Up Next: Bye Week (A Review of ACC Offensive Statistics through 10/24)

By Richard Hefner

Editor’s Note: This is a little late this week, and I apologize. Hurricane Zeta came through Atlanta on Wednesday night and just like the Zeta house on campus, they did a number on the city. (I’m kidding, I have no idea what the Zeta house at Pitt does or ever did, or if there even is one). A tree blew over in our neighborhood and knocked out power until yesterday evening. All is well now though so lets get the show back on the road!

Normally in this series of articles, I would give a quick review of last Saturdays game & our upcoming opponent. Well Pitt lost. Notre Dame won. And all heck broke loose. That is all I will say on the matter.

Next week is Bye. Not much data on Bye. Have not seen him/her/it since the start of the season. The ACC season started on 9/12. According to the ACC calendar last week was week #7. Pitt will be playing Bye in week #8. Unless you are using the ESPN calendar where next week is week #9, since 13 FBS teams played either each other or FCS opponents.

Below is a chart by school, w/e date and if Game was played, a Bye was scheduled, or original game was either Postponed or Cancelled. There is also a column labeled “Streak” for longest number of games played between “Byes”.

This is the schedule as of Tuesday 10/27/2020. It can be changed if there is a Covid related outbreak. The chart has four colors. Yellow & gray to separate rows, blue (but lighter) to represent Pitt opponents during the week scheduled. Finally, there is an orangish color to highlight longest streaks.

The bad news, Pitt plays two opponents the week after there second tussle with Bye. Pitt plays Clemson. The good, Pitt plays Va. Tech the last week of their 9-game streak.

As of the 10/24, 101 FBS teams have now played at least 1 game. 25 teams have played 1 game, 2 teams played 2, 7 teams played 3, 14 teams played 4, 27 teams played 5, 21 played 6 and 5 played 7. Of the 5 who have played 7games (Army 6-1, Middle Tennessee 2-5, Pitt 3-4, Texas State 1-6, & UT-San Antonio (UTSA) 4-3), only Pitt did not face Bye. (Before you go nuts over Army’s 6-1 record, they have played & beat 3 FCS teams including a 14-9 beatdown of The Citadel. I have family connections to The Citadel.)

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