Reading Between the Lines – Post BC / Pre Miami

After Pitt’s most disappointing loss since last year’s game against <checks notes> Boston College, and leading up to a game against a team we have no hope of beating (i.e. Miami), I think it’s time for another edition of Reading Between the Lines with Pat Narduzzi. Enjoy.

PAT NARDUZZI: Happy Monday. Working on No. 6. I say it every week, our guys have earned something a lot of people around the country haven’t done to this point in getting (to week) No. 6. Obviously the last couple weeks we’ve come up a point short, which in my career I don’t know if I’ve ever been a point short two weeks in a row, but we’re this far away from really being 5-0, and that’s really the attitude we take.

Because after that debacle, how else am I going to motivate them, really? I mean shoot, if we can’t go 5-0 against BC, NC State, Louisville, Syracuse and Austin Peay, who can we go 5-0 against? Also, remember when we were just two field goals away from 10 wins? And eight points away from 11-1?

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