A Preseason Look at Virginia

Another sterling article by Rich in SC…

Marc Bronco Mendenhall enters his sixth season as head coach of the Virginia Cavaliers (VA). Bronco, prior to his arrival in VA, was the head coach at Brigham Young University (BYU) . In his eleven years at the helm, BYU amassed an overall record of 99-43.

After a 2-10 (1-7 conference) first season, Bronco’s teams have gone 28-22 (17-16 conference, 10-3 Out of conference (OOC), one conference championship loss, and 1-2 in bowl games).

What do the 2020 NCAA stats say about Virginia’s 5-5 record.

I knew this info existed but I did not think about using this until this article. I should have used this is the leadoff chart in every article.

Do stats lie? Sometimes they do or more context is needed. In this case, The VA leader in individual QB Pass Efficiency is a punter.

On to the review. Of course, the schedules.

Some neat things to point out in the VA schedule notably a bye in the tenth week of a 13 week season. At least the bye is before the Notre Dame (ND) OOC home game. Speaking of the OOC schedule, VA is playing three Power 5 (P5) opponents – Illinois, ND and an away game at BYU, Bronco’s old team. (The ACC, Big10, & Big12 conferences consider BYU a P5 team for scheduling purposes.) Virginia gets to play back to back non Saturday games – Friday 9/24 home game with Wake and Thursday 9/30 away game at Miami.

The recruiting part of the review.

All five classes are exclusively Bronco’s. Started off slow with the 2017 and 2018 rounding up to an average 5.5 rating / 3* recruit using Rivals Numerical Ranking (NRR). His last three classes have improved to a rounded  average of 5.6 recruit with the 2020 actually topping that mark at 5.607.

Any transfer portal (TP) entries?

Of course, there are. Clemson is the only ACC team that has not taken anyone off the TP.

The best of the group is TE Jelani Woods from Oklahoma State. He will probably be the starter. The surprise of the group is the 2017 5.5, 3* from Harvard. I believe I read the Chico Bennett had an offseason injury and will miss the 2021 season. Anthony Johnson the 2017 CB will have a good shot at starting. He joins a Cavalier team that ranked #123, giving up 304.4 yards per game. It’s a good thing Reed is not a Virginia fan. He would be having a conniption. (Ed Note: True…)

Who are the players to know?

As usual, I start with returning 2020 All ACC selections. With the announcement of the 2021 preseason all ACC 27 member team, I have marked the single selection in Bold. This is followed by additional names not on the returning list but on the Athlon 2021 preseason selections.

Virginia is projected to have one of the better Oline’s in the ACC.

That wraps up the recruiting, TP entries and names to know portion of my review. On to Virginia ‘s player losses.

Who did the Cavaliers lose to the NFL? Those names in Bold where 2020 All ACC selections.

I just added Zane Zandier to the list because he went to local high school Thomas Jefferson (TJ).

Like all teams, Virginia lost some players to the TP:

Jowon Briggs (2019 5.9, 4*) is probably the best of the bunch. He entered the TP with four games left to play in the season (one of them ended up being cancelled). As a Cincinnati native, he announced his transfer to Cincinnati eight days after entering the portal.

Snap counts. I have added total team pass and run attempts to the chart. Should have done it earlier. You can assume that the QB made the same percentage of handoff’s to non QB’s as he made percentage of pass attempts. Not very accurate but will get you in the ballpark of total snaps.

Virginia runs different offenses depending on who is taking the snaps at QB. Armstrong and Armstead are more run-pass option (RPO) QB’s. Stone is a pro style QB. Thompson is a “Wildcat” QB. Thompson is also known to line up as a Wide receiver.

Virginia’s 186 running plays by RB’s/ WR (six in total) went for 748 yards or 4.0 yards per carry (y/c). One of the six has moved on to his life’s work. Virginia’s returning five players (who had at least one carry) are 129 carries, 470 yards for 3.6 y/c. The transfer from Harvard was an All-Ivy league first team selection.

Now for a bonus fun with numbers exercise, The POV has been discussing Kenny Pickett (KP) and his stats including Passing Efficiency (PE), yards per attempt (Y/A), touchdowns (TD) and interceptions (INT) thrown amongst others. Mainly in those discussions , KP was not put in a good light. Would it make any difference to Pitt’s overall record if KP’s passing efficiency was in the top 31% of all 2020 eligible QB’s? (Ed Note: Not really but go for it…)

Now for my usual wordy explanation. I get my stats I use from the NCAA. Link:

 NCAA Statistics

This link will take you to the NCAA home page. Every stat on this page is for “TEAM” statistics. For individual stats, you need to click on the “INDIVIDUAL” tab.

If you do find your way to the individual passing efficiency ranking and click on it you will see this header line.

It holds just eleven items:  Rank, player (name, school, conference). Class (CL), Position (POS),  Games Played (G) (Games the player played in. Not the  games the Team played) , and the meat of the data:  Pass Attempts, Pass Completions, Interceptions (INT), Pass Yards, Pass TD and finally Pass Efficiency which is just a calculation based on the prior five numbers.

Notice there is nothing about Y/A, Yards per Completion (Y/C), Completion % (Comp%), Yards per Game (Y/G) and so on. All of those are calculated based on one or more of those five numbers and sometimes a sixth – Games played. Those categories have their own tab in either the team or individual main tab.

How did I come up with top 31%? That is easy. There are 108 QB’s eligible per NCAA standards ( Min. 15 Attempts Per Game | Must play in 75% of team’s games). 108*.31 = 33.48.  Notre Dame’s Ian Book was the 33rd ranked QB. If Book was #33 what would KP need to do to match that ranking.

Here are KP’s and Ian Book’s line straight off the NCAA PE page.

Before I start let me give the formula for Passing Efficiency (PE) and an example using KP’s numbers.

((8.4*Passing yards) + (330* Touchdown Passes) + (100*Completions) (200*Interceptions)) / Passing Attempts:

I set up the chart below. I changed one of the four numbers I mentioned to mimic Ian Book’s number one at a time. I then held that constant for the remaining numbers. I held the fifth (pass attempts) constant. Aggregate and individual changes are shown at the bottom of the chart:

All it would have taken to be a top 31% (instead of top 61%) in QB PE was nine more completions, 255 more yards, two more TD’s and six less INT’s. Except for the INT’s all were doable. Even more doable was throwing only three less INT’s but adding another TD.

I had fun doing this chart. Reed was right in his assessment of Y/A and Y/C as a major factor in assessing a QB’s performance. I had never run the numbers before but Y/A (Y/A was how I calculated passing yards) was the biggest change factor in passing efficiency.

120 thoughts on “A Preseason Look at Virginia

  1. Another excellent article, Rich on Pitt’s upcoming opponents! Your research and well written articles make it much easier for fellow POVers to understand the competition and put things into better perspective! Again, thanks for the great work!

    As the season gets closer, I still don’t have a good feeling for this Pitt team. Last year, I would have said that an 8 win season was a lock. We all know how that ended. But given that it was a COVID year, and two losses were by one point, I think there was some reason for miscalculation. I’ve already committed to a 9 win 2022 season, given the 15 returning starters including Pickett who should have improved by now. But in looking at the weaknesses from last year, such as OL and poor running game, I’m not sure they have been strengthened. They could just be shuffling the chairs on the Titanic. On paper, I think they are better, but we’ve played that old song before…

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      1. More like it’s treading water……but Rudderless & going in circles with Ensign Parker Pat at the helm.


        1. Maybe pitt gets lucky and ends up drifting with the current to an island populated with rum, wild pigs and wild women. Some might call that paradise.


  2. Very good use of data and analysis. But even with those nine more completions and 250 more yards, Kenny is not a top third QB. Hes got certain intangibles that don’t show up on the stat sheet though.

    Now under a different scheme like RPO, I believe he would do very well.

    But old pappy is playing the piano while the ship goes down this season.


    1. What a terrible decision to throw it there in double coverage and then the horrible throw to compound it.

      No wonder he’s the 3rd string QB.


  3. Here is why both Rich and I agree that the main measurables for QBs are Yards Per Attempt (YPA) and Yards Per Completion (YPC).

    Let’s look at three somewhat similar Pitt QBs; Pickett, Palko and Voytik and their numbers:

    YPA = 7.8
    YPC = 13.0
    TDs/Game = 1.6

    YPA = 7.6
    YPC = 12.4
    TDs/Game = 1.4

    YPA = 6.8
    YPC = 11.2
    TDs/Game = 1.0

    Note the differences between the three – that YPA & YPC difference between Palko and Pickett is pretty huge. Let’s say (and I averaged this somewhat) a Pitt game over the years from Palko’s time to now had the QB throwing: 33 attempts per game with 20 completions per game.

    Then that 1.8 YPC rate difference between Palko and Pickett adds up to 36 yards. At first glance that might no look like much but it translates to at least 3.6 full 1st downs. However, if you look at how many times a team has 3rd and 5 or less yards to go – then it is at least six more 1st downs per game.

    And that is huge, especially in the Red Zone.. or if you lose two games by one point each!

    I have said over the last two years that Pickett is just not the QB Pitt fans think he is when he’s actually out there playing the game. Yes, he has intangibles but as Rich and I have pointed out – sometimes stats do matter and make a big difference between average play and very good play.

    And – I say this because if you remember I was praising Pickett from his first fall camp on…but as he’s played my opinion changed. Finally, Narduzzi better pick out a QB2 early on in camp and give him a lot of snaps with the 1st and 2nd string because we have seen what happens when Pickett goes down.

    (BTW – not an accountant and tried to go strictly by the numbers as facts above)

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    1. I agree Reed the YPA and YPC tell an important story, however I think you have to factor in the stupid dink n dunk offense that Pickett has suffered through thanks to Pitts awful OC.

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      1. Agreed. His stats would be better under a different scheme. Plus he’s got intangibles like leadership and moxy. Tino only led in getting sacked.


  4. On the ACC Road Show program.

    In the segment with the 5 questions for Snooz & to see how well Picket knew his coach, Pickett
    would give his answers….BEFORE…the Snooz revealed his.

    Were the announcers trying to make Snooz look dumb……or is he just slow, naturally ?

    And Chicken Parm……is not Pasta ! ( so they only really got 2 of 5 matched correct)


    1. Normally I have linguine on the side.

      The better choice would have been breaded chicken coated in franks hot sauce on a freshly made hoagie bun covered in shredded cabbage, tomatoes and real blue cheese dressing.

      It’s a buffalo thing. Some joint by the old campus off main had this one down. Was always spot on.

      Pittsburgh would take this dish and ruin it by adding fries.


  5. After a seriously rocky first couple of years in the NFL…..great to see former Pitt QB Nate Peterman lead the Raiders to victory last night ! Both Nate & the Raiders are getting a new lease on Life….in Las Vegas.

    LAS VEGAS — — With Derek Carr skipping Las Vegas’ preseason opener and Marcus Mariota nursing a leg injury, third-string quarterback Nathan Peterman stepped on the field Saturday night against the Seattle Seahawks with a chip on his shoulder.

    “That’s kind of when I play at my best,” Peterman said.

    Apparently so.

    Peterman completed 29 of 38 passes for 246 yards, leading the Raiders to a 20-7 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

    “Every time you go out there — whether it’s preseason, practice, whatever it is — I’ve always got something to prove I feel like,” said Peterman, who fell one snap shy of becoming the only quarterback in the NFL to play the entire game in Week 1 of the preseason. “That’s what it was today, and just happy to go out there and have some fun and get a win.”

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  6. I think the two things that hurt the YPA and YPC stats the most are a poor OL and no running game. And Pitt was guilty of both. So while I’m not someone who thinks Pickett is another Marino, I will concede he hasn’t had the best protection, or a running game in the red zone to fall back on. He is an adequate runner but is not a real accurate thrower on the run. And I don’t think he can throw an accurate deep ball. Also, he has not had a TE to throw to. The WRs have been adequate, but other than Addison have not really performed to expectations. It seems to me that Pitt is an average at best offensive team, and Pickett’s stats are average as a result.

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  7. Doesn’t even have to be Bama…..put him even in a UCF offense and he would be much more dynamic.

    Heck even put him a Jason Candle Toledo Offense. Candle is a guy Pitt should be looking at !

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    1. Yes. Yes. Yes.
      Are you his agent?

      He’s on my top five list to replace king pat. Has been for 4 years now.


      1. Jock
        Johnny Mike
        Johnny Maj
        Jackie S

        Jamie (for added measure, even though hoops)

        Our most successful all-time coaches.

        Jason (?)

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  8. Regarding the importance of YPA, this is something I’ve regularly focused on here through the years. A considerable difference between quarterbacks might be the single most telling predictor of a game outcome.

    Of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

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  9. Richard — you are a mad-numbers-man! You’d have been a heck of a miner, the way you dig into stuff. Thanks for the article. 👍

    I agree with VOR’a post above. While KP certainly has flaws, he hasn’t had a decent OL, hasn’t had a good running game, and hasn’t had that reliable TE to help bail him out.

    Yards are awfully nice, but we need TDs. KP needs to at least double his number of TD passes this season.

    I think those things that have been dragging KP down (OL, RB, and TE), all have a good chance to be better this season.

    Go Pitt.

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  10. Not quite John, Richard counted his beans above ground.

    Another great job Richard, (REDUNDANT!) sorry I can’t help you with tickets this year. Take care buddy.

    Hey everyone, Markpt, now I owe you two phone calls. I can tell you that attending any games this year is out. The POV people I have met and even the ones I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet are the absolutely the best. Now back to PITT football.

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  11. Check it out, Pitt & CMU teaming up.

    “People with a PhD are the most hesitant when it comes to getting the Covid-19 vaccine, according to a paper by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.

    Researchers surveyed just over five million US adults in an online survey, with 10,000 reporting that they were educated to PhD level.

    The report showed a surprising U-shaped correlation between willingness to get a Covid vaccine and education level – with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated.

    Researchers concluded that the most educated people in our society – the people certified to become doctors and treat the virus – are not only the most hesitant about getting vaccinated but are also the least likely to change their minds about it. “

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    1. Interesting, and yet so many are very judgmental to those who don’t get vaccinated.

      I glad I live in a country where the choice is still mine and I have the freedom to do either. We also have life happenings that justify our choices.

      I have a friend who’s father-in-law passed away a few weeks ago after getting COVID-19. He was vaccinated several months ago, non-smoking, very healthy man of 52 years old.

      The virus attacked his lungs and he was in the hospital on a ventilator.

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  12. I left for Columbia Friday AM. Just got back today at 5.

    The whole point of Kenny’s adjustments needed, was to show just how a series of small adjustments move KP way up on stat ranking. Notice I did not write about “what ifs” and how it would have put a difference spin on Pitt’s 2020 season,

    In all probability, none of those changes would have effected Pitt’s 2020 season record. It was just a fun with numbers exercise that I enjoyed doing and actually learned about the interaction that goes on when numbers are changed.

    KP did improve his PE numbers from 2018 ranked #90-120.3 rating and 2019 #91 122.4 rating. So he did show improvement over those years. Is it unreasonable to assume that KP will continue that improvement? I think it is reasonable, Especially if the running game takes a jump over past seasons,

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    1. From Yahoo Sports –

      “A third-year offensive guard, Jacoby came to OSU as a 4-star prospect out of Mentor, Ohio. He’s not really in the mix in the competition for significant time on the offensive line this season and hasn’t gotten into a game to date during his career. So, it’s really an opportunity to get out from being buried on the depth chart in Columbus.”

      Is this a depth move or are the starters that bad that we “reached” for talent buried on the OSU depth chart.

      Inquiring minds want to know…


  13. but if he can move a big human he’s ok in my book!

    wwb/wbb… great to see you name again. Get your ass to 5A this year…. Short drive for you!!!

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  14. Unfortunately he needs to sit a year unless he apply and is granted a waiver. He transferred after the deadline. These kids were given want they want. Now, they need to make sure if they transfer that it is done before the deadline.


    1. Sorry, I didn’t see your comment before I posted the comment below yours. I type slowly and and very wordy.


  15. Based upon my understanding of the NCAA transfer rules, Jacoby is not eligible to play this season (2021).
    Yes, there is a one time transfer rule granting immediate eligibility to compete. The problem is that the transferee must must have notified his prior school by July 1’st. Since he notified Ohio State in August, he may have to sit out a year. (There may be further exceptions that I am not aware of.)

    My interpretation of the rules is confirmed by this article on Cardiac Hill:

    His transfer is a depth addition for the 2022 season.


      1. No doubt boosters will be needed. The problem with vaccines is that they don’t work unless everyone gets them. A worldwide problem. So far the vaccines have dramatically lowered hospitalizations and death for those that took them compared to those that haven’t.

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        1. I’m just glad there are now fans in the stands and tailgating is allowed again. I got sick and tired of seeing cardboard cutouts on TV and empty seats.

          Well the empty seats will persist with Pitt. But the tailgates are back. 🍺 🥃 🍷 🍸 🍔 🌭 🍗 🥩

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        2. Of course that is further complicated by the one BIG exception. That being those with natural immunity following a healthy recovery from the virus.

          More and more studies showing natural immunity to be FAR superior to anything the vaccines have to offer when it comes to the Delta variant and likely any future variants.


          1. The problem with that is you have to survive Covid, those future variants and possible long term effects and put many at needless risk.


        3. This is just one State. Your stmt is flat our wrong.

          At least 151 people have died and more than 500 have been hospitalized in Illinois due to COVID-19 in “breakthrough” cases after they were fully vaccinated, according to state health officials.

          According to data updated Wednesday by the Illinois Department of Public Health, 151 people in Illinois have died due to COVID-19 or complications after being fully vaccinated.


          1. Let’s just end this debate

            Get vaccinated
            You don’t won’t to get Covid
            Vaccinations help prevent hospitalizations and deaths

            Those are facts

            Let’s just move on

            I’d rather rehash why heather is perfect for Sparty and why King Pat is so Terrible.

            Many of you still won’t accept those truths.


              1. I watched it. The greens and fairways at oakmont were immaculate. He beat a tar hole from Ohio.


  16. Just a guess, but a four star on Ohio States bench just might be an upgrade. Especially with four years eligibility remaining.


    1. He’s got legit talent. I credit whomever recruited him over. He is easily Pitts best o lineman. Maybe that was the attraction.


  17. Every QB has to play with the OLs and RBs and OC they are dealt. The good QBs adapt to that as much as possible and thrive. Others play mediocre ball and throw up their hands.


  18. KP is thought of in way better esteem nationally than a lot of people on this board. I’ll trust their opinions over jaded Pitt fans. Lol. Cranky curmudgeons, we are … and I’m not even a fanboy. I’ve never been close to being his biggest supporter … but the reality is that he’s as legit a college QB that you can get. If you want to be mad at Pitt there are a lot better areas of the team to dissect than KP.

    Pickett is and has been fine. It’s been his supporting cast holding him back for the most part. He’s not without his flaws … he’s not the next Dan Marino … but he’s a very good P5 QB who will get drafted into the NFL. To Kenny’s credit, he’s stuck it out and never blamed anyone but himself … even though the excuses were ripe for the picking.

    He’s a true Pitt-man … someone that we should celebrate and dare I say trust to take the program up another notch on the way out.

    Appreciate what you have. 90% of the fan bases in the country would be ecstatic to have a 5th year senior with early to mid-round draft projections along with 3 years in one OC system come back … but Pitt fans are going to be Pitt fans, smh.

    He’s had the worst receiving corp in America the last two years when you look at drops. He hasn’t had a tight end or a running game … and he gets better cardio than Lamar Jackson sprinting to the sideline each and every snap. I bet his calfs are bigger than Duzz’s.

    The season hasn’t started yet. Wait and see before getting all riled up. Pitt could surprise. Pitt could also Pitt. Pitt may underachieve. I know the odds are on Pitting … but players like KP, in their final season, have a tendency to surprise. That’s when the magic tends to happen.

    Save the “buts …” for when we actually see what they look like on the field. I’m going to enjoy KP while we have him. Win or lose, he’s represented Pitt with class and effort. I can appreciate that.

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    1. Well, Kate’s last season was his last season for the “surprise” and it was underwhelming. To be clear, he had no idea he would be coming back this year due to eligibility changes so last year was his year. I hope this bonus year is much better. The good news for him is that he gets 5 games right out of the shoot, where Pitt should be favored and one (Tenn), where they should be a slight dog. He should mop up, but not be overconfident. Likewise, the media and bloggers should not anoint him as Marino Jr when he performs as he should.

      That is not a positive excuse here. I prefer a weaker schedule to start and he has just that in front of him, which is great. The OL can gel appropriately if they use those game experiences well. Kate will either earn his stripes or lose them after the BYE week. My sense based on last year is that he will disappear in the big games and be a non-factor. I hope I am wrong because this will be the last chance at a big win season for Pitt given the very near OOC poor schedule and a lack of a difference maker under center coming in behind him.

      If Pitt was recruiting top qb talent, it would have had an upgrade in place to supplant Kate last year and this year (or at least push him), but that did not occur. Not even a mention of it! That spells trouble. Better or equal talent should displace equal or worse current talent. This is why an izzy or carter, will/should displace flea as a starter….and why Addison displaced others. If you win positions based on ability, there should always be some turnover due to talent disparity, not attrition. Since Kate won the battle at QB, he should have no problem starting out 5-1.


      1. He’s being projected as a 3rd or 4th rounder … I’ve seen 2nd rounder recently, too. Even UGA kept Fromm over Fields … Pitt was never going to out recruit KP while he was here. It’s very hard to unseat the incumbent. I saw a lot of drops hurt him last year … and the year before. A lot less KP related problems then it being teammate related problems.


    2. Spot on. Kenny will improve this year, because the overall talent around him will be better. If the offensive line is competent and we have a decent run game, he could be very good. A tougher SOB has never taken a snap as a Pitt QB. And Tyler Palko was TOUGH! He needs to get better his accuracy and touch, but I’m riding with K8.

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  19. Pitt will outscore offensively few teams this year. Some of that is talent. Some is scheme. But the coaches assemble the team. And the team takes their orders. There are two people mainly responsible now for this mess.


    1. This mess is exactly the same as it has been the last 40 years minus an outlier season here and there … Way more than 2 people responsible for that.

      You don’t like the current administration but the results are exactly the same as their predecessors minus the mid-90’s and like one year under Wanny. The data backs that statement up.

      We get it … trust me, we really do get it … you don’t like Duzz or Heather … but they’re shooting par for the course, man.

      Maybe the course is the problem?

      Different people, same dookie … You want a different aesthetic, but it won’t change the W’s and L’s … Ask Walt, Wanny, Chryst, Fraud and Duzz … you play the hand you’re dealt … Pitt just happens to play Crazy 8’s

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      1. Heather and Gallagher aren’t responsible for Pitts poor offense. Although I do agree they are the reason why pitt sports is mediocre.


        1. Offense is aesthetic … We’ve had good offenses with the same results … All that matters is W’s and L’s … and they appear to the stay the same with the passing of years, decades and crossing over centuries …

          Loki recently broke the multiverse, maybe that created a new timeline for Pitt … it appears it’s going to take an act of God for Pitt’s trajectory to change …


  20. You may have seen that Pitt’s Volleyball team has picked up a 2023 recruit from Plano, Texas. Blaire Bayless is a 6′-2″ OH that plays for West Plano High School, one of the better teams in volleyball rich Texas. Pitt presently has three Texans on their squad. Coach Fisher and his staff continue to recruit well nationally.

    Did anyone attend the Pitt Volleyball scrimmage?

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  21. The easiest way to break mediocrity is a new coaching hire. Then a new elite QB.

    See pitt volleyball and soccer. Both elite programs right now. Why? HC Fisher and Coach Jay. And they don’t play in posh facilities. And dogs outnumber the fans in attendance. Budget is bare bones. Little tradition.

    That’s to achieve short term success. Get the right head coach.

    Longer term and sustainable success depends on culture, administrative leadership, organizational structure, budget, facilities, and executing the tactical plan each and every day to achieve the strategic vision.

    Mediocrity at Pitt is by design. If Pitt chose to be excellent in sports, it could be. Pitt does not have the will or guts to pursue this path.

    Will the Sleeper awaken?


  22. Great match at Oakmont yesterday.

    If Izzy is all that and Krull has a good year the offense will surprise.
    Two major components missing last year.

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    1. Did you go GC? I almost came back for this golf event. Love Oakmont but boy has it changed since I used to play it regularly in my late teens. My Aunt was a member!


      1. I wanted to, but my back is shot right now. Couldn’t walk as much as required.
        Only got to play Oakmont a few times, you were very lucky.
        It is totally different without the trees. I like it though, especially as a spectator.
        I was there for the last Open, fingers crossed for the next one.

        It looked great on TV this week without the grand stands. It was very wet the first few days so
        it lost a lot of fire with soft greens and fairways, but still tough enough for the lads.


  23. Some more positive thoughts, KP is solid, Addison has shown what he has, if Izzy and and Krull raise the bar, plus depth at receiver and running back, a sound receiver coach, who knows.
    The line is not starting from scratch again and there is more depth than in the past few years…
    I know contrary to the POV party line and easily discounted, but I go into the season hoping for the best, just like Charlie Brown.

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  24. You’re not alone gc, it’s just that many of us have gotten to the point of tiredness from reading the same old thing from the same old people. It’s a free world and they can express themselves any which was they want.

    Another reason it doesn’t matter if I post or not is, every and anytime good news is bestowed on PITT it’s poo pooed to death. PITT Football never gets any benefit of the doubt and I’ve been following PITT football for over 50 years.

    I have to LOL that I’m already hearing “if PITT does good this year ” excuses being thrown out there. Already talking about the schedule and moving goal posts around. ME? I’m just sitting here waiting, waiting for a nine win season and win they do? I’ll act like I’ve been there and done that, cause I have.

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    1. The last time Pitt did good, the administration forced their HC to resign in disgrace. Wanny may have deserved a firing but he didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. It’s an unforgivable sin to me how Pitt handled it.


      1. He was 7-5 when he got fired. Lol.

        DW was 5-6, 6-6, 5-7, 9-4, 10-3 … and back to 7-5 … and that 10-3 season was very much a Lucy moment you mentioned up above.

        Your nostalgia for DW is strong … but it ended the same way it always does at Pitt … 7 wins.


        1. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been fired. But look at how Pitt handled that forced resignation. What school does that? Totally classless. And you wonder why people like me don’t donate or attend games. People make those decisions. Not structures. Not culture. Not budget. People.


            1. And he was a bosom buddy of Nerdy. Who eventually supplied him with his Golden Parachute and
              helped launch the football debacle when Pitt had a chance to capitalize & catch up to Pedo State.


        2. It was 8 wins.

          Pitt players won the Bowl Game for Wanny….as he was much loved by his players.

          So we were 8-5 And winning 8 games with Sackseri as your QB was quite the accomplishment !

          Wake me from my Pitt coma when we win 10 games in one season again…ok.


    2. Ike, the same old people are the same old people that are right the same old time. Pitt won’t win more than 8 games this year despite year 7 of the terrible reign of King Pat, despite a 5th year senior more interested in hawking cars and treating his unathletic and out of shape linemen to five star dinners, despite Old Pappy aging to a point that he spoiled a good pour. Pitt can suck a sour lemon.


    3. Ike most of us that follow this blog would be ecstatic if Pitt does well this year. A ten win season would be fantastic. Unfortunately most of us have gotten very ill on Narduzzi’s Kool Aid.

      I sincerely hope we all get to eat lots of crow. Keep being the Pitt guiding light IKE!! We need positive posters!

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  25. Pitt is ranked #9 in the first AVCA poll of the season. This is a bit lower than where I would rank them. Not too worried about the ranking. Pitt’s first match of the season is against #23 Rice. They also play #10 Baylor in the OOC schedule. #13 Louisville, #24 Georgia Tech, and # 25 Notre Dame are the other ACC teams ranked. Penn State, that other school in PA, is ranked #12. Only 6 Big Ten teams ranked which is a bit of a surprise.


      1. #6 is about right for the Panthers preseason. If they are undefeated going into conference play, they will be in the top 5. It will be interesting to see what the lineups will be against #23 Rice. I forgot to mention that Pitt’s second match of the season, down here in SC as well, is against #18 Washington State. Also forgot to mention that #15 BYU is playing in Pitt’s tournament.

        Overall Pitt will play nine matches against teams ranked in the preseason top 25. Overall Coach Fisher schedules as many top programs as possible in the OOC schedule. Originally it was for RPI purposes especially after Pitt got passed over for the NCAA tournament one year. Since that occurrence, Pitt has never missed the tournament. Fisher now schedules tough opponents to get the team ready for the kind of teams they will meet in the tournament. Pitt no longer is a program that gets passed over for the tournament!!

        Pitt will be the preseason favorite to win the ACC. Louisville will be picked to finish a close second. Pitt and Louisville always play two matches against each other under the current ACC scheduling system for volleyball.

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        1. I do like pitt playing a tough schedule. The ACC is a weak conference for volleyball. Plus getting pitt playing national teams helps market and promote the program. Helps in recruiting. I’d send invites to all elite players in the area when pitt visits. Pitt needs to play down here in dfw against Tcu or SMU or Baylor. So much talent. People have never heard of pitt. Pitt could land some recruits that could take Pitt to the next level. The play at the 9 th grade level most likely surpasses the play at the 12 th grade level in PA. It’s all due to far better instruction and all these summer leagues. Coaching matters at an early age.


  26. Heinz going to Face Diapers for Stillers…..i’m sure Pitt will be next.

    Fans will be required to bring masks for the 7:30 p.m. game against the Detroit Lions on Saturday, the Steelers announced Monday. Although masks will not be required to be worn in any of the concourse or seating areas (including club/suite areas that have open windows), they will be required in any indoor areas of the stadium.


  27. Supposedly ACC B10 P12 maybe discussing alliance to milk more money from network TV. Still no Comcast for ACC network so back to scrounging for Pitt TB games.


  28. Why would anyone celebrate 9 wins this year? Celebrate 9 wins when you do it 5 years in a row!!! It’s fake if you celebrate 9 wins because of a weak schedule. Me, I like the weak schedule and if we did it that way 5 years in a row, I could seriously tell my co-workers that we are good (even if inflated due to opponent), but nobody else studies the opponent. We do as evidenced by this excellent article, so WE know our competition this year.

    It’s that puffery mentality that has buffaloed pirate fans and pitt football fans for 30 years.

    I would expect Mercyhurst to be 3-3 over our first 6 game schedule, so 5-1 shouldn’t be celebrated. It will be great for stats for sure. Kate should be sitting high up there going into the bye week. This year, the proverbial rubber hits the road after the BYE week as it should every year. Allow the team to gel. It will either be a good look or a bye bye coach look. It’s like Felton’s record. He seems to turtle when the ACC schedule comes into play, hence the weak closings to the season. If Pitt loses 4 out of 7 at the end, who will get excited about them?

    Ike – Do you really think we should celebrate being 5-1 after 6 games this year? I would be happy with that and I expect that result and believe it should happen. I would also propose we will know absolutely nothing about this team going into the Bye….


  29. Huff The Third, I really never celebrated much in my life and 5-1 surely wouldn’t move the needle much but I’m pretty sure I would be sitting here feeling just a tad bit better than I would if PITT started out 4-2 or worse. Huff The Third, I hope you really don’t think I would celebrate 5-1? That’s never really been my main message on the POV.

    (Hint)……… it’s the overkill and exaggerations that put me in a protective mood.

    In 1976 I was at my girlfriends house when the dinner bell rang. I very reluctantly dragged myself to the fine dinner they had especially for my coming over. In less then 10 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and after a short explanation, excused myself from the table and went back to watching the game. I was there many more times and in good graces but never had dinner prepared for me again.


    1. In 2015 Duzz’s charges started the season at 6-1 then lost on a Thursday to the Tarheels at Steeler Stadium. Finished the year at 8-5.


  30. BTW, in case no one figured it out. It was the PITT Championship game. It would have been nice to have that tidbit included in the above comment. Another blunder by iek.

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  31. I will not only celebrate a 9 win season I will happily do it with a large group of Pitt fans at a location to be determined…
    Hopefully with Uncle Iek in attendance or he can ZOOM in…😎
    What about HOW we win 9 games? Thats important as well as who we beat…are losses bad etc.

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  32. I remember Biggie B, and that stunk. But I didn’t jump off the Tallahatchie Bridge cause I couldn’t wait to see the 5-7 record a few years later. That sucked as well.

    Always looking forward never back. Or maybe just a little.

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  33. Walked the Pitt campus with me wife today. Must have been freshman orientation as many young folks with parents being escorted around by student types walking backwards. Wow, I did this 51 years ago! Campus looked great around Cathedral. All doors locked to everyone without ID. Wouldn’t accept our TX driver’s licenses nor our student numbers recited from memory. Anyway, emotional nonetheless. Lots of Pitt garb worn about, and Panther pride. Sure hope pride extends to football this year. I haven’t had enough pride to wear Pitt garb in decades. Sad 😢. Could this be da year.


  34. Biggie,
    You da man 👨, or you da woman. Whatever.
    Might have crossed paths. I was SAE, Tower B, wife KKG. Both Econ majors. Anyway, great to go back in time, but home is Big H. Come for the humidity, stay for the floods!🤪

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  35. I was in Tower B as a freshmen then moved to the Phi Delta Theta frat house on N Dithridge for 3 years. We were in proximity of each other. Quite a few of you SAE guys on the POV. Pete Scuillio was our dorm proctor during the orientation.


  36. Then you da man, msn. Yes, the late Brother Scuillio. Great friend. Fantastic oratory. Some memorable speeches at chapter meetings. A lot of good memories.

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