Dan72’s Take on the Final Four

March Madness 2021 – Dan 72 selections and comments

This might be a NCAA Tourney better bracket to look at.

Since Pitt is again not in the NCAA’s I thought it appropriate to submit my bracket (I only do one each year) and open discussion on the POV. I don’t have nearly the passion this year as I have in years past but since I’ve been in the top 2% several recent years, I thought I’d share. I’m usually very good or very bad…not much in the middle. So, I’m open for laughter (at my picks), discussion and comments. It is all about matchups.

My Final Four

* I have the University of ‘No Classes’ UNC #8 going a long way – even to the Final Two.

* I have Bama #2 and Illinois #1 in the next two with Illinois losing to UNC in the Final Four

* I have Gonzaga winning it all beating UNC 89-85; not sexy but the best team

My upsets and Comments:

* Not an upset but everyone has Gauchos UCSB #12 beating #5 Creighton. Stay with Creighton. They are the better team and conference.

* I have the Shockers of Wichita State #11 beating Drake and taking out USC #6…Pitt has felt their NCAA wrath several times.

* I have lighting quick VCU #10 beating athletic Oregon #7

* I do have Georgetown #12 over Colorado #5

* I have Michigan State #11 – beating BYU and playing well again at years end.

* I have #10 Maryland crushing #7 UConn

* I have UNC #8 over a bad Wisconsin #9 team, then beating a struggling Baylor team and then beating Nova #5 and squeaking by Ohio State to get to the Final Four and yes, I could get crushed any of these four rounds

* I have VA Tech #10 beating a tough Florida #7 team.

* I have Loyola Chicago always tough opening round #8 beating G Tech #9

* I have the ‘Cuse beating a high scoring San Diego team with late momentum and their magic 2-3 zone.

* I have Rutgers beating Clemson in a #7- #10 matchup

* Last but not least I have WVA going to the Final Eight and making a big run

So, discuss and laugh at my folly but please don’t bet any of these games based on my opinion.