NC State at Pitt Prediction Thread

Happy Thursday everyone. While I’d like to write anther “Reading Between the Lines” post about Pat Narduzzi’s press conference, I just don’t have the time or energy. Instead I’ll put up a prediction post.

As far as I’m concerned this game has Trap written all over it. A big Vegas line. Pitt coming off a big win. An ostensibly less talented squad coming to town, and yet one that relies on a power running game. Pitt has lost these kinds of games before. Boston College anyone?

I don’t know if NC State is quite good enough to beat Pitt on the road, but they were good enough to edge Wake Forest at home, and well, that should count for something. They also have their quarterback of the future Devin Leary ready to go. Leary has thrown all of 16 passes this season, but he’s connected on 12 of them and sports a gaudy 182 passer rating. I can’t tell you if he did that was against Virginia Tech’s second team defense or not, but I can tell you he looked crisp doing it, at least from what I saw.

The game, as usual will come down to Pitt defensive dominance and (hopefully) the team’s ability to limit mental errors. They did a good job of that last week. Do they have the chops to do it two weeks in a row? History suggests they do not. But…I’ve heard this team is different.

At the end of the day, I think Pitt will find a way to win, as they often do in these early season games against slightly less talented teams, but I think it’s going to be frustratingly close. Here’s to hoping they prove me wrong.

Pitt 24, NC State 21.

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone

115 thoughts on “NC State at Pitt Prediction Thread

  1. Pitt wins 35-29

    KP throws 2 pick 6’s and 1 TD to TE D.Moraga

    The RB committee scores 4 rushing TD’s and racks up 300 yards combined

    The D gives up 5 FG’s and no TD’s

    Another ‘W’ for the Blitzburgh Panthers



  2. I’m thinking Pitt 31-20.

    The offense starts to come around — with some big plays.

    BTW, somewhere saw Nate Yarnell playing the piano and Christina, presumably his Mom, posted something about him still going with nine fingers. I sure hope Nate didn’t lose a finger. I assume he has a hand injury…

    (Always wanted to learn to play piano, but never did…)

    Go Pitt.


  3. Sorry guys…no trap games this year. I’m sticking with Patrick Jones II’s statement, ‘We mean business’. I think they maintain their focus all year and avoid the trap. NC St. is going to need 2 QBs, 2 chin straps and 2 jock straps this week. PITT 35-10. Trust the Process.

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  4. Pitt 27 – NCSU 14

    I think the defense shows up as they have been; there is a levelheaded pride in this group and according to Phil Campbell, the locker room took Week 5’s ranking personally in their drop to #24/#25.

    Whereas the Defense hasn’t had a drop in production through three games, I’m concerned about how Whipple will react to a Panther lead at halftime. Pitt’s due to get beat eventually if they continue to play conservatively with a one possession lead.

    Again, so long as the defense holds its own in this contest and the next, it’s hard to bet against Pitt until visiting Miami.

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  5. Small deviation from the panthers momentarily but some exciting ,
    long overdue positive MLB news for the Pirates who earned next years distinguished # 1 overall pick :

    Kumar Rocker, RHP, Vanderbilt
    Rocker was lights out at the end of the 2019 season, throwing a 19-strikeout no-hitter in the NCAA super regionals and winning Most Outstanding Player honors at the College World Series as Vanderbilt won the national title. The son of former NFL defensive lineman Tracy Rocker, he wasn’t as dominant during his brief encore, though he is still a 6-foot-4, 255-pound right-hander with a mid-90s fastball that can hit 99 mph and a slider that’s a wipeout pitch at its best. His changeup, delivery and control all could use improvement, but he’s the clear favorite to go No. 1 overall next June.


    1. ……yes….and after spending 3-4 years in the minors, pitching 1 years for the Buccos….GM Neal Cherrington….err, I mean Ben Huntingdon (no real difference in the 2!)……will then trade Kumar to the Yankees…..for Gerrit Cole….who at that point will have an 83MPH fast ball….and are willing to pickup 95% of his salary!

      ….and, so it goes in the world on Nutting baseball


  6. The only trap in this game are the suckers betting on Pitt -14. The game will be closer than that. A more secure bet would be an over/under of 6 for the # of sacks that this Panther Posse puts on the Wolfpack’s QBs. Take the OVER.


    1. I don’t know about that Doc…just how many points do you think NCS will score? I’ll answer that for you…not many. I think the -14 is a safe bet tomorrow. I know it’s a lot of points and the PITT O is not a juggernaut, but from what i’ve seen the Wolf Pack is in for a long day.


  7. I’m looking for a big play or two from Shocky today. I like the way he’s catching the ball this season – seems like good technique with his hands…

    Shocky can fly and we need to find a way to take advantage of that fact.

    (Hope I didn’t jinx him!)

    Go Shocky!


  8. We shut down the run (they do get 1 break away TD). And SACK CITY (suggested name for the D) shuts down (as in “slams down”) the young QB. TKO!

    OL surprises everybody, and the RBC (Running Back Committe) goes over 200 yards (Whip tested positive Friday, and had to sit this one out)! KP goes 17/20. (Amazing what a good ground game does for the passing game).

    Pitt in a landslide – 41-7


  9. MM

    In the absence on your great “Reading Between the Lines,” let me suggest that Duzz was thinking “I sure hope that smartass MM from Pitt POV does have the time or energy to expose that I really am saying this time.”

    I am going with 31–12. Pitt with the 31, in case that is not clear. And, I hope we get (at least) the parents in the stadium tomorrow.


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    1. I need to proofread better. That should be “…does not have the time…” Or, maybe it works both ways. Maybe Duzz feels muzzled and needs you MM to help him get out the truth.


  10. nothing about this one makes me think it will be close

    except that our offense is still coached by Whipple and Kenny still runs to the sidelines and we still have the same RB’s and while I hope MM’s view on the latest TE option is prescient,,,,I just don’t see us scoring early and often, EVER with the ACC schedule

    sooo, 28-10, but if I’m wrong, I think it feels like it should be a bigger margin with the amazing Defense actually providing a few short fields that we take advantage of


  11. You old guys will remember ” You can be sure if it is Westinghouse”
    You can never be sure if it is Pitt.

    “We have a nice blustery day for a Golf Game” in my best Scottish brogue.

    If you are betting it looks like Richman’s team is pretty strong, but never count out Fran.

    BigB may be bringing some ringers as well.

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  12. I have this as a win as my 5-0 start hopefully comes true. We probably fall in the rankings because we are actually playing games. H2P


    1. Ah Fran I can’t believe you picked that score. I guess I’ll go even better

      PITT…. 38
      NCS…. 10

      Pickett throws for 3 TD’s and the defense gets at least one TD. UNC QB’s left standing 0

      It’s great football weather for golf. Plenty ways to stay warm today and I’m sure they will all be exercised


  13. Pitt in a blowout on Saturday 34-17. What many are not talking about is the NCState defensive backfield has had a rash of recent injuries(season enders) and they are starting a couple of redshirt freshman and sophomores. Wimple better make Pickett NOT squeeze the charmin and run, but toss the tissue often, and deep.

    Big day for the WR’s if the OL can protect.


  14. Kenny Pickett is still a turnover machine, unfortunately. This leaves no room for error among the other offensive players with touches. They are not good enough on offense to score big time when they have 2-3 turnovers. I’m looking for a win, but doubt they will hit 30 points unless they play a clean offensive game. Pitt wins 28-14 with 2 NC State scores off turnovers.


  15. I don’t like to talk out of my behind so I refrain from making predictions because I just don’t know how the offense will perform tomorrow. I can see the score being 42-10 or 23-17 Pitt. I do think the offense has the personnel to hang 42 or more points on NCS just like I can shoot 78 in my Sunday golf game. But I also am quite capable of shooting 88 (or to be honest 96).


  16. Interesting that PN said they self scouted their own offense. As defensive coaches, what tendencies, predictability did the offense show in previous games. He said they identified some things.
    I am sure they do this all the time, just never heard him mention it before.

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  17. I assume the Notre Dame president was like most other college pres who directed that all students returning to campus this fall adhere to strict protocols. And if so, I suggest that he steps down …. like RIGHT NOW.

    Pat Forde@ByPatForde
    Update to yesterday’s column: Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins did test positive after attending White House event without mask, for which he was harshly criticized by his own campus. Oh boy.

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        1. Hypocrisy must always be called out. Nothing worse than a hypocrite in my book.

          Remember, hypocrisy and blind faith led to the Sandusky coverup and child rape over decades.

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  18. Meanwhile, 2 more Tennessee Titans just tested positive …. so the NFL now must worry that the Titans game next week also must be cancelled


  19. I worry about playing NCS and then next week I’ll worry about the BC game. If PITT can somehow find a way to win and pull both games out and if the season then gets cancelled, like someone mentioned, I will declare PITT co-champions of the ACC. 😉


  20. OT: Don’t forget to read Chris Peak’s 3-2-1 column again this week. Lot’s of good stuff but what I found very interesting is when he noted some of the statistics on some of our talented new comers on defense. Hint: On one active new comer, SirVocea Dennis is a force to be reckoned with and probably should be playing even more downs right now on the Pitt D.

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    1. Ive Been singing Dennis’s praises for weeks…he passes the eye test and usually brings the wood. Good burst and closing speed too.

      The 321 column always a good read

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      1. Pitt, unfortunately, needs to find a couple guys like SirVocea in every class…

        He’s seems like the perfect OLB for the Duzz/Bates defense…

        Go Pitt.


        1. Great point John and interestingly enough I think they mostly do. Their defense is made up of low rated 3 and 2* players. P Ford, Hamlin and possibly Camp are the exceptions.


  21. OT: Another website you should be visiting today. Two very good articles at Pittsburgh Sports Now, Saunders on Bates and the Pitt D and Vuk on 3 things he’d like to see the Pitt O do more of.

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    1. Neither of these guys can spell (esp Sauders) and their grammar just drives me nuts. I appreciate the coverage @PittsburghSportsNow, but they need an editor and I could do this job on the cheap if they’re listening. GO LEON’S BILLIARDS (?) Ugh!


  22. I don’t understand or trust this offense – particularly the play calling. I do, however, trust the defense. NC State manages one TD and 3 FG’s. Our O limps along, kicks 3 FG’s and leaves a lot of points on the field.

    Pitt – 30
    Pack – 16


  23. I predict Pitt will win by a field goal 20-17. Another bad day by the offense who will give up a touchdown. As was stated above, the trap game is next week when we leave the friendly confines of Steel town and venture up to Bean town.

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  24. Pitt’s offense has not put up close to 30 against a P5 team yet and ‘Cuse and Cards were not good defensively, for this reason I’m not ready to predict a big win. I hope that they prove me wrong, but until you do it, there is no reason to believe you can.

    Pitt 24 NC St 13

    What I fear is even worse, they will be leading at halftime 21 to 10, and will once again go into the Whipple patented 2nd half sleep walk.


    1. Just a friendly reminder against Cuse T -Max, Kessman missed 3 make-able filed goals that would have made it 30 pts. That’s not counting dropped passes. I know everyone misses field goals and drops passes, I’m jus saying.

      Hearing a great time was had by all at the golf outing. Incredible that, by in most part, were strangers a few short years ago, still get together for golf during these tough times. Hat’s off to them all. Lot’s of hard work goes into that event.

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  25. Pitt Memory —- 10-years ago this week, Ray Graham, playing only because Dion was injured, ran for 277 yards and 3 touchdowns against FIU…

    Go Pitt.

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  26. PITT wins 37-13….MVP is Apollo’s native son Tre Tipton who catches 6 balls for 128 yards and 3 TD’s…. during the post-game presser Tre informs the Panther natio he will be returning for his 9th year of eligibility in 2021….

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  27. Making Tre eligible for a college pension.

    I have to get some rest for the game tomorrow when PITT kicks some wolfpack ass. Mahi Mahi on the very near menu. Thanks again B!

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  28. Quick golf update…
    Gordon Conn’s team finished 6 under par followed by Team Richman at 5 under and Big B at 2 under.
    Thanks to Gordon and Andy for getting us on Willowbrook.
    Biggie ran the colors on a flagpole in the parking lot.
    Looking forward to a bigger POV outing in the spring…the FRANKCAN CUP 2021!

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    1. Congrats to GC. A tight match. Did Richman use an “colorful” language? 🤔

      May we ask who were in the foursomes?

      I’ll bet everyone had a blast… 👍

      Go Pitt.


  29. Major, I played with my cousin Tom, Kman and Erie Express.
    Richman played with 2 of his friends.
    Biggie played with his nephews and Matt from Louisville.
    JoeL played with Big Al and MarkPT
    Gordon played with Andy and family members
    Wolfe played with family members.

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    1. Thanks to all the guys that drove great distances to make a fun event. The course was playing tough with cool temps, brisk wins, threats of rain which luckily missed us. No roll in the fairways today but the greens were true. Lucky for my team that Richman’s ringer bailed at the last minute ( 6 handicap).

      BigB’s team nearly drove the green on #2, cutting the dog leg and I’m pretty sure that was his playlist of 60’s music that was appreciated a few fairways away.

      Like Fran I’m looking forward to a spring FrankCan cup, hopefully without masks in the clubhouse.

      If KP’s passes are as accurate as my team mates putters look forward to an easy victory tomorrow.

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      1. Our team just about drove the green on 11, Big Al withe a nice chip to 5 ft and Mark dropping it in the cup for a birdie on our first hole.

        Willowbrook is a fun course and it’s always fun to come north and play on real grass. Greens were firm and true. The rough around the greens swallowed balls…. a couple Bermuda Triangles on that course. Best to stay in the fairway!

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  30. With a defense that puts so much pressure on a quarterback, how can there not have been a holding call against the offense of either Syracuse or Louisville? No one is holding Jones or Weaver? Can’t possibly happen 3 games in a row. Anyhow, this week the defense is fired up, plays mistake free, and doesn’t allow a TD. Pitt 31, NCST 9.

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  31. Some were right in saying BC was our trap game. Take em and the points tomorrow. They might beat UNC outright. Still tomorrow will be closer than you think with NCST.

    Really missed golf today. This was the first summer in5 years post wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery. Played at a high level all summer. Glad you guys had a good time! H2P

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  32. BC next week is the trap since Miami is the following. But since BC beat Pitt last year, Pitt shouldn’t be overlooking them. The Miami game will tell us how good this team is. I still expect Pitt to beat Notre Dame.

    If Pitt beats Miami, you’ll be watching two top 10 teams play at Heinz in a nationally televised game in prime time. There will be at least 20k fans allowed for that one. 35k will be the announced attendance.


  33. A few things:

    If PITT can somehow pull out a win today, they will be tied for second with the most ACC wins since 2015. That’s the entire ACC.

    VT beat NCST with 11 transfers seeing playing time. Once upon a time around here transfers were made fun of.

    Bob Gibson passed away, one of my all-time favorites.

    Isaleys chipped shopped ham samiches to day. Simple living room tailgate food. Maybe a fire in the fire-pit during the game. Need the football ambiance.

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    1. When your spend is top 5 I’d expect to have one of the five best conference records. When you play in a weak division and your crossover is cuse, I would expect those results. Pitt fares far less better against good teams. See UCF, Domers, Nitters, Okie State, etc.

      can’t forget those games Ike. You know the one where heather gave out free Fantas and fans fell asleep.

      There is a place for transfers. But a high school girls soccer team could have beaten nc state. Tech is overrated like every year.

      Pitt should have no problem thumping the Wolfpack. If they struggle it will be penalties and discipline. Two of narduzzis bad tasting meatballs. Don’t forget Pitts tendency to fall asleep at half just like the fans.


        1. No. I look at overall record

          Pitt is 1-3 vs the Nitters. And I remember the fourth and goal debacle.

          And I look at bowl wins and final rankings

          Pitt epically fails when you don’t cherry pick.


          1. But Tex, you were one of many, me included, who complained the loudest of an unfair OOC schedule. << That’s cherry picking right there.


            1. Life isn’t fair. Heather is a dolt for it. But you have to beat who you play. I look at how pitt loses. Blow outs not good. Cramping not good. Fourth and goals not good. And bowl record very bad against very beatable teams.

              But this covid year still won’t get Narduzzi to ten wins. Nine is his ceiling. Nine is too low for a four million dollar man.


  34. Nard’s Zenith was last week prior to the NC State game when the vast majority bought into it .. signed.. sealed… delivered…….BC will take it to PITT personal and up-front in the trenches!!!

    Anyone else notice BC has gone retro to adding “ PITT STRIPES” to their shoulders and pants???


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