. Politics.


  65. That’s why he’s being paid as one of the highest paid ACC HC’s.

    He’s lucky the portal is there. There is also the JUCO route for immediate help.

    And how about this one….how about ‘coaching up’ the players on the roster.


  66. And for coach dan who thinks but doesn’t know I’m this handle above. I’m not. When I have something to say it’s under Tex. Particularly if it will offend you. I want 100 percent credit for that.


  67. I don’t follow basketball regularly but one observation pops out at me in looking at the Div 1 won-loss records during this 2021 season which had the cupcakes removed from the schedule…a lot of teams have very mediocre records!!!…..so why have cupcake games in either FB or BB,,,IMO play the best, nationally across the board….Go Zags- they are doing something right!!!

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  68. This public shaming thing is way overblown. Many coaches would consider it a badge of honor to get criticized for challenging the refs. So Pitt gets to avoid a fine by giving Capel some street cred in the coaching community, and also showing recruits that he backs his players. That’s a win-win situation. BTW, it is not the $10,000 that is the issue. I doubt Pitt wanted to be officially fined for something to add to its current probation status.

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    1. street cred is wins and losses, nothing else.

      check that. style of play too. Pitt and Felton have zero street cred.


    1. Incompetence seems to be, becoming the Norm.

      We go out to restaurants, bars,etc. Very few competent people.
      Look at government. Education. Could go on and on.

      Can’t criticize or you get labeled some name. Breeds more incompetence.

      Latter days of the Empire.


  69. Updated Vote totals:

    What grade would you give the 2020-21 Pitt men’s basketball team’s season?

    D (48%, 143 Votes)
    C (33%, 100 Votes)
    F (14%, 41 Votes)
    B (5%, 14 Votes)
    A (0%, 1 Votes)

    Total Voters: 299


  70. Pitt Sports is a D. Basketball is a F. Football is a C-/D+

    Lyke is a D.

    In a PC culture that exists no one truly cares regarding a wins and losses. If you think any legit programs would still have Frauduzzi or Capel and his family on the staff still then I don’t know what to say. Those programs first wouldn’t of hired either But had they made the mistake they quickly would of fixed it with a swift firing. I can’t tell you how sad it makes me that those in command at Pitt don’t see it, or see it and don’t care.


    1. Do you mean politically correct? I’d be interested to hear your opinion on what affect that has had because I haven’t considered that.


  71. the Zags always play their cupcakes throughout the season, outside a few very good SMC or now BYU teams

    I’m totally ok with a basketball pre-season warm-up schedule with the B10/ACC challenge game and maybe 1 other tough OOC game

    if Oates continues to do amazing things with Alabama and JC and Pitt don’t turn things up quite a bit, I may jump on the Tex bandwagon and in fact will send down a bottle of his favorite Balcones

    right now I have JC judgement on hold but almost NOTHING makes me think next year will surprise on the upside


  72. Speaking of Balcones..
    Tex, was it Baby Blue that you recommended for an intro to the product?


  73. Gates of Rome are Open – regarding your take on incompetency…

    I’ll beg to differ and I’ll bet a dollar that I have more knowledge of the inner-workings of the government than you do.

    What I have found is that the vast majority of citizens have absolutely no idea what takes place in the running of, and the success of, the federal and state governments. For every “incompetent” as you say there are many, many dedicated, intelligent and effective employees busting their ass to make our lives better, safer and longer.

    Don’t confuse the White House and Congress with the Federal government – they might make the laws but real, honest to goodness human beings enact and execute those laws – with a look toward what is the right thing to do in certain instances even if the letter of the law states otherwise.

    The news outlets, news papers and media sites papers see and comment on a very thin slice of what goes on in governing this country’s business.

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    1. Well said. I was hoping you weren’t going to include the White House and Congress in the competent bucket.


    2. We’ll just have to agree to disagree,

      And I based my comment, not on anything any news outlet, newspapers or media site papers write
      (which in the case of news outlets & newspapers is very little btw)but on my own personal experiences and experiences of people I know and am related to. If these outlets and newspapers actually did their jobs and did some reporting, most people would be absolutely SHOCKED !

      I also have firsthand experience having worked for city & county gov’ts in several areas of the country.

      And I have immediate relatives who have worked at the State & Federal level as well.

      I’m kind of shocked you being a Veteran, aren’t aware(apparently) of the vast abuses in the VA over the decades, just for ONE example.

      Now I know there are good people in the VA, but that didn’t stop the abuses from going on for decades, did it ?

      And that is just one Federal agency. Like I noted I could go on and on. And don’t think these
      agencies are run like a Military unit. They aren’t. Well maybe in some respects, none of them good.


  74. Here is my main concern for Pitt Basketball. Capel and AD. Basketball is the second highest revenue producing sport in college athletics. It deserves attention and quality leadership. Capel AND Heather have been over-seeing this program for three years and our AD’s priority somehow shifted to other, non-revenue producing endeavors. Shaking my head on that.

    Year One – It is not uncommon for a new leader to come in during year one, assess the talent and begin to shape and change a culture to reflect her/his style and philosophies. That is done in year one and you recruit to your style and philosophies from day one. You play your style/brand of bball that will attract certain athletes to want to come to Pitt. End of year one, you have the conversation with those in the program that do not fit (see portal, stage left). You eliminate those that do not conform or fit with your philosophy. You begin to build your framework keeping the guys that buy into what you are selling.

    Year Two – You build on your established framework that you the Coach and you the AD established. There is no question on where you are heading and year two builds momentum that should have started in year one. (if you are a great builder). This happens regardless of dumpster fire inheritance. You add quality recruits/personnel to your program.

    Year three – build even more momentum with respect to personnel. Your players should not be dictating what is on their uniforms, who plays where, who gets the most playing time and who can freelance. That crap had to stop in their year one…..and didn’t. Program leaders, should lead. Year three CAN and maybe should have players enter the portal on their own accord. When Pitt says mutual, Pitt leadership failed to start building a culture in year 0. Mutual is Pitt’s problem.

    Year 4 starts in 5 months with students reporting to campus. We have no recruits coming in for next year. Issues travel thru portal.


    1. Why are you shacking your head when Heather doe something related to minor sports? Her Job is all the sports we have for ALL the student athletes.


  75. I am with the majority saying the season was a D, for Disaster.

    I haven’t quite given up on Capel yet but he does have a lot to prove.

    I think he needs to rethink the 4 head coach strategy and find some up and comers.

    Recruiting hasn’t panned out the way we had hoped but lets take a closer look.

    His first class looked pretty good early on with two talented guards, a great place to start
    an ACC team and Toney developed into a pretty solid player. Obviously we know what happened to Trey and X. In any case lots of promise did not work out. How much of it is on coaching vs. character of the players?

    Second class Champ, a certain winner, Coulibaly, a raw talent playing out of position, Drumgoole, nothing yet, Horton, a few decent moments, not nearly enough.

    This year’s class Hugley, top 100 player, a bust for the obvious reasons, not basketball related, do the coaches bare any responsibility? Odukale, a clear winner, Sibande, showed up late to the party, but a solid pick-up, Jeffress, should grow into the job, Collier maybe, Amadasun, a project with size.

    Most disappointing is next year with nothing yet. Severe need for some inside game, especially if Champ goes elsewhere.

    I would say because of the contract and other extenuating circumstances Capel’s seat is at most lukewarm, but could get hot fast if he doesn’t find some help on the court and on the bench.

    The beginning of the season looked so promising, when they hit the wall, they hit hard and it went downhill from there. Odukale and Sibande helped avoid a total meltdown.

    A tip of the hat to Brown who stuck it out through some pretty bleak years at Pitt.

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    1. Oddly enough, GC, I think that things have not gone as well as we’d have liked because in his recruiting, Coach Capel has tried to rapidly get Pitt back in the elite neighborhood – he has not “settled”… He has recruited elite centers and reportedly been in the final running for some of them (who knows, really), but they have gone elsewhere.

      If one of them like Cockburn or Oscar comes to Pitt – Coach has the supporting cast in place for Pitt to be a formidable team.

      And taking players like X and Trey in his first year was risky – great talent; questionable attitudes – again, I see him not “settling,” shooting high.

      I think some on here underestimate Heather. She too could has “settled” for a “safe” Coach when she hired Coach Capel. She first tried to get the UConn Coach- like him or not, that’s shooting high.

      So, okay, now I’ll be labeled a “koolaid” drinker. I happen to hate the use of that term (do people know where that term came from?) but so be it.

      I don’t know the Xs and Os of basketball, but I suspect that Coach Capel was one of those centers away from having Pitt in a place where most on here – certainly not all, but most – would be pretty pleased with Pitt’s progress.

      Go Pitt.

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      1. She didn’t have a relationship with Hurley, an outside vendor did. That is why he was not loyal to the offer and why he used her to get more. She did not have a relationship with Capel either.

        Capel was a safe coach. He checked the diversity box and had some experience. He didn’t have great, sustained success anywhere and hasn’t built a successful program from scratch. That is troubling because he is building from scratch pretty much this year.


  76. Hey all. If we all love Pitt and Pitt sports, why are we arguing? If you don’t, why are you even here? You absolutely have a right to be, but it makes me question your life choices. I mean… It’s painful for us Pitt alumni and fans. Why subject yourself to this?

    I understand differing opinions and anger about things, but if you’re angry enough about Pitt sports to post all day long, and then you say you’re not a Pitt fan, in my opinion you need to do something else with your life.

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  77. Having worked as an engineer for 36 years in the government, I agree with Reed above. Herding political bosses to make the right decisions is worse than herding wild cats.

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  78. Miami beat Clemson easily today.
    Would Pitt have? Miami much better with their guards healthy.
    UNC my sleeper for NCAAs crushed ND by 21.

    Oh and Dixon and TCU lost by 23.


  79. Rome is open… I spent the last 5 years of my career in our DC HQ and was one or our liaisons to Capitol Hill. Before that I was one of the first State Department “operational liaisons’ under the new Nation to Nation recognition awarded by Executive Order 13175 of November 6, 2000 titled “Consultation and Coordination With Indian Tribal Governments”. My responsibility was with the coastal tribal gov’ts in Washington State for three years – mostly the Makah Nation.

    So, I have worked and experienced the inner-workings of Federal gov’t way more than most citizens and in that I stand by my statements above. Your example of the VA is valid, but don’t look at only one thing when assessing how well our federal departments do overall.

    My experience with the VA has been exceptional as has many people I know have had. Look, there are instances in every single organization that is tasked with public service that shouldn’t take place. But what happens in the US is replicated on a much larger scale all over the world.

    Here is a tip for dealing with lower level federal workers if you have to. 1) Try to do it face to face if possible – especially places like Social Security and the like.

    2) Do all of the research you can in advance so that when you sit down you know both what you want to happen and what the organization can actually do to help you meet that.

    3) be courteous and understand that who you are dealing with is a real human being and not just a cog in a wheel. Sometimes that makes all the difference.

    True story…I applied for Social Security Disability and everyone told me ‘you automatically get turned down and an application takes 6-12 months to be decided’. Two months later I got a call from the lady who was handling my case telling me I was approved. I was kind of stunned and asked how that happened.

    Her reply was “Your paperwork was done perfectly and no one has ever sent a thank you note to this office before.” That was because I got her and her co-worker’s name and when I got home from the meeting I hand wrote a thank you and mailed it that same day.

    Little things but that stuff makes their jobs a bit more enjoyable than just sitting and shuffling paperwork around.

    But don’t get me going on federal budget/spending issues – there are real problems in that arena, especially in the DoD.

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    1. Reed I get peeved as well with the nonsense that the Private Sector is always more efficient than Government and its people are smarter and less lazy. Sometimes that is true but we need both to be more efficient and effective and less corrupt.

      Far off topic but let me give you this example of Private Sector efficiency. Six months ago my wife buys a Samsung Phone from Amazon. Verizon is our carrier and the phone functions flawlessly for 4 months. At some point my wife notices issues with group texting. Then on a trip the GPS and Internet connection fail.
      We go to Verizon, one guy says its the motherboard another says its the sim card, they try several sim cards none work. They won’t repair the phone since they didn’t sell it.

      So the phone after hours on the telephone goes back to Samsung, they say it works fine send it back to us Some where along the line we notice the display says Xfinity mobile. By the way when we get the phone back the GPS works but the phone function does not. So the phone goes back to Samsung. A few days later they call back and tell us the phone has been locked out by Xfinity and since they can’t do it we need to get Xfinity to unlock it.

      Guess what, Xfinity says since we don’t have a contract with them there is no way they could have locked it and therefore they cannot unlock it. So we have a phone that will not function and cannot be fixed.

      Since my wife is near a nervous breakdown ( not really but added for drama) I ask Samsung to honor their warranty. They can’t because it doesn’t meet their guidelines.

      So after a month of wrangling with three corporations which all have phone systems that are designed to sell product and send you to voice mail jail. Otherwise, we have a perfectly fine unusable $1000 phone.

      By the way at least half the people answering these calls are impossible to understand because of thick accents, which I am convinced is part of their plan to obfuscate.

      Believe me they are 100 times less efficient than the DMV, unless you measure their efficiency by how effective they are at making money and screwing their customers.

      It is much easier to get an EZPass than it is to get a remote control from Verizon.

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      1. Oh and buy the way, each time you speak with a different person you have to start from the beginning, even though they all take notes and have an open file.

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      2. Samsing phone FROM AMAZON

        not going to address where else it may have gone south but ^^^that is a good start

        $1000 for a “new” phone, was that less than what you could’ve bought it for from Verizon?


        1. I find you buy the phone from the network provider and all is well. If you have problems with the device or service, they fix it on their dime.

          Best of class in my book ->iPhone and Verizon. Reliable and very affordable.

          Both excellent stocks to own too. 💰🤑🤳📲☎️📈


    1. Yeah – but still within guidelines of the POV…but I get your point.

      However, and there always is a ‘however’ isn’t there – what separates the POV from other blogs is the good discussions that sometimes do veer off point.

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