Pitt @ Western Michigan University’s Game Thread/Predictions

Tonight will be an interesting match up between injury riddled (?) Pitt and WMU who pretty much kept us from the FBS Playoffs last season. That might be overstating it a bit but it sure didn’t help our chances. I mean Cincinnati was in it as a 4th seed and that just can’t be true. But it was.

I say ? to the injuries because King Pat does not like to talk about injuries and it makes him worry too much and he doesn’t like that.

Here we stand at 1-1 with two very close home games under our belt. Beating WVU was great for the history of the thing, but losing to a rather strong Tennessee team hurt. Not that UT didn’t deserve to win, they did, but we had wasted scoring chances all over the field. But as they say “Tomorrow is a new day (or tonight is).”

Let’s get into some stuff we can have up on screen while we bitch, praise, or moan each individual play as Pitt fans are wont to do:

First off here is a link to the Pitt vs WMU Game Notes. There is tons of info in theses notes (56 pages worth!), and I’ll cull out some stuff I think pertains to actually watching the game.

Here is our ‘Probable‘ two-deep for this game: Remember these game notes came out on Monday so they won’t mean anything as far as QBs go.

Now – onto predictions.

I think it will be another close game. Pitt wins if Slovis can play 60 minutes. Patti will be either left at home or on sidelines. If we have to play either of the lower two QBs I think we lose.

Slovis in:  31-27 Pitt
Slovis out: 31-24 WMU

Let’s hear what you think about the outcome…