The Long Kiss Goodnight

It has been nearly nine years since Pitt failed to score a touchdown in a football game. Nine years. Last time it was without a head coach. (BBVA Compass Bowl III. Pitt lost to SMU 28-6.)

If only that were the case now.

Speculation is rampant on how much Narduzzi’s buyout would actually cost. The high estimate is $16 M. The low estimate is, well, something less than that. Either way, everyone is ready for a change.

The trendy opinion is that Narduzzi will be forced to clean house, and he’ll get at least one more year while Pitt figures out where to come up with the money. That’s like a band-aid on a gaping wound, but it’s something. It starts with Whipple of course. Andre Powell too. Tim Salem. Dave Borbley. You probably keep Beatty if only for his recruiting. But then again, maybe you let him go because of the drops. The defensive staff probably stays intact. Maybe shake up the secondary coaches. Still, Bob Smizik’s comments are relevant. Who is going to come to Pitt (of all places) to help out a coach who is clearly on the hot seat?

Option three of course would be to fire Whipple now, heading into the bye. That would appease some fans, but it doesn’t really solve many problems. You’d ostensibly elevate Beatty in Whip’s place (Beatty was the OC at Hampton for a season.) Pitt already has experimented with Tim Salem. (Anybody remember the Navy game in 2015? Although you could argue that right now 28 points sounds pretty damn good…). Assuming it’s Beatty then you’d hope that play calling improves. But it still doesn’t stop the QB running to the sideline. Right now Pitt has no system for signaling plays. So in two weeks the new OC would first have to devise a system, and then teach it to all the quarterbacks, and then implement it flawlessly on the road against Florida State. Whipple’s current terminology is reported to be extremely complicated, by the way. Anybody think that’s going to happen?

Option four is to do nothing. This is the cheapest option, and, if you think about it probably the most likely. The whole season is a mulligan anyway. Yes, the fans (and probably boosters) would mutiny, but when you are only allowed to have 8000 people in the stadium and nobody can watch the ACC network it may not matter. The revenue loss would still be less than a multi-million dollar Narduzzi buyout.

A long kiss goodnight indeed.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

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  1. My list of HC replacement candidates is provided free of charge, no subscription required, in the last article. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Heather can thank me later.

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  2. PITT has FLIP-FLOPPED… we are now an Austin Peay against top 25 Div 1 teams…..

    Best thing that could happen for the fandom is to lose out… the wheels are of the bus.

    Tex, thanks for making the long trip to spend an afternoon with the “loyal, beleaguered sons of Pittsburgh.”

    Good read in the post gazette on the Pirates and the psychology of its fans exposed to long term losing. Could have been written with PITT FB as the subject.


  3. If I were Duzz, I would give the entire staff (including himself) two days off and the players 3 days off

    What I saw yesterday was a big physical mismatch. It was like watching Bruce Clark, Bill Fralic and Lava Arrington in high school …. but all playing on the same team.

    If anything … the 1st coach to go would be the S&C guy


  4. I think they have to do something right after the season ends. Agree it makes no sense except symbolic to do anything this year. The fan base is angry and PITT needs something to sell next season if it wants to have any interest in the program and to attract recruits. Anyway you look at it, it’s a tough rebuild job. It’s amazing though how this all changed. I had thought that this would be a good year and next year would be rebuild with new players. Now it’s turned into a house fire this year and a completely new house next year.

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  5. Losing out is the way to bring about change…

    One other admission- I felt more connected to ND vs the homeboys… more Pa kids playing… old time kick ass FB… bulldozers on the Ol and TEs who are ballers… nothing fancy- just hard- nosed players…

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    1. Agree. After watching their TE’s, it makes me miss not being able to recruit a quality TE since Orndoff even more. Amazing how a good TE can help out the QB. Just another one of Pitt’s problems.

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  6. Yes, a three year old’s birthday party was more entertaining than that game, by a mile.

    Have we ever had this bad of a running game?

    Half an offense is no offense.

    Half a football team is no football team.

    Ground Hog Day Deja Vu all over again.

    Those uniforms were very fitting for the quality of play. Black lipstick on a Goth pig.

    Shades of Johnny II, Carl DePasqua and Dave Hart.

    Snakes on a plane with no lifeboat.

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  7. Did they happen to play Sweet Caroline after the FG yesterday?

    Hearing from many friends who want Duzz fired, which we know won’t happen. Many have replacements in mind, some interesting, but too many have no HC-ing experience, which would be a HUGE mistake.

    If Pitt fans are conceding already that the new hire might be a former assistant, and it actually happens, I may bag my season tickets for a few years and wait to see if the wagon is worthy of jumping on…

    At halftime yesterday I took on a home project and completed it with not much satisfaction. Mrs. Erie kept the game on to the end, while completing a 500 piece puzzle.

    I wonder what Mrs. Duzz was doing – I hear she is an outstanding, high character women. I also wonder if she has a key to the locked gate?

    My final comment on HC Duzz – he probable never becomes a P5 HC at another school and will hang on to the Pitt job no matter what until he is fired or asked to resign with a big buyout attached.

    Thanks Heather for giving that Duzzy of a contract extension when it was not warranted. If you felt the extension was necessary for recruiting purposes, why reward Duzz with a large buyout when he did nothing to deserve that increase.


  8. Heather needs to go back to school and taking some basic classes in communications, marketing, finance, contract negotiation and hiring.

    Narduzzi isn’t the only problem.

    I’ll have my list of AD replacements in a week. But you all probably know by now that riddick is at the top of my list so any other candidates don’t matter. I’d make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

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  9. Is anyone really that surprised?

    I guess this is why Pitt fans want two or three cupcakes on the schedule – so that we’ll have at least a few wins every season and to pad the season’s stats.

    Right now our stats and actual play against P5 teams is poor and moving toward horrid. Our seven games points allowed:


    Now, I’m not a genius but even I see a trend there.

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  10. Folks, here is the text of an email to me from a friend of mine who knows his football. This is his listing of guys Pitt should look to for replacing King Pat:

    Kirk Ciarrocca, OC, Penn State:

    Minnesota finished fourth in the Big Ten in scoring and total offense last season. The unit’s success led to the Golden Gophers winning the most games since 1904. Quarterback Tanner Morgan became the first-ever Golden Gopher quarterback to throw for over 3,000 yards and 30 touchdown passes in a single season.

    Not to mention Minnesota had two 1,000-yard receivers and a 1,000-yard rusher in 2019. Which is probably why James Franklin came calling for Ciarrocca’s services at Penn State. He took the same position with the Nittany Lions and plans on coaching from the booth. Ciarrocca is all about coaching his players up to their strengths and limiting their weaknesses. He was set to make $1 million each over the next two seasons with the Golden Gophers. So that means Ciarrocca will be making even more with the Nittany Lions.

    Graham Harrell, OC, USC:

    The 34-year old is a Mike Leach protege’ with a lethal passing attack scheme. Under Tee Martin USC finished 84th in total offense in 2018. Under Harrell the Trojans finished 20th in total offense and second in the Pac-12 in scoring last season. That success landed Harrell an interview with the Philadelphia Eagles for the same position this past January.

    Harrell is one of the reasons Clay Helton is still roaming the sidelines in Los Angeles because in hindsight he was a terrific hire. He molded a true freshman quarterback in Kedon Slovis and made him the Pac-12’s Freshman Offensive Player of the Year. Not to mention the Trojans also had two 1,000-yard receivers. The pieces are all there in year two of Harrell’s system for the Trojans to potentially have the best offense in the league this fall.

    Source: 247 Sports:

    Thomas Arends, Oregon, Director of Player Personnel (29):

    The Ducks have gone from dormant power to Pac-12 favorite under Mario Cristobal’s direction, and the recruiting department is a huge reason why. Arends helps lead a recruiting outfit that’s produced back-to-back No. 1 overall classes in the Pac-12, including a 2019 group that finished seventh nationally, the best class in Oregon history. Before returning to his alma mater – Arends started his career as associate director of player personnel under Chip Kelly – Arends worked at Baylor. He helped the Bears put together their 2018 class, which finished 29th nationally despite some difficult circumstances as a program.

    Tyler Bolfing, Louisiana-Monroe, Quarterbacks Coach (27):

    The ULM tight ends room took a big step forward a season ago under Bolfing’s direction with Josh Pederson breaking out as an all-conference performer after catching 567 yards and nine touchdowns, both program records for a tight end. Bolfing, a former starting QB at McNeese State, earned a promotion to QB coach this offseason. Previously, Bolfing served as McNeese’s tight end coach (2018) and a GA at ULM from 2016-17. A few coaches in C-USA have pointed to Bolfing as a future star.

    Kevin Cummings, San Jose State, Wide Receivers Coach (29):

    Few position groups have seen more growth over the last few seasons than San Jose State’s wide receivers. The Spartans ranked 87th nationally in passing yards per game in 2017 when Cummings took over the position group. Last year, San Jose State finished fourth nationally with a pair of all-conference wide receivers helping to lead the way. That group included Tre Walker, who caught 79 passes for 1,161 yards. He’s a potential draft pick in 2021.

    Zach Kittley, Houston Baptist, Offensive Coordinator (29):

    You may have missed it, but FCS Houston Baptist nearly upset Texas Tech last week on the road. A big reason why is the 567 yards quarterback Bailey Zappe tossed. One week earlier, he threw for 480 against North Texas. Kittley is calling those plays. Last year, the Huskies ranked 12th nationally in yards per game among the FCS ranks.

    In Kittley’s debut the year prior, he helped Zappe set nearly every program single-season passing record. A protege of Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech – he was a GA and later an assistant QB coach from 2015-17 – Kittley is among the hottest young coordinators in the FCS, which means he’s probably on the brink of a big-time jump.

    Roman Sapolu, Fresno State, O-line Coach/Run Game Coordinator (28):

    One of the best young offensive line coaches in college football, Sapolu earned a dual promotion this offseason to offensive line coach (he previously assisted new OC Ryan Grubb with the unit) and run game coordinator. The Bulldogs ranked 34th nationally last season in rushing yards per play, while finishing in the top 50 nationally in pass protection. Sapolu, a former Oregon State player, came to Fresno State from Idaho State, where he led an o-line that had two all-conference performers and paced an offense that tailed 5,403 yards.

    Athlon Sports:

    Mike Sanford, Offensive Coordinator, Utah State

    Sanford’s tenure as WKU’s head coach ended after only two seasons, but he’s a big-time pickup for Utah State coach Gary Andersen. The former Boise State quarterback has worked as an assistant at Yale, WKU, Stanford, Boise State, and Notre Dame. In Sanford’s only year as Boise State’s offensive coordinator (2014), the Broncos led the Mountain West by averaging 39.7 points a game. Sanford’s experience working with quarterbacks should be a valuable asset for Utah State signal-caller Jordan Love.

    Personal thoughts:

    Joe Morehead, former Pittsburgh area guy, knows the area. He was the head coach at Fordham then hired as Penn State’s OC before leaving for the head coaching job at Mississippi State (fired from there), then Oregon OC.

    The Pittsburgh Zoo donkey who couldn’t do worse!

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    1. No offense commander but I’d prefer a guy with head coaching experience

      Although … to counteract my own point, Dabo Swinney was the WR coach at Clemson before he got promoted midsession… after a sloppy and chronically underperforming Terry Bowden was fired. That seemed to work out pretty well.

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      1. in 2011, Dabo had a 10 win season … then lost the Orange Bowl WVU 70-33. After that, Clemson’s worst year was 2014 when they finished 10-3


  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of our NFL draft prospect bail on the rest of the season…I know I would… why risk injury.. this year is over for them! What is left to play for?


  12. I appreciate your comments this morning, Tex. Those of us who have been going to every home game for 35 or 40 years know full well the feeling you experienced yesterday. It is exactly why we are more cautious than the “he is a 7-8 win coach and should be fired” crowd. We have a lot of numbers and probability folks on here. I think the odds of hiring a guy who will take us to the 10 win level is maybe 2 or 3%. The odds of hiring someone who can’t maintain 7 or 8 wins is maybe 50/50. It is why I for one can live with competitive games and one point losses. At least you didn’t put so much time and money into attending a game that is over before it starts. If I was sitting at home and able to switch off the TV and do something productive with my time, I would probably feel differently.

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    1. Can you say that this team and program excite you in any real way?

      Do you look forward to each season thinking “this is going to be the year” based not on emotion and prayers but on solid football knowledge? Not what the hype machine Pitt puts in high gear during the off season, but your own research and findings?

      If you do that’s fine but I, and many others, do not.

      That extension PN got was wrongly based on the hope Narduzzi would be able to recruit as well as DW and PC…but that has not happened. It was a risk Lyke took that has failed.

      If we are content with above .500 football with occasional big wins then he’s our guy, but most of us want higher level play.


  13. I also think Narduzzi has lost any nerve he might have had as a risk taker. His call for a punt with 3 time outs left at the end of the first half because ‘we didn’t want anything bad to happens was as classified as anything I’ve seen in football for a long time.

    Instead of trying to cut the 21-3 score to 21-10 and get some half-time momentum Queen Patsy pulls his hoodie over his head, pulls the drawstring and skin is off the field down 25 points with three TOs in his back pocket.

    Didn’t help that the Pitt player who is tasked with checking the blocking numbers on the punting team before the snap (Pine) couldn’t count.

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    1. there is no question that Pitt tried to crawl in a shell. I have never seen a team that is in need of a week off … bt that ain’t gonna happen. At tis rate, when Clemson plays Pitt, which then will play its 11th game in 11 weeks, we should expect an 88-3 game


      1. I take that back …. Pitt has a much needed bye this week. I would suggest that the staff and players get the entire week off


  14. Amazing that this day has finally come. And to think of all of the criticism myself and a couple of others have had to put up with for the past six years for DARING to say Narduzzi was not Head Coach material.

    Glad to see it’s finally here.


  15. So we go on National TV for the first time looking like the Oakland/LV Raiders East…instead of the great Pitt uniforms that fans fought for so many years. We play (thanks to the OC) like a little league team with the QB running to the side line for plays (tell me no WR on RB isn’t smart enough to communicate the play to the QB!). Our starting RB is a little bug with speed (?), the only running attack we’ve had have been with Carter, Sibley and the bigger Davis, and they are now in the dog house. Zero creativity on offense…the team was ridiculed on national TV by the announcers. The defense has morphed into a team that can’t cover a TE on an RB coming out of the backfield!!! Time to start over – get rid of PN and hire an OC that will be the HC even if it’s Canada (who did an OK job the year he filled in at MD)…West Coast offense and PN’s defense doesn’t cut it at all.

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    1. return to pro-set offense inserting FB, use big running backs, this would cure OL problem. Put Carter 6’7″ OL on diet to bring weight down from 340 to 260 and move him to tight end. Move safeties to CB so Pitt will stop getting exploited by taller receivers.


  16. As for the next Head Coach. Whoever it is, it better be a guy with a proven ability to RECRUIT Offensive Linemen and who believes in RUNNING the football

    Make that a priority and everything else will fall into place!


  17. Can you say that this team and program excite you in any real way?

    Do you look forward to each season thinking “this is going to be the year” based not on emotion and prayers but on solid football knowledge? Not what the hype machine Pitt puts in high gear during the off season, but your own research and findings?

    If you do that’s fine but I, and many others, do not.

    That extension PN got was wrongly based on the hope Narduzzi would be able to recruit as well as DW and PC…but that has not happened. It was a risk Lyke took that has failed.

    If we are content with above .500 football with occasional big wins then he’s our guy, but most of us want higher level play.

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    1. I actually did think that this would be at least a 9 win season. I based that not on the hype but that our defense was going to keep us in almost every game. I figured the offense would improve with a year under Whipple and KP in his senior year. What I still don’t understand is how the defense fell off that much….Twyman leaving? Also I wasn’t counting on the offense getting worse. Yes we had a QB injury but KP and boys weren’t looking that good before the injuries. I agree with you a wanting a higher level of play, not sure I we’d get there but PN isn’t the answer.

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  18. Funny we haven’t heard much from the fans who insisted that ND was over-hyped and not a #3 team. Seems there are two schools of though about Pitt FB right now.

    One is the fans’ beliefs that this team sucks thus we lost big time.

    The other is that ND is the best team in the country. Actually “the best football team I’ve seen in six years” and that’s why we lost.

    Guess which one is Narduzzi’s.


    1. How about Wannstedt? The guys who don’t care about off the field stuff would love him.

      But more seriously how about when we get a new HC Pitt hires DW for two years as head of recruiting? That would get the new guy a solid base of WPA and FL talent for his team in the next few years.

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  19. I don’t Know who formulated the notion of extending Pat…Pocket Protector or Pat’s Hand-picked boss (unbelievable), but that individual needs to be stripped from making any other decisions.

    Now, we have lamented the poor choices in assistant coaches, but has anyone considered that’s how Pat wants it? Why be shown up by an assistant? He threw Canada under the bus. He fought openly with Chubbs ( who is a productive commodity). He doesn’t want anyone stealing his mediocre thunder.

    Folks can be successful with an Achilles heel, but they can’t find success with two of them.

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      1. Like I’ve been saying, you can tell from Narduzzi’s body language and verbiage that he is ok with mediocrity and not a championship coach. High caliber coaches would be disgusted after each of these last three games but not Mr Excuse Duzz


  20. I looked up the origin of the expression/toast “May you live in interesting times”. It is attributed to an ancient Chinese curse. That would seem to make sense as things sure are interesting around the Pitt FB program right now. Over the past few years there has been vigorous debate on both Narduzzi and Lyke’s fitness for duty. The debate on Narduzzi now seems to be over and how Lyke handles this fiasco will define her term as Pitt AD.

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  21. Perhaps the accountants among us can quantify the relative cost/value of retaining Narduzzi and the escalating apathy surrounding the program vs starting over and paying the payout plus the cost of the new incoming staff. The apathy around the FB program is reaching Stallings like proportions.
    Quick questions 1) Is the an option to delay rolling over season tix until there is a new HC?
    2) Is there an option to use this year’s unused season ticket money toward a Narduzzi buyout?


    1. Here’s some simple math. Pitt donations are roughly $10 million per year. Pitts ticket sales in a non covid year are around $1.75 million per game. Merchandise sales are something south of donations and probably not more than $5 million annually even with the new colors. Not sure what advertising revenue is game day driven but maybe a million or two over six games.

      Now let’s assume a conservative 20 percent reduction in donations. That equates to $2 million annually.

      Let’s assume a 20 percent reduction in ticket sales. That’s about 10,000 fewer tickets per game. Maybe that’s a loss of $3 million over 6 games. Includes parking and concessions cut.

      The other revenue streams might account for another $1-2 million loss

      So the cost to Pitt of Narduzzi staying employed is around $7 million per year. That doesn’t offset the cost of the buyout. But there are intangible costs that are difficult to calculate such as damage to the brand, weaker recruiting classes, more difficulty finding quality assistants, greater difficulty to create new fans.

      Tex – a finance guy


    2. After watching Pitt Football religiously (when available) for 50 years, I’ve not watched the last 3 games even though we have ACCN. Don’t have the stomach for it. I continue to believe Pitt does not know how to run a football program. At least 30 years of failure as supporting evidence and I don’t think Heather is capable of pulling us out of this institutionalized disaster that is Pitt Football. This problem is bigger than Narduzzi, although I admit he is a big problem now.

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      1. If it is 30 years (and I know it has been at least that long) is it not the institutions fault and not necessarily the multitude of ADs and coaches? Until the institution steps up, you could bring Nick Saban in and it would result in SOP. The only difference is that a Saban would walk after one year.


  22. Maybe they should bring Wanny back as Associate AD in charge of football. He could be in charge of searching for the next HC. Maybe with a dotted line connecting directly to the Chancellor.


  23. Is the buyout figure of $12 million true? If so, that’s 3 years of salary! Why buy him out when they could pay him not to coach for the next 3 years, which would end his coaching career. He would probably accept less for the right to coach somewhere during this time.

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  24. The uniforms were just a big F U to the long time fans. Then hitting me for 800 bucks for 4 tickets. Hey, I am not an alum. I read if you are a fan shut up and help out. That was 10 plus years ago. I agreed and bought season tickets.
    Now I walk in and see ND in glistening traditional uniforms warming up with precision and I look to my left.
    Pitt dressed in prison uniforms wandering around aimlessly. I actually thought the band was cardboard cutouts until they started playing.
    How in the world do you abandon your only good thing about your brand on national tv? The Pitt uniform is widely liked in all of college football.
    It really pissed me off before the game even started. The plan should be to make your stakeholders happy.
    The program is a disaster. It is hard to believe, but I am still pissed about the prison gear the team displayed yesterday.
    No detail is to small to overlook for Pitt.
    I have always leaned in the UPITT camp. This my friends is the start to major program problems. It is going to get really bad and fast.
    Again you hire cheap unproven head coaches this is where you end up.
    The AD is incompetent too. I sent her an email during the game with frozen fingers.

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  25. —Feel bad that Texas Panther came in for that embarrassing display. Haven’t felt that down and hopeless at a game since the Nit rain game a couple years ago.

    —ND’s mop-up duty RB looked so much better than anyone we have…

    —Saw KP on the sidelines with head-phones on in the 4th Q.

    —And we did actually try some mis-direction plays, but we never gave the ball to the player going wide…

    —I thought Duzz’s demeanor on the sideline was a bit different yesterday – like maybe it finally hit him how bad this was…

    —My thought is that we pay bigger for a hot OC as Head Coach of the Offense and a hot DC who is Head Coach of the Defense. Forget the figurehead “Head Coach” – or have him also be a coordinator…

    —Joey Yellen is not the future. You have to have a QB who is a run threat in college ball. I’m all in for Davis Beville until we get someone better…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Man if Yellen isn’t the future and Beville it Patti can’t beat him out we might be in a world of hurt


      1. IMO, our next QB is not in that group. It pains me to say that because that position is such a big part of the equation.


          1. I thought Beville got hurt. He was walking around on the sideline looking extremely frustrated — I thought because he couldn’t go back in. Might have been his shoulder from the tackle when he ran for the first down…

            Just my guess.

            Go Pitt.


  26. Last week in Duzz’s post game presser he blamed himself and the rest of the coaching staff for not having our players ready to play against a good Miami team, and for being undisciplined in taking too many penalties.
    Apparently Duzz and the rest of the staff thought ND would be a simple walk in the park as they did absolutely nothing to correct any of last week’s issues. No run game. Line struggled to block. Poor play calling. No TE to help bail out the QB. More dropped passes. D-Backs struggled. Defensive schemes couldn’t get pressure on a mobile QB. And again, double digit penalties. Hmmm, sounds like the Miami game all over again. Maybe the entire staff should donate their weekly salaries to Children’s Hospital since they didn’t do anything to earn them???
    And let’s be honest here: when will any member of the defensive staff and/or Duzz have enough cajones to call out Paris Ford for trying to intercept every pass instead of trying to simply play his position as a good, sound, responsible safety. I love him, but I’m tired of watching him get burned in every game.


    1. Did anyone happen to see #3 Hamlin after the ND player scored then slide into wall and hit the deck hard? The kid was having a hard time getting it together to rise and Hamlin walked right past him looking at him the whole time.

      Really bothered me no matter what the score was.

      A perfect example of poor sportsmanship – or maybe that isn’t taught to kids any longer.

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  27. Couple things:

    I know you all hate it but the big ND WR pushed off for his TD. Other teams use our D-Back as trampolines and catapults to help them get to the ball.

    Nick Patti is PITTs best backup option, you could plainly see he didn’t get first team reps but PITT needs a QB he can use his feet.

    We have no idea how good or bad the PITT running backs are but we do have a good idea how lousy the O-Line is. Give the backs some room and then can see if they are good or bad.


  28. Pulled this from PSN this morning:

    The game wasn’t over (at halftime) because the Panthers are incapable of scoring 25 unanswered points (though they looked it at times on Saturday). It was over because the coaching staff quit on the players.

    They admitted out loud, to the entire world, that they thought it was more likely that something bad would happen than something good would happen if they tried to drive 80 yards in 1:29 with three timeouts.

    “With 1:22 [sic], I don’t feel like we were going get into a two-minute drill and do anything crazy, and then we give up a blocked punt,” Pat Narduzzi said after the game. “But with 1:22 and the backup quarterback in there, didn’t want to go slinging it around the park and see something bad happen. So we figured we needed to regroup and get in at the half and just see what we had to do.”

    If you think that, why even bother to play the game?

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  29. Question:
    If parting with HCPN should/does happen, and regardless of cost isn’t this the optimal moment since (1) every NCAA player retains this year of eligibility in 2021; (2) one time “free” transfer rule kicks in before 2021 season (May 2021, I believe). Losing any recruiting class will be less damaging than normal, and new HC will retain some experienced players, and has a transfer pool that is likely inflated with talent beyond the norm in addition to whatever recruits he/his staff bring in. Seems like a one time reset opportunity.


  30. BTW, I don’t know how ND looked on TV but up close the team and Ian Book specifically didn’t look like anything special. I fully expect them to get boat raced by Clemson and wouldn’t be surprised to see someone else in the ACC beat them this year.


  31. I started watching Pitt FB in 1962 and yesterday proved again that it is a fruitless venture with no light at the tunnel. Pitt is Charlie Brown football. The Pirates are Charlie Brown baseball.


  32. I would not be surprised if there are no changes in coaching until the end of the season. Heather
    will have to get approval to dump Duzzy because the $$$ will scare our gutless administration.
    My best guess is that Duzzy Disaster stays and most of the assistants get blamed for our collapse.
    End result we keep the loser and have an extremely difficult time trying to hire quality assistants to
    join the staff of a lame duck 🦆 loser!


  33. Smirking Smizik is the ultimate troll and a Pitt grad.

    The “Long Kiss Goodbye” sounds like an Italian mobster movie made in Bloomfield.

    Again the buyout might not be as bad as we assume.


  34. Long term guaranteed contracts without performance factors often make coaches fat, dumb, and lazy. Look it, nobody is going to want Duzz after this and why should he care. He has been making $millions for years. He can retire in Scotsdale, Windermere, Aspen or wherever he wants and be happy ever after. Motivation required.


  35. Narduzzi stay but we can dream……… My first pick for an OC replacement? Anyone in the Leach coaching tree that coaches offense.


  36. Narduzzi does not deserve to stay. If Heather really did give him a large buyout then she needs to go too.
    Again I want the BC coach, but as I said after golf with 2 major POV members, BC is a better job than Pitt.
    Marvin Lewis?
    We need someone who will bring eyeballs to them and away from football team.
    The uniform disaster just proves the entire athletic department in inept.


  37. I’m not trying to be smug but when I suggested this summer that 4-7 was the best we could do I gotta wrath of pushback. I asked everyone including MM to go back and read the comments 1st half of the E Michigan game. At least 10 people called for Narduzzi’s head at halftime. Nothing has changed in 6 years. He is simply incompetent as a head coach and the evidence is everywhere in every game. If Duzz took over the Notre Dame team of yesterday, they’d lose 3 games by years end.


    1. I said as much to Reed in an email. 70% of Pitt fans were willing to see if “this was the year” (myself included). 30% were able to see through the bluster (and perhaps see through the rose colored glasses of fanhood). You guys were right. I’ll admit that now that it’s painfully obvious.

      The 70% btw was based on not one but two surveys done at the end of the seasons. POV and Pitt News

      Well done… although perhaps just the cynicism that comes with age? 😉


    2. Always appreciate your candor and objectivity regarding this coach and this program. You have spotted these “symptoms” for years, but the Narduzzi supporters kept pumping his tires or making excuses. As the mediocrity and incompetence became more evident over the years, this blog became something that resembled both an echo chamber and hype machine. Are we still waiting for next year for it all to come together?


  38. The Long Kiss Goodnight with Geena Davis(wow she did not age well) and Samuel L Jackson was about as forgettable as yesterday’s beatdown. Both things are something, you just NEVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN.

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  39. Instead of forking over $12 million, reassign him to the athletic dept in some fundraising role. Let him raise enough money each year to pay for himself.

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  40. This is a brutal spot we are in. Easy to say just fire Duzz but u need a lot of money to pay his buyout and money for a replacement. And we are cash strapped as it is. There is a great chance we fire Duzz and have a new coach who is less successful. For as mad as we are about him, he has won a reasonable amount by pitt standards.
    What a mess…not an easy decision by any means.

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  41. Took a look see at the Pre-Game Predictions.

    Twenty (20) posters correctly predicted a ND win.
    Thirteen (13) posters were drinking massive amounts of Koolaid and chose the Homestead Grays.

    On to score predictions. The Top 5 closest to the 45-3 clobbering.

    1) PetePitt73 had 33-6
    2) Gasman had it 39-13
    3) The Masked Marino had it at 38-15
    Tied for 4rth) Isnore99 31-9
    4) LuvPittbulls 31-9

    Interesting that nobody had ND in the 40’s. Gasman came darn close.
    Congratulations to all and PetePitt73 wins the Doozie Meatball Head bobblehead !


  42. John McGonigal PG: Narduzzi made three decisions that cost Pitt
    1) The first was Narduzzi’s decision on a fourth-and-7 at Notre Dame’s 37-yard line in the second quarter.
    2) Pitt sitting on the ball at the end of the first half. Down 18 with 1:22 to go and three timeouts, Pitt was on its own 36-yard line. Two or three completions could have got the Panthers in range for a field goal try.
    3) After seeing Christodoulou rugby-style punting to the right side, Notre Dame adjusted. On its punt block touchdown, the Irish overloaded Pitt’s right side, forcing its upback to decide between one of two rushers. The unblocked man, 6-foot-5 defensive lineman Isaiah Foskey, ran free and batted away the punt with ease.

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    1. Vuk not the only one!

      This offense isn’t going to play for sleepy Whipple and the defense isn’t going to carry games themselves. Time to cut bait and fish.


  43. A couple of observations: Pitt’s uniform choice is being ridiculed all over the net. This was Narduzzi’s grape Fanta moment.

    I thought Pitt prided itself on its higher-than-mighty ethics. So Gallagher allowed Barnes to pay back a favor to an agent and hired Stallings…and Gallagher put Narduzzi on a search committee which hired Heather and Narduzzi gets an extension on a 5-7 year. Thinking the extension was in the works no matter the record.

    Looks like Pitt plays fast and loose with money. The excuse we can’t afford to dump Duzz rings hollow.

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    1. “Playing fast and loose with $$$$”. We should all remind Pitt of that when they come asking for donation. Institutionalized inefficiency, if not corruption.


  44. Just want to pop in and say I agree with whoever it was on Twitter who pointed out that Narduzzi’s defensive scheme that sells out to stop the run and leaves the corners in man coverage just doesn’t work very well in an era when DB’s get called for PI just for breathing on a wide receiver. A good pass rush and a couple good corners were able to paper over this fundamental problem for a while, but reality is reasserting itself.

    Add to that the fact that this team inexcusably and inexplicably has an FCS caliber o-line, and this coaching staff has a lot of soul-searching to do. Unfortunately, self criticism doesn’t seem to be a point of emphasis for Narduzzi.

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  45. Speaking of Pitt’s offensive prowess on offense . . . . I was watching the Oklahoma game yesterday and was blown away by this:

    Oklahoma now has a streak of FIFTY-SEVEN GAMES in a row where the team has scored more than 28 points in each of those games.

    Some teams value offense, some, like Pitt, don’t. Compare the two teams’ records over the last six years, and see which one you would take.


  46. I realize it is a dog-eat-dog struggle to climb the coaching ladder in college football, but WHAT LUNATIC WOULD EVER WANT TO COME TO PITT NEXT YEAR IF COACH PAT IS RETAINED?

    They’d have to realize his seat is on nuclear meltdown and he is simply biding time before his buyout shrinks enough for him to be unceremoniously canned. Moreover, the offensive cupboard is empty! So, after Whip et al are shown the door, who’d ever want to come here just to be dragged through the mud?

    Maybe they could get some out-of-work, down-trodden Neanderthal to…oh wait, we have that now.

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    1. Eh, I don’t necessarily agree. 90% of the time, when a power five team hires a new coach, he’s inheriting a mess. That comes with the territory. Besides, money talks, regardless of the roster situation.


      1. I’m talking about canning Whip, Borley and Salem and then expecting to get adequate replacements given the fire under Pat’s widening behind.
        I don’t think,given the circumstances, any reasonable assistants would come.
        I’m talking about Pat returning and being told to clean house.


  47. Lots of speculation as to where the money for a buyout would come from. I have one suggestion. How about we cut Heathers salary by $500K per year for the next 4 years? She was the rocket scientist who thought it was a good idea to extend him. Why does she get a pass?

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  48. Firing a coach is easy. Any administrator can do it. Hiring a replacement who is likely to have more success, WHO IS WILLING TO COME HERE, is the hard part.

    Years ago I was visiting a friend in Maestro’s part of the world who confided in me that he was holding an offer for $2M per year, 2 years guaranteed, to be the CEO of a smallish Silicon Valley software company. At the time, he had a very high position in a multinational US software company. I don’t know what he was making but I got the impression that the offer was at least double his current salary. His only consideration in the decision was whether he felt he could be successful in the new position. He was doing his due diligence on their products, their organization, their competition, and their history. I know, this is a sample of one. But it taught me that professional people who have positioned themselves to garner that kind of offer will not jeopardize their career no matter how much money is offered. They are just not wired that way.

    Which brings me to coaching openings at Pitt. I think it would be extremely hard to get a “hot” young coach to take any coordinator or head coaching position here. Our history of hiring, not achieving the desired success, then letting the coach go, has to scare away the top candidates. Even Coach Chryst’s tenure works against us. He was generally criticized when here as not the answer but has proven himself to be a pretty good coach when given the necessary resources.

    Maybe a coach in his 60’s would be willing to take a chance, give it his best, then fade into the sunset if cut loose. But not a young buck. Just my opinion.


    1. That’s why fit is important. All the coaches on my list could use pitt as a stepping stone to the sec. but that would mean success at Pitt. Success attracts quality. And heck, some might even stay if successful.

      Pitt doesn’t need a young hot shot coach. It doesn’t need another coordinator. But it does need someone who knows offense and is from a good coaching tree.


  49. Wolfe, if you truly think no one would come here, then truly we are all just wasting our time. If you don’t think that Narduzzi is capable of coaching the team to at least an 8-5 record and a bowl game every year, (I don’t) then why keep him. Without hope all is lost.


    1. I am fairly pessimistic, Mark. Here is how I see the college football landscape right now:

      You have three elite teams, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State right behind them. You have a handful of schools with all the resources to succeed (facilities, fan base, budget, prime time game slots, etc.) vying for that coveted fourth playoff spot. These would include Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, PSU, and maybe a couple more. Then you have a curious group who have the resources and tradition to be in the second group but have struggled to get back to that level. That would be Texas, Southern Cal, Nebraska, and maybe a couple of others. Finally you have about 100 teams fighting for the scraps. Pitt is in that group. The structure of college football makes it very difficult to break out of that group. All have shortcomings in one or more areas and changes like stipends, image payments, etc. make the gulf even greater. If the top 30 teams break away from the NCAA, it is all over. They will take the 15 best TV time slots each Saturday and leave the rest to scrounge for any viewership at all.


      1. I sort of agree with your view of the landscape, Wolfe, but would probably put a 3rd category above the bottom just hovering on relevancy, like the Iowa, WVU, Purdue, of the world, and don’t see why Pitt can’t be in that group consistently.


  50. We don’t want a coach in their 60’s. Pitt football is broken. It will take energy to fix. We need a proven P5 head coach in their late 3o’s, a Majors1.


    1. They don’t exist. But a proven one in their 40’s from non P5 schools are out there.

      I found 6 without help of a staff. Nor did I spend more than six hours on it. Because I know what to look for and that’s easy to research.

      You’d also want to interview former staff and players. Ask around. Make sure there’s no skeletons. Understand what really makes them tick, how they think. Are they truly a good fit.

      But a initial list begins the process. Heather got my list for free. I doubt she has a better one at this point.

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  51. So here is an interesting thought what happens when a number of draft candidates decide that playing now does not really help them and they decide they have covid fears? Not sure I would blame them…. so Duzz has lost the fans has he lost the team? Losing both make position changes easier


  52. Fuzz has already lost this team. It would take an extraordinary coach to bring a team back after the last 4 weeks and given what lay ahead for this team and the Duzz doesn’t have it. Period.


  53. As formerlywwb pointed out above the real failure as it relates to Narduzzi is recruiting/acquisition of talent. Watching the games one thing is clear, as we have moved on from the Austin P opener to teams like Miami and ND the discrepancy in talent has become glaring. ND defensive linemen living in our backfield highlights how undersized our O-line is in comparison. Very similar to the Miami game. Look at all facets of the game, we can’t compete because we are undersized and less talented. The absence of a running game is a clear indicator of this fact. Look at the ND receivers, TE’s etc, made our players look small and slow. Same can be said for the Miami linemen, linebackers etc. If this is the best team he can field in year six its all over. As far as the buyout, all the dollars, the extension, we are firmly wedged between a rock and hard place. If he stays I think things get worse as the other ACC programs continue to progress and develop. Also agree with the above analysis, Heather won’t act to remove him, reflects very poorly on her and the extension especially the buyout dollars. And he won’t leave with what he’s getting paid. So we are trapped in a terrible situation. I say fire him and pay the money, but that’s easy to say because I don’t have to sign the check. Very disappointed that we at this point, however its clear by every metric that the program is in serious trouble and Narduzzi is not capable of building a winning top 25 program. Very sad.


  54. David Clawson from Wake would be interesting.

    He lived in Pittsburgh as a kid and is a huge Steelers and Pirates fan.

    He lost his QB to Georgia and WR to an opt out and is still putting points on the board.

    Makes only $2 million a year so his buyout shouldn’t be too high.

    He runs a real offense and should be able to recruit better to Pitt.

    Pitt won’t have a whole lot of better options.

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    1. He would be a good fit. I’d add him to the heather list. He’s offensive minded. Proven track record. He’s 53.

      It would be a slight step up for him.

      Pitt doesn’t need to spend three million on a search committee comprised of bozos.

      The POV already has a list of at least ten candidates. Most would probably entertain discussion. All would be interested in a 50-100 percent jump in pay.

      I’d say start reaching out secretly before the program turns into a garbage fire.

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      1. He was head coach at my alma mater (Richmond) and get the roster filled with players. Left for Bowling Green and my classmate Mike London led the Spiders to an FCS FB Championship. Clawson knows what he is doing – beat VT on Sat as well.


    1. True, POD. Also makes you question the contention that coaches keep better players on the bench due to loyalty, promised playing time, whatever.

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    1. He is radio active, he is denying all accusations and I do believe one of his assistant coaches served some time due to an FBI investigation.

      Sean might be in some major trouble. He should be available to industry tomorrow evening.


  55. But you already heard the Duzz say he isn’t responsible for the offense. That’s “uno problemo grande. Thought he was head coach?


  56. Many schools kick the coach upstairs into administration. Maybe Narduzzi should be placed as head of a rejuvenated Golden Panthers, or in charge of fund raising for a new OCS. Slightly overpaid in these roles but maybe get something out of his big salary.


    1. You sever ties completely and bite the bullet. Moving him into a ceremonial or admin role never works out in practice.

      But how does Pitt come up with the buyout money?

      Now I do have Mark Cuban on speed dial but he’ll want something. Nothing is ever free.

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  57. Some food for thought about why would anyone come to Pitt to coach for Narduzzi next year when he is literally a fired coach walking. If you were an offensive coordinator at a very low non-P5 school it could serve as a stepping stone to a better position. Even if it only one year, it looks good on the resume. If Narduzzi is fired after 2021 and they clean house you have an easy answer to why you were canned. Second reason is that if they do ask you to come to Pitt next year, you make sure you have as big as a buyout as you can get. Easy money for the taking. Third reason for coming is that you may actually make things better than they are now (not that difficult assuming you can bring some of your existing staff with you). You then have an opportunity to at least be considered as a viable replacement when Narduzzi takes his cash buyout and leaves.

    I would still have fired Whipple last night. He is just a horrible coach and mentor to his quarterbacks.


  58. VoR, I don’t see Duzz having that in his persona… he’s a “ lock the gate” kinda guy… it’s been Pat and his players not Pat and the community…. Johnny and Jackie covered both of those bases….there will be another coach sooner than later….people hiring need to make sure some important “ boxes” get checked on the next HC. Duzz has been a flop , dud and out -right failure on our- reach with the PITT NATION…. he will continue to alienate from this point moving forward….

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  59. A few things:

    Here is the Cowboys box score, I watched a bit when DiNucci came in and he looked really comfortable in the pocket.

    DO NOT kick PN ‘upstairs’. The bold fact is that he is not well liked by people in and close to the athletic department. Nor is he well liked by alumni and donors who have spent any time with him. Believe me when I say he does not bleed blue and gold.

    He has continually made it harder and harder for people around him to do their jobs.

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  60. Zeise held not punches on Pakatd and Durham yin his recent interview laying the problems with PITT at Duzz’s feet whether it be recruiting on the O side or Duzz’s stubbornness to stick to the Duzz D scheme….


  61. Wow the post game transcript is simply disgraceful. Shocking really. Not a single question answered beyond “we will look at the tape”. Nothing behind the facade.


  62. In reference to Mike’s 70% / 30% comment about fans take on Narduzzi above. It was pretty evident to me that when Pitt (or any college team) started becoming unbalanced to either the offensive or defensive side of the ball we were going to start have troubles going forward.

    In his 2nd year here, 2016, we began to really lean one way or another – that season it was toward offense with QB Nate Peterman being a SR and his great passing game carrying us. Canada as the OC. However we were also 101st in Total Defense and 127th (almost dead last) in Passing Defense. We grabbed eight wins on the strength of the O.

    2017 we crap the bed with a 5-7 season where the offense tanks and the defense plays just about average (normal for Pitt). Big win in Miami keeps the season semi-respectable (not really, 5-7 sucked).

    Next year in 2018 things shift where our offense is completely unbalanced as we ran the ball like crazy but couldn’t hardly pass to save our lives. Defense becomes stronger, offense still bad overall and we go 7-7.

    2019 Defense is great and by far the strength of the team. Our offense takes another dive and we lose five games for 8-5 again. In those losses we averaged 11.0 ppg. I repeat – 11 points per game in those five losses…totally unbalanced team.

    This 2020 year of our lord or somebody we just are very poor on offense and on defense so its the most balanced Narduzzi team has had. And yes our offense is poor regardless of what the excuse-makers in the media and fandom think.

    When you get these highs and lows there is no consistent continued strength where you can look at your program and say – “Well, our defense will be strong again so we’ll just have to figure how to score a bit more” and the same reversed if your offense is really good (see 2016 again).

    But now there is no rhyme or reason to anything we see out on the field and it ain’t going to get any better under this guy. It has been evident since the end of 2016 that he wasn’t interested in the O side of the ball as our defense was building and our offense becoming less efficient each year. He plays in the D’s sandbox as someone pointed out and pouts when he is made to visit the O’s sands.

    Narduzzi has averaged 7.2 wins per season coming into 2020. If this season progresses the way I think it will – a 4 or 5 win year – then that average might drop to below the already mediocre 7 win pace. This is not what Pitt should be paying a HC $4M+ per annum for.

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  63. I believe he pretty much nails it

    Chris Dokish@ChrisDokish
    Life as a Pitt fan

    Making coaching candidates lists
    Bragging about former great players
    Desiring your own stadium like everyone else has
    Questioning the school’s desire to win
    Rooting against PSU and WVU
    Getting mad for thinking it would be different this time


    1. Well it can be different this time if Pitt fans do something like holding leaders accountable.

      This issue goes well beyond Narduzzi.

      When was the last time anyone held the BoT responsible.

      When was the last time the media questioned heather about that extension.

      When was the last time anyone pressed Gallagher for specifics on that front porch.

      It seldom if never happens. If it does, our leaders don’t provide answers and the media doesn’t follow up. I’m sure boosters ask these questions but their influence is small potatoes compared to most schools.

      Pitt will begin taking notice when they are hurt financially. However inna covid environment, the virus is causing more damage. Fans are limited in their influence.

      But I will tell you, it will be totally unacceptable for heather or Gallagher to have any role in the selection of a new coach. Both should receive a vote of no confidence. You show it through the pocket book and posting on social media, sharing surveys and getting the media to cover the utter lack of faith and trust with Pitt leadership.

      Narduzzi isn’t the disease. He is but a symptom.

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    2. Making coach lists – already done

      Bragging about former greats – always and why not. Pitt has one of the highest number of hall of famers than any other school

      Wanting an on campus venue – shows you are serious about sports and with helping connect fans with the school. Secret to higher donations.

      Questioning the desire to win – there is no question. It’s factually evident by now. There is no desire to be excellent in sports. No desire to spend the serious money, invest the time and do the heavy lifting

      Rooting against our rivals – why not. That’s what makes college sports fun. The passion

      Getting mad – stop getting mad. Get even. Take some action and don’t just sit there.

      Dokish that fool and self righteous hypocrite banned me twice. I’ll begin working on having TX Panther banned from heather and narduzzis twitter feeds. I jest but you get the point. Don’t be silent if you want change.


  64. It is time to LOCK THE GATES and TURN OFF THE LIGHTS in the Pitt football coaching offices. If 51-6 didn’t convince Pitt fans about this career coordinator’s coaching acumen, maybe 45-3 will provide the necessary clarity for some of the unwilling holdovers on this blog. In year 6 of coaching his tail off, this guy can hang his hat on a last second Quick Lane Bowl victory over that powerhouse directional school from Michigan – EMU.

    My initial red flag was the Navy bowl game. The defensive “GURU” had a month to prepare for a team that couldn’t throw a forward pass, and the Pitt defense got shredded for 417 rushing yards by the Midshipmen. I officially left the Narduzzi train after the UNC game in 2016. After giving up an OSU school record 540 passing yards the week before, his vaunted defense blows a 2 TD lead in the 4th quarter to the Fighting Fedora’s of UNC. Narduzzi has the audacity to brashly boast that this defense was so good they held UNC to 18 yards rushing. GTFO you fraud. At that point, Narduzzi showed his true colors – unwilling to accept his scheme sucked and unaccountable.

    The guy handles a press conference like UPitt handled the coeds in his days at Pitt. Brash and boastful when he hasn’t done a thing in his career other than a November upset and a November win against an overrated Miami team. Other than, “we played our tails off” his only other fallback is “we’ll have to watch the tape.” It doesn’t take a football savant to watch the tape of the last few defensive performances to figure out it isn’t working. He has no scheme other than Cover 0 and hope the QB either holds onto the ball or misses his target. The only way his defense will succeed if he gets Saban-level talent on the d-line and secondary. Never going to happen at Pitt. But he keeps running his scheme, asking for rankings, ranting and raving on the sideline, blaming officials, blaming coordinators, and going back to that security blanket tape room. This guy is an absolute embarrassment to the university and the football program. Heather, it is time to do the right thing.

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    1. The guy handles a press conference like UPitt handled the coeds in his days at Pitt. Brash and boastful when he hasn’t done a thing in his career other than a November upset and a November win against an overrated Miami team.



      1. Waiting for what UPitt has to say about that one. I’m sure it will be equally memorable and epic.

        Tex who will never think of UPitt the same after that analogy


      2. Yeah Upitt was the man…….. I’ll say one thing about Upitt and that he is a really good man. A lot like me, he doesn’t care what you think about him but he will let you know if he cares about you. He reaches out. Mark is a good man and a good friend.

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      1. Thanks KMAN & Ike…. Haha…

        Mike is a neighbor and good friend and he is just trying to get a rise. In other news, I did a number on the Dance Team, Cheerleaders and some Philly Girls as well. I was known to go through like Ok. States Passing against Narduzzi’s defense a few years ago.

        As far as Bragging and Boastful, if anything I am accused of being to humble most of the time.

        Sad for Pitt Football. Need a Offensive Guru. I would give Moorhead a shot or go the route WVU did and get a stud from lower level.

        Other option is the PA guy that was Ok. States OC. I think he is at Texas now as OC but he coached at Edinboro and Shippensburg.

        He makes 1.7M as a OC.

        Was also at Ohio State.


  65. I’d fire him and make him equipment manager.
    Didn’t he run off the Pitt grad, a 30 year employee loved by players?
    “Hey Pat, how about a new jock strap?”

    An old saying: The toes you step on on the way up are attached to the a$$ you kiss on the way down.

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  66. Reed’s note on 2016 and the horrible pass defense is a direct reflection of HCPN’s defensive scheme. 3 of the 4 DBs that year have NFL resumes. Maddox and Whitehead have been starters and Ryan Lewis is on the active roster for Giants. How can you have that much talent and be one of the absolute worst pass defense teams? How many teams ranked higher than Pitt in pass defense do you think had 3 DBs who would be on NFL rosters 4 years later? That says it all about his horrible defensive system.


  67. Even a dope like steigerwald can smell blood in the water

    It really comes down to the financial hit of the buyout versus the financial cost of him staying. Pure economics. I figure each year he stays will cost pitt between $7 and $12 million assuming fans can begin attending games. Includes lost revenue from fewer ticket sales, lower donations, less advertising, merchandise. Tough to calculate how the brand will suffer, recruiting, stability, ability to hire the best.

    Pitt could always borrow the money or find some boosters (very very doubtful). But then Pitt has a PR problem on its hands. You award a multi million dollar settlement to a mediocre and failing coach yet have furloughed and permanently replaced hundreds of university staff through no fault of their own. They were covid casualties. Narduzzi is no casualty.


  68. We agree on alot POD. We do not agree on how much Ken Pickett means, just by watching the ND game. We will never know because he didnt play so saying that the game shows how much we miss him, is in my opinion a guess at best.

    So Reed, if you are Reeding Between the Lines”, i would suggest the the area between the lines is the neutral zone. We have been stuck in neutral for 35 years. The lines are the trenches and where games are won and lost. Our trench game is awful along the OL.

    The AD extended a coach who got her the job. Quid pro quo and a move of someone very inexperienced. She will support Nard getting rid of a few sacrificial lambs because it takes the pressure off her to can Nard. He will convince her that the issue is that he has coaches that can’t recruit or teach (Borb, Whipple, Salem, Powell, etc.). As a lightweight, she will not understand he is pulling the wool over her eyes again and agree that those coaches need to go. He then says he needs a couple of years with the new coaches to turn this thing around. Instead of holding him accountable and starting with him, she agrees to the new plan.

    If she goes that route, she should be terminated. If she doesn’t go that route she should be terminated for extending someone who didnt earn it. I recently heard that its the agents that float ideas of recruits not coming to a school because a coach isnt guaranteed to be there during the kids college career. Again, she was used. This is a rarity or you would see 85 scholarship athletes hit the portal during every coaching change. She has been in over her head from day one. Again, i like her as a person, not as an AD.

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  69. I don’t care about head coaching experience. I want a brain like Hafley who can measure talent and can recruit!!!

    I just can’t believe how lazy PITT coaches were recruiting players during the pandemic. We need all position coaches to be big recruiters.


  70. I hope that when Heather hires the next coach he at least has a good personality. All things considered, I like my Pitt coaches to to be nice guys while incompetent rather that snarky, arrogant fools while incompetent.. I’ll take a Foge over a Narduzzi any day. They should lock the gates AFTER Narduzzi exits.


  71. You guys are forgetting a couple things:

    1) You can fantasize all yinz want but PN is not going anywhere anytime soon

    2) PITT is the same school that hired Narduzzi so you should all lower your expectations of who comes in next.

    3) You can fantasize all yinz want but PN is not going anywhere anytime soon or did I already mention that?

    4) I want to become a very wealthy man and travel the world before I die. The good news is that I do recognize the fact that it ain’t happening so I’m so disappointed in the morning when I wake up. Don’t let Narduzzi become the albatross around your neck choking off what enjoyment you can get out of PITT football.

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      1. Mike, I look forward to every game with a “realistic” viewpoint. If you want to be a PITT fan you’ve got to lower your expectations. I’m never happy with a loss or sloppy play and penalties but I don’t look at PITT through a vacuum. PITT fans are not exclusive to being frustrated with their team.


        1. I’ve always admired your positive outlook on life. All I’m asking for is to play a crisp game and deliver 7-8 wins on average and win close to half of your bowls. Basically Walt Harris stuff. Some on here would excoriate me for accepting mediocrity with those expectations. And yet after 6 years Duzz has shown he can’t even achieve them.


    1. Pitt will need to run the numbers. I agree that PN is probably here for another year but there will be a major staff shakeup.

      Narduzzi is dead man walking. And that’s not good for him or the program. That’s why I’d just bite the bullet now and take the financial hit regardless of the bad PR.

      This program is close to becoming a dumpster fire. What quality coach will want to walk into that. What recruit will want to come here.

      No fan deserves to witness this crap show who actually attends games and pays good money. You season ticket holders have a voice. Frankly, it’s the only voice that matters.

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    2. We have been lowering expectations to the point of accepting crap Ike. Many people are okay with that I guess. I am not, because it only takes work and strategy to move the dial. It takes the uniting of the entire university which is difficult, but not impossible.

      Many people are afraid of failure. Pitt is not. Pitt is afraid of success.

      Therein lies the problem. Pitt hasn’t defined what success even looks like. Without an executable plan around that, you can’t measure success. If you can’t measure success you get into the “it can’t happen mentality”. Of course it can’t happen because you haven’t identified and articulated what “it” is. That’s on the BoT, the Chancellor and the AD. No AD puts its revenue producing sport on the backburner and concentrates on volleyball. It’s perfectly okay to stress that those teams are doing well, but at the end of the day, they do nothing for Pitt. I am glad they are doing well, but nobody at work says Wow, Pitt just beat Louisville in volleyball, but they sure do say wow, pitt looked like a high school against ND…..

      I think your 4th point is a part of the problem in Pitt thinking, not yours personally. If you want something bad enough, commit to it and make it happen.The only thing stopping Pitt, is Pitt.

      As for you Ike, you’re a smart dude. Go get it done. Just send a post card every once in awhile.


  72. BTW, are you aware that ….

    — Tyler Boyd not only made 11 catches and a TD yesterday, he also completed a pass for 13 yards

    — Dane Jackson got his 1st NFL interception

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      1. agree, not only 2 local Pitt guys from small schools but 2 very different paths. Boyd, a 4-star and wanted by many schools ….. and then there is Jackson. Did you know that Dane’s high school (Cornell) was so small, it didn’t even have a football team. So he was allowed to play at Quaker Valley but due to a knee injury, played only 4 games in his senior year. A 2-star wanted by hardly nobody


  73. “Ode to a Head Coach”

    The gentleman is a dope,
    A man of many faults,
    A clumsy Joe
    Who wouldn’t know
    A rumba from a waltz.

    The gentleman is a dope
    And not my cup of tea;
    Why do I get in a dither?
    He doesn’t belong to me!

    The gentleman isn’t bright,
    He doesn’t know the score;
    A chance will come,
    But he’s so dumb
    He’ll never try to for more!


    (Duke Ellington modified by commenter)

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    1. You’ve got to accentuate the negative
      Eliminate the positive
      Latch on to the maleficient
      Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

      You’ve got to spread gloom up to the maximum
      Bring joy down to the minimum
      Have no faith or pandemonium
      Liable to walk upon the scene

      (The Andrew Sisters modified by commenter)

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  74. Watched Indiana beat PSU. They have an older former DC as a head coach. They run a spread RPO offense. They lost their very productive OC From last year, went the route of promoting within using the co-coordinator model. Have a young mobile QB.
    The point, PN blew his last two OC hires.

    Indiana does not have better players than Pitt. Whipple’s scheme is horrid.

    Pitt needs to go the WVU route. A successful head coach from a lower level. It doesn’t alway work, but worth a shot.


    1. There are at least 9 viable candidates with an offensive background. Another 4-5 with a defensive background. That means nearly 15 proven head coaches from non P5 schools are out there. Most willing and ready to make the jump up in competition and pay. But, if this program turns into a dumpster fire, few of these candidates will be interested.

      I believe all of these guys have the potential to win more than 7 games per year in the ACC. Most have already had 10-11 win seasons or break out years.

      Point being, a decision on Narduzzis future needs to be made this year. You don’t want a dead man walking scenario to play out. Shaking up the staff will just delay the inevitable and prolong the pain.


  75. looks like Pitt’s karma still affects Paul C. His RS FR 4-star QB had a great debut leading UW to a 45-7 win on Friday night … yesterday, the QB tested positive. Now, it may be a false positive (a la N Sabin) but Wisc is a spike area


  76. Fire Narduzzi and Whipple now. Make Partridge interim HC, name co-OCs for the rest of the year.

    They can’t do worse.


  77. I haven’t been this angry as a Pitt fan since I was at the Pete for a basketball game years ago and I met our new football head coach Mike Haywood. I ran into the Panther store, bought a $40 mini helmet, and Mike graciously signed it for me. Two weeks later, I realized I wasted $40 on a helmet signed by a guy who would never take the field as our head coach. Only at Pitt, only at Pitt haha.

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  78. PITT has $4,000,000 000 and growing sitting in an endowment… they don’t have a money issue… you do what ya gotta do… Partridge should be named interim HC- kelp the D coaches intact, fire Duzz and clean out the O side staff….and please don’t tell me PITT won’t touch that money… if they want it’s their’s… desperate times call for desperate measures!!!


        1. Not a big fan of using academic money for sports. Pitt needs to find boosters or begin cutting programs and staff in the department. That’s the approach most schools take. And don’t raise student fees.


  79. Throwing the Christians to the Lions?

    Well, things have certainly changed over the past 2000 years as we have just witnessed the Panthers being thrown to the Catholics.

    I thought announcer Todd Blackledge made a pretty good point when he indicated Pitt looked like the ONLY P5 team who had to play for the seventh straight week. And to make matters worse, they were obviously playing against one the biggest, most physical teams around who happened to be playing only their second game in the past 4 weeks …. through every fault of its own.

    The NFL is about to levy big fines to the Raiders for breaking Covid protocols while NCAA teams may be benefitting by it. Yes, the Irish not only had a bye a couple weeks ago, the week before their game was cancelled due to 18 players testing positive (apparently taking the lead from their chancellor.)

    I am certainly not implying that Pitt beats ND under different circumstances, but it appeared to me that the disparity of talent and size were certainly evident.

    I kind of scoff that after a 45-3 game, people are pointing at a few coaching decisions as if they would have made a difference. The only coaching decision I had is why were some of the Pitt starters still playing in the 4th quarter. In my opinion, the best coaching decision now is to give the players and the staff the entire week off as I don’t think I ever saw a group that needs refreshed


    1. You don’t think trying for a score at the end of 1st half to cut the score to 21-6 or 21-10 (possibly) could have made a difference? I sure do.

      But to go into the locker room down 25, on that horrible blocked punt, certainly killed any positive emotion the kids might have still had.

      I still don’t think we pull out a win if we go in 21-10 but 11 points down is a whole different world than 25.

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      1. to blame the coaches on that blocked punt was criminal .. the player #4 obviously blocked the wrong player.

        But how can you say that Pitt was going to score before half? Did they even get past the Irish 40 after the initial drive?

        you’re missing my point …. Pitt didn’t have a snowballs chance on Sat — they were clearly physically dominated

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        1. wwb, I blame the coaches because there was a bad blocking scheme on the blocked punt that everyone could see, but Pitt failed to call time out with 3 time outs in their pocket. Who is watching these things and who has the responsibility to call time out? The coaching staff is in total disarray.


          1. On the punt, ND had no receiver back. All our punter had to do was catch it, take one small step and kick it. Didn’t matter how far it went. Instead, he treated it just like a normal punt and took a couple of steps before trying to kick.

            I say the coaches should have told the punter the situation – or had a signal for it.

            Coach Powell is a cool guy, but I’ve never liked the RB recruiting and the special teams have been shaky.

            Go Pitt.


  80. Narduzzi has no problems as he wakes up today “ I woke up today and my accountant called and said Pat, no worries. You have no money problems and have enough to stop working today! So stop worrying but try to ride this dog and pony show as long as you can. It’s all icing on the cake now!!!”

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  81. The last two games showed how much KP’s legs mean to this team. They also emphasized how poor the running game is, as if we didn’t know. The fact that we haven’t had an O-line that can pass and run block for the last three years is devastating. Our running backs don’t look very good but Derrick Henry probably couldn’t get 100 yards behind our line.

    It really hurts that ND has taken the best linemen that the WPIAL has had to offer for the last few years.
    They took the best QB prospect to play here since Marino and he wasn’t good enough to start there.

    Dr. Tom said it best, this was a no excuses year. This is as good as our personnel is going to get under Narduzzi. A defense first coach only works if you have enough offense to keep your defense off the field enough of the time.

    This year has totally exposed Narduzzi’s defensive system and his utter disdain for offensive football.

    Is there anyone left that continues to trust the process?

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    1. Yeah – you just have to have a run threat at QB in college ball. So, I don’t get Yellen. Rooting for Davis Beville to get the next start…


  82. Random thoughts…

    Too many libations on Sat. + a bad Pitt loss = a very long ride home to central Virginia on Sunday.

    Nice to meet you Tex, albeit briefly. That is not the smile of a vinegar drinker. Next time, perhaps we can get you to a pre-game Red 5A tailgate. Can you re-post your list of HC candidates to spare me the agony of re-living Sat by going through the game thread?

    I won’t bother you all with long-winded assessements…I was a 70%er who didn’t reject the 30% but wanted to see it play out. It sure did and I’m no longer in the 70%.

    Does anyone REALLY know the buyout range?

    If it werent for the tailgating, not sure I’d have season tickets. Its predictably fun. Great to see a bunch of you…including a surprise appearance by Mr. & Mrs. AtlPanther.

    Reed, took your advice on speaking up…

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    1. I am absolutely with you on the tailgates, Joe. There are characters at Fran’s tailgates who are every bit as entertaining as anything we will see inside the stadium. I had already reached the conclusion that if ALCO Parking or any other powers that be outlawed tailgating, that would end my season ticket purchases. Fran’s tailgates are at least half of my fun on fall Saturdays. Sometimes they are all of my fun.

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    2. You saw the bourbon smile from me 🤠

      Here is my list. Again all current and proven head coaches with an offensive background. I’d also throw in the current wake coach as suggested. There are also another 4-5 head coaches with defensive backgrounds that would also make good candidates. However I’d want to make sure pitt would have the money to hire a young and innovative OC.

      Seth Littrell – UNT
      Rod Carey – Temple
      Jason Candle – Toledo
      Chip Lindsey – Troy
      Ryan Silverfield – Memphis
      Jamey Chadwell – Coastal Carolina


  83. wbb, I see the logic in what you are saying. I said early on that the ACC screwed Pitt with the schedule.

    However we lost to NCST and Boston College before we were tired and beat up, the easier part of the schedule. The fact is we do not have a P-5 running attack which makes us one dimensional and puts too much pressure on the defense. This is not likely to change in the foreseeable future and probably never with the current coaches.


  84. When Narduzzi had three timeouts left right before the half and they played it safe and got rewarded with a blocked punt against them returned for a touchdown. That sums up pitt coaching under the terrible reign of king pat. That should be required viewing in SOP 101 to any new Pitt fan and freshman.


  85. so let me get this straight ….. if Narduzzi calls timeouts before half, then what happens?

    I’ll tell you! After Pitt doesn’t get a 1st down and Yellen is sacked, then Pitt is further backed up and ND just has more time on the clock because of the timeouts taken …. AND THEN YOU PEOPLE ARE BITCHING BECAUSE HE TOOK TIMEOUTS!!

    Pitt scored once all day …. ON THE VERY FIRST DRIVE. After that, then there was a random 1dt down here and there, but that’s it. Pitt was clearly broken down after Notre Dame marched down the field to take a 21-3 lead, and the prudent things was to let the time run down, and go to halftime.

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    1. Not trying to score showed me that pitt coaches are gutless, scaried and just gave up.

      If the coaches give up, why shouldn’t the players?

      Why shouldn’t the fans?

      Need to take some calculated risks once in a while.


      1. Pitt looked like they gave up in the 2nd half. The offense gained a measly 70 yds in the 2nd half.
        After more great halftime adjustments, (or lack thereof) this coaching staff is well known for.
        The supposed vaunted Defense got shredded for another 208 yds after the Dooz gave his halftime
        speech. And let’s not forget, ND yanked Book and a lot of their starters at the end of the 3rd Q, or the final score could have been in the 60’s for ND.

        These clowns gotta go !


        1. It’s because their coach quit on them in the first half by eating the timeouts for a halftime snack instead of trying to get points. Trying doesn’t always mean getting. Trying lets your kids know that you havent given up. Not trying gives them the opposite feeling, hence your opinion masked. Well scouted on your part.


  86. ??? Krazeee///every time somebody comments I get the comment dumped into my mailbox. So, this morning I awoke to 114 comments in my email inbox. HELP!!!!!


    1. Do you see something like this when you click on the comment box?

      Reed Kohberger: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out / Change )

      [ ] Notify me of new comments via email.

      [ ] Notify me of new posts via email.

      If so is your notify me of new comments checked? Uncheck it.

      If that doesn’t work call Heather Lyke and ask for help.


  87. Look, we all know how this will go. Pitt will rally and beat FSU, and then will have a 4-4 record. Pitt doesn’t fire coaches with 4-4 records, certainly not in mid-season. Then Pickett will be back and they will beat GT. Pitt then has a winning record of 5-4 and Narduzzi is getting accolades for turning the season around. Then comes VTech and an unexpected loss. Oh well, sh– happens. Then comes Clemson and a major blowout. Pitt finishes 5-6 with Narduzzi touting a good season considering they lost Pickett for 3-4 games. Is there any doubt about this?

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    1. All sounds very reasonable. However I’m of the notion, that continuing the Mediocrity Sheiss Show, is not an option.

      Plus over the last 3 years, we’ve started to see very embarrassing beatdowns in Big Games.
      And the Big Games are usually seen by a much wider TV audience. Like ND, Clemson & Ped

      ND 45-3
      VT 28-0
      Clemson 42-10
      Miami 24-3
      Pedo State 51-6
      UCF 45-14


  88. I stand by what I posted yesterday—don’t be surprised if there are NO coaching changes until this miserable season is over.


    1. I believe she’s having a coming to boosters meeting today. The whales will be telling her what they think. I’d hate to be in her dress today.


        1. Heather was/ is color coordinated the weak in drab- steel gray…. yellow for those happy sunshine days…. when she is the big sit down with Duzz.. I bet she wears black


  89. Pains me to say but Kelly coached a good game. Dry detailed – all the way down to how the punter kicks. Drifts to his right and rugby kicks so stack the left side of the line. Pat and staff have this kind of attention to the details?


  90. in 2018, Pitt lost to ND to go to 3-4. Then they had a bye week …. and won their next 4 games.

    Pitt surely won’t beat Clemson but the other 3 is possible, finishing 6 – 5. Just sayin’

    and BTW, in the 3-4 start back in ’18, Pitt lost games 51-6 and 45-14

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    1. web… PITT can’t score points this year and didn’t fair very well getting TDs last year especially at the end of the season.


  91. In 2018, it was Nardoozi’s only 4th season. Not his 6th. Also 3 of the 4 wins in that streak, were against Duke, UVA & Wake Forest. None of those cupcakes are on the schedule this year.

    The Dooz also set expectations himself this year, complaining we weren’t pre-season Top 25.
    And we finished 7-7 in 2018, with a listless performance in the Sun Bowl against a Stanford team
    that half their starters sat out and missed the game. In another 1 point loss.

    Pitt’s 3 wins this year were against teams with a combined record of 3 wins & 12 losses.


  92. After yesterday I need a Pepto Bismol cocktail. I am saving my Makers Mark and Woodford Reserve for
    the day Pitt decides to try to have a real football team. Heather are you listening??


  93. John Steigerwald has a good article in the Trib linking the current coaching situation to the Wannstedt era. I tried to post a link to it earlier but failed. I need remedial training. Maybe someone else could post the link?


  94. Duzz has said he doesn’t have an agent. How big could his buyout be? Hopefully, Pitt took advantage of that weakened position like most corporations would. Lol.


  95. Positive-Jeff,

    Those three DBs you mentioned, Maddox, Whitehead and Lewis were all recruited by and committed to Paul Chryst – so much for the thought that he couldn’t recruit defensive talent. He didn’t get a ton but he got some real good ones.

    Check this out. As of today this is the listing of all Pitt players currently in the NFL. Narduzzi has one player who committed to him on the list – Maurice Ffrench.

    Chryst has 10 players on it.




    Dane Jackson
    Ryan Lewis

    Three on defense as noted above.

    Narduzzi will have more as his classes matriculate through – this takes into account his first couple recruiting classes but Chryst did a bang up job leaving PN talent – especially on offense. But, some on defense too.

    Must have had inherited some D talent – in PN’s 1st season Pitt was24th in Passing Defense, 33rd in Total Defense and 43rd in scoring defense. Not too shabby.

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      1. Once Maddox learned to turn around to look for the ball, he became very good. Too bad it took a coach in the NFL to teach him that.


    1. A few defensive players recruited doesn’t mean Chryst left some talent on defense. The defensive talent was extremely poor overall when Narduzzi came on board in 2015.

      Archaic Pat could have done a better job but he knows only one way on defense and it is better suited for 1985 football. Narduzzi did enough to beat GTech with those defensive players in his first two years while Chryst’s unit was bludgeoned in 2014 for 465 yards on the ground. A top 5 most embarrassing losses for Pitt since 2000. YSU, Ohio, GTech, ND, Oklahoma State is my list.

      Anyone remember the fullback from Ohio State who played defensive end at Pitt and was what Donald had to play with? That defines Chryst’s defensive tenure with Pitt.


  96. I think the idea of leaving the 3 timeouts in PITTs back pocket was ok. Yes it backfired on the block but PITT and Yellen weren’t going to do anything with the football. Losing Pickett was and is very under-rated. PITT loses 35-10 with KP, big-deal right?


    1. Ike – agree with you on KP. no way we beat the Domers with a kid who had two starts under his belt with two different teams. Yellen does loook like a more natural pocket passer, which may be appealing to some, but he cannot extend a play like Kenny.

      Which is not to say we beat the Domers with Kenny.

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    2. Play to lose, always. That’s the ticket. You have no ammo in the holster to back up that statement because we will never know what would have happened. What did happen however, is that he sent a message to his players and to the fans that he quit, because he stopped competing to win.

      What was the $4M strategy there anyway? Was he going to rely on his proven halftime adjustments to come back for victory. When you know you are outmanned and challenged to score points at all times of a game, you just can’t waste an opportunity. We were at the 35 yard line, hardly a place to run clock.


  97. Narduzzi won 8 games with Chryst’s recruited talent. This seems to be Narduzzi’s win ceiling. Chryst’s classes weren’t top 10, but it appears he could spot talent, or his assistants could, especially on the OL. Not so much with Narduzzi and staff, although the staff turnover has been so high it is hard to build relationships that bear fruit (and the OC does nothing). If Chryst had stayed another 3 years we might have seen some 9-10 win seasons.

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  98. Crap – I dropped my Koolaid glass on the Scoop’nScore. I’ll never be able to drink Koolaid again 😪

    In this era of those strange bed fellows – Covid and SOP (BTW, I think the CDC got it all wrong – SOP is the real pandemic) – I paraphrase Tampa Bay’s first coach, John Robinson:

    Reporter: “Fans, what do you think of your Coach’s execution?”
    Fans: We are in favor of it!”

    BTW, I’m still with the 70%. But now, the 70% opinion has flipped!


  99. Come on POVers. Tap your inside sources and give us some info on the heat being raised. What is Heather telling the boosters and money men? Are they going to ride this out until year end?

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  100. Tex, for got to mention the death of another great Texas singer/songwriter … and really good slide player. Wrote Mr Bojangles


  101. If I was a “big money man,” which I am not, I wouldn’t be giving money to Pitt unless I was insane. Pitt is a very poor steward of its financial resources. Being a finance guy, I’d suggest they’re criminal. Stupid decision 1) Stallings contract, Stupid decision 2) Narduzzi extension. Termination fees $30 million. If I was a money guy, I would want to give $$ where it would be a good social investment. I wouldn’t give to Pitt because Pitt seems to excel at throwing money away.


  102. Calling hogwash on all comments that narduzzi would be blamed if he took the timeouts at the end of the first half, was forced to punt and then what if ND scores. I cant believe that line of thinking. Not in any professionals playbook do you try not to score if you are a Pitt with a first and 10 at the 36 yard line.

    It’s all about playing to win or quitting. He quit. Noone second guesses timeouts being used. EVERY coach in america goes into a 2 minute offense and tries to score 3, if not seven there. Why? I might be stupid, but if I recall reading, Pitt received the second half kick-off. If Pitt gets three points at the end of the half, the lead is cut to 21-6 at a minimum, and you come out of halftime after making adjustments and score a td. Now you are within one score with most of the second half to play and all the momentum. That is the response to any question that is raised. There is no second guessing there. It is called an in game strategy and knowing you are getting the ball back to start the 3rd quarter. You never waste opportunities to try and score, especially down 18 at the time. The game is offensive.

    Narduzzi quit on the team and obviously wasnt aware that if he scored going into halftime, he could get the ball and score again, almost eliminating the lead. Instead, he had no in game strategy, and quit. He farted in his brain, then quit. That is the only explanation.

    In typical pitt fan fashion, its negative thinking that rules the day. It was an awful decision, just awful. You cant protect the poor decisioning Coach by indicating what could have, would have, should have gone wrong (it did), versus what could have gone right and what in game decisioning actually looks like.

    Kelly went for the block because he wanted to win and saw an opportunity. He obviously didnt feel the game was over. In my mind, not a good call for Kelly because he had the lead and any roughing penalty would have put the ball at midfield and Pitt would only need 12 yards to get into field goal position, with a possession coming to start the 3rd quarter. Textbook logic.

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      1. You’re probably right. The price is high. Why would they bail out heather. She made the mistake of extending him. She dug her own grave. Good money shouldn’t chase bad. I’m afraid we’re stuck with HCPN for at least another year. I just hope the names on my list are still available. 🤠

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  103. From Peak’s free football board, someone posted a booster, the biggest of all, met with Heather to endorse Narduzzi….is that can be believed.


  104. Ike – As in anything related to competition you take risks when you have to. Narduzzi had to on that 4th down play. He chose to chicken out in front of God and Country – and his own players. It was exactly one week since that missed after point so he knows something bad might happen – and he allowed it to.

    Stupid and no guts call. There is no other way to see it.

    Let’s also not make excuses for Pickett out, the refs, ND WR push offs or any other thing that might have an excuse attached to itt.

    PN had all last season and all of August to get a QB2 ready to step in and he didn’t do it. After being the starting QB for two plus years Pickett didn’t need to take all the snaps in camp – certainly not with the same OC and same offensive approach in play. Yet not one QB was truly ready to step in and rise to the occasion.

    Unless fans think the same QBs they have been singing praises of – Patti, Beville and Yellen – are truly crap players. O don’t think they are – I think they are the Forgotten Children of the Southside.

    Narduzzi has to take every inch of blame for Saturday. He is the leader (sometimes I do wonder if he actually know how to lead) and not only has to get the team ready to compete but also absolutely needs to keep the kids’ hearts and minds in the game.

    He blew those things on all counts on Saturday. All you had to do was look at the players on the field after that blocked punt – stunned and lost – and then all the kids walking into the locker room at half. No conversations, no emotions, just heads down walking.

    He killed those kids out there with his insane approach to that game. No two ways about it.

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  105. I heard there was a meeting and a bigger booster did not agree to firing Duzz. Wasn’t going to happen without his check. Could be BS, but that is what I heard.

    With two weeks to prep for FSU, if a midseason firing of an OC is gonna happen, it should happen now. That said, I don’t see that occurring until season’s end. While we fans might appreciate the burnt offering and the rest of the staff and players might benefit from a wake-up call (if anyone is actually snoozing), its just a bad look midseason unless there is more to act on than playcalling, scheme and reruiting ability.

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  106. Reed, I simply don’t buy it. If PITT would have been calling timeouts then ND would have got the ball back with plenty of time to score anyways. Just so happens my man Carter fell asleep on the punt. If you think for one second Yellen was going to drive PITT down for a score then I question your coaching acumen. It was time to regroup. You can’t make a race horse out of a jackass in one game.


    1. We were on the Pitt 31 – all we need was about 40 yards for a FG try. That would have been at least something. With 1:22 on the clock and three TOs that could have happened but PN didn’t give the kids a chance. 21-6 is a hell of a lot better that 28-3 going into halftime.

      And you don’t “regroup” by taking all the tools out of your players hands. What the hell kind of leadership is that? You try for a 1st down, then you try for another one, repeat if necessary until points are on the board.

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        1. To be clear, it was first and 10 from the 36. On first down we RAN the ball with our 57 pound running back for a loss of 4 yards. Why did we run?? We have not been a running team all year, so go to your own weakness?? NO! That makes no sense. You throw the ball and try to get into fg position at worst. You have to try! He failed his players, his institution and himself.

          Plus, Pitt gets the third quarter kick-off. Had a great chance to score on back to back possessions and get momentum. He didn’t think it through as his brain farted. That is simple. Yet it is the simplest things that have cost this team because of their coach and AD. The key elements of sport are knowing time, place and circumstance.

          This should be a buyout week instead of a bye week. Heather fumbled the extension. Quid pro quo. I get you hired and you extend me. Done deal. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new AD. Fast forward, ladies and gentlemen, meet your extended Head Coach. But what did either of them do to deserve that?

          Well, I guess they can argue that all available tickets were sold so she can claim a sellout.

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      1. Reminded me of KP’s first year playing at Pitt vs cuse and we had the ball at the end of the game needing a score to win.

        Instead the play calling was conservative and not one ball was thrown downfield in an attempt to win the game.

        When Pitt lined up to punt with 20 seconds on the clock and 3 time outs left, I knew the game was over and more trouble was coming before the half.

        Sure enough it happened and off went my TV. Many home projects were completed during the COVID-19 shutdown – even more will be during the remaining Saturday’s of Pitt 2020 year of the Duzz.

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  107. I will disagree with you Ike. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your team is, if you as a coach don’t believe in them, they won’t believe in themselves. That’s how a coach loses a team. He didn’t play to win, he played not to lose too bad. What a different mindset between PN and the Indiana coach. He went for it on an all or nothing play and won the game. Our coach just doesn’t have the guts to take a risk.

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  108. Gotta side with Reed on this one, ike. Time after time Narduzzi shows no faith in his players. Like the Nitter game with 4th and 1 at the one yard line. Supposedly he is a rah rah players coach until the time comes to back it up.

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  109. M… As a topic suggestion, how about Narduzzi’s TOP TEN All-time moments of Indecision, Breakdown and Brain Freeze?

    The end of the first half Saturday is certainly a contender.

    But my personal No. 1 is the going for the Field Goal with the ball at the GOAL LINE a year ago at Penn State.

    No. 2 would be leaving Avonte Maddox on an “island” against Will Fuller in Narduzzi’s FIRST loss to Notre Dame.

    Another might be when the Strength and Conditioning Coach had to restrain a completely UNDONE Narduzzi from going after the Ref.

    I’m sure others have some that I’m forgetting.

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  110. Think about this for a moment…. ball goes in the uprights and a ball is tipped and Pitt would be the worst 5-2 team in FBS.

    This was a total drubbing. Up there with PSU and the first UCF. And lets not forget OkSU.

    But those other two games are the real answer as to why there needs to be regime change.

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  111. I’m afraid the BoT has been Nardoozled. We’re stuck with this meatball for at least another year. Any whale bailing out heather at this point will want a say on the next head coach. A thank you just ain’t gonna cut it.

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  112. I too heard earlier in the day about the booster who said NO to firing of Narduzzi. I suspect he called on my favorite committee of “unintended consequences” and found the firing at this moment where the “cure is worse than the disease.”

    On a sad note, I heard he felt Pitt would never get a coach better than HCPN which is a giant FU to all of us and truly loudly explains the ineptness of the BOT.

    So, another 39 years of mediocrity ahead!

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  113. Truth is… there are absolutely NO excuses for Narduzzi not at least making it somewhat of a game Saturday.

    Whether deserved or not, you’re a supposed Defense “Guru.” You have one of the best Defenses of your tenure including THREE future NFL Draft Picks.

    Even without Pickett, even with no Run Game, you SHOULD be able to at least make it RESPECTABLE.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. With the scout team RB’s.

        Army would have went for it on 4th and 3 instead of punting while inside the opponents 45


  114. Found this in Jim Hammett’s twitter account –

    “In the 20 games since Mark Whipple has been Pitt’s offensive coordinator, the Panthers have only scored more than two offensive touchdowns in a game 9 times. So 11 times Pitt has scored two touchdown or less. Pitt is 4-7 in those games.”

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  115. Does anyone know, was this BoT meeting scheduled before the debacle which occurred this weekend, or was it called due to the poor performance this weekend? If it was called due to the teams deterioration, that in an of itself would be a positive sign that such a loss is alarming to the BoT. Despite the big kahuna (whoever that is) signing off on continuing the Narduzzi era, that opinion could change if the team shows no improvement over the remainder of the season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The “meeting” was about looking at the Duzz extension HL executed (and was signed off by Sir Patrick G) and how it came about. Some accountability was being sought out – the “hot” seat is no longer under Duzz’s butt, it transferred to the owners of the extension.

      Again, in classic SOP fashion (insert yellow blouse), the economics say Duzz stays and the fans get disappointed even more. Sports revenue has been greatly impacted because of COVID-19 already. The impression coming out of the meeting is that even lower fan/alumni/booster support won’t make the situation much worse.

      The HL “must go” crowd grew yesterday. Right now there are no FBS schools with an AD opening. Look for HL to try to get out as soon as one of those openings appears. Words were not held back yesterday. The decision came down to, Pitt is in a very bad spot – accountability pointed to HL and PG putting the school, it’s fans and the Duzz in this spot. There could only be one winner yesterday and it was Duzz.

      The fans have been through worse – right now it doesn’t feel lyke it, and that is the true essence of SOP.

      Don’t you love the entertainment value of Pitt FB? much sarcasm and distaste for “the process” we fans trusted.

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  116. Stop the Pitt doesn’t have talent BS. Narduzzi is the blame for the worst two OCs in Pitt football history. Watson, Whipple are horrible. PN’s obsession with Michigan State like offense is his down fall.
    I once heard Tom Bradley asked if he was head coach, what type of offense would he want.
    His answer, the hardest one to defend. Which he said was an RPO spread offense.
    Another advantage, your defense sees it in practice.
    PN things running an Offensive scheme that most college teams never see now, gives him an advantage. Like he is running the triple option. Trouble is, you have to be Alabama or Ohio State to pull that off. He also thinks you must Win time of possession to win games. This isn’t the 70s.
    Pitt could switch to a WVU like offense next year and score 14 more point per game easily.
    I’d keep PN if he saw the flaw in his philosophy. Problem is he doesn’t.

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  117. Tex, do you think that most viewers Saturday thought ND was playing Army? Pitt certainly had their camouflage uniforms on. Maybe Pitt sneaks through undetected?? This is a case of Pitt Derangement Syndrome…


  118. By Mike Vuc tonight, Joe Morehead is available just fired as HC Miss St, an offensive genius and a Pitt fan growing up. He want Narduzzi tohire him as OC. I want Heatherto hire him as HC at Pitt. Duzz too much of a coward to hire him. I’m beginning to agree with Huff and Tex that Heather is way over her head at Pitt. What’s the use of improving minor sports when football pays all the bills!

    The football program is an epic disaster. Needs action now!!

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  119. Joe Morehead is the OC for Oregon if I’m not mistaken. He’s not leaving without getting a good head coaching job. I think he’d take the Pitt job for the right money.


    1. Not all Assistant Coaches are cut out to be a Head Coach.

      Despite being obviously different personality types, neither Narduzzi or Moorhead seem to have either the charisma or leadership qualities that cause young men to want to follow them into battle or the parents of those young men to buy into what they’re selling.

      TRUST is a big component of that equation.

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      1. HL didn’t ask for the meeting – the meeting was set up to look under the “covers”. Let us remember, Stallings was maybe one of the worst hirings in NCAA men’s basketball history – at least in Pitt history for sure. The true story of AD Barnes departure would make a good book (true is the key word).

        HL did not hire Duzz but she saddled Pitt nation with an unnecessary and expensive extension for a HC of FB who did nothing to deserve “it” nor earn “it”.

        Light was shown on a dark situation yesterday. Very dark…


    1. In an alternate universe I became an internet millionaire in my 20’s and also became the T Boone Pickens is Pitt football. And Narduzzi is gone.

      In this one I just run a little corner of the internet and complain.

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  120. Here’s a conspiracy theory. Heather has a feeler or two out for another AD position. Her seat is getting hotter than Narduzzis. She wants to sell while her stock is still relatively high. Home up for sale. Haven’t seen the kids in school. She’s been seen shopping for a green blouse.

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  121. All I can say is I’m at the beach for a week golfing with my buddies…the weather is great …and I’m still pissed over that football game.
    I usually recover pretty quick. Not anymore.


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