Reading Between the Lines – Post Notre Dame Edition

by Reed Kohberger

OK POVers – Mike asked me to chip in a “Between the Lines” article for this week.  Because it is a bye week Narduzzi isn’t doing a normal Monday press conference so we’ll take a look at his Notre Dame post-debacle utterings…

NARDUZZI: First off, Notre Dame’s got a great football team. They played like the No. 3 team in the country today. They made plays on the ball. We had three interceptions. We lost the field position war big time. You’re never going to win a game, you’re probably going to lose big when you throw three interceptions. Joey didn’t have a great day.

No coach, “we” didn’t have three INTs – Notre Dame did. But let me get this straight – you mean to say that that 45-3 score was all because of ND’s play?  Not even a little bit of our putrid play came into it?

But like I said, you’ve got to give their offense and their defense and their special teams credit. They made plays and we didn’t. But time of possession, 40 to 20, we couldn’t sustain drives offensively and put our defense in tough situations and when you do that against the No. 3 team in the country you’re going to have problems winning football games.

So our offense put our defense in tough situations did they? Now you wait just a minute Mr. Head Coach –our first six punts resulted in these starting field positions for the Domers: ND 37, ND 13, ND 18, ND 25, ND 12 and ND 16.  How in the world can you point to the offense when ND continually had big field distance in front of them which favors your fancy pants defense?

So I’ll open it up for questions.

  Wonder what’s for dinner tonight. Can’t go out to pick up food because someone might recognize me.

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