Dan72’s Take on Miami and the BB Season

Recap – Miami 79 – Pitt 73

Pitt lost their final game yesterday to Miami. While Pitt kept is close and led a good bit first half, it still was another late season failure. I thought Pitt missed Xman for the first time, not just his driving ability but his defense against the Miami very athletic point and two guards. Also, I am stunned by the incredible poor offensive play of Champ. It has been going on for 11 games now so it is not that he’s hurt. No idea what has happened to him…. none!

Miami was much more athletic than Pitt and ran simple give and go plays for layups inside that my former 8th grade girls rec team knows how to stop. You must turn the correct way on defense. That Pitt does not know how to do that, is a huge indictment on the Capel and his coaching staff. More on that next along with the fact that Pitt has no clue how to play any effective Zone Defense. Pitt started in a 1-2-2 zone, the single most difficult zone to play as your post defenders have to sprint to the corners to cover three point shooters. Why play that now when you have not played it all year??

Someone on the POV asked “What does Pitt do in practice?” I would like to know that also, because this team make more unprovoked mistakes game to game over the last two years than most.

Recap – 2020 – 2021 Basketball Season – ANOTHER TRAINWRECK!

Before I give my opinion, and it is only my opinion, on Pitt’s 2020-2021 Basketball Season, I would like to briefly review a few points in my season opening prediction article “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight!” and give each player a grade for this year’s efforts. One thing I commented heavily on was “when Pitt went into any kind of a zone defense, (last year) they got hammered!! Little changed this season. I also said this was as difficult schedule as Pitt has ever faced in the ACC. My big line “I see one or two wins unless Sibande plays!

Terrell Brown – I said that last year he presented no inside threat to shoot, and he needed to learn post moves (for the 3rd year in a row). He learned one and used it once. However, his defense at times was terrific but he again, was his own worst enemy fouling out of many games. A classic defensive example you learn in Jr. high school was…that if a player is driving baseline on you and you are the defender, you are allowed to put one foot over the base line, out of bounds to stop him. If he goes past you he is out of bounds.

Yesterday Miami drove baseline on him all day because he gave them room with his inside foot being inside the OOB line. If he steps over the baseline or on the baseline, they have no room to drive. He also thought is smart to push them as they went by! Why?  Pitt got zero points from its post players yesterday. A BIG problem. So, is this on Brown or piss poor coaching…. a subject that will be a theme of this current season’s assessment.

Grade C

Xavier Johnson – I could write a book on my criticism of Xman over the last two years. I said that he needed to fix his shooting form on his jump shot, stop being a ball hog, and become a leader at point guard. He did that a bit and Duke was his best game. It was all downhill after and now he is gone. I could write two pages on his great athletic ability and his incredible deficiencies. Overall, I think he won a few more games for Pitt than he lost.

Grade (C+)

Au’Diese Toney _ he left with four games to go averaging 15 points a game. Horrible shooting form, but an athletic force to be reckoned with. I think he gave Pitt all had until he got hurt. 

Nike Sibande – He was and is a terrific basketball player and is coming back next year. Why he did not play earlier is a mystery. Again, what do they do in practice? Was he that awful? Great defensive man to man player and the best shooting form on the team.

Grade A

Justin Champagnie – My comment on my first post “he is a quick and accurate shooter who will not be a surprise to our opponents as he was last year’s MVP. But he will be heavily doubled on Defense. Champ astonished me early in the season with a Michael Jordan like effort all over the floor and he was unstoppable. Then he got hurt, got double and triple teamed, lost his shooting touch and balance on the court. He was still Pitt’s best defensive player averaging many double doubles. My guess is he will be back next year or transfer out. Maybe to join his brother at St John’s after seeing the coaching difference at St John’s

Grade A-

Ithiel Horton – A Delaware transfer whose specialty is (missing?) three-point shots, supposedly the best player at practice last year. I made the comment that his talent was in Delaware, this is the ACC! He had a very up and down season, when he was on, he was good but most of the time he was NOT on. His defense against athletic guards was suspect at best and he was the chief culprit on not getting out on the opposition’s three point shooters.

Grade (C-)

Femi Odukale – I said in my opening report that he may be our best backcourt addition but with Xman ruling the team, he got little playing time until the last four games. He was a 52% shooter from the floor and 39% from Three-point land in high school. When he finally got the chance to play, he showed just that. I LOVE BROOKLYN players. They are tough and little phases them. He is OK on defense but uses his 6’5” height to his advantage. His high dribble is worth at least three turnovers a game and he needs to work on that. Unlimited Potential!!

Grade A+

Abdul Karim Coulibay – I did not think much of his potential from last year, but he improved in every area. I never understood why Capel never once played him with Brown at the same time vs big inside teams. He needs lots of help inside, but I like his future if he gets it. He exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Grade B-

William Jeffries and Noah Collier – They are kind of the same player, young and untested in the ACC. In their limited appearances, they showed what all frosh players show. Indecision, lack of court awareness and stupid mistakes with occasional flashes of brilliance. Not sure either will be back next year.

Grade – C

John Hughley – My comment at seasons start was that ‘He may be the answer inside.’ And he was …. until he was charged with a felony as a car thief and had to leave the team. The entire main difference between Pitt first 10 games and last 12 games was Hugley being a presence inside. I was really impressed with his inside game. Best I have seen at Pitt in years.

Grade – Incomplete.

The other players rarely played and really did not deserve a grade. My overall team grade is a D + for the season.

Coach Jeff Capel – Ugh! There were a ton of mitigating circumstances to this season with Covid, Hugley, Xman, Toney, Refs, etc. Where do we draw the line at how much of it is his fault? Here’s my take:

IT’S ALL HIS FAULT! He is responsible for everything. He’s the damn head coach! He makes three million dollars a year. He picks his staff, recruits players, and puts in systems. It is all on him!

The fundamental mistakes his teams make over and over and over scare me to death. He gives Pitt little advantage in game day coaching as his use of tactics and timeouts are highly questionable. His teams all the way back to Oklahoma have never been able to play zone defense.

Every coach has things unplanned for go wrong in a season from strange situations, players not getting along, injuries etc. He is no exception! It is how you handle those situations that either adds or subtracts from your reputation and resume. Pitt is an exceedingly difficult place to coach under normal circumstances.

I’ll give you one of my “unusual situations” I benched my starting two guards at halftime of a game for not following my instructions and Xman-like selfish play in a game we were supposed to win easily. They both walked off the team at halftime, went across the street to a bar, in their school uniforms, tried to order drinks and went home! Never saw that coming.

My response was not kind. One father swore he’d kill me, and one mother pulled me into the AD’s office to plead for her kid’s basketball life. We played with two frosh second and third string guards the rest of the year and went on to have a terrific season. One of those guards went on full scholie to a D1 school when unexpected crap happens you either make or break your reputation on how you handle it. It is part of the deal when you signup to coach any sport.

Especially, like Capel, when you have been dismissed from Oklahoma after only two years for poor game day coaching and recruiting, you must deal with it and bigly!! Finally, at Oklahoma, the alum’s comment was made over and over. “What on earth to they do at practice?” Sound familiar?

Grade D-

Thanks to everyone on the POV (even Tex) who commented and put up with my rants and overly positive views most of the year. I really appreciated each and every one. See all of you next basketball season. I think there is a 50/50 chance Jeff Capel may not be our coach.


203 thoughts on “Dan72’s Take on Miami and the BB Season

  1. Dan – thanks for your summary article and your articles during the season.

    Sounds like we’ve gone from one disaster (Stallings) to another disaster (Capel).

    Go Pitt.

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  2. Dan, must admit I find some of your assessment puzzling.

    The only reason Pitt was in the game against Miami was because of Odukale having his BEST performance yet as the starting Point.

    Hard to imagine Pitt being better off with Johnson on either Offense or Defense.


    1. Maybe Johnson IF still around should’ve been at the #2 while Odukale at #1 is the combination that JC should have used

      Not sure he EVER did that OR the AKC/Brown combination in at the same time at any part of the season


  3. After seeing Miami upset Clemson yesterday I’m not feeling quite as bad about that loss. Miami is hot right now. I am disappointed with how the season turned out. We should be better than this in year 3.
    Thanks for your summaries all season, Dan. H2P!

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  4. Thanks for the analysis, Dan72. Your write-up makes me wish I understood BB. To me, BB is just five players running around and shooting the ball. Well, maybe that’s because that’s the way Pitt plays. Still want Pitt to win, though.


    1. Dan72,
      I have enjoyed your insights and writing since the Blather days. You are spot on with your critique here, despite Paul Zeise’s unbridled optimism based on statements like Capel is an excellent recruiter, relates well to his team, has good relationships with players. Hard to believe. But Zeise is right and you have said, next year will be critical for Capel. He’s already on most watchers’ hot seats.

      Jeff Long. What an interesting character. Wanted an extension at Pitt bur good ol’ Nordy already had his sights set on bringing back Pederson so that didn’t work. Plus Long angered basketball season ticket holders so much they sued the school over seating plans & prices.

      I must admit, I never wanted Wannstedt to replace Harris. I never wanted Harris released. Long ran out Harris on a charge that, when put in perspective with the sex offenders Long hired, is comical. So Long wins no praise from me. Sitting through the humiliating loss to Notre Dame when Pitt was ranked to start the 2005 season and the humbling losses which followed, I have always questioned his judgement.

      What a mess afterwards…Long’s connection with love struck Bobby Petrino, hired and fired by Arkansas, chaired college football championship committee until voted out, then hired and fired by Kansas.

      In summary, not extended Pitt, chaired college football championship committee, voted out, hired/fired Arkansas, hired/fired Kansas

      From Pitt to Kansas. That about says everything you need to know about Long.

      For your amusement from Arkansas, Man, that Jeff Long sure knows how to pick ’em


  5. “IT’S ALL HIS FAULT! He is responsible for everything. He’s the damn head coach! He makes three million dollars a year. He picks his staff, recruits players, and puts in systems. It is all on him!”

    What an odd concept?..

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  6. Dan, summed it up perfectly. Most puzzling to me…

    Brown’s lack of offensive development. At his height he should be putting up 10 points per game.
    Collier and Jeffress lack of PT. So now they both go into next season still lacking significant PT.
    Simbande’s absence most of the season.

    If Capel loses any of Jeffress, Collier, Odukale or Coulibay to transfer he needs fired before next year.


  7. NRS, some agreement but imo he played Jeffress enough for a YOUNG kid with potential

    Coulibaly leave? don’t get why you think that is potential AT ALL

    Odukale? yes, proved he probably deserved more time and maybe a bit earlier, but do you not let X have the chance to show he is “coachable”? there were moments albeit few

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    1. My point was he can’t afford to lose any more players that will get significant time next year. If he does, something is seriously wrong. I don’t think any more will leave. Maybe Drumgoole.

      I think they brought Odukale along the correct way.

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  8. Thanks Big Dan, enjoyed your take on the PITT basketball team all season, great job. It was nice to see you rooting for PITT to win.

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  9. Pitt was a bit better than I thought they would be this season – but granted I didn’t watch Pitt BB before now either.

    It does seem to me that Capel starts players based solely on stats and not players who would mesh together well on both O and D. I recognized XMan as a problem the first time I watched him play on TV. Talent doesn’t matter if a player is so self centered the others hate him.

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  10. Early success can often times be a detriment. X Man’s Freshman year had everyone thinking NBA, including his father. Toney is another matter. How did he go from being a key player to a transfer so fast?

    Many coaches like to settle on 7-8 players as the season unfolds. But clearly Capel should have been playing some young guys more often, sensing that there could be some post season defections. Still, they did get some playing time, and should be better next year. Champ also slipped a bit as the season progressed. He was reduced to being human. But think of it this way: they have a couple of good guards returning in Odukale and Sibande. Champ may be back, and Jeffress, Collier and Coulibay should all be better. If they solve the center problem they could be over .500 and even stronger the year after.

    And many thanks to Dan for steering us through this tumultuous season! Looking back on Dan’s expert analysis, game by game, as we struggled through the season, I would give him an A+ grade.

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    1. My greatest knock on Capel was letting Toney and Xman leave the team with four games to go.
      It’s 4 Frick n games! You’re telling me these guys couldn’t suck it up for 4 games! Instead he gave Pitt a huge black eye and helped kill any chance of excellent recruiting. Players watch this s- -t!

      He appears to be Mike Tomlin, wanting to get along with and have players like him over being a real basketball coach and instilling discipline in his players. We see it every game, don’t we!
      So did Oklahoma!

      I gave him the benefit of a doubt until that moment. Rumor has it he’s looking for a way out of Pitt. If he does it will be a career killer.

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  11. Where Capel gets downgraded further. He lost the team because he did not create a team culture after three years. Culture development is needed by the head coach of the sport from day One, supported by the AD. Pitt had zero contribution with respect to culture from either one of those individuals.

    Femi looks and acts like he can drive a culture of competing and winning. Team goals over personal goals. He is big, strong and long. He won’t put up with other people’s crap, including the administrations. Pitt may struggle to keep him. Fouls shooting aside, super solid year

    Champagnie – started strong against easier competition. He is not consistent and candidly is not strong enough for the NBA. He needs alot of time in the weight room. He may go to St.John’s but he might stay. 50-50. He clearly checked out mentally and when that happens, you physically cannot compete. That showed. He also checked out for 1/2 his games, so I would rank him as a B. Ranking based on full season and tournament, not his first 10, which would be an A.

    Brown – Dan, excellent comment on Brown and his defense. You are spot on with the defensive technique of using boundaries as an added defender. The secondary or perhaps primary reason he couldn’t employ that tactic correctly is that he was often “late” to the spot. When you are late to defend, you can’t establish position and boundary.

    Sibande, Jeffres, Collier, Hughley, Horton and all others – Incomplete. They all flashed here and there. I for inconsistent as well. Time will tell. Didn’t see enough of everyone else to formulate a strong opinion.

    Coaching – awful. From head coach to assistants. Players do reflect their coaches when the coach establishes his culture with the AD. What coach and AD established was a whiney, complaining, i want to be heard first attitude, which cost Pitt a potentially good year. Assistants haven’t shown me anything on recruiting or teaching since most of them run the practices. What is happening?

    Since everything is being canceled lated, Horton Hears a Hughley may both be canceled out by summer. I hope not. I like Hughley and believe he got a bad deal regarding due process.

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  12. Rumor from the Lair is that Horton is likely to enter the transfer portal. Lot’s of scholarships available but there may not be many 3 stars and above willing to commit to the Pitt “titanic”.


  13. Duke with a positive virus test. Drops out of the ACC Tourney and ends their season.


  14. Ziff, great comments especially on Browns lack of anticipation. I also question having 4 ex head coaches as assistants. “Too many cooks and not enough bottle washers”. I know and speak often to three NCAA coaches and have a mild relationship with 5 others, 3 retired. In high school, head coaches have time to teach as we usually have only one assistant. In college, head coaches rarely have time to teach and re-cover and reinforce fundamentals. And we have four ex HCS!

    If your team Pitt is making coachable mistakes game in and game out, either you’re not stressing and repeating them in practice or you’re not touching them at all. Head coach syndrome!. Either way, after 10 games it needs to be fixed. Femi, a prime example. I could fix his foul shooting in 3 weeks by getting him on balance, changing his release point and having him adopt a healthier Pre shot routine! Does anyone on here think Pitt’s/free throw shooting is even average? Just unreal that it seems to not even be addressed. I’ve said it about Narduzzi a hundred times. Good coaches take care of small details! Capel and Duzz are tied for their apparent lack of effort/talent in that department.


    1. They were/are all Loser HC’s too !

      Capel & friends taking advantage of the inexperienced Heather, me thinks.


  15. not sure I’ve posted this thought about Champ but my opinion on him is that after his huge early success brought about not mainly by spectacular individual creation and play but by hustle around the basket for defensive rebounds and offensive boards with frequent put back for points he read the headlines(possibly fed by JC) that he IS THE MAN and moved away from what got him there to thinking he could get the ball passed to him and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN

    he has a good offensive game with a good midrange and fairly good outside shot BUT he isn’t nearly the creator he tried to become

    as many have mentioned, he is athletic but certainly will improve and if he continues to work on his strength, and can be far greater heading into the draft if he puts the work in

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  16. Champ named to Dick Vitale All America 2nd team..
    I think I heard he was the only ACC player at least on the top 2 teams.
    His brother was named 5th team


    1. LOL….they actually name 5 teams.

      Too bad Pitt didn’t have a better year, had we…there is no way they could have kept
      Champ off of the 1st team. Being the only major college player to avg a double/double.

      That would have guaranteed Champ being NBA 1st round draft pick as well, imo.

      Sux all the way around. SOP


  17. If Champ doesn’t go NBA, he could end up transferring to St. John’s. Their 2nd year coach, Mike Anderson (who was previously the HC at Arkansas and Mizzou and had roughly a 64% winning % at those schools)
    was named BigEast Coach of the Year. St John’s had losing seasons in 3 of the previous 4 years,before
    Anderson’s arrival.

    A lot of course depends on Champ’s NBA draft status, but if that doesn’t pan out, if St John’s does well in the
    BigEast Tournament and/or the NCAA’s……that could send Justin to join his brother at St. John’s, as
    they are returning their Top 5 scorers. Julian, the brother ended up avg’g 19.9 ppg & 7 rpg.

    And if what Dan says happens and Capel leaves Pitt, it’s a given imo Justin would transfer.

    The Johnnies take on Seton Hall today at 3pm.


  18. Late thanks to Dan for providing insight for me on Pitt hoops. I swear I learned something new every time that you posted a review.


  19. Updated Vote Totals ( ‘F’ made the biggest leap overnight)

    What grade would you give the 2020-21 Pitt men’s basketball team’s season?

    D (46%, 328 Votes)
    C (34%, 239 Votes)
    F (16%, 111 Votes)
    B (4%, 28 Votes)
    A (0%, 3 Votes)

    Total Voters: 709


  20. Champ definitely needs another year of college ball. Someone may be willing to pay him first round money to sit for a couple of years, but I doubt it. Dan has contacts in the NBA and I wonder what they think. Also, I thought it was pretty clear when Champ was recruited that he and his brother didn’t want to play on the same team. This could create internal issues among the other players.


    1. Problem is Champ needs others scorers as teammates to take the pressure off of him. Unfortunately there are very few if any on the Pitt roster right now to provide that option..


    2. My contacts are not NBA but former coaches and scouts,
      some retired in NCAA. I sent four players to D1 basketball, (one the starting point guard at Maryland for 4 years) and 11 players to NCAA D 2. Made many promo tapes for them and got to know scouts and coaches over 16 years. Two of my players are now NCAA D 2 head coaches.

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  21. Thanks for another good article.

    I would like to see how Capel does next year.
    If Xman was a bad egg for the team, I think that the team chemistry will be evidently different next year.

    I’d imagine that’s a tough decision for a coach, if that was the case, to pull an experienced player out.

    It can create all sorts of thoughts and feelings for his other players, but sometimes it must be done, and hopefully in a way that doesn’t lose the rest of the team.


  22. Thanks, Dan, for the time and great effort you’ve put into all these recaps!

    I was the point guard on my high school team, and grew up as a basketball junkie. Your analyses have been spot on.

    We were not flashy at all, more of a “control” team (think UVa & Tony Bennett). My orders were to not turn the ball over, get the ball to an/the open man, and take the occasional outside shot just to keep the defense honest, pretty much in that order. With this background, I have found the Capel teams excruciatingly painful to watch, no need to list the reasons. I cannot for the life of me imagine paying money to watch this team.

    All of which is to say, Capel has to go. He might very well be a great person, but the simple fact is . . . he cannot coach a team.


  23. Dan – Thanks for stepping up and writing a very informative series of articles.

    May you not get bored & continue writing basketball articles (or any articles) well into the future.


  24. Pete, I hear you and thank you and others for your kind comments. I too found his team’s excruciating to watch play. When I played the 4 in HS my job was to get rebounds and get the ball out on fast breaks. I couldn’t shoot to save my life. Ended up not playing for Baldwin because of that. Instead, played on a terrific church league team who pulled a huge upset winning our championship. But….I took many shooting clinics and by age 22, had a terrific jump shot. Was a 75% free throw shooter and took huge pride in that! Not many today do…
    Played til I was 44. Got to play summer ball vs John Lucas and Mo Howard and most of that MD team after they graduated. Still can hit my jumper at age 70.

    If you read my comments,you know I gave Capel every benefit of a doubt all year and last. No more.
    Not sure he can recruit enough talent to overcome his apparent coaching deficiencies.
    If he stays at Pitt and has another St Francis moment he should be fired.


    1. As you know, I’ve been questioning Capel’s coaching ability for more than a year now.

      History really does show he only wins when he has SUPERIOR talent on the court.

      Doubt I will take as many shots today as earlier this Season and last for merely stating the obvious.


  25. Before the infighting gets any more prevalent may I remind all the Tex is a long time reader and commenter…and has contributed some very well written articles that generated some good in-depth discussions on here.

    Same holds with some other posters who, unlike Tex, have pulled out of the blog because of the sniping.

    It is easy to skip over commenters that you don’t want to read. But, this forum is open to all who want to participate along the standards set and acknowledged.

    There are other Pitt websites if this isn’t to one’s tastes…that said, they don’t have anywhere near the in-depth articles and knowledgeable readers/commenters like we have on here. Some comments have been so long and so good I have yanked them out of the thread and made articles of them. This is what makes the POV unique.

    You don’t have to like what people think, but you must allow them to express their opinions just as you want yours to be read and respected…

    Thanks, Reed

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    1. “It is easy to skip over commenters that you don’t want to read. But, this forum is open to all who want to participate along the standards set and acknowledged.”

      Bingo. I could never understand people whining about posters. Just pass them over if you don’t like them.


  26. I’d have no problem reading anyone’s opinion as long as it’s prefaced with the following: “my opinion based on no factual information and ignoring most if not all contributory factors” is this….

    maybe someone can use THAT as their “alias” 🙂

    kidding!!! I love everyone here(not from a Lone Star state)
    NOOOOO, still kidding!

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  27. Well:
    I think Tex is fine and I am fine with all sides of issues.
    I prefer more banter not less, but it is not my blog.
    Hope you are well Reed.


  28. Per PSN –

    “ Two days after the official end to the 2020-21 season, another player has decided to leave the Pitt Panther basketball program.

    Jeff Capel announced on Thursday that Gerald Drumgoole, Jr. has decided to leave Pitt and enter the NCAA Transfer portal. The Rochester New York native arrived in Capel’s second recruiting class and was a 247 Sports Top-125 player but was never able to translate his talent from high school onto the college court.”

    Sorry if this is old news…


  29. Dan72,
    Thanks for all your efforts and insights as the POV Men’s Bball Beat writer! I hope to see you at a tailgate in the fall to thank you in person.


  30. Great write-up Dan. I would give Brown a D- though since he didn’t improve or develop at all in 4 years at Pitt.


  31. build team around Femi, Champ and Hugley next year…hope the big guy learned his lesson. too easy to enter transfer portal. that along with one and done is killing the college game


  32. Great article. I have trouble getting fired up over a team that has all these transfers, during the season no less. I also don’t like the fact that the coaching staff isn’t doing much to correct poor play and bad habits as many of you have pointed out. It makes Pitt football look like a model of stability (and compared to a lot of programs it is. Now if they could just increase their winning percentage by even a game a year…….) I’m going to check out Duquesne basketball more closely. It may be time to get a basketball fix from them like we did in the late 50s. Yes I’m that damn old–I recommend it. However I do remember fondly the old Big East days and some of those epic battles with Georgetown, WVU, and others. H2P, Soccer Gramps


  33. I could write a novel about the 2021 Pitt Panthers basketball team. So many disappointments. Hughley’s absence changed the way they had to play. He was still very raw, but had great potential. It was tough to be successful when getting nothing from Brown or Coulibaly following Hughley’s departure.

    My major concern going forward is the coaching staff. They clearly are deficient at coaching defense. A big problem going forward. I can’t count the number of games when we looked like a junior high team when playing defense.

    If the transfer portal does not provide some immediate help, we are in deep trouble.

    It is tough being a Pitt fan.


  34. The Boeheim Boys still trying to figure out how they lost, not once, but twice to the Fightin’ Pitt Panthers this season… 🤔

    Somehow we looked decent in those games.

    Go Pitt.


    1. Man, Paris sure could cover some ground! What an athlete.

      Pitt Football is to Paris Ford as Pitt Basketball is to X-Man.

      Go Pitt


  35. Pitt’s basketball roster now looks as if they had fired Capel and there were mass transfers because a new coach was coming in. At this point, does Pitt have anything to lose by firing Capel except the buyout money? Would a new coaching do any worse?


  36. No surprise the program is struggling. Capel whiffed on two recruits in his first full class and the third is better as an eight or ninth man instead of logging 25-plus minutes a game.

    I’m sure Gerald’s high school tape was good but the result speak for themselves.


  37. I will disagree a bit on Drumgoole. Many will look at his stats and say that his percentages were low, somewhat abysmal. I will argue that when a player like Drumgoole comes into a game late, they often take any opportunity to shoot, just to get onto the scoresheet. Patience and discipline are not characteristics of a player that comes in for mop up duty.

    So, I throw his statistics away. I like him as a player from limited viewing (thanks accn). I expect him to do well and am hopeful that his talent was not missed by the 4 assistant coaches that have not proven to be “A” assistants.

    This stinks of an excuse for next year already and the AD and Felton are going to tell Gallagher that the reason for their awful record and performance was all due to the transfer portal. I am puzzled by Felton saying that he has a bright future. If so bright, keep him. If just “air cover” to help him out at his next spot, fine, i suppose. I think it is a miss.


  38. So Dan, thank you for all of your summaries, you have been a real plus for the POV.

    While I agree with most of what you write, I do have some different takes.

    I don’t understand how you can absolutely gush about the coaches genius though the Duke game and then say he is an absolute bum at the end of the season. While I agree that the bloom is off the rose to a great extent, he is the same guy.

    My take is the loss of Hugley had a much greater impact on this team than we know. He was our one power guy on the team and was only going to get better. Also following his suspension, Jeffress and Collier were mysteriously absent for some time, further depleting depth. Then we had Champ’s knee which not only caused him to miss games, but after a couple great performances when he returned his play leveled off.
    But he was still by far our best offensive weapon and rebounder.

    Toney also tried to pick up his game but missed way to many lay-ups and short shots.

    Brown and Coulbaly were just not good enough, offensively and defensively. By the way there were a few times they were on the court together, it wasn’t a great success, perhaps why people don’t remember.
    Plus with their talent for fouling, it couldn’t be done often.

    As far as Odukale and Sibande, both got some chances but didn’t grab the bull by the horns, until the last three games. Odukale did show more earlier.

    Horton, meh

    The real double edged sword was X, when he was on he was terrific, but it wasn’t nearly often enough and his propensity to turn the ball over was a killer. It is pretty obvious now that he was the opposite of a team leader and unfortunately even with all that talent most are not shedding any tears.

    Not sure why Toney left and sad to see him go. Drumgoole didn’t have ACC level talent.

    So while many will say these are just excuses, and it is fair to say Coach recruited these guys, everything that went wrong was not all on him.

    From the beginning most said you aren’t going to be competitive without an ACC capable point guard or center. The only good news may be that we found our point guard.

    Since Capel isn’t going anywhere soon, we have to hope he can find some inside talent for next year and that Champ sticks around.

    As bad as this season was, I don’t feel the hopelessness that were the Stallings years.

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    1. Hope your right about the PG thing. X scored 32 one game…did that make him a PG ?

      Also the Hughley avg’g 4 ppg he was going to get worse against better competition. Not better.

      H2P !


      1. My opinion on Hugley was based on the skill level that I saw vs. the numbers. For a big man he was very fluid and didn’t look lost like many freshmen. Also the fact that he couldn’t be pushed around like the other two, helped to open space for his team mates.

        Unfortunately we may never find out at Pitt.


    2. Thanks GC, appreciate and as I said, it’s simply my opinion. . I don’t feel hopelessness either. Just anger and confusion at what could have been. Ziff said it earlier, if you are a coach that concentrates on “team” and you are fair , many of the personality conflicts disappear. If as a coach, you coddle one or two players, your team sees thru it.

      The biggest lesson I learned is ….to deal with discipline problems from moment one/day one!
      It’s the same as being a sales manager, you set and reinforce the same rules for everyone. NOEXCEPTIONS. You cannot manage, teach or parent by being someone’s buddy! It holds true in every sport from rec. ball to the pros.


  39. Because I’m not a real big believer that wins and losses make a season enjoyable – my 2nd favorite FB season has always been 2007 – I’m really looking forward to what the team does under Capel in the 2021 season.

    BTW – Pitt isn’t going to fire him even though we would have to pay a buy out at this point in his contract. But we don’t pay out on buy-out clauses hardly at all, if ever. DW “resigned” and stayed employed until the bowl game ended so that he could get 2010’s full salary and bonus money.

    Buy-out money isn’t guaranteed either:

    “Buyout provisions can come with a variety of strings attached. The most common is a duty to make a good-faith effort to find another job, with the income from that job offsetting the amount owed to the coach by the school that fired him.”

    That job is declared as ‘same level or one step down which for a HC is either another HC job or a coordinator at the same divisional level (D1 for FB and BB)”

    So buyout money isn’t paid until a length of time elapses from the firing in case the fired coach gets another job. If he doesn’t seriously look for another job it is significantly decreased. When people throw numbers like “He has a $5M buyout clause” that really doesn’t mean anything. If a coach refuses to search for employment right away that clause might be halved or even less – then factor in fed state and local taxes and agents fees (around 10% of gross) and the coach ends up with little actual money from his previous school.

    Since he has to look for similar employment chances are he’ll be picked up by another school at the HC or coordinator level (staff coach in D1 BB). When that new employment happens the previous school’s buy-out is scaled back and sometime by a lot.

    That’s why you sometimes see a fired HC sue the university after a full year or two after termination because he couldn’t get a sniff at employment at the same level… or no one would hire him. If he sits on his ass and doesn’t truly try to get same level employment the old school invalidates the buy-out – so the old HC has to sue to get any $$$ at all from them.

    I have always said that I thought Pitt (SP) had something on DW since his resignation cost him a ton of money because the NFL would hire him as some sort of coach right away. On the other hand sometimes schools have a line in the contract saying that the buy-out clause doesn’t kick in until the 2nd or 3rd year in the new contract.

    Since DW had signed a five year extension in March of 2010 it looked like he’d be coaching in 2011 and beyond.

    But when Pitt found out about the SI article in the fall of 2010 (remember the SI article wasn’t published until March 2011) they had plans to fire DW after the regular season ended. Because the chances were DW’s buy out clause didn’t cover his 1st year of the extension and DW would not get paid for coaching in a bowl game bonus if he was fired he then ‘resigned’.

    Pitt actually did a big favor to DW by allowing him to resign so that he got a full salary and even though he didn’t coach in the bowl game they paid him that bonus…and his resume wouldn’t have Pitt firing him on it – indeed it had him listed as an “Associate Athletic Director” which is kind of a promotion in a way.

    Think about it – Harris resigned to take the Sanford job; DW resigned before being fired; Michael Haywood didn’t get any $$ as he was fired on a morals charge; Graham slithered away after resigning in the middle of the night and Chryst resigned to take the Wisky HC job.

    Our five previous HC’s before PN didn’t get paid a single cent in buy-out clauses – and Pitt even made money from Sanford, Tulsa and Wisconsin because they hired our HCs before their Pitt contracts ended.

    That’s a long way of saying that if we fired Capel we do it because he stinks and keep him because we think he can get better results – the buy out probably has no effect on Pitt’s decision making.


      1. Coach – I don’t see the logic in Capel looking to escape Pitt.

        As his lack of success thus far at Pitt wold appear from the outside to be 100% on him, it would seem his best career move (if he wants another HC gig at a P5 program) is to stick it out and make the team better.

        He’s the guy who recruited the players and chose which ones to start.

        On the surface, Pitt has given him what he has asked for in terms of financial resources to upgrade basketball facilities.

        The folks I know here in VA say he’s not a quitter. And most would agree that most people coaching and playing at this level are competitive and want to win.

        So, the suggestion that he would want to get out suggests something else would need to be in play:

        A – Conflicts with the Administration? Admissions? Difference of opinions on the severity of discipline (thinking Hugley)? DIsagreements on higher financial commitment? DIfference witht he AD on coaching staff decisions (his brother)?

        B – A realization that the transfer portal world is not his cup of tea and he’d rather get a TV gig?

        C – he has seen the Pitt Athletics is doomed and mired in a swamp of mediocrity which has no short-term fix?

        D – the grey weather in Pittsburgh and the realization that the Steelers won’t be any good while he lives there? And his family would prefer to live in the land of red clay?

        E – Something else?

        With that in mind, why would hew possibly want to leave?


    1. From what I gather the turmoil centered around some players’ parents and the HC. Very contentious arguments also. You can probably guess whose parent’s they were (since I believe Drumgoogle left for more playing time elsewhere).


      1. Thanks, Reed. A good buddy of mine coaches at Bellaire High School here in Houston. His teams regularly make the playoffs. But he sets the rules straight from the get go with parents. They still try to interfere but to no avail. Does that work at the college level? To me Capel talks way too much and I can see parents thinking he’s a soft touch. I don’t remember Evans or Dixon having that problem.


        1. In high school I always had a parents meeting preseason. Had a few rules….my office and phone are open every day but game day. I am a teacher and a coach. Not a life counselor !
          I impose discipline during practices, you need to impose it other times. To play, your kid has to keep a B average. I see all report cards.. I’m not a tutor.

          Parents forget most of these by game 3.

          I ask college coaches why they don’t have preseason parent meetings. None do. They feel they’ve met the parents during recruiting, set rules and of course “this isn’t high school!”


  40. I have a ??? for readers who have contributed articles – first thank you!

    But it seems with almost every submission there is a paragraph stop at the end of every single line of text. Anyone know why?

    When I get the submissions I copy them into Word right away and this shows up almost every time.

    Which is ironic because then I have to spend sometimes up to 2 hours proofing and re-formatting when the writer probably took about an hour to write it…😂😂😂


    1. Reed – Is that happening with my submissions? The articles I send you are already on Word.

      It may be how you are pasting the “copy” into the word document. I have had problems but usually use the dropdown paste functions to find the right one. You can email me if any questions or problems with mine,

      One hour to write the article? Maybe if I had learned to type. Probably takes me 6 but I spend a lot of time thinking and then hunting and pecking


    1. Well, they were equally disappointing as a team. Actually, they didn’t perform as a team.

      Nothing equal in how they are treated on campus versus other students, so I remain puzzled.

      Same with Head Coach for allowing it. He is in the top 1% of wage earners in the US and most likely the world. If he is willing to work for minimum wage, that would be great. Can’t say one thing and facts say something else. Social statements are lost on those you are trying to influence, when you don’t walk the walk. Just my 3 cents (adjusted for inflation).


  41. Just heard that Pitt star RB recruit Malik Newton has been found to be medically ineligible to play football any longer.

    …Newton is ranked by Rivals.com as the No. 18 running back nationally in his class and the No. 8 prospect in Virginia.

    In addition to Pitt, he held scholarship offers from, among others, Clemson, Penn State, West Virginia, Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Louisville, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Maryland, Purdue, Nebraska and South Carolina.”



      1. Maybe it is Whipple’s scheme (pass first, OL on their heels) and the fact that his first priority at RB is pass blocking. I think Pitt has backs good enough to produce.


  42. Also here is a P-G article outlining five questions on the FB team going into the 2021 season…


    Hmmm – after reading this and reviewing the 2020 season I think we’ll see just about the same ‘around .500’ as we have seen in the past.

    No one on offense jumps out at me even a little bit – Pickett included. I can’t think of any Pitt QB who produced less success with the stats he has had. His 124.1 rating as a starting QB is pretty horrible (last year 67th out of 108) and we though Sunseri (137.9 career and 151.1 in his last season) underproduced.

    He’ll throw for a bunch of yards – but not within the opponent’s 30 yard line.


  43. I know this is a PG site but check out north side mikes tweet on wlat harris’s Twitter feed. I told you there were benefits with vinegar. 🤠


  44. Gordon – query – From where do you base your contention that Drumgoole is just not P5 material?

    Was he given a fair shot? Do you trust that all-star lineup of assistant coaches?? I don’t.

    Seems to me that you thought Hugley would be solid (i agree), based on a limited number of sightings.

    You might be right on Drum because I hardly watched games from the pen here. But, based on what I saw in mop up duty, he took a lot of last second shots to try to get on the scoresheet. Hardly a way to make a judgment on anyone. Kind of like saying jeffress, collier, hugley, are not P5 material. Too early and just not enough PT…….in my opinion.


    1. You might be right, but it is Drumgooles sophomore year unlike the others you mention. Again just my eyetest. Seen enough of Jeffress and Hugley to say yes. Not enough of Collier yet but I think he will be ok too.


  45. Maybe Jalen Hood-Schiffino saw some things that the general public didn’t. Perhaps Felton can convince him that he can now see the floor earlier if he re-thinks Pitt.


      1. Maybe a couple of our assistant coaches could hit the transfer portal. The assistant coaches plan and run most of the practices. They spend time with the players. I don’t trust their abilities to recruit or evaluate players, candidly. Drum, was probably behind Champ too, so there is that.

        When you are Pitt and you hit rock bottom as we did under Stallings, rock bottom can be a solid foundation from which to build. Unfortunately, we have not moved far from that place after three years. Year 4 is upon us. Working on another lost generation of potential pitt fans flushed down the toilet.


  46. Very good synopsis on the season coach Dan. I do hope Capel succeeds but I think he needs help with some better assistants and some better support from his boss. It’s not easy to put out a dumpster fire. I do like his character and what he says and how he says it. Far more than that blowhard Narduzzi.


  47. Thanks Tex, really appreciate. It could have been so much better.

    Football will NEVER get better under abrasive Narduzzi! But ……his players love him. He’s everyone’s buddy on the team. If only he’d share a little of that side with Alums and press!
    Reed is correct….. .500 again coming up


  48. OT: From the Kool Aid side of the ledger, I believe the Pitt offense can be dramatically better IF(and its a Big IF) our OL can finally play at a better than average level this season.


    1. the perilous assumption you made was that you considered them average to start. If awful is average, I would agree.


  49. Tex, took me a while to find that but might try that vinegar trick…I’ve got nothing to lose. Haha


    1. When we lose a player to medical ineligibility, we don’t mess around. Always seems to be one of our more promising recruits…☹️


    1. I sometimes think that Pitt has too good of a medicine program. But it’s great they catch these things. Just wonder how many schools miss things like this or look the other way.

      POD – that’s a hard ask for me. 🤠

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    2. Not like Nardstrom can do anything about that situation. I wonder how Pitt medical missed this in year one if it is indeed something non-football related. My first thought turns to myocarditis as a result of c19. I really hope that is not the case for the young man.

      I thought a couple other players were on this list and went elsewhere and played football. Candidly, a talk with attorneys, parents and kids can lead to future participation if waivers are solid. I wouldn’t advise my kid to do that, but I am sure others would let their kids. Tough call.


      1. unlikely CV related myocarditis as it has been shown to be virtually nonexistent in large studies of athletes

        so why would it be your first thought? hmmn


        1. Pretty simple. Pitt physicians do a comprehensive exam as a baseline when a student athlete matriculates and i would have suspected they would have identified it last year if it was a congenital issue. Leap forward suggests one of a few things.

          they missed something last year and caught it this year;
          they found something last year and it got worse after monitoring throughout this year; or
          something new. But it is hard to get something new at this point in their lives, so you figure what may have happened that causes something new. My first thought was myocarditis. No conspiracy or any inside knowledge. Just a guess going thru some logical scenarios. I am sure there are more scenarios but those were my top 3 quick thoughts….but obviously not in the same order.


          1. Newton just joined the team in January 2021 as an early enrollee.

            His first season would have been this Fall.

            I feel bad for the young man. I pray he lives a healthy life now that this medical condition has been ID’d and that he gets a quality education with his Pitt scholarship.



  50. Speaking of medicine. My daughter graduates high school in the spring. She has a 4.6gpa and has been accepted at some very nice schools. She wants to be a physician and has since she was 10. She did not get her smarts from me at all. She has been accepted at Pitt but it is low on her list because she wants to go to a school with a quality athletics program. She doesn’t play sports but I exposed her to my fandom early and she watches, when I watch or attend.

    OSU, Michigan, Cincinnati, Fl St., Northwestern and Vanderbilt on her list, along with Pitt. She eliminated some great schools UChicago, Yale, Brown and others because she wanted the full experience of college as an undergrad. She says she can go to the other schools for medicine after she lives her best life as an undergraduate! Fun stuff in so many ways. Sad, in many others.

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    1. She should strongly consider Ohio State. The campus is really nice and the facilities for students is top notch. Factoring in quality athletics makes it even better. The university compared to when I started in the early 90s is like night and day. Not to mention the Wexner Medical Center is pretty fantastic from what I hear.


    2. Vandy is awesome. Both my back doc’s girls went there to study medicine. Very very expensive.


    3. Cincy, Northwestern & Vandy on her list? Vandy would be great for her education but none of those are worth a dime when it comes to sports.

      Huff, the saddest part will be the tuition…. 😉

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  51. Michigan. Only because I was a subway alum my freshmen year at Pitt. I always wore my blue Michigan hat with a gold M. Vandy and NW have to be the closet to Ivy schools.

    I just hope my daughter doesn’t pick the Sooners or Aggies. I won’t steer her one way or the other. Didn’t with my son. Won’t with her. I like my sons pick.

    Tex – looking forward to getting drunk in Austin this Fall.


  52. Huff, looks like your daughter has good options.
    Best of luck to her.
    My daughter just finished her frosh year of high school and she’s leaning towards becoming a physician like her mom.

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  53. Thanks guys. Like Tex, I will let the 18 yo decide. She will only be in undergrad for two years and a semester, so I am letting her go for it. She has earned the choice. I am a bit “jelly” of tex as he will be in Austin…I will end up in coldsville…..


  54. Spring drills begin March 14th!!

    Who knew – Pitt seems to be keeping it a secret – at least i haven’t seen any media stuff about it. Anyone feel like writing up a ‘Spring Preview’ piece for the Panthers??

    I’ll pay you three dollars.


    1. I will Write it. We go .500. Narduzzi continues to employ half of the local AARP on his staff. People will say wait till next year and sweaty lip
      Narduzzi will blame officials.

      Rinse and Repeat.

      Lyke will
      Leave her basement against a Clemson and make a showing.


    2. Here’s a Spring Preview….Pitt Football still sucks…Narduzzi still coach and tries desperately to hide the dates so no one will question anything they see, main drills are to try again this season to lead ACC in penalties and bonehead plays. 6 QBs to practice drills running from huddle and back to Rip Van Winkle. Fastest QB who complains least wins backup job. All tight ends to practice under stands so no one sees them! RBs practice drills to only get 3 yards max. If they get any more they are demoted and have to run laps. At the end of practice Narduzzi lines up all players and hugs each telling them how good they are and how lucky they are to have him as Head Coach!

      Reed, you know where to send my $3


  55. Very good article today from the Trib on Picketts decision to come back to Pitt for the coming season. I also agree with Narduzzi saying recruiting Pickett back was his best recruiting sales job since he came to Pitt. I say that not because I believe Kenny will turn into Dan Marino this season but because the alternatives on the Pitt roster currently leave a great deal to desire.

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  56. Pulled this from Twitter –

    “Pitt’s defense led the nation and set a school record with 111 TFLs in 2020.

    The Panthers have 14 players who recorded multiple tackles for loss last season returning in 2021.”

    My personal comments –

    The record setting TFL did not equate to a good win total. While the D does seem to be a good unit that is returning, we have to score to win. The O is very underwhelming IMO.

    The .500 record seems about right.

    EE who still expect 9+ wins.

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  57. The defense was on the field too much last season and was worn down by the 4th quarter. The offense needs to run the ball effectively to give the D a break. Can a 160 pound running back prolong drives and be more than a change of pace type back? Narduzzi seems to think he can be that guy. Just sayin’.

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    1. I believe the D was on the field too much the season prior (2019) as well. So two seasons with Whipple as the OC and we are entering year 3 expecting a different result?

      Duzz is making a strong case for me to not renew my season tickets for 2021.

      Anyone have a compelling reason to renew besides tailgating?


      1. Just Tailgating and golf with you and Fran. Honestly, the ticket office should comp Fran because I would have dropped tix long ago if I had not met Fran.
        plus 800 bucks for 4 ND tix to watch a trouncing with the team dressed for a B horror movie.
        The 800 would have been worth it if the team crawled out of the river and ate Notre Dame.
        Instead just watched an ugly team roll over.

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        1. Notre Dame tickets $100
          Car rental $150
          Plane tickets $250
          Liquor for tailgating at Pats $100

          A chance to watch Pitt get blown out in coal miner uniforms with 5,000 other Pitt fans on a cold and cloudy day: PRICELESS


          1. You spend $100 on liquor you won’t be watching anything but the restroom floor at a stall in Heinz Field.

            That actually happened to a friend of mine who got loaded before a ZZ Top concert at 3 Rivers Stadium. I went to find him and he was sitting on the can and told me he thought he was in his seat. lol

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            1. I don’t often drink liquor but when I do it’s balcones. Those bottles are $50 each but worth every peso. I’ll bring baby blue for the clemson game.


            2. Liquor can be more trouble than a girl you pick up at Peters on a Saturday night.

              Tex – who speaks from experience.


  58. Congrats to Pitt baseball on their big comeback win over No. 7 ranked GT. Pitt scored 11 runs in the last 3 innings to win 11-9.

    Pitt had 19 hits. GT is supposed to have a potent lineup but we out “lumber-companied” them…

    Go Pitt.

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  59. I wonder if Hugely has a decent attorney. I fully expect him to be back on the court next year. The legal system doesn’t let first time violators ruin their life. This thing will be pleaded down to a misdemeanor. He will get 100 hours of public service. Mark it down…


    1. I hope you are right. I also hope he is playing for another school. I don’t want to knowingly root for criminals.


        1. And it was Timmy, the 4th grader in a wheelchair from Southpark.

          Rueben Brown beat up Jimmy from the same grade school during my days

          Hugely only drove around in some bad wheels.


        2. Simple assault
          Plus they still could recruit guys like Ironhead.
          Plus I was a kid and had no sympathy for the kid trying to collect.
          Ha ha


      1. As a coach I would have cut him lose. I would have been more impressed if he stole a mercedes as opposed to a 2012 Chevy Malibu.

        But the poor kid is in limbo now. Pitt should have suspended him and then reinstated him. Let justice play out.

        Or just cut him and allow him to transfer freely. But instead they just don’t have him part of the team yet he’s still on the team.

        I agree that the felony charges will be pleaded down. He’s a first time car thief and not a very good one. He’ll get probation and service. He’ll have a opportunity to save kittens from the tall oaks on the Cathedral lawn.

        He’ll be back on the court next season for Pitt.


    2. We live in a no-strikes culture in case you’re fooled. The charges against are serious AF.

      I do hope he gets a second chance, please don’t get me wrong. But I am wondering Voiceofreason of your intent here. Because if he’s proven to have had intent then it’s just not worth his presence on the court.
      We are talking grand theft felonies here. We are not talking a simple DUI or disorderly conduct as a result. And somehow I believe this is way more complicated than you’d like to believe.


  60. And there was another beating of a Carrick grade schooler after the drawing of the Pitt script at the 50. But it was all covered up. Settlement details undisclosed.


  61. This is one situation where Hugley’s legal imbroglio may make it more likely he stays, and Pitt is at present in no position to turn away kids who can help the team, especially in the big man department. Hoping he and Champanie both stick around.

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    1. I’ll take this belief to the grave. Pitt fans are the most loyal fans in all sports despite getting very little in return. We are gluttons for punishment. So when Pitt finally wins big in either football or basketball, you’ll see me on bourbon street in boots, a hat and with a bottle of bourbon in my hand.

      Grele a Pitt

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  62. I hadn’t realized he stole a Chevy, Tex. Speaking of difficult things, Dan, getting busted for steling a Chevy ranks up there! I still think Hugely returns to Pitt..

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    1. He is saying PN needs to produce this year. He doesn’t say what should happen if he does not produce.


  63. I just read that with Drumgoole leaving Pitt has 5 open scholarships.
    Does that include Hugley, cause I only count 4?


  64. Pitt softball beats Georgia Tech 6-1 and volleyball Beats NCST 3-0. Good day for the Lady Panthers!. Now the baseball team needs a repeat of last night!

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  65. In the 2nd game of a double header Pitt softball overcomes an 8-1 deficit in the top of the 7th to score 8 runs and beat Georfia Tech 9-8. Absolutely incredible comeback. I almost turned it off. So glad I stuck with them.

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  66. Anyone else get 4 Sarris Chocolate bars wrapped in White Blue and Good as a Thank you for giving. Knowing Pitt, I immediately checked the expiration date!


        1. I got a note that said I could get three Sarris Candy bars now or apply them to next years healthy snack distribution……


        2. I think it’s one Sardis bar for every $10,000 given. About right for Pitt! I was hoping for a Fanta from Heather.


  67. Watching these BB conference games, the good teams all have good centers. Looking at Garza from Iowa- CBS said he was rated the 118th best player when recruited. Chapel should be able to compete for players in the 100-150 range.

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    1. Finding an impact center is the key to the whole thing, IMHO.

      Tough job — like finding offensive tackles in FB. High demand but relatively rare body types…

      Go Pitt.


  68. OT from Cardiac Hill –

    Pitt men’s soccer defeated BC 1-0

    “ While the victory was earned in quick and decisive fashion (goal in 1st three minutes of play) it was the second time this spring Pitt narrowly edged a winless team coming off a year of inactivity, as both Boston College and Duquesne did not play in 2020. The one time Pitt faced a more seasoned opponent this spring was on March 5 in Chapel Hill. And in that game, North Carolina confidently dealt Pitt a lopsided 3-0 defeat.

    Given the track record the Panthers have established this spring, it appears they may have lost a step since the fall, when they routinely bullied opponents with their potent offense. Back then, the team was averaging 2.9 goals per game. Over the three games played this spring, that average has dipped to 0.7.”


    1. Losing kizza hurt. They have no striker at the moment. They need to switch to a more ball control and defensive formation at this point. Then coach Jay needs to recruit a number 9 from Europe or Brazil.


  69. So, if I’m reading these posts right, that was a 4-0 day between Baseball, Softball, and Men’s Soccer yesterday. Maybe our Directors Cup score will be looking up!


  70. Earl Timberlake is transferring from Miami. Pitt was high on his list and recruited him aggressively. He dealt with injuries his freshman season, so it was a pretty forgettable year for him.


  71. In November, I was so hopeful Pitt B-ball would make me forget about Pitt F-ball.

    Boy, did it!


  72. Timberlake had us in his top 5 along with Providence, Seton Hall and South Carolina before he signed with Miami.
    Maybe we have a shot.


  73. Paul Zeise making the case that schools like BC or Pitt should hire Rick Pitino. As Zeise says, college BB is a cesspool but even those who get caught red-handed don’t really get punished for it… And if you don’t play the games, it’s tough to recruit…

    I thought I heard PZ say that Pitino has now taken five schools to the NCAA tourney…

    Go Pitt.


  74. Pitt should hire him but won’t. Pitt self reports minor violations in both basketball and football. Pitino would never appreciate a public reprimand by his boss if he complained about the officials. He’s too big of a man for Pitt.


  75. and
    BU played here 1 year in first round. Pitt played in the early game. Tickets were impossible to get. I called BU.
    Did you go here? Ya ?
    How many tickets do you want?
    Ok 25 bucks a piece.
    true story

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  76. Good story Kevin…I think Pitt charges MORE if you are an alum.
    Some kind of penance…(my last Lenten reference)

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    1. Pitt is pretty savvy. They have Pitt fans in a perpetual state of pergatory giving us all just enough hope to get out. We are blessed in a perverse way since We could be like Rutgers and in Hell.


      1. Rutgers men are in the NCAA basketball tournament.

        Their women are probably in too at 14-4.

        Pitt baseball takes the series with and 18-12 pitchers dual.


  77. The tickets were the tickets you get at the movies. !0 little red tickets off a roll. Well BU was probably 10x the price for school you still won.


  78. A Freshman from Kentucky entered the portal yesterday. I think he was a top 50 kid. So some really good players are entering the portal. Capel needs to rebuild with some of these guys who have multiple years of eligibility left.


    1. Let’s see. Kids entering the portal because ??? . . . . most likely they are unhappy with their current situations and want a better one. OK, so Pitt as the destination for a portal transfer ?? — when everyone in college hoops knows the program has been a dumpster fire and now, with three players bailing out of the program in the last month ?? Somehow, I don’t think so.


  79. Kids are entering the portal for many reasons. As mentioned once before, the early signing period has in some cases caused a player to make a premature choice in order to avoid losing out on a college he thinks he prefers. Then the early college start in January enables some players to complete their classes in 3 years, so if they red shirted, they can maybe have two years remaining as a graduate transfer. And now the COVID eligibility rule lets kids have an extra year. And some kids may just get tired of sitting the bench.

    So there are multiple reasons for transferring, especially when they don’t have to sit out a year. I think that players don’t think of Pitt as a dumpster fire, but rather a .500 program in need of a few good players in order to be successful again. In addition, the ACC is a draw, with a chance to play against the blue bloods.


    1. I think you are being too positive. Capel leaving will be the start of the right direction.


  80. Pitt baseball just beat Georgia Tech 18-12, and wins the series 2-1 this weekend. GT is ranked #9, so maybe Pitt will get some love in the polls. That was a fun game to watch. Softball lost today and finished 2-2 against GT this weekend.

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    1. 7 teams made it. Probably worth an extra $6 million in Pitts pocket. Roughly 20 percent of the ACC check is driven from basketball. Pitt receives about $30 million per year. That’s how they can afford two mediocre coaches costing over $7 million.


  81. I Filled out 9 ESPN brackets amongst the millions of others. Best one I have is 14 of the 16 teams left. Missed USC and OR State. Present rank is 45,000. Unfortunately means no cash or trophy.


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