Up Next: Rhode Island

Hello all, Maestro here.  I’m going to be standing in for Richard Hefner for the next few weeks. 

And standing in is an appropriate theme, because Pitt will have plenty of stand-ins on the field this week. So the question we should be asking ourselves is not “Can Pitt can beat Rhode Island?”, but “Can Pitt beat Rhode Island with their third and fourth string?”  Or maybe even, “Can Pitt beat Rhode Island with their third and fourth string convincingly enough to remain in the top 25”.  Because no matter what Pat Narduzzi says, we really aren’t battling the Rhode Island Rams this week, as much as we are battling attrition and Pitt’s propensity to get overlooked in the polls.

About that attrition: Pittsburgh Sports Now took it upon themselves to cobble together a sort of Injury Report last Sunday. There were eleven (11!) contributors listed on said report. (That’s 25% of the two-deep folks.)

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