The Long Kiss Goodnight

It has been nearly nine years since Pitt failed to score a touchdown in a football game. Nine years. Last time it was without a head coach. (BBVA Compass Bowl III. Pitt lost to SMU 28-6.)

If only that were the case now.

Speculation is rampant on how much Narduzzi’s buyout would actually cost. The high estimate is $16 M. The low estimate is, well, something less than that. Either way, everyone is ready for a change.

The trendy opinion is that Narduzzi will be forced to clean house, and he’ll get at least one more year while Pitt figures out where to come up with the money. That’s like a band-aid on a gaping wound, but it’s something. It starts with Whipple of course. Andre Powell too. Tim Salem. Dave Borbley. You probably keep Beatty if only for his recruiting. But then again, maybe you let him go because of the drops. The defensive staff probably stays intact. Maybe shake up the secondary coaches. Still, Bob Smizik’s comments are relevant. Who is going to come to Pitt (of all places) to help out a coach who is clearly on the hot seat?

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