Volleyball 2021 Preview- Blue/Gold Scrimmage Game

Here is a take on the first Women’s Volleyball scrimmage by our own Ann B.

Pitt volleyball had their Blue/Gold Scrimmage on Saturday. Teams were divided up with experienced talent spread between the two sides.

Gold Team:

Lexis Akeo (JR-setter)

Valeria Vazquez Gomez (R-SO -Outside Hitter)

Chinaza Ndee (5Y- Right Side)

Anastasia Russ (R-SO- Middle Blocker)

Jordan Lockwood (SR- Outside Hitter)

Rachel Fairbanks (FR- Setter)

Emmy Klinka (FR- Libero/Defensive Specialist)

Makayla Jackson (FR- Middle Blocker)

Blue Team:

Cat Flood (SO- Outside Hitter)

Ashley Browske (JR- Libero/Defensive Specialist)

Kylee Levers (GR- Setter)

Sabrina Starks (SR- Middle Blocker)

Leketor Member-Meneh (SR- Outside Hitter)

Eliana Posada (FR- Right Side)

Chiamaka Nwokolo (JR- Middle Blocker/Right Side)

Serena Gray (SR- Middle Blocker)

Kayla Lund (GR-Outside Hitter)

Scoring was the usual way- sets were played to 25, win by 2, except sets 4 and 5 were played to 15.  The gold team beat the blue team 3 sets to 2 by scores of 25-21, 25-22, 19-25, 14-16, 15-11.

Here are my thoughts and unofficial stats on each player ( I was talking to the parent of one of the players and missed a few plays and may have given credit to the wrong person). Note that although I consider myself semi-educated in the volleyball world, I am in no way an expert in evaluation of talent. So much of how a player performs has do with the players around them, the familiarity they have with each other, especially the middle blocker/setter connection. It is early in the pre-season- they just finished the first week of practice.

Gold Team

Lexis Akeo– Experienced Setter from the past 2 years. Undersized at 5’8”, but is a very solid player. Lexis played well, as expected.

Valeria Vazques Gomez– A solid starter from last year and a six-rotation outside hitter. Valeria looked great on offense and defense, with 10 kills and 1.5 blocks.

Chinaza Ndee– Six-rotation right side hitter and a second team All-American last year, along with a long list of other performance and academic awards. Chi picked up where she left off in April and played great. Unofficially 18 kills, 4.5 blocks, 1 ace.

Anastasia Russ– A backup middle blocker from last year had four kills and three blocks. At 6’5”, she’s the tallest player on the team but seems lanky and slow on attacking the ball. Played locally for Hampton HS.

Jordan Lockwood– Solid outside hitter who transferred in last year. Jordan had 14 kills, 1.5 blocks, and one ace for a very good performance. She’s come a long way in a year.

Emmy Klika– Freshman libero. Played way better than I would expect from a freshman. Very active on the court, moved well, had many really nice digs on rocket shots hit at her. I expect her to do very well here.

Rachel Fairbanks- Freshman setter, shared setting duties with Lexis Akeo. She was not as accurate as Lexis and played like a freshman- some good and some needing improvement.

Makayla Jackson– Freshman middle blocker, five kills, 2.5 blocks. This local player (Plum HS), had some very nice plays, offensively and defensively. I think she will be a good one as she gets used to the speed of the game.

Blue Team

Cat Flood- Sophomore backup outside hitter last season. I have her at seven kills, one block, one ace. She had difficulty hitting past a single block (who happened to be Chinaza Ndee, so maybe I should give her a pass). She needs more time to develop, and luckily, should not be needed to step in to a starter’s position anytime soon.

Ashley Browske– Junior starting libero from last season. Ashley played well by covering the floor quickly and made a lot of very good defensive plays, picking up where she left off this spring.

Kylee Levers– Graduate starting setter from last year. Local talent who played like an experienced player should. No complaints here.

Sabrina Starks– Senior starting middle blocker from last year. With five kills, three blocks and one ace, she played a solid match. Plays in the front line only.

Leketor Member-Meneh– Senior outside hitter who transferred in from Missouri. At 5’8”, I was skeptical of her ability to play. Boy was I wrong. She got my vote for outstanding player of the game. With 22 kills and 2.5 blocks, she plays WAY bigger than her size. She’s a powerful hitter from the front and back rows, and has amazing hops. She is going to be FUN to watch!

Eliana Posada– Freshman right side, plays in the front line only. I don’t have any stats for her which is not unusual for a freshman. I really did not see her involved in a lot of plays.

Chiamaka Nwokolo– A junior middle blocker from last season, Chi played right side on Saturday and played well. She started out slowly in the first set and got stronger as the match went on, finishing with15 kills and .5 blocks.

Serena Gray– Senior middle blocker who transferred in from Penn State. A two time AVCA All-America Honorable Mention who was a starter for the Nitters. Finished with 11 kills, one block and three aces. She’s a very powerful hitter and plays in the front row only. She would have had better stats but this is one of the instances where the setter/middle blocker relationship needs time to gel a bit. She’ll be very fun to watch and a dominant net player once she has some practice time with Kylee.

Kayla Lund– Most decorated player in Pitt’s Volleyball history with academic and athletic performance awards too numerous to mention. DID NOT PLAY, as she was limping around with what looked like a bad left knee. I don’t know the seriousness of the injury, and the parent I was talking to had not heard about the injury beforehand. Fingers crossed that she’ll be ready for regular season play.

The scrimmage was very well-played. There were a few missed serves, but early in the season that is to be expected. Players aren’t usually in game condition yet, so that also will contribute to misses. Volleys were fast-paced and really competitive, with players diving after balls and making some incredible plays. I found myself saying “Wow” A LOT. I am really looking forward to this season.

Also, the Field House looked great. Tarping at the ends of the court was really nice, and it looked like they got a new court floor. Everyone except the players and coaches had to wear masks, and the first couple of rows by the court were roped off to keep the fans away from the players. Seating was on one side of the court only.

If you are in town, support the ladies and watch them play this fall! H2P!!

Coach Fisher tweeted on Saturday

214 thoughts on “Volleyball 2021 Preview- Blue/Gold Scrimmage Game

  1. Thanks for the recap and insight. Nicely done! I was wondering how the new transfers would impact the team. Granted this is just an internal scrimmage, but your observations served to whet the appetite! I try to be careful when I hear coaches talk up their team preseason, but I was intrigued to hear coach Dan say it was his most talented team yet. That got me fired up, but I quickly remembered the Super 70’s Steelers and the early 90’s Penguins both say that their best teams were in years where neither won a championship. Must be the SOP in me talking.
    Here’s hoping the young ladies stay healthy, play to their potential and get over that second round hurdle!
    I look forward to more of your updates! Thank you!

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  2. Annie – well done! This article went well with my first cup of coffee. Coach Fisher has the “it” factor in my book. I’m looking for this team to take the next step to being a great team this season.

    OT: Pitt FB not mentioned in the first AP poll – here are the outside the top 25 vote getters –

    Others receiving votes: Oklahoma State 107, Ole Miss 106, TCU 40, Liberty 36, Auburn 32, NC State 14, Michigan 12, Northwestern 8, Boise State 7, Nevada 7, BYU 6, Ball State 6, Houston 5, Boston College 5, UCF 5, West Virginia 3, UAB 2, Army 2, UCLA 2

    Of note: NC St., NW, Boise St (new coach), Nevada, BYU, Ball State, Houston Holgy’s, BC, UCF, wvcc and UAB (killed their program a few short years ago).

    Once again, Pitt is outside the top 45. A 5-1 start may not get our Panthers into the top 25 folks.


    1. The line on the Pitt-UMass game is 38. And the over/under is 57. So the bookies are predicting a roughly 48-10 Pitt victory.


  3. Great summary, Annie! It would really suck if Kayla’s injury is serious. Not only for the sake of us, the fans, but for Kayla who had to have made a tough decision to return for the additional year. Hopefully it is something minor and she was kept out of the scrimmage as a precaution.


  4. Thanks Annie, great update on our Lady Panthers! Just wondering, how was attendance at the scrimmage?


    1. They only had one side of the court available for seating and it was well- covered. People tried to not sit on top of each other, but it was a nice turnout. Heck, admission was free!

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  5. What was nice to see is that players will have to compete for playing time. If someone goes down or is having a bad game, substitution should not mean a huge drop in talent or experience.

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    1. Like a bull. Getting the tailgate reference in. Impressive. I always try to find a way to work bourbon in.


      1. And I’ll offer up brimstone to all those who like or despise me at the Tennessee game. Just got our tickets yesterday in the mail courtesy of the Tennessee office. Thank you volunteers.


  6. For the past few years I have anxiously anticipated our ladies VB team”s new season !!! Something to get exited about as our program is now highly compettive with the best of the best !!! Same applies to soccer !!! I bet PITT could field a nationally competitive hockey team if they put their minds/money to it.

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  7. Thanks Annie, sounds like the team is pretty loaded with talent. Going to have to get to a game or two this year.


  8. Great write up and thanks Annie!
    I’m more excited about Volleyball and Women’s Basketball than any other Pitt Sports.


  9. Super job, Annie! Thank you for the excellent info and insights on the VB players.

    Had the pleasure of a brief chat with Coach Dan at a golf outing. Easy to root for him and the young ladies.

    Go Pitt.

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  10. Thanks very much for the fine work, Annie. Many on this site, including myself, are VB watchers and really appreciate the insight since the local papers don’t write much. Again, very much appreciated!


    1. The local papers don’t write anything besides football and basketball. You have to go to ansons cardiac Hill for insight and analysis. He has paid professionals on staff. This site is all volunteer and frankly often better with analysis. Plus this site offers opion pieces and treads in waters that other toes won’t touch. It would be a great injustice if this forum just disappeared one day.


  11. Woman’s volleyball will only get better. They succeed despite playing in a 70 year old facility, despite little local elite talent, despite a paltry budget, despite low attendance and few boosters.


    It’s coaching. But it took coach dan nearly a decade to get to this level. And volleyball has far more hurdles and constraints than football.

    Oh, and did you mention the tarping looks nice inside? Narduzzi is the only reason why Heinz doesn’t have tarping.


  12. Well done Ann

    Women’s soccer will also be a fun team to watch this year. They have arguably the best player in the ACC. The ladies will make the playoffs for the first time I think in EVER.

    And men’s soccer is ranked number 3 in the nation.

    Wrestling should also be ranked just outside the top ten.

    Just wish there was more to that

    And don’t forget woman’s lacrosse starts up

    Pitt really needs to find the money for men’s lacrosse, hockey for both men and women and golf.

    But getting a super league invite is critical given the dollar payout and trickle down. And Pitt doesn’t get that without a MPC.


  13. I just mentioned something to John. I like Pitts tough schedule. The ACC is a weak conference. You need to play the best to be the best. I like coach dans approach to preparation. Plus it helps promote the program. There is so much talent just here in dfw. Very popular sport. Outstanding instruction and coaching at school and summer league level. PA doesn’t have that. Get the women down here to play. People have never heard of pitt here. Would be plenty of interested recruits. Plus coach dan isn’t a jerk.

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    1. Coach Dan is getting exposure to elite talent when he coaches the U18 national team. Very smart of him to do that. Of course he has to be a good coach to even get the asssignment.

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  14. As many thought, OL recruit, Nonar, decommits from Pitt today. Once that Florida offer came it was just a matter of time.


    1. Ole Miss offered as well, so shady Lane getting dollar bills ready in exchange for an LOI signature.


      1. Pitt is everyone’s scout. They offer a kid and then the big boys made an offer and back it with dollar signs.


  15. I remember last season fondly. I haven’t been that excited to watch recorded Pitt sports events in years and years and years. I record so I can choose to delete if Pitt loses. The women won often and looked good doing it. Thanks Annie for the write-up. Looking forward to recording next season.


    1. Don’t turn your tv on for football. And if you attend a game this year, bring a friend.

      Tex – friends with Jim Beam


    1. I rely on you and John for volleyball. A sport that has been historically strong at Pitt. A sport my daughter played. A sport that I played primarily on grass and sand. I hated hard courts. Very familiar with oozefest in buffalo. That was in mud a good 6 inches deep. Google it.

      My fresh grad year at UB, my team of ragtag coed misfits reached the intramural finals. Only to be defeated by the Chinese junior national team.


  16. Great job Annie and thank you for the write-up! I too am excited to see this team play well this year. Hopefully they can get some good airtime on national tv. My only concern is the lack of experience in the Libero position. A lot of things go unnoticed with a libero generally, such as his or her to create a quality pass off of a difficult serve receive. I am hoping our young ones remain confident throughout the year as it is a critical spot to defend and dig, transitioning to the O getting a kill!

    Sis was a junior olympian with two kids that received college schollies! Keep up the great work Annie!


  17. With all the political and social unrest in the world, any news about the ACC and Comcast brokering a deal?

    I think we’re going on football (9 wins this year) season #3 without significant television coverage.


    1. Gas,
      Nine is some major knockout gas. You and my lil bro should hook up. He gasses people and thinks pitt will only win five this year. 🤠

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  18. In Texas every school has these hand signs. I just thought of one for pitt. I’ll use during the tennesse game.

    Right hand pointer finger. Number one sign. Left hand use pointer and thumb to connect with right to form a P.

    Call me genius.


  19. AP(sportswriters) Pre-Season Poll

    Others receiving votes: Oklahoma State 107, Ole Miss 106, TCU 40, Liberty 36, Auburn 32, NC State 14, Michigan 12, Northwestern 8, Nevada 7, Boise State 7, Ball State 6, BYU 6, UCF 5, Houston 5, Boston College 5, West Virginia 3, Army 2, UCLA 2, UAB 2

    What the significance of Pitt not even getting “Others votes” is:

    Pitt will have to go 5-0 to start the season, just to get into the Top 25. As in like 24th or 25th.

    And with 1 loss, will be right back……Out of it

    No Duzz coached Pitt team has EVER been in the Top 20, at any time.


      1. Amazing the national Sportswriters give programs like Ball State, Liberty, Nevada, BC, Army & even little UAB votes.

        Pitt has a 8th year returning QB, lots of returning starters, had a winning season and garner not a single vote.


  20. Hasn’t every Pitt player and coach interviewed stated a better run game is a priority.

    So Narduzzi states the pass game was good, the run game not so much for the scrimmage. They need to work on it. He said they need more run play reps.

    If running the football is truly a priority, wouldn’t Whipple be emphasizing it with tons of reps already?

    I also saw Kradel interviewed. Said they are just making a few tweaks to fix the run game.

    Narduzzi and Borbs needs to reign Whipple in. I can’t believe they kept this tool. I expect to be MFing Whipple game two.


    1. lol….perhaps in the 1st half vs that juggernaut UMass. Pitt has been known to wet the bed in Game #1 against lightweights…..not d3 teams named Pee.


  21. Great article Annie! I really enjoyed it! After reading the rosters I was surprised that the Gold team won. I then read the paragraph about Kayla being hurt. We really will need her healthy for the first two matches here in South Carolina. If she is marginal though, I hope they keep her off the floor. They need to look at the long haul.

    There were three key players that you said looked good that are key to Pitt this year. The first is Emmy Klika, our freshman libero. Coach Fisher has been saying all along that he expects her to contribute this year. He backed that up by not going out and getting another graduate transfer libero. He was one for two on that front. Popovic was a big disappointment.

    The second player is Leketor Member-Meneh. I was worried about her lack of height, as were you. Glad she made such a great impression. I guess I should have trusted the Fish more on her!

    The third player is Jordan Lockwood. She looked like a junior college player at times last year. I am glad she seems to have stepped up in class. She was coming on at the end of last year.

    With the addition of Serena Gray, Chiamaka Nwokolo will have to play on the right side to get playing time. Starks is going to get more time as a six position player due to her serving ability. I was surprised that Chinaza Ndee had an ace. I really, really am not a fan of her serving. In the playoffs Fisher did not want her serving at all. The only time she served was when he was out of substitutions. I fully expect that to continue this year.

    Tx Panther: As Annie pointed out Coach Fisher is involved with the younger players in the USA Women’s Volleyball program. He guided the U.S. U20 team to a #5 finish in this year’s world tournament. The better players, even in God forsaken Texas, know about the Fish! We presently have three players on the team from there. Our latest recruit is also from there. Hopefully in the future Pitt will play in a Texas or Texas A&M preseason tournament. If Pitt has the year I am expecting, Texas will want to play them in their OOC in the future. As an aside, the same high school where are latest recruit plays also had a player commit to UCLA’s beach volleyball team. This is further proof that the most competitive programs in the state know about Coach Fisher and Pitt.

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  22. Nice article Annie….seems like we just concluded volleyball season. Time flies !

    Final 4 this year ! For the Pantherettes !

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  23. Thanks Annie! Appreciate getting to read about VB….hoping the fun continues this season for the Lady Panthers.

    Hope to see you and the husband for UMass and if not then, in Knoxville!


  24. took the opportunity to stop by Dabo Swinney’s campus yesterday on way back from dropping off son for year 2 in Atlanta

    couldn’t be any less impressed with the entire campus in the middle of nowhere South Carolina

    stadium was big and looked impressive driving by but no way in hell ANY RECRUIT is awed with any part of an official visit of that campus other than the coach and the other component$$$ included with an offer there

    no idea how they get basketball players at all

    anyone disagree? did I miss ANYTHING?
    I’ve toured quite a few colleges over the last few years and this one ranks at the bottom

    never been on WVCC grounds but from what I’ve heard I think this could be a step down from that except at Clemson I saw people with teeth and like the rest of us don’t consider animals family

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    1. I think it is a great place and I think the woman are beautiful. Do you really think Pitt’s campus is beautiful? The stadium at Clemson is awesome and here is an idea. it is on campus.

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      1. Pittsburgh has a ton to offer close and accessible, campus is not very nice and def not beautiful, I agree

        Clemson does not have anything like Pitt has with the city of Pittsburgh so no idea what you consider that makes it a “great place”

        the few hundred girls I saw weren’t impressive, maybe a bad day but my vision is perfect and I can judge talent 🙂

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  25. tvax1: Clemson’s campus reminds me of Penn State’s campus. I do not know which way you entered Clemson so that may have had some impact on your impressions. Clemson’s baseball and football facilities are quite impressive. They recently renovated their basketball arena. There is a lot of room to tailgate and the campus is spread out. The South Carolina Botanical Garden is on campus. Lake Hartwell borders the campus. Their fans are very friendly to visiting team fans. What exactly got you so upset?

    If I was a volleyball ball recruit though I would not be impressed. Once I saw where they play their matches, I would start laughing and that would be the end of the campus tour. I pity their volleyball coach and recruiters.


    1. you mean there is more than one way in and out of that place? I came in from W Cherry Rd and exited on Perimeter Rd to 76, drove much of the campus in between

      nothing got me upset although the Raising Cane’s wasn’t impressive 🙂 , kids were around as it looked to probably have been freshmen moving in weekend

      Lake Hartwell looked nice but thought it probably had alligators, no? 🙂 zero girls sunbathing

      I do recall many posting how nice the people were after the Pitt upset,,, they probably are great

      my kid did apply there and was offered a nice academic scholarship so harboring nothing else but seriously not impressed with much driving in and around

      the PSU comparison is fair which I consider rather old and dumpy looking too, not beautiful buildings or architecture, etc

      hey, UMd is hideous too, huge and hideous, probably worse than all now that I think about it


      1. No alligators generally above the fall line, I-20, in most of western and central SC. Architecture is not Clemson’s strong suit. For the best in ACC regarding architecture see University of Virginia. While the founder of American Architecture, Thomas Jefferson, was one of its founders, Virginia does not have an architecture curriculum. Pitt would be up there as well for architecture.

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        1. For the best in the Commonwealth of Virginia regarding architecture and campus beauty, see the University of Richmond. That said, agree with the comments on UVA.

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    2. I do have to seriously question how a new facility will significantly benefit Pitt volleyball. A new modern 3500 seat building will not have the same charm and character and intimacy like Fitzgerald. And playing in an old dump doesn’t seem to prevent talent from wanting to play at Pitt.


      1. If there is no new build, Coach Fisher will leave! That is a no brainer!! I would be very upset is that happened TX Panther!!!


        1. I’m not too sure. I don’t believe it’s impacting his ability to recruit. I can’t see how an elite top 50 player will be swayed. The atmosphere inside Fitzgerald is impressive despite its age. It’s also very uniquely Pitt. Fisher will leave when UCLA offers him $1.5 million. That day is coming.


          1. No air conditioning in the Fitzgerald Field House. That is a major, major problem with it. There does not seem to be any plans to correct this problem as Lyke and Gallagher seem to be putting all their marbles on being able to build a new facility soon.


            1. Floor condensation is a major issue. Fitzgerald can’t be retrofitted given its age. Too cost prohibitive. But a 3500 capacity venue is not the answer. There are high school gyms in my area larger than that.

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  26. Some updates on some Pitt volleyball players from last year that left/graduated. Zoe Faki is playing at San Diego State University. Lucky her! Popovic is at Iowa State. Big difference between Ames, Iowa and San Diego! Sadie Dick appears to have stayed home in Canada.


  27. Clemscum was always considered one of the Holes of the ACC. People generally laughed at them.

    Hinterland hicks in the middle of nowheresville.

    In that regard, it’s like Creepy Valley.

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  28. The Carolina Panthers played their 1st season using Clemscum as their Home Field since Bank of America Stadium wasn’t finished.

    That season couldn’t end soon enough, as most everyone in Charlotte hated that hole. A 2 lane goat path to and fro, crap hotels and garbage restaurants.

    Other than that it was very not charming !

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  29. As predicted…


    Freshman tight end Gavin Bartholomew (6-foot-4, 260 pounds) has impressed teammates and coaches through the first 10 days of camp.

    “He’s just so athletic,” (Nick) Patti said. “He’s really versatile., He’s a good blocker, He’s like – what? — 18?



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    1. Krull will get hurt in one of the first two games of the season and will be out for the rest of the year. He is a bit delicate, especially for a tight end.


  30. Took a walk on the Cathedral Lawn yesterday, my wife noticed that Marino’s name is not on the Walk of Fame. Any explanation?


        1. Stranger things have happened

          Like pitt tearing down pitt stadium

          The hiring of cornhole after he was run out of Nebraska.


          The wanny resignation (aka firing) surrounded by his players at the podium and then pouting for two full weeks before the bowl game

          Mike and his Freddy Krueger reference upon introduction and then being fired a week later for beating his baby momma

          Chryst and his outfits

          Fraud and that plane picture with penny off to see relatives in Arizona

          The hiring of King Pat

          Heather about to bolt Pitt for Sparty

          Gallagher talking about a front porch but delivering a back patio

          Whipple and his QB having to run to the sideline to get a play

          Ben dinucci on the cowboys squad

          Tex – who listed to the Doors in my youth.


          1. Tex – I have no doubt that you listed while listening to The Doors. The question is whether you listed backwards or forwards and what you were drinking.

            Point of clarification – I think it may have been Barnes who made the actual front porch remark.


            At least its attributed to him in multiple places on the web… so it must be true… much like “the facts” we read in this space (haha).


            1. This was a good link. But Pitt doesn’t treat it seriously enough. Texas does and many other schools. Pitt is just too lazy. And I do often question their business brains. Gallagher would rather entertain on his back patio by the pool. When recruiting for my fraternity the front porch was very important. Kegs on the porch. Volleyball net in front yard. Music, 70’s, blaring.


      1. Still, seems like he is the only Superstar missing. For four years he had Pitt at the top of College football, he grew up in Oakland, has to be more to the story.


        1. There probably is more to the story. But I do think not attending class and not doing community service has something to do with it. He was the greatest QB ever. You don’t get that without being selfish.


        2. Could be he wasn’t a serious student
          Could be many things
          But do notice the name is engraved senior year

          It’s not something added later
          He did not represent what Pitt wanted at the time
          And really he doesn’t today either
          That wife cheater can continue living in Miami.
          I’m not a big fan of his. He’s a selfish prick


    1. Well, he isn’t making it for student achievement. I guess they feel he doesn’t promote Pitt athletics enough or he turned it down.


  31. Pitt campus is beautiful if you like concrete. Jackie knew that.

    Sure it doesn’t have enough trees and open grassy areas. It’s an urban school. And Schenley is right down the street anyway. Pittsburgh’s version of Central Park.

    Pitt has some amazing and impressive buildings. The architecture is fantastic. I think there are over 50 places on the historic registry in Oakland alone.

    Pitts campus has far more character than Penn States.

    However Pitt plays in an ugly stadium that’s screams cheap while Clemson plays in a shrine on campus.


    1. At least Heinz Field has chair seating….not bench seating. Which is ok when you’re 20….but not so ok when you’re 50 +.

      And Heinz offers a better array of food choices, beer choices and has a better club level experience.

      And it’s in Pittsburgh…..not some podunkville place.

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      1. Sure the amenities are pro level at Heinz. But clemson has character that Heinz lacks. It has charm and charisma. It’s clemsons own on campus. Can’t put a price on those things.


        1. Yea but Pittsburgh has more character a million times over than Clemson, SC. lol

          I’m a Pitt man…..screw Clemscum !


            1. Clempson has howard’s rock. At Steeler stadium, you have a statue of Mr. Rooney. What a great Pitt tradition!


              1. And a ketchup bottle. The disgust in my belly for Pitt cannot be remedied by a mere vomit or laxative.


      2. Do you go to games to cheer or sit and eat?.Almost all colleges have bench seats People actually stand up and cheer. I suggest that you go to a drive in instead a Pitt football game. , that way you can be comfortable in your cozy seat. Heinz Field is not a college stadium. Until Pitt decides to make a commitment and build an OCS


        1. Drive-in ? Wow…you must be an old mofo. But you can’t be, cause you would know why bench seating sux bigtime.

          And nobody ever said Heinz was a college stadium. Pitt is a soccer/volleyball school now. So forget
          about an OCS . Especially in this environment.


  32. A recent email from Pitt noted that they are tearing down the O’Hara garage as we type. That was my tailgating spot for football outside Pitt Stadium and my current parking for basketball.

    If an on-campus-stadium would mean an end to tailgating as we do now, because we are scattered around Oakland looking for a place to park, or, worse yet, busing in from a distant parking lot, count me out. I’ll stick with Fran’s tailgate outside of Heinz Field.

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    1. Fewer and fewer people tailgate each year. Your fan segment is shrinking. Domer fans don’t have a problem parking and tailgating in remote lots. Why should pitt fans.

      And again you think selfishly. A new stadium isn’t for your generation.


      1. Fewer and fewer people tailgate each year? Is that an opinion or do you have something that backs it up, Tex? I can say for certain that Fran’s tailgates have gotten larger every year since I’ve known him. The season prior to COVID we had a turnout for one game that was so large we had to take two group pictures as we could only fit about 30 or so people in each.

        I’ve been to several Pitt-ND games in South Bend. I’ve tailgated at each one and never farther than walking distance to the stadium. Maybe I was lucky but no Domer parking pass. Now I do get there early when lots are just opening so ….

        I’m not contradicting your statement. Because I don’t really know what the tailgating numbers are in general. But I think when you come to the Clemson tailgate, you might think differently. At least I hope so.

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      2. With the so-called New Normal…..of mask mandates, lockdowns, variants galore and god knows what else is on their horizon of horrors.

        All of this stuff, is going to be fewer and fewer people. Especially depending on what state you live in.

        Pitt is never even going to entertain spending hundred$ of Million$ with that kind of uncertain future.
        Not even likely….in a Certain Future.


        1. Safer just to stay home and watch in tv. This won’t be the last pandemic. But programs need homes even without fans. And the lacrosse and soccer teams need practice fields. And hockey is a viable sport. Hence you build it. Spend the money. Multiple programs benefit.


      3. Correction Tex, The Fran and Farmers tailgate in RED 5-A has grown each year. Stick to your innuendos, exaggerations and your poo being thrown at the wall to see if any sticks. The way I see it, your wall is pretty clear from your poo poo? You’re dancing in the dark my friend.

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        1. Ike in all seriousness my generation is the last generation that has any interest in tailgating. It will go the way of the dodo bird. When you construct football shrines you do it for future generations and to honor the past. Millennials and gen Z and whatever the one will be called after them and them do not fancy tailgating. They don’t even fancy attending games. That’s why the design and atmosphere regarding future stadiums is geared to the future and not past or even current fans. The smart architects, engineers and designers all understand this. I’m not here to educate or convince. That’s the inevitability. Like the sun rising each morning. You can’t stop it. If and when a stadium gets built is a decade away. In ten years, there won’t be any lots around Heinz anyway. Steelers could be playing in cranberry. Pitt football could be division 3. Cherish your tailgating while you still have it. Nothing lasts forever.


  33. Cannot believe no one has posted this yet. Pitt, to no one’s surprise, was picked to win the ACC in Men’s Soccer by the ACC head coaches.. Clemson was picked to finish 2nd and North Carolina was picked 3rd.

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  34. Watched a clip of an OL drill from training camp. Couple take aways:

    —Carter Warren did all but one or two plays from the RT position. To me, that’s good news, versus LT.

    —Carter Warren looks trimmer and more athletic. That’s more good news.

    So I checked. Last season, the 6’5” Warren was listed at 325 pounds. This season he is listed as 315 pounds. Allelujah!

    Go Pitt.


  35. John, thanks for some good news…just when I thought things were totally hopeless.
    By the way, I will miss you much at the outing.

    Uncle Iek, I had no idea poopoo would pass through the portal of the Legion of Decency. Good job!

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    1. Fran – I will miss seeing you guys at the golf event.

      I did get to play at Nevillewood recently – designed by Jack Nicklaus. I had some really ugly shots and some really good ones.

      Very impressive course – fastest greens I can remember playing plus bunkers galore… Mario used to have his celebrity tourney there.

      I know that the FRANchise and Erie and everyone will have a great time in Lancaster.

      Go Pitt

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  36. John, you must have a pretty discerning eye if you could see a difference in Warren at 315 lbs compared to 325 lbs. Here’s hoping all the OLineman are more toned this year. New Strength/Conditioning coach this year, right?


      1. I don’t think Narduzzi understands the value of nutrition, strength and conditioning and mental fitness.

        Cramps against UCF
        All those tubbies on the line
        All those penalties

        If a branch of our military analyzed this team, they would consider it a third world country.

        No leaders. No discipline. No strategy and tactical plans. No will and fortitude. All selfish and interested in me and not team. No cohesivesness.

        Pitt is the Iraqi Army.


    1. Mark – my first impression on the video was that Warren looked a bit trimmer, but yeah, maybe my imagination.

      But I’d sure rather he lose 10 pounds than gain the normal 10 pounds. To me, that’s like a 20 pound improvement!! 😊

      Go Pitt.

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  37. Why I think Krull may have a good season; He is a physical specimen, has all the tangibles and it it his audition to get a pro contract. Obviously no guarantees, he has shown very little to date that he has the intangibles, will to succeed etc. However, we have seen a few other guys that turn it on when there is big money on the line. Hope he is that guy.

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    1. He’s mentally weak most likely. All the physicality goes out the window if you are weak and stupid. Kid has a chance to prove me wrong.


    1. Weight is fine if the lateral quickness is there too.

      I’ve never understood why an offensive tackle has to weigh 330 pounds to block a 260 pound DE…

      Go Pitt.


      1. I agree. The over 300 standard is ridiculous. That used to be the standard for a D tackle also. Aaron Donald helped smash that myth.


        1. When it comes to being fat and out of shape, no exaggeration is needed. Pitt doesn’t run a RPO or hurry up because it’s tubbies couldn’t make it back to the line of scrimmage in time.


          1. It’s hard to run a Hurry Up….if the QB….has to run over to the sidelines…for the play.



          2. no problem there Indiana-Tex- remember the QB takes 10 seconds after the paly to run to the side-lines to talk with Whip…the linemen get a rest and PITT gets fewer plays on offense and the guys on D get a rest too.


            1. That might be more for the O line than Kenny. Never though of that. Feeds into my conspiracy why pitt doesn’t do many things on offense. I think if you fix the line, you fix a large piece of the offense. I do think Kenny gets too much of the blame. The lineman from Ohio state is the real deal. Too bad he can’t start right away. He’s a nimble mauler.


            2. Looking forward to seeing you in Knoxville. I never lost my Indiana roots. I’ll be with my college roommate and fellow indianian Pat. And a army lawyer from Atlanta. He’s bringing the guns.


  38. Speaking of big guys, why doesn’t Pitt use a Refrigerator Perry guy on the goal line? How about Kancy, think anyone could tackle him? Stop him on a short yardage play?

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  39. Tex, good luck in Austin this weekend. It’s a big adjustment.

    By the way, not sure if all colleges do this now. When I moved my son in, saw these sign hung to welcome incoming freshman and parents. They are hysterical.

    Hung outside girls apartment or sororities…

    “We burned our couches so we could sit on your face.”
    “Freshman son drop off, you can drop dad too”
    “We hope your sons pull out, game is strong”
    “You honk, we drink, dad’s welcome”

    College was the best.


    1. I wish at times I could go back to those days. At Pitt and UB. Such fun times. Then adulthood hit. Being an adult sucks.

      I’m looking forward to the movein and eye candy. The wife will be with me so must be careful. Will probably wear sunglasses.

      I’d like to try to attend a longhorn football game but will be tough with my schedule. Plus I’ve already committed to two Pitt games – Tennessee and clemson.

      I don’t think my son truly understands what he’s walling into.

      My daughter will be next year. She’s the one I worry about. Too much like me. 🤠


      1. Sunglasses a must, lol.

        My son was at a frat party his first Friday on campus. Your son will adapt faster than you.

        I’ll be at the Longhorn game at WVU. I’ll hit my usual Pitt games also.

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  40. On a side note
    I’m that older guy at a college party that the kids think is cool

    I’m that younger guy at a tailgate or golf outing that some older guys, aka Boomers, think is a real jerk.

    That’s me in a nutshell.


  41. Seriously I miss the keg stands, the games of beer pong, quarters, cardinal puf puff, Mexican, beer funnels, bong hits, wake n bakes, foosball, cold Yager shots, late night clubbing, one night stands, the annual checkup for VD, rat on a stick from the street vendor, late 80’s and 90’s music, jean jackets and Marlboro lights. Good times.

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    1. 90’s music started the downfall of music. 80’s wasn’t too hot either……but compared to the utter garbage of today….it was symphonic.

      1970’s was the best decade ever for music. You had album rock, metal rock, pop rock, funk, R & B, Soul, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Fusion, reggae and even that oft criticized disco & even Pop music was good compared to the garbage of today.

      1970’s was also the apex of Championship Caliber sports in Pittsburgh. Pitt-NC -1976, Steelers-4 SB wins in 6 years, Pirates – 2 WS wins. Pgh Triangles -1975 WTT champions.

      1970’s – the era of Muscle Cars & Drive-In’s.

      Just a great decade !!! Too bad you missed it !

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      1. I didn’t miss it. How young do you think I am? My formative years were the 80’s. Your boomer children are the millennials. Let that sink in.


        1. Well you were too young to enjoy it then. You were probably born around the mid 1970’s.

          Like i said you missed it !


          1. I was a bit too young. But it did influence me. And like I said, we listed to that music while in college. We dressed differently though. 🤠


  42. I watch a lot of college football games, cause i bet on 5-7 games per Saturday.

    All the college teams I’ve seen have fat overweight O-lines. Or tubbies….as our fav negative
    commenter calls them.

    So not a Pitt thing in the slightest.


    1. All those other tubbies can block and pass protect. You’re fat until your prove otherwise. Pitts lineman look like they hang out at the dumpster of a Chinese restaurant.


      1. There’s a job for you then….after you tell Heather how to do her job….you can be Pitt football dietitian,

        chop chop


        1. Fashion designer maybe. Haven’t seen her in yellow in 9 months. She must be listening to my fashion advice.


  43. I reminder listening to 70’s music as a child. I played much of it at my 90’s frat parties and house parties. I also remember Vietnam, long gas lines, jaws and Star Wars, the crap my parents dressed me in and many other things. Nostalgia is good. But you don’t build a future on it. You create your own out of what you have today and what you will have. I borrow from the past only. At some point you need to give what you borrow back.


  44. This doesn’t sound so good. Something a Blowin in the Wind.

    The ACC announced Thursday that teams unable to play this season because they do not have enough players due to COVID-19 will be charged with a forfeit.

    Each Power 5 conference has now announced a similar policy. In the ACC, the forfeiting team will be given a loss in the conference standings, while its scheduled opponent will be credited with a win. If both teams cannot play because they do not have enough players due to COVID-19, they will both be charged with a forfeit and a loss in the conference standings.

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        1. Not until the boosters arrive. But this might end up being endemic. Meaning it’s like the flu. You can catch it every year. You need a covid shot to minimize severity. Football doesn’t cancel games because some players have the flu. Start treating covid the same way as the seasonal flu.

          Sports and society need to learn to live with it. I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon.


  45. Wow….teammates killing teammates.

    “Police arrested a former Miami Hurricanes football player Thursday in connection to the November 2006 shooting death of teammate Bryan Pata,nearly 15 years after the crime and nine months after an ESPN investigation pointed out missteps in the long-stalled police inquiry.

    The Miami-Dade Police Department said U.S. marshals arrested Rashaun Jones, 35, on a first-degree murder charge in the killing. In a video issued on Twitter, detective Juan Segovia thanked the Pata family and the community for keeping the pressure on to solve the case.”

    On Nov. 7, 2006, Jones shot Pata in the head as he got out of his SUV in front of his apartment complex four miles from the Miami campus. It was around 7 p.m. and Pata had just returned from afternoon practice;


      1. No worse than Narduzzi poisoning us fans with mediocre football. I’ll keep note of the hospital locations while in Knoxville.


        1. Pitt’s BoT today in its morning meeting must have been thrilled with the talk of the Alliance being announced next week. Then those dullards must have scattered home and covered themselves in bed after reading Jim Phillips telling the ACC schools to start taking football more seriously.

          More seriously? Pitt? Fat chance of that happening. The only university that thinks winning is a bad thing.


          1. Agreed. Many reasons why pitt doesn’t take sports seriously enough. But new leadership could change all that. Would need to have a maverick personality with some support by a whale or two. Then you begin working on certain structural, organizational, and behavioral constraints. Basically you blow things up and rebuild.


  46. Watched a bit of a training camp clip on WRs running simple down and in or out patterns. What I liked was that they were making sharp breaks (all except one).

    Hoping not to see those rounded off patterns this season…

    Also saw where Coach Duzz said that the RBs need to BYOB – Be Your Own Blocker – and make the first tackler miss.

    Hummm. I’d say then Coach you better recruit some RBs with some wiggle, a la Dion, Ray, and Shady…

    Go Pitt.


    1. That may also be a sign that the OL isn’t much better than the last two years.

      This will be a passing offense once again. What is the Vegas line on drops?


      1. drops? big number

        KP ball points wrong direction, not sure if up, down, left or right but it’s the 5th or 6th year we’ve known this,

        nothing to do with line or receivers or whatever – SMH


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    2. Like if I was a player on offense, I would completely tune out this man. He knows defense. That’s it. He’s no Patton.


    1. by 2022 K8 INC will be hitting on all cylinders and he can live off the interstate of his endorsement income without ever seeing the field at the next level


        1. I thought you meant Kenny signed a interstate battery deal. That actually made sense to me how written the first time. 🤠


  47. Running game always takes longer to jell, no surprise there. Since James Conner, Maybe Ollison and Hall they haven’t had a guy that can break or avoid that first tackle. The line hasn’t been good for two years which makes the lack of talent at running back more noticeable.

    The line should be better, but the running game needs Izzy to avoid that first tackle most of the time. KP cannot be their best run option this year.

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  48. ACC counting on the Delta surge being over in the South and hitting us hard during football season.


  49. ACC B10 P12 agreement should be interesting if we get more money. Of course ACC no agreement with Comcast is a thorn for us.


  50. A very good PR run for Pitt football!

    Not since Majors and Foge have I seen so many daily articles in the PG and Trib about Pitt Football. Don’t know who’s responsible but a tip of the hat to Heather!

    I am hearing from my friend at Comcast that if a pact is made between ACC, Big 10 and PAC 10,
    they will finally carry ACC network.
    She is in third level management at Comcast.

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    1. Too late….need to start the media blitz 45-60 days prior to opener to drive ticket sales and excitement. Just my opinion. Also, it helps that Pitt is expected to have a minimum 8-4 regular season. The city is looking for an excuse to back a winner. Pitt should have been providing that for the last 35 years, yet fumbled.

      I am always happy to read Pitt news and implore everyone to read the story online, close out your browser, re-open it….and click again! If you wanna keep the Pitt stories coming, you click and click and click every time. That is how State Penn does things. They hire firms to push their “click” numbers, sometimes to the point of reaching a ‘now trending”…..


      1. So hypothetically I could also hire a firm to produce clicks advocating for the removal of certain leadership individuals at Pitt?

        Trending – Pat Narduzzi on the hot seat

        Heather Lyke soon to be announced Sparty AD

        Gallagher accepts offer to lead atomic measurement division on Mars.


  51. Will this new agreement give us a shot at the Rose Bowl? That would be awesome.
    In any case this is a very good development to allow more rational OOC games, counter the SEC
    takeover and prevent the Super conference that Tex is so fond of.
    It also may help force ND’s hand.


    1. This just delays the inevitable. This alliance won’t be putting significant dollars in anyone’s pocket. A super league would triple the current payout of a school like clemson. Ask yourself how often do alliances last and why do they fail or succeed. The seeds have already been planted for failure.


    2. The Domers are very good card players. They will call this bluff. Domers got dealt a full boat. They have all the leverage…until the break from the NCAA.


  52. For the fourth year in a row Pitt Women’s Volleyball has been picked to finish first in the ACC. They received 13 of the 15 coach’s votes. Louisville picked up the other two votes and finished second. Pitt had three players chosen for the ACC Preseason team. The three were Kayla Lund, two time ACC player of the year, Chinaza Ndee, and PSU transfer, Serena Gray. Louisville had four players chosen.

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      1. If you go by the Coach’s poll, they would be 5th. Based on the tournament, they are better than Minnesota who they defeated. I would put them second behind Wisconsin. I believe they are easily better than Purdue and Minnesota. Pitt could take Nebraska in a five set match. Pitt versus Wisconsin would be an interesting match and I would not count out Pitt.

        We will know a lot more about the team after next Saturday. Both Rice and Washington State are ranked. It will be a good test for them. Also looking forward to the Baylor and BYU matches. A lot of people in the volleyball world are starting to pay more attention to Pitt. More and more articles about them are being written. Last year’s tournament was the best publicity Pitt could ever want. We need to continue the momentum gained from that.


        1. I was thinking third or fourth. But Pitt would be very competitive in every game. Just stinks that the ACC is so inferior in volleyball. That hurts Pitt. But the ooc schedule is tough. Coach dan is smart. I really wish the women’s volleyball and soccer teams well. Both sports I played. One I coached. But I really did like beach volleyball. I was hyper competitive in that sport. Wish I would I learned at an earlier age and been three inches taller.

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  53. People will pay for content. Everyone wants to watch good teams square off with future nfl players.

    Nobody wants to tune into a pitt game besides some bored and cheap yinzer on a Saturday afternoon.


    1. This has nothing to do with Pitt, why stoop to that level.
      Very few people on the West Coast, Mid West, Southwest or Northeast will tune into an SEC game, unless they are gamblers and have money on the game. You miss the whole point, People will watch their home team, or a game in their conference, not many will just watch a random game even if high quality.

      In order for a super league to work it will need a team(s) in every major tv market.

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      1. I’ll watch a good college match any day. Particularly any school from Texas. You can’t be serious in saying the only fans that watch bama are alumni or people who live in the state.


        1. You are making my point, you live in Texas. Ok Alabama probably has a national following as does ND, but that’s about it.


          1. Gordon, streaming is all about content. Nobody outside Allegheny county gives a bulls moo about Pitt football. And Pitt has nobody but themselves to blame.


    1. And even if this was to come to fruition, you have a four win season staring at you in the face next season.

      It’s easy to win ten games. It takes hard work and smarts to have consistent 8-10 win seasons.

      A 7 win average coach after 6 years at Pitt isn’t the answer. One way ticket to Youngstown.


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