A Goodbye & a (Sort of) Hello

Hello All,

This is Mike – I wanted to let you know I’ll be stepping back from the POV for a while. The last two years have been an amazing experience for me, and running a blog of the POV’s caliber has been an honor and a privilege. However, duty is calling outside of sports, and I am harnessing all my free time and putting it towards a business opportunity that has too much potential to ignore.

The good news is that the POV won’t be going away. At least not yet, anyway. Reed has graciously agreed to step in and at the very least administrate the blog. As for content, well POVers, that is up to YOU. Sure, Reed and I will be able to post game threads, and maybe the occasional write up, but if you want long form articles, we are going to need your help. Richard did a great job during the football season, and we’ve had a couple of additional guest authors. So if you have an idea for a weekly column, or even a one-off, now is the time.

As for me, I’ll be dropping one more piece in the next week or so (made a commitment to someone and I’ll keep that) and after that it will generally be Commander Reed’s show. Thanks for understanding and let’s see if we can’t keep this thing going collectively for a little while.

Hail to Pitt


Ha!! Back Again!!

This is Reed. Mike and I have been discussing how to best effect the change due to Mike’s stepping back from running the POV. He’s got an outstanding new business opportunity (along with a great family with youngsters) so his time is going to be dedicated to the really important things in life. Let’s wish him the best of luck because he’s been a wonderful Pitt POV head.

As most readers, commenters and POV family can remember I gave Mike the POV back in October of 2018 because my interest in Pitt football fell off. I can’t honestly say that I feel any more attached to it now as I did then. Obviously the POV was in good, no, great hands and so this last year I hardly read any articles, commented infrequently and wrote one article that pissed people off.

When Mike let me know he had to back out of running the Blog my first immediate thoughts were twofold; on one hand I felt sorry that the POV’ers would lose this great forum. On the other hand I started really thinking back about the beginning of the POV and how it became, by a hugely large margin, the most popular, most read and most commented on media outlet for Pitt football ever.

Yes, I do mean ever. More read and commented on than any other blogs but also way more than any local media articles by the mainstream papers or radio/TV shows. The POV sprung out of the Pitt Blather, which was also very popular, then shot to the moon back when it first published in June of 2016 because of your interest.

I remembered all the extraneous things this blog has going for it with its newfound and strong friendships, planned events like golf outings (thanks Rick) and our wonderful tailgate parties (thanks King Fran) and excellent written articles and comments (thanks Ike, Annie, etc.) which are well written, insightful and most importantly respectful of other’s thoughts and opinions.

Try finding all that in any other sports blog. Not just any Pitt football blog, but any sports blog. You won’t be able to.

For all the above reasons I decided to wade back into the Pitt POV. But I’ll be very honest here; if I don’t get a lot of help from all of you we may have to face another hard decision down the road. By ‘help’ I mean doing guest articles, policing yourselves in writing your comments and maintaining decorum in adherence to the published standards of this blog.

Mike will chip in for awhile with BB gameday threads, Rich in SC will spin his writing magic also and I’ll try to put some interesting stuff up to discuss every so often too – but let’s make this a real joint venture with our whole POV family.

So – good to be back. My email address is: rkohberger@gmail.com for article submissions or just getting in touch. For newcomers to the POV who may not know or remember me here is a photo that might help so we can meet each other at tailgates or whatever… Yes, I’m only 22 years old.

Hail to Pitt

283 thoughts on “A Goodbye & a (Sort of) Hello

  1. Welcome back Commander, you’ve never looked better! And Maestro when the time is right can you fill us in on your new business as I’m sure the POV gang would live lend its support!


    1. Sorry, Mike, that was supposed to be “The POV gang would love to lend its support to your new business opportunity “.


  2. best to all, if MM is gone, I’ve got to get the heck out of Dodge

    kidding, mostly but life goes on with all its twists and turns, this is a knuckler
    unfortunately I NEVER was a very good baseball player so while I’ll stay connected, I hope the other great “hitters” continue to play

    thanks for the great management MM and best of fortune, there’s plenty available for those with talent,,,and even some for those without 🙂


      1. Well, the BAD news would have been you’d have no venue to share your Pitt FB thoughts had not the GOOD news happened. But then again maybe there is another place… let us know – it would make POV executive decision-making that much easier in the future.


  3. That’s a great photo of the young Commander!

    Big thanks to Michaelangelo for doing a great job. (And I remember when I first met MM, thinking what a cool blog name this guy made up…). Hats off to Michaelangelo Monteleone!

    And big thanks to Commander Reed for doing what he’s done his entire life — coming to the rescue! He can’t help himself!

    And furthermore, “I like ike!”

    Go Pitt.

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  4. Just a suggestion but I really don’t see the need for the in-depth POV pieces. Just an opening paragraph to get the discussions going and the following replies by many of the regulars should provide the depth needed on any given topic.


  5. Suggestions for guest articles:

    1) Why hasn’t Narduzzi been fired yet?

    2) Why hasn’t Pitt bribed the local government to condemn all those nasty, ugly homes that have been lived in for four+ generations, then tear them down and build a much-needed on campus stadium?

    3) Which FB players have been arrested since PN was hired and why haven’t we heard about any of them??

    4) Who is Tex? Seriously – who is he?

    5) What has Reed been up to these last two years? Hint: not much.

    I’m sure these topics will get your creative writing juices flowing…just sit down at your computer keyboard, take a deep breath and let all the pain Pitt football has given you over the years just roll on out. We understand your angst! (P/S: stream of consciousness writing is OK also…some of my best articles were written while in a trance)


    1. I did my best work in a trance as well……..maybe we’re related.

      I see big things ahead for you (like interviewing a new Pitt Head football coach)


      1. Ike, Narduzzi has done just an average job. Really most schools would not be satisfied. Firing is not the issue it’s finding a BETTER replacement. First rule in most professions “Do no harm.”


  6. Thanks for everything MM, especially enforcing the no politics policy in these difficult times. It made for an oasis of tranquility, I jest. I know you won’t be a stranger and good luck on your business venture. If it has anything to do with your writing skills you will be successful.

    Reed, you old son of a gun, who knew you were so handsome back in the day. Thanks for keeping the flame of Pitt Fandom going. Our friends and foes on the verbal battlefield appreciate it. I wouldn’t know what to do when I get up in the morning without the POV and all the friends we have here.

    I just wish more of the lurkers would chime in with their points of view. I like hearing from all Pitt Fans, positive or negative, frustrated or happy. The give and take is what makes this place interesting.

    Mike, Reed, Richard and others have been great leaders with thought and discussion provoking content, you don’t get anywhere else.

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    1. Yeah, come out and post something ya knuckleheads….lol. If I can post here anyone can…

      Other article suggestions:

      Is Pitt recruiting (FB & BB) improving, and by how much?

      Who hates Pitt coaches more, UPitt or Tex? (with a rebuttal from Ike)

      Will Hugley do time or community service? And is this more proof of SOP?

      The possibilities are endless…. 😉


  7. Thank you Mike for the middle relief pitching for over two years. Best of luck in your future endeavors. I hope to meet you in person at a Fran tailgate one day.

    Welcome back Reed and the vinegar you bring to the discussion. Narduzzi has his spy back.

    Just speaking personally, I like the banter on here and connecting with other fans. Having to actually get to meet various commenters in panther nation is icing on the cake. Thus Making that miserable Domer game this year a very worthwhile trip back.

    It’s a football site, but it really is a celebration and condemnation of all things Pitt

    I like the guest writers and maybe an article of the week along with the open forum on game days. I learn much from all the comments…the good, the bad and the ugly.

    I also like hearing Reed on those podcasts and those periodic video conference snippets of Reed and 4-5 other posters.

    I’m just glad this site can be continued since it’s one of the few things that connects me to Pitt. Until that OCS happens. 🤠

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  8. First off Mike, you’re my main man. You came in and did an amazing job that words can’t describe. Saving the POV from an eventual long drawn out slow painful demise. Boy, that doesn’t sound like much fun. You kept the POV smoking while Reed went out in his world and found his PITT mojo again. Thank You Mike!

    But watch out, look who’s coming back? IT’S REED and I’m so happy he’s decided on giving it a go again. With all the turmoil in my life it could be just the thing for me to get motivated. These two guys spent lot of money and more importantly, time in running the show so let’s give them both their due. Should be interesting to see what kind of mixed bag we get this time. “The Spy vs Gorilla Arms” part two.

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    1. I really hope the C-19 restrictions are lifted before September – I’ll travel to the Southside a bunch of times to get the unvarnished, solid truth behind the Pitt FB façade. Or maybe only a few times to form opinions that will be like the old days – just enough to make readers either tear their hair out or write more comments.



  9. Ike and I were talking about this last night – he sounded strong and just like his normal self – and were discussing doing a Pitt FB Podcast again. So, maybe during the FB season.

    I don’t think the POV Roundtable will happen again but how about this – we could use Zoom every so often to talk Pitt football! Huh, I’ll look into that – new age technology.

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  10. I’ll add to the kudos to MM for his great work and to you too, Reed. I’ve learned more about football, and not just Pitt fb here than any other source. Meeting yinz at the tailgate I occasionally attend is the high point of my season. Who knows what the next season will bring. I’m a retired pharmacist and can suggest antidepressants for those that need them. At least I have tOSU’s loss to tide me over.

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    1. Drop those pills into some of the Koolaid at the tailgate. 🤠

      I’ve moved beyond depression with Pitt sports. I need pills to control my anger. The success of the soccer, wrestling and volleyball teams keeps me from exploding.

      But sometimes I feel like buying up all the yellow blouses at TJ Max and having a bondfire in my backyard.

      Tex who may need a psychiatrist instead


      1. I have an open 2 o’clock on Tuesday or 4 o’clock on Weds. Would you like to reserve a couch for either of those days ?


      2. Or, you could hand them out to Pitt students as a reward for staying at Steeler Stadium into the 4th quarter of home games in 2021 Tex.

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        1. Pitt would ban me for life if I did that.

          But I’d be in select company if that happened. I’d be known as the Notorious T.


  11. MM, as the son of a self-employed, hard working, entrepreneur I wish you nothing but the very best. As you already know, the toughest boss you will ever have, looks at you in the mirror every day.

    The job MM and Reed have done for this blog is beyond commendable, and frankly a gift from heaven for us battered and bewildered Pitt sports fans. We all as a group, MUST make a promise to ourselves and each other to never, ever let this get out of hand with person attacks, political harangues, foul language, name calling etc.

    We are now flying without our instructor pilot, to insure we stay on course, I vow and ask everyone to join me in promising that we do not spoil one of the greatest opportunities we as Pitt sports fans have, namely a place vent our frustrations, celebrate Pitt’s victories, and continue the great community that we enjoyed under Reed and MM’s leadership

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  12. Michaelangelo, your contributions to this site have been monumental. We all hope that you will continue to read and post comments from time to time, at least that is what restroom time is good for! (I don’t mean to imply any relationship between your writings and the crapper!) 🙂 In any event, you will be greatly missed on this site if you drop off and quite commenting. We need more dedicated Pitt souls such as you to keep Tex in line! Thanks again for all of your efforts.

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  13. Regarding Zoom – I already have an account and it looks like we can have unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants…but the meeting can only last 40 minutes. That’s more than enough time I think. Maybe we’ll give it a try so we can discuss BB?? I’ll set a small one up with people whose emails I already have to see if it would be worth doing.

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    1. I’m in Commander. However, I recommend limiting the number of participants in each Zoom “meeting”. Too many participants will result in people talking over each other. Which in turn will result in chaos. Any hoops discussion MUST include Dan72 BTW.


  14. very simply …..

    Maestro, Thanks so much. Best of luck. And don’t be a stranger

    Reed, Thanks so much. Best of Luck.


  15. Thank you to both Michaelangelo and Reed for finding a way to keep this forum going. I can’t believe how often I check this site each day and enjoy the exchange of opinions and particularly the difference of opinions.

    I likewise hope to see both of you at Fran’s tailgates this coming fall. I still remember meeting MM at the tailgate a couple of seasons ago. I recall he was wearing the sharpest looking duster, just perfect for the weather that day. I knew right then that this guy’s got it together.

    I would also second the statement jrnpitt made above. The extensive research put into your articles is great but not necessary to maintain a lively exchange. Especially if generating those in-depth articles are adding stress to your world because you feel that it is expected.

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  16. I normally go to Panther Lair and POV for information. The discussion on the “Between Fifith and Forbes” page is pretty good and there are other informed voices. Obviously, a lot of content on the Lair is behind a paywall, so can appreciate that many would nto want to set up shop there.

    Out of curiosity, just went to Cardiac Hill for the first time in a while. Looks like there is plenty of read generated topics to discuss, along with staff articles.Perhaps that is a migratory path to spare Reed from having to keep this going so the rest of us have a place to chat?


    1. I plan on keeping each and all of you – and new and returning readers – right here at the POV.

      I read a comment you wrote on the Mike’s year end article about international readers. You might wonder about that but a lot of that readership is from military members who read the blog – I’ve gotten emails from them and Pitt fans who business have taken them out of the US. I agree that some are probably routed around but the POV does have an overseas readership.


  17. I did learn from cardiac hill right now that the stolen vehicle was a 2012 Chevy Malibu. Seriously why bother.

    Cardiac is sb nation. Anson does a good job running it. But those guys know who butters their bread. You ever read a controversial or thought provoking article on that site?

    They don’t want to poke the bear.

    Panther-lair, run by Chris peak and tied to rivals, has some knowledgeable posters and the discussions go everywhere. Peak also has valuable input and insighs but the good stuff is inside a paywall.

    Much name calling and put downs though by posters. Many elitists and closet boosters. This site comes nowhere close to their childish behavior.

    SMF is probably the closest Tex equivalent. Crazy Paco is a blend of Ike and VOR. Many know their Pitt stuff like wwb. But for the most part it’s Koolaid and a debate contest.

    I guess Reed if he doesn’t already know has to determine the identity of POV going forward. What kind of forum do you see it as? What would he like to accomplish.

    I personally find the POV as a vehicle to help connect with other Pitt fans and learn something new about sports and Pitt.

    I don’t have any other vehicle for that given I’m out of state.


    1. Tex – if you need a “vehicle” try contacting the Pitt men’s BB team. They’ll know someone who knows how to get one for you…

      Reed – glad to have you back in the commander’s seat.

      MM – enjoyed your creative writing skills and hope to experience them again very soon. Regarding the business opportunity and speaking from experience, be sure to always keep your family first and strike a good life balance.

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  18. Michaelangelo, many thanks for all the sacrifice and effort you’ve invested in making the POV the amazing and outstanding blog that it has become. Seldom a day goes by that I don’t check in to see what’s being discussed. Best wishes and success in your new venture.


  19. I want it just as it was yesterday and just how it has been over Mike’s time.

    I really am not going to either jump in with both feet or change anything. This is a special place so we’ll keep it that way.

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    1. It is a special place. Not to sound corny, but it’s family on this site. We may not all see eye to eye, but we’ll show up at the reunion each year and still exchange holiday cards. And no other site in town has a flag like the POV. It’s a nice fraternity to be in.

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  20. All of us enjoyed your management of the POV……Mister Maestro Michael.

    Good luck and much success in your new business ! We need some more Pitt millionaires
    to support the crummy 2 major sports ! And maybe force an OCS.

    Hail to Pitt & Maestro Michael !


  21. If you do a google search for pitt sports blog, the POV is top ranked. First page at the top. Highly optimized using those search words.


  22. Reed – Welcome back. Thanks for posting my first article on the POV. Thanks for the invite to continue my writing. Working on an data for an article now but outside of satisfying my curiosity, I don’t know if it is going anywhere.

    Mike – Thanks for your leadership. Thanks for giving me a outlet for for sanity during these Covid times. So you looked into the Rivals opening for becoming the Chris Peak of Georgia State!!!

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  23. Wow! This is like finding out Jean-Luc Picard is moving on but James T. Kirk is returning to Command the Starship.
    Best of luck Maestro…and welcome back Commander Reed.

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  24. Bravo Maestro and best wishes for you in your new endeavor. However, when I read you were bowing out, I thought it was decks awash for the POV. Then reading how Commander Reed plans to return, I knew that the POV would continue as the flagship of the Pitt blogs. Welcome back, Reed.


  25. Mike, thanks for doing a very good job while Reed was pursuing other interests. Mike saved my bacon as I need a place to stop, unwind (my tail) and visit every once in awhile.

    Reed, thanks for picking up again. Much appreciated. Glad to have you back on the farm.

    Heard a great quote today that said “critics are indeed the optimists towards a brighter future”. I thought of the POV as it was a very interesting quote that I stole from upitt. Ha, it was actually a national presenter. Appropriate for the POV.


      1. Last I heard he was living in his parents basement. DK was a colorful character. Not sure if he was a lone wolf or some pseudo personality of an existing poster. I know he peed me off more than once. But I’d still have a drink with him…if he buys 🤠


  26. I’m not on here much anymore, but just wanted to say UPitt has just fathered his second child. Kind of scary I know, but everyone doing well. I have not dropped by for a visit yet, but we’re going to put that kid on a path to become a monster right winger or puck moving defenseman. Either that, or he will be playing DB for Pitt under HC Kenny Pickett in 18 years. LOL!

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      1. The UPitt jr that saved Pitt athletics coming to a theatre near you in 20 years

        Tex jumping in my Tardis to see that right now


    1. I cannot take another horrible turnover/decision at the blue line from Letang which wouldn’t be tolerated in junior hockey. Only to have him bolt out early to avoid taking questions. Wash, rinse, repeat. But he has his media supporters that constantly tell us how great he is. He is an elite talent, but the consistent boneheaded plays are what makes it even more maddening. They won their last cup without #58 in the lineup. What more evidence do we need?


  27. Mike, your articles and commentary have been uplifting during a time we all needed a lot of uplifting in our lives (and not because of Pitt football). God be with you on your new endeavor and please be a regular visitor here. Many thanks for all your efforts in continuing this Pitt inner sanctum.

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  28. I have to admit that I’m mostly a lurker. I can get a bit first sometimes, so I mostly try to stay out of it. I did write a guess article maybe two years back and I’m open to doing another one a topic that gets me going.

    Fun fact: crazy paco was my roommate through most of my Pitt days.

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    1. You must divulge more at a Fran tailgate after knocking back a few. He seems like quite the character. Much respect for rooming with him. I might have killed him after first semester. 🤠


  29. Anything I would want to say has already been said by others. Good luck Mike- don’t be a stranger, but take care of your family and business.
    Reed, it will be great to have your input on a regular basis again. You are the reason I became a POV’er in the first place. You are the one that created the family here. ( Hmmm, should I call you daddy?? Haha) H2P, and stay safe everyone!
    Welcome back Ike! Keep up the good fight!

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  30. I remember when Commander Reed was looking for a way for POVers to meet and tailgate before games. Fran, generous as ever, stepped up big time – and his tailgates allowed many of us to meet one another. That was a big factor, IMHO, in the development of the POV community.

    Which reminds me – I hope the incomparable Richman is doing well, haven’t heard from him in a while…

    Go Pitt.

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  31. while this site may start to focus even more so on everything negative associated with Pitt FB, there are a couple of stories in the PG that may be a source of pride:

    — a story on Rashad Weaver and how he battled back from an injury that sidelined him for an entire year to achieving All-American status

    — the Pitt connection on the Tampa Bay Bucs … not only Jordan Whitehead and Shady McCoy but there are more including Roger Kingdom, Speed & Conditioning Coach, and Nick Rapone (remember him?), Safeties Coach


    1. .^^^ Well, let’s look at this… Over the last four years, when the HC’s own players have been in the program for a long while, we have gone 26-24 with two horrific blowout losses on prime time national TV this season alone.

      Or is that too negative to discuss on here? Is winning a couple of more games than losing the ultimate goal these days or should the bar be set higher?

      I look at that – especially this last season – and wonder if Pitt is ever going to deliver on its promises regarding the FB program. Now you may call these thoughts ‘negative’ but I (and many others) see it as a current reality.

      That doesn’t mean following Pitt FB isn’t fun – it sure is for a lot of reasons and for a lot of people.


        1. The man is not wrong @wbb. This year was pretty disappointing. Kenny being injured was a part of it, but we started losing before that.


      1. I think the debate is a worthy one. So is Narduzzi totally responsible or just a fall guy. The record doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The difficulty of the schedule, recruiting disadvantages, all play into it. I think your question about where the bar should be set is also a worthy one. Where fans set the bar vs where Pitt Administration sets the bar may be very different things. This was Narduzzi’s first year with high quality players coming back. This is also his best recruiting class at least on paper. Was the horrific loss to Clemson any worse than ND’s horrific loss to Clemson. How about Clemson’s horrific loss to Alabama.
        A loss is a loss. To me the 2 1 point losses hurt more than the blowouts. We also played Miami and ND with a second string QB, not many teams win when that happens. ND beat Clemson with a second string QB.

        We all want more wins, the question is would a coaching change accomplish that or just be rinse and repeat.

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        1. Well it does come down to expectations. But as you saw in that survey, 40 percent gave Narduzzi a B grade. Now granted a plurality gave him a C but that won’t generally lead to apathy. Apathy is a program killer.

          So unless Pitt sees a significant decline in season ticket holders and donations, it will be business as usual.

          Pitt may not like overpaying for mediocrity on the field but they value off the field things just as highly…gpa’s, graduation rates, no major cheating, community service, life skills.

          The quickest way to change a program is with a new coach and staff. That’s in any sport. But again, you want to make sure you have a candidate better than your existing problem. And you want to make sure that your problem didn’t fail because of other problems. Narduzzi isn’t obtaining mediocre results because of facilities or budget. It’s because he’s made bad hires, has sub par recruiting classes, and makes some poor game day decisions.

          Where you and I agree is the ooc. But that’s heathers job and she obviously doesn’t ‘get it’

          I also think there is no reason why pitt can’t be a consistent top 25 program. Any reason why not is just an excuse. The real excuses have multiple solutions.


      2. My point.
        Narduzzi thought he had the team this year! He was bitching about his ranking. I don’t think he even knows what a top team looks like and he is the coach.
        Like I have said before. If you play a lot of sports you know when someone is going to beat your butt before you play.
        The great Leader of Pitt football is lost.


  32. So Gronk and AB had 1 catch each. Could LeSean McCoy get his second Super Bowl Ring without playing a down in the playoffs?

    Kingdom came to Pitt as a running back and left as one of Pitt’s greatest track stars ever. Great to see that he is still successful.

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      1. Good, he didn’t touch the ball according to the box score. Poor assumption on my part, since he didn’t dress last year in the playoffs.


  33. Thanks MM, good luck on the new opportunity.

    Welcome back Reed.

    POVers….let’s continue to do a great job keeping it civil. There are certainly some folks on here that can write an article. Tex, GC, Ike, Tossing, wwb,Majors, BigB, etc.


  34. GC – It is, at my age it is tough to #2 with sore ribs.

    Thanks for well wishes on baby… I’m afraid to get any of my kids to go to school up North may present a challenge. My 11 year old daughter is a hard LSU lean. Haha. She was born in Louisiana.

    Dallas Mike – Come on over this week and meet him and bring him a hockey stick! haha.

    MM – Thanks for the effort you put into the blog and making it run smooth.

    Reed – Glad to have you back, it’s been a while.

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    1. I thought you had other kids. This is the second child with your Lithuanian wife correct?

      LSU is a fine school depending on the program. At least the women all have their teeth.

      Just have your daughter stay away from any school up north in Indian territory. That’s where Ike learned how to make a fire. 🔥


    2. I hope you get some sleep and don’t have to travel too much. My son got six weeks of Paternity leave, pretty sweet. I still remember being a zombie at work for a few months since he had cholic.


  35. Thanks Mike! Maybe you will become the Texas Longhorns version of a booster with this new venture! Welcome back Reed!


  36. A tale of 2 programs and expectations …

    Dixon was criticized for none of his teams reaching the Final 4, even though and 9 of his teams finished in Top 20 … not to mention two #1 seeds. He won 73% of his games as Pitt HC.

    The FB program over the past 30 years finished ranked 4 times (highest 15th) with one 10-win season.


    1. What matters in basketball is getting to the big dance and dancing as long as you can. That’s what people remember. How many final 4’s you’ve been to.

      Everyone has lost money on Pitt during March madness office pools. Dixon’s teams always disappointed. Did pitt ever upset a higher ranked team?


  37. Dixon’s teams lost far too many times to lower seeds. Pitt should have advanced to many more sweet 16’s than it did.

    I count five times(?) when it lost to a lower seed in the second round game.

    I had higher expectations for basketball.


    1. Jamie’s teams were built for rugged Big East Games. Didn’t translate well to Tournament play.
      It was frustrating.


  38. Feeling tired and ornery:

    Question……. where do expectations come from? Are they generated (fabricated) in ones mind or are they gifted from the program in which volunteered to root for from which they are derived from? Just because I root for Pittsburgh why should I “EXPECT” to be special and win championships. I never won a national championship at my job, did you? I always gave it my best though and still do.

    Now back to “The Chair”

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    1. I expect to exceed expectations and not be overall mediocre.

      I expect Pitt to treat us fans as special. And offering free Fantas to stay past sweet Caroline isn’t the answer.

      And personally I’ve won championships as a player and coach in intramurals and rec leagues. So I know the taste of winning. Heck I’ve even won fantasy leagues and basketball office pools.

      I’ve bagged Bucks in PA…many poor saps can go 40 years without success. Kind of like Pitt football. Seriously, you need to work real hard at failing to do that or be lazy and stupid.

      The taste of winning is far more delicious than mediocrity.

      I have some secret spices Ike if you need some. 🤠

      Tex whos awaiting some deer jerkey by mail from Dad.


  39. I think the difference between BB and FB is that with BB one player (out of five starters) can make all the difference.

    We just saw what happens in football when you have two or three great players (Jones & Weaver and ???) but the rest of the players are around average. I can’t help but look at the players on the 2020 defense and think they were the most talent PN has had at Pitt – yet we gave up 27ppg in ACC play while only scoring 23.5 ppg.

    Adding the rent-a wreck opener we gave up 24.5 ppg for 37th. 37th with the best talent he’s had.

    So I think it is two things – first his recruiting hasn’t panned out to anything like his recruiting class rankings. Second he and his coaching staff are sub-par when it comes down to actually having the team ready to play above their individual talent level… to say nothing of any in-game adjustments by the staff.

    Actually being flexible to what the opponent is doing might be against PN’s religion or something. I can see his gravestone etching now: “Pat Narduzzi Kept his DBs on The Island No Matter What”


  40. The non-corporate governance answer to what is an Expectation:

    Urban Meyer hangs signage throughout OSU facilities with the words – The Chase – meaning everything that each player, coach and administrator does is focused on the chase for the national championship. This includes academics. That is the expectation. Every conversation goes to the chase and everybody pulls to the same goal. If not, you are out.

    Pat Narduzzi hangs signage which reads – Lock the gates –

    See the difference?

    Capel should use, “Lock the car keys in a drawer”

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  41. If you are going to compare programs, go back 35 years on both. DocRoy sold the vision about Pitt being very competitive, and had back to back tourney appearances which had only previously happened in the 1950’s. Pitt was starving for a winner in bball and as such, increased expectations around the program and the burgh followed, in my opinion.

    Evans then put us in the tourney and made the program relevant nationally in 5 of his 8 years, including three appearances in a row (a pitt record at the time). Momentum and expectations rose. A bad year and some gruffness led to his demise and Pitt brought in Willard, who immediately went in the tank for 5 years. He struggled, but was kept around because he was the anti-Evans. After no tourney appearances in 5 years, the expectations were not met and change followed.

    Pitt realized it could do well in basketball because it took less effort as Reed points out. Ben Howland came in and immediately elevated the program nationally. Howland was Evansesque, but with more personality. He put Pitt in the tourney in his 3rd and 4th year (with the last two ending in the top 10). He left the program in a great position. Jamie came in and capitalized, recruiting well enough for the Big East (but not acc) and slowly changed scheduling philosophies so that PItt would start every season at 11-1 OOC, often. This is exactly how expectations should work. As you change a culture to winning and you have success, the idea is to improve on that.

    For football, the same thing applies. High success in the late 70’s and early 80’s raised expectations, especially for the pov aged folks. Unfortunately, the expectations have been stuck in neutral ever since. A couple 8 win seasons should lead to an expectation of 8 wins and then an improvement to 9, etc. Our current coach has shown he can’t get there.


    1. That’s a good summary

      But football also had times of de-emphasis. Basketball was never de-prioritized. Because it didn’t cost as much to maintain.


  42. I think the POV should have a pledge-drive for new posters. Seems like we all pretty much know who’s going to post what. And I’m including myself…

    I appreciate everyone who does post, but just sayin’ that some new angles/perspectives would be welcome…

    Readers who don’t post – we need you! 👍. “Hello, Commander Reed. Long-time reader, first-time poster….”

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Just make sure heather has nothing to do with it.

      Most guys on Panther-lair have never heard of POV. And my gut feeling is that most guys wouldn’t like it.

      Can you imagine SMF or crazy Paco posting on the POV. Most of you guys don’t know them because you don’t post or lurk on that site

      I think it’s two different panther nations if you ask me.

      But that’s the competing candidate pool for posters. People gravitate towards a similar style and comfort zone. This site has plenty of viewers who don’t comment. It takes a brave soul to comment even behind a handle.

      I think what helps on this site is that you’re not immediately attacked as a newbie or fresh meat. Eventually though you will be maken fun of in some way or sarcastically slapped back. All in good fun. The lair has some people that really hate each other.

      I think at least two poverts post over there using their POV handles. I seldom post there but use a different handle.


      1. Tex – they might not know the POV but they know me – I posted over 1000 times on those boards – but that was back in the day. Crazy Paco is very knowledgeable.


  43. Major, on the farm we have opposite day once per year. That would be a great suggestion to get all the koolaiders to have to go opposite in their opinions for just a day. Might open some minds to different thinking. Would be really fun to do it on a game thread.

    Imagine Champagnie drilling a three pointer and instead of saying great shot, you have to comment, “ballhog”. That’s a term of endearment for me. Would either get 500 posts or zero.


    1. That’s a tasty idea. Just like the bacon I had this morning.

      But I might have to detox if I was forced to drink The Koolaid for a day.

      I can’t imagine me ever saying a nice thing about Narduzzi. Or heather for that matter.

      I’ll reserve saying something positive for the day they both leave Pitt.


    2. AZ – it bothers me sometimes that the “realist” on here post like everybody else on here is a “koolaid drinker.”

      Could someone please compile a list the koolaid drinkers on here for me?
      I happen to think just about everyone on here is pretty realistic about the circumstances surrounding Pitt athletics…

      Go Pitt.

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  44. I see that Tenn had a “TEX LIKE” cleanup today. Ousted both their FB head coach Pruitt and AD Fulmer.——MM great job over the past couple of years. And best of luck on your newest venture.Don’t forget to visit us from time to time.

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    1. I like that move by Tennessee. But they have boosters who think as business people and want results. Pitt doesn’t have the boosters to demand accountability from the administration. Nor are pitt fans in general as passionate about football. I think Pitt fails to use sports to establish lifetime connections with students because they are fearful of sports becoming dominant and overshadowing the academic side. As previously stated, you have to work real hard to be mediocre. It doesn’t just randomly happen. It’s by design. It’s not bad luck either. And I don’t think pitt leaders are lazy and stupid….generations of them. I’m playing the odds.


      1. Hugh Freeze beat Pitt in a bowl game while coaching in his first season with Ole Miss. He’ll beat Pitt in a regular season game in his first season with Tennessee next year.

        David who is looking into his crystal meatball.


    2. Too bad it took so long for Fulmer to get his. I’ve always thought of him as the “Brutus” who brought down Johnny Majors at Tennessee.


  45. Easy tex…..talk like that gets me uncomfortable. Not the detox, the bacon!

    I would struggle to go opposite as well, but would try koolaid for a post. Just not grape koolaid.


  46. Pitt is the benefactor of Tennessee firing both their HC & AD. As Pitt is @ Knoxville this fall of 2021 and the Vols visit Heinz Pickle Jar in 2022. Plus their under NCAA investigation for recruiting violations.

    We could win both games now, even with dunderhead Nardoozi and Charmin calling the plays. Since
    they should be in continued disarray.


  47. Glad Fulmer got the axe. He was the one who pushed Johnnie Majors out while he was off sick (maybe drying out?) In any event, he got what was coming to him, fired in disgrace.

    Back to BB, Reed was right that one player can make a difference, which is why there is more cheating in BB than FB. Get that great player and make at least the Elite 8. If you cheat and get that great player in FB, there are still about 24 players that can screw things up. So there is somewhat less incentive to cheat in FB.

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  48. As reported exclusively on the POV today, early March Madness has only 5 ACC Teams making it, with Pitt as first 4 out. Still early, but is showing the lack of strength of ACC right now. Perhaps we can get it up to 6. Duke, Syracuse and UNC are all out of the mix as of this week.

    The fighting Hurley’s of UConn are ranked 25th. Hurley and Dave Capel will always be compared in my book. I think Pitt cracks the top 68 if we win 2 of 3 this week.


  49. Bama is 16 and UConn 21 in rpi

    Oats would have been a good fit. Not sure about Curley fries. That whole clan is crazy.


    1. Darrin Hall as assistant bball coach under your scenario tex seems to make sense and would have a familiar tone for most here….

      I also agree that the Hurley is a bit different (steve peterson like) and Dave is my nickname for our current bball coach (like the comedian).

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  50. I don’t mind people whose opinion differs from mine, I really don’t. I do get a bit miffed if when I disagree with your approach to improving our team or program you say that I’m obviously okay with mediocrity. Or when you say that the Pitt administration is satisfied with having a mediocre program when they won’t fire coaches when you think they should.

    To me, that is like saying that those of us who are not married to supermodels obviously don’t like supermodels. I like supermodels. Just because I can’t prove that, doesn’t make it a lie.

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    1. The Pitt admin takes the path of least resistance. Until boosters and fans rise up, it’s mediocrity as usual. And yes those who continue to donate to football and buy tickets enable them. Money talks.

      And I don’t like supermodels. They are often too skinny and don’t know a damn thing about sports. I prefer the kind of woman you can find at a bar in Alvarado.


          1. Hey, I get it, Tex. That woman in the Alvarado bar who will press a finger against one nostril and fire a snot rocket onto the ground through the other. A real woman!


  51. Yes, I very much think that both Heather and Narduzzi should be fired …. and right now!

    1) there is currently available both an AD and HC today ..and from a school with a significantly larger budget than Pitt.

    2) this will then become the 5th HC and the 3rd AD hire in the last 10 years which will be an example to the incoming hires that you better hit the ground running and produce …. or see ya!!

    3) and it will reinvigorate the Pitt fanbase which which is famous for filling the stadium and donating large sums to the athletic program

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    1. Please tell me you aren’t talking about Fulmer…we have already discussed his lack of character and he screwed up the last Tennessee FB hire as bad or worse than any Pitt coaching hire!


  52. wwb – as the poster below the above, I’m dripping wet from sarcasm.

    Saban said it, to win in the NCAA today you have to score and score big. Trying to win with defense is a fools errand, but when you have a HC who made his bones with defense it’s all he knows.

    His decision to keep WMG as OC speaks volumes to how out of touch he is with today’s FBS. It will ultimately be his downfall which is a shame because I think he would have stayed loyal to Pitt even if he was successful and another school had come calling. But without a qualified OC, his days are numbered.

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    1. Excellent point on staying loyal, Taxing. I have felt the same, that if the school is willing to stick with the coach through ups and downs, that coach is more likely to stay with that school should the program improve to the point that the coach receives better offers. So long as the school keeps the coach’s pay competitive and doesn’t insult him with a lowball salary. That is how I see the Ferentz, Beamer, Edwards, etc., model.

      I was recently watching I think the CFPs and the announcers were talking about the times that a top ranked defensive team met a top ranked offensive team. They said it was like 3 to 1 statistically that the top defensive team won versus the top offensive. Since I prefer watching wide open offense games, I was disappointed to hear that. Wish I knew specifically what game that was.


    1. are you nuts, Tex? What happened at Tennessee should be a lesson for everyone of your ilk

      1) in 2016, the Tenn fanbase wanted Butch Jones to go, so he was axed despite a winning record
      2) so after a search found a lot of people not interested, they announced the hiring of Greg Schiano, which infuriated the fanbase even to the point where they accused of him being one the people who covered up Sandusky … even though he left PSU 3 years before the shower incident (Schiano was OSU DC at the time)
      3) the fanbase was relentless and not only did Schiano never make it to campus, the AD was forced out
      4) ex-coach Phil Fulmer was hired as AD who ultimately hired Jeremy Pruitt
      5) and 3 years later after a 16-19 record and several apparent recruiting violations, Pruitt and a handful assistants are fired with cause with Fulmer to follow … and the Vols are no doubt going to hit with big sanctions

      I swear I am making not of this up …. look it up, pal!!! As I wrote in my recent article here “The Firing Is the Easy Part” … in which I even made reference to this


      1. You forget. I actually make heathers job easy. I’ve presented my list of viable candidates pending fbi investigation. I stand by my list.


      2. wwb – you left out the part where the prior AD (Currie) was to meet with then Washington State HC Mike Leach to offer him the Tennessee job. Currie was fired before the meeting, Leach was waiting for him in Dallas.

        The hiring of Pruitt was not immediately. Tennessee had already gone thru their A, B, & C list and hired Pruitt on a recommendation by Saban.


  53. FYI for those POVers who get the ACC network. Pitt to be featured tonite at 7 on “ACC Traditions”.

    I saw some previews this AM and it should be a good watch.

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    1. What traditions Dino??? I have my thinking cap on but am having a hard time coming up with 2 of them …. for starters #1 Running Back U…#2 dah


      1. Biggie,

        The previews i saw were primarily Majors I, Tony Dorsett and some Jackie Sherrill.

        Gonna put on my rose colored glasses, pour me some kool-aid and enjoy the show.


    1. Good for you. You don’t want to go with the natural herd immunity approach unless you like burning lungs and losing your smell. And I had a minor case.


  54. I’ll put up a Pitt vs Duke BB game thread Mike did about an hour before the 9:00 pm tip off. Then I’ll start scheduling BB game threads so they automatically appear (like magic!)

    I’ll also try to get some good pieces published in between the BB games. Have an article I think you all will like in the posting que as we speak.

    Good to be back folks – although there are some new names on here I don’t recognize. Looking forward to you agreeing with everything I write.

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    1. Reed, get Big Dan involved……… He can tell us all how bad PITT sucks until the end of the game and then sing their praises. No one knows PITT hoops better than Dan!

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      1. every time I get the image in my head of his face turning crimson with teeth clenching tighter and tighter with expletives first sputtering out then streaming like from a fire hose

        that’s Dan in my mind and can’t imagine it’s far off,,,,then after the comebacks, exhausted but rational thought and word



        1. Not any more!! I’m very relaxed and confident in this Pitt team and their coaches. Pitt would have beaten Cuse without Champ but having him in there makes Pitt a top 20 maybe a top 10 team. I can now explain away the loss to St Francis as a lack of prep time due to Covid and total panic in the face of a well disciplined and great shooting St Francis team. If Pitt played em tomorrow they’d beat em by forty!

          Also, what you saw vs Cuse was a well run flex offense..Great spacing and shooting. Be interesting to see if he runs it vs Duke. That’s all Duke runs.

          I’m thrilled to help Reed with the basketball side of things….I’ve given up on Pitt Football.

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      2. When you start off shooting 0 for 12 or whatever number it was….it is awful and should be called out. I have no problem with saying they are bad when playing bad. If you throw up 5 airballs in a row, you should be able to say “take out dan now because he is playing like crap”. Who would argue that? But, it doesn’t mean that Dan won’t come back in and go 8-8. That would be great.

        Ike, are you proposing no comments based on what is happening in real time because it might not be accurate on how the game ends? Things always change. That is what is great about sport. When the game changes, I agree you shouldn’t say they are still awful. Unless…..they are still awful. That’s what is great about re-reading comments. You can see when games change which is really funny sometimes.

        Agreed, Dan knows his stuff and love exchanging x and o strategy with him. I honestly haven’t watched college hoops this year except for a few Pitt games because of hockey commitments, but if Dan thinks we are top10, I will say we are definitely top25. Ha, Dan, 🙂 ACC looks weak with NC, Duke and Syracuse struggling.


        1. Huff, I was just kidding my old buddy Dan. Yet at the same time when a player misses a shot it doesn’t mean they are the worst player in basketball history. Say what you want, it’s a blog


  55. Going to do a Three-Dimensional Blackboard session with both Pitt coaching dunderheads entitled.

    Playing Offensive Football in the 21st Century.


  56. here is copy and paste of an above post of what happened at Tennessee … and maybe a lesson of “be careful of what you wish for” ….

    1) in 2016, the Tenn fanbase wanted Butch Jones to go, so he was axed despite a winning record
    2) so after a search found a lot of people not interested, they announced the hiring of Greg Schiano, which infuriated the fanbase even to the point where they accused of him being one the people who covered up Sandusky … even though he left PSU 3 years before the shower incident (Schiano was OSU DC at the time of hiring))
    3) the fanbase was relentless and not only did Schiano never make it to campus, the AD was forced out
    4) ex-coach Phil Fulmer was hired as AD who ultimately hired Jeremy Pruitt
    5) and 3 years later after a 16-19 record and several apparent recruiting violations, Pruitt and a handful assistants are fired with cause with Fulmer to follow … and the Vols are no doubt going to be hit with big sanctions

    I swear I am making not of this up …. look it up. As I wrote in my recent article here “The Firing Is the Easy Part” … in which I even made reference to the UT situation.

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    1. I think we know that kind of scenario firsthand. Simply put below !



    2. Drama – There was more to the Schiano case then what was reported. He survived and was hired at Rutgers without incident, so you need to look at what was really going on with him and the activist movement at universities at that point in time. Fulmer, was not fired but will step down shortly, which in college speak, means he disagreed with the removal of Pruitt and lost with the Board. Typically, the infractions are minor, level 3. Pruitt wasnt there long enough for level 1.

      Every school has level 3, every year. Pitt has them and our AD gives us penalties that the NCAA wouldn’t, but she wants to prove to Gallagher how good she is…not. Anyway, TN Football only had 4 violations. There were 14 others for different sports. More may be uncovered. Fulmer isn’t dumb. These are minor issues that TN is using so it doesn’t have to pay Pruitt his buyout. TN wanted Pruitt gone and new coach (maybe Freeze) in, so they found this as a convenient excuse. They take it national to make it look bad so Pruitt won’t claim his full buyout. It’s a negotiation only. Pruitt will get about $4M of his $12.5M.

      Tennessee will hire an outside law firm who will perform an “independent investigation” and share that with the NCAA fully. Tenn wouldn’t do this unless they already knew the extent of the violations (lawyering 101, don’t ask questions when you don’t know answers). By doing this, the institution receives fake leniency with all blame going to Pruitt. University’s are not stupid. The university and NCAA unite and then slam the coach with a show cause. Tennessee’s violations are minimal.

      This is not a big thing folks. Smoke and mirrors. Let’s not be thankful that this didn’t happen at Pitt and sink us from our mediocrity. These things happen at Pitt. Our AD turned in Nard, whooopie!

      As my final point of reference, let’s use State Penn. All universities self-report level 3 violations each year. Most P5 used to report about 40 each per year in all sports. Now, it is about 20. All receive slaps on wrists, because that is the idea of university/compliance oversight. During the Joepa/Sandusky years, Penn St reported ZERO level 3 violations, which meant they had a culture of coverup. That is why they got hit so hard. Not because of what happened. It was because they had no university oversight. Step back and understand the issues. NCAA reports to university Presidents. The Presidents want the big tv money and do not want scandal and as such, they advise the ncaa to take it easy on other institutions because they might be in the offending schools shoes shortly and expect the same back. Think of it as medical malpractice. It is hard to get a doc to testify against another doc, because they might be on trial next. It’s a game folks and the media and universities use the drama against us.

      That’s all for now. Hope this opinion was helpful.

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      1. So you know a bit about cheating. 🤠

        Excellent lowdown on how the game is played

        Was heather able to use any dirt on Stallings to reduce his buyout. If I recall, he had a better lawyer than Pitt. So although I don’t think he got all of it, he most likely got 70-80 percent. But we’ll never know unless we know an insider willing to be unethical and disclose the financials.

        If there was ever a program that deserved the death penalty, it was penn state.

        Eastern Kentucky, eastern Tennessee and western Carolina is great country. I’d retire there but my calling is Seattle.


        1. Well, there was an incident with Ms. Piggy and Kermit that one time……she cheated on me. So, yes i guess i know a little about that.


      2. Arnold, It’s my understanding that Tennessee has already been conducting its investigation, which is still ongoing, but what they had reported thus far to the chancellor was damaging enough that the school decided to fire the HC and 3 assistants.

        I watched the press conference yesterday afternoon and that’s how it was explained. Yes, AD Fullmer was not directly involved but he explained that he needed to step down so that the new AD can make his own hire


        1. we’re talking maybe Level I not III apparently ….

          Bruce Feldman@BruceFeldmanCFB
          #Tennessee’s chancellor Donde Plowman said it was “stunning” how deep this mess goes. “Our counsel has told us we’re looking at (NCAA) Level I or Level II violations…We don’t know exactly how many.” A Level I violation is defined as a “severe breach of conduct”


          1. Obviously, I didn’t see that (good report from you), but will stick with my earlier note of show cause for Pruitt and the coaches involved plus a slap on the wrist of a one year self-imposed bowl ban since they were transparent with investigation. Will make Pres look good to his Board to say Level 1 and because of his great work, got it reduced….gag!


  57. That’s great, MM, I am very happy for you and will look for you in the “comments” section here. Job well done, m’man. Will certainly miss your regular contributions.

    Looking forward to seeing Reed in the time being, as it’s been a long time!

    Grateful for this blog and the work between the old-new-old-again operators in keeping it going.

    Thank you for your service MM, and thanks for not letting it die, Reed!



    1. It was great to see all those clips from Majors I. So many unforgettable memories from that time.

      Its unfortunate that most of us won’t be around to ever see that glory again.


      1. If we lived forever we will never see the glory of Majors I again. Too many obstacles. It ain’t ever going to happen.

        Was nice to see though and reminisce.


  58. Thanks MM for all your work in keeping the blog going. Hopefully there will be enough volunteers to keep it going with oversight by Reed!


  59. This is weird but the Football Writers Association named an “All-Freshman” team and both Goncalves and Kancey made it…

    Go Pitt.


  60. Reed:

    Under Title “Ready to Roll Out Now,” Sub “Pat Narduzzi,” you are pictured in headshot with two flags/

    Because of the climate we now live in, I’m taking an affront supposing the blue line flag is a “don’t tread on me” dog whistle for all that ails our country momentarily. If it is not, ‘my bad.’ Though, if it is, TAKE DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

    Advanced thanks

    **geez I’m certain it’s well intentioned but you signed up for this again and I need to remind (?) that this site is apolitical

    Best regards


    1. The ‘blue’ flag you are referring to is the official flag of the United States Coast Guard. Which, in essence, means that as a member of the USCG I had power to arrest US Citizens. That is why the USCG is under Homeland Security and not DoD as the DoD Armed Forces cannot arrest or detain US citizens (Think Hitler in the 1930s)

      Which is why I’m now giving the NSA your email address so they can ferret out the POV poster who makes such little sense. 😊


  61. Caught the last few minutes of the ACC traditions..hope to catch it on a re-run…Love seeing those old vids from the golden era of PITT FB but compared to a Clemson, Carolina or Duke what kind of traditions do we really have excluding “Sweet Caroline” …Red 5A is quickly becoming one but PITT sets the bar pretty damn low for traditions (no offense intended Fran/Wolfie)….can’t think of sanything unique that could be considered a tradition at PITT during my 5 years on campus with the exception of the “O”


  62. I’m not a big school band enthusiast but I am curious to see who they have chosen to dot the I in the Pitt script before each home game. I also try hard to get those around me to belt out the Alma Mater along with me, whether they like it or not.

    But my most favorite tradition is the intro video just before the team runs out of the tunnel. Maybe I’m just a sappy old fart but it really gets my juices flowing no matter who we are playing. I am uber disappointed when the Heinz Field herding/funneling at the entrance gates makes me miss that intro. Those of you who wonder why I start tearing down my portion of the tailgate an hour before game time, that is the reason. I’m especially anxious to see the new video at the first game of the season. Man, I miss going to those football and basketball games!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. When they first started using those intro videos, back in Pitt Stadium, watching it would bring a tear to my eye. I still think the original music and video was the best.

      I’m an old geezer now, and I noticed that since I had heart surgery a while back, lots of things bring a tear to my eye, including singing the alma mater… “Dear old Pittsburgh…”

      Go Pitt.

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  63. Also, if you’ve never attended a basketball game at the Pete, don’t overlook the contribution of the Oakland Zoo. When we have a decent team and that Zoo is packed, it is bordering on magical. It is so loud you can hardly talk to someone next to you. When they come up with clever signs, pull football recruits into their midst to act crazy, have coaches and Chancellors don Zoo shirts to act like a fool with them … don’t know if that can be called a tradition yet, but the rest of college basketball has taken notice. Did I mention how much I miss going to those football and basketball games?

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Absolutely, Reed! And please allow time to meet with us at Hemingways before the game. Fran, Scooter, myself, and a host of others from the POV have been known to take up half of the back room at Hemingways. JoeL has met us there from Richmond. If he can do that, so can others, especially from the tri-state area. I’m sure Hemingways wouldn’t mind if we took up the entire back room. Food, drinks, and Pitt basketball. Good times!

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      2. It truly is great. One of the top 5 greatest Pittsburgh sports events that I attended was Pitt over UConn. Louder than any Steelers or Pens game I’ve ever attended, except possibly a Stanley Cup finals game.

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  64. I don’t recall any special traditions. Do wake and bakes count?

    The fraternities were allowed on the field before the game in my day. There was nothing the night before.

    Obviously tailgates were always a thing.

    Fights in the stands were a common occurrence. At least two separate ones broke out around the student section each game.

    The PA announcer made Hoopie jokes. There was a corncob one.

    And Pitt had real rivals back then.


    1. And you could sneak liquor into the game and enjoy pissing in a trough. And the walk up cardiac hill was tradition. Being stoned or drunk helped.


      1. Walking down Cardiac Hill was a bigger problem for the really drunk. The momentum would take over and they would start running without wanting to – usually a crash & grab into a telephone pole stopped them.


      2. “There is a car in the parking lot that left its lights on. The license plate number is E-I-E-I-O.”


  65. I imagine the pressure to ignore the rules is enormous in the SEC if you want to compete with Alabama, Georgi, LSU etc. I remember when Majors went to Tennessee, the only thing that really mattered was how many times he beat Alabama.


    1. Heck, my uncle was a legend all his life because he caught two touchdowns to beat Alabama in 1940.
      As big down there as Tony Dorsett running for 303 yards to finally beat ND.


    2. Pressure to win particularly in the sec is real. In contrast, there is only pressure to stay past sweet Caroline at Pitt games. Instead of Fantas, maybe IC Lights for us older fans. 🍺


  66. Rumor has it Pitt has hired Ryan Manalac as their new LB coach. He was defensive coordinator at Bucknell and had ties with Narduzzi at Cincy where he played for him and at Michigan State.


  67. When there are so many schools with a much greater will to win, huge financial resources, large supportive fan bases, that are all struggling to be competitive, why would some Pitt Fans think that all we need is a new coaching staff and we could easily get in the top twenty most years. Do you really think that even the Coastal schools want to win any less than Pitt? The Miami’s, Va Tech’s, UNC’s have a much easier road to success than Pitt. Even Duke, VA and GT want to win as much as Pitt. We are vying for the same thing. Even Syracuse our crossover rival used to be a mighty football powerhouse. Do they not want to win as much as Pitt?


    1. The will to win. You don’t need to have large financial resources or a huge fanbase for that. You just need the will

      To get into the top 25, you need to achieve at least 9 wins

      That means the following needs to happen

      Go 3-1 in the ooc
      Go 5-3 in ACC play
      Win your bowl game

      Stop playing schools like Tennessee in the ooc. Schedule some rent a wins

      Should be possible to win 5 in the ACC given pitt plays in a weak division and has Syracuse as the crossover.

      Then win your bowl game

      Good chance you finish in the lower end of the top 25

      But Narduzzi has proven over 6 years that his ceiling is 8 wins

      There are at least ten better coaching candidates out there that would be interested in the opportunity, good fits, and affordable.

      One top 25 finish every decade for the past 35 plus years is not acceptable for a school with Pitts facilities, resources, tradition and fanbase. Pitt is not IUP.


      1. Tex you contradict yourself, you say schedule some rent a wins, then say Narduzzi’s ceiling is eight wins.
        If he had one more rent a win his ceiling goes to 9. Then you raise 35 years, Narduzzi has been here 6.

        Other than a handful of schools like Cinci, there are not a lot of examples of schools beating the odds.

        Winning is all about recruiting, Pitt’s record for those 6 and 35 years is mostly because they haven’t had enough high caliber players and most specifically at the QB position.

        You then tout Pitt’s Facilities, (but complain about Heinz and the need for an MPC) resources (ours are not any better than others) Tradition (seriously, that is funny) fanbase ( even funnier) Maybe not IUP , but they do tend to win in their conference.

        I do agree if you play only one tough ooc opponent you should win 3 if not 4 games, but has nothing to do with Narduzzi. 5-3 ratio in the ACC sounds reasonable in most years but when you get Clemson or ND or when another school is having an up year like VA recently, not a no brainer.

        I guess because Narduzzi isn’t going anywhere soon, I prefer to look at the positives. A good recruiting year, and Pitt finished by overwhelming 3 of its last 4 adversaries after most had given up on them. A goodly number of guys going pro next year, but the cupboard is far from bare.

        Hopefully Covid will be under some level of control.


        1. Heather doesn’t help Narduzzi with the ooc

          Narduzzi doesn’t help himself by losing bowl games

          Pitt should have won ten games in narduzzis first two years

          Heck pitt should have won nine games this year

          But could have, would have, should have

          Narduzzi reflects his record. He’s an 8 win coach (well 7 on average). He’d find that ceiling regardless of the schedule.

          A new coach would find a way to bust through that ceiling regardless of the ooc and would win bowl games

          I just don’t trust pitt with finding the next coach


  68. Tex..you insulted IUP- your hometown team-a proven winner….GO BIG INDIANS…!!!! Were you a LITTLE INDIAN- IHS.???


    1. We were the little Indians. But now neither are called the Indians. Today IUP is known as the crimson hawks. Pathetic. I could blast one of those out of the sky with my 12 gauge.

      The hs band played the Indian war song or whatever. But we didn’t do the chop.

      The hs football field was immaculate. The football players would always get on us soccer guys for tearing the field up. They were just pricks.


        1. Same here

          I always played the Indian. I hated those Dallas Cowboys. 🤠

          And now I just live 15 miles south of the Death Star.


  69. This guy can recruit Ohio. A talent rich state. Says he’s a rising star. Seems like a good hire.


    1. Shocked, Absolutely shocked! Tex and “seems like a good hire” in the same posting!!


      1. I’ve researched him. He over performs. I like that in any individual. Plus he has ties to Ohio and all that talent. My New Years resolution was to try to be more sugary. There you have it.

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  70. Regarding the ‘pressure to win / cheating’ thoughts… Here is an article from The Sporting News that lists the Top 25 programs over the last decade.


    Out of those 25 here are the programs that I think are pretty close to what Pitt has as our football program (or bigger) but I wonder if they cheat as much as those SEC schools, etc..

    Notre Dame
    OK State
    Baylor and

    Sorry, but looking at some of those schools above and seeing their success makes me wonder just why Pitt can’t sustain any sort of excellence over the course or a year or two. I know all the reason we fans list, but again – is the Winning Mojo just passing us by?


    1. Reed, sorry but all of those schools have major advantages over Pitt, all are pretty obvious, most begin with huge amounts of cash. Then you have huge recruiting advantages. Seriously, Notre Dame?


      1. All of those schools have better coaches and staffs

        Pitt has the money. Natduzzi makes top 30 pay. Pitts football spend is top third in the ACC.

        Many aren’t in recruiting hotbeds either

        But some obviously cheat like Baylor.

        Those schools have a will to win. Then they find the way.

        Some by cheating. Some by rent a wins. Some by raising huge amounts of cash to invest in the program. All by hiring good coaches.


    2. first off, Mich St and Baylor both have had recent issues with covering up rapes and such … and both HCs were sent packing Baylor will recover sooner because of their facility and that they are located in Texas.

      One thing everyone of these teams have in common is an on-campus stadium, and everyone but ND, has a large on-campus enrollment (I believe UCF is either one or two in FL enrollment). ND has NBC money, Ok St had T Boone Pickens money and Oregon has Phil Knight money. Wisconsin has Big 10 money.

      Other than that< I have nothing …. except that MSU had a really good DC when it was building up its program

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      1. can I just save time and “like” and “+1” all of wwb’s posts? i feel the need has risen exponentially as of the demise by MM


    3. What these schools have that Pitt doesn’t:
      Oregon – Nike money
      Wisconsin – Almost 30 years of stability and a former football coach who built the program as AD
      Stanford – National rep and hottest degree in the country
      Notre Dame – Arguably most legendary program, national TV contract, built-in demographic appeal
      MSU – Ethical/criminal misbehavior on a spectacular level
      OK State – T. Boone Pickens’ billions
      Washington – Probably closest to Pitt, but that stadium on the water is primo and no real in-state comp
      Baylor – Ethical/criminal misbehavior on a spectacular level
      UCF – Overachiever for sure, but proximity to Florida recruits is a big help and haven’t proven they can maintain



    BTW – We’ll have a guest BB article from Dan D. for the Pitt-Duke game posted tomorrow, not tonight. So the Game Thread will be posted at 8:00 pm.

    Sorry for the confusion.


  72. Look, every athlete when they step on the field wants to win. Pitt’s Administrative problem is that they tell what’s left of the fanbase that they are here to win championships (to try to excite the public into buying some tickets), yet don’t make the right decisions to make that happen. We all have heard the same speech for 35 years and it is an old message. No one blindly believes it except here and that is each of your own prerogative.

    The schools you list GC do not have advantages over Pitt. Pitt spends like they do. There are just as many athletes leaving florida, as staying. If Florida had all the recruiting advantages, USF,FIU,FAU,UCF would be top 25 every year. UCF had a short run with an excellent QB a few years ago. Being in a P5 conference gives Pitt an advantage over those schools for sure and puts them on a level playing field with FSU, Miami and Florida. Pitt just needs to work hard and they have PArtridge, which is great. Recruiting is fairly even for every P5 team, in that recruiting is national. The schools you list are fighting the slide and do not want to become Pitt. Too late for Syracuse. They are out in the desert wondering aimlessly for 40 years also.

    Excellence is a choice. Excellence is not winning the coastal once. The odds are 1 in 6 that you win the coastal, just by competing in it. That isn’t a special achievement. That is statistics. Win 3 out of 6 and you are doing better than the odds. Mediocrity is also a choice. Pitt achieves that more easily….so Yay teams!


    1. I don’t buy one bit that Pitt spends as much as the programs listed above …maybe a few of them. However, school budgets are only part of it. The boosters play a major role here, and that’s what separate many schools from Pitt. For example, the helicopter that Franklins uses for recruiting doesn’t come out of the PSU recruiting budget.

      The last I saw was that Pitt was at or near the bottom in the ACC when it came athletic conations … and that’s the ACC which for the most part are smaller schools with much less alumni than the larger schools of the four other P5 conferences

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      1. The spend is all relative. What’s important is that pitt spends to be competitive with other coastal schools plus Syracuse. And it does.

        It has no excuses. It doesn’t have the will.

        Pitt has bred a culture of mediocrity over 40 years. You really need to figuratively burn the entire department down to have real change. Current leadership is gutless, incompetent, non transparent, and lazy. Some great qualities there.

        Mediocrity is by design. Pitt has achieved a stable state where the program goes bowling, fans still show up and pitt stays out of trouble. Pitt has successfully achieved their objectives.


      2. And Pitt has killed the resurrection of the Golden Panthers at every crossroad. With proper oversight, there is no reason why pitt can’t have a strong booster club. But Pitt doesn’t want it. Tells me everything.


      3. Only suckers donate to Pitt football. Seriously why throw away your hard earned money to support mediocrity. Waiting for an answer. Any response. Any lame answer.

        Signed Barnum and Bailey


        1. Tex

          line >>>>> ……………………………………………………………………………..



    2. Syracuse’s drought of being relative isn’t quite as long as Pitt’s

      For instance they did have a 10 win season just 2 years ago in 2018 and quite coincidental
      finished the season ranked Number 15. Same as Pitt’s highest season ending ranking
      of 15th in 2009.

      Also Syracuse had a nice little run in the mid 90’s to 2001, when McNab was their QB
      from 1995 to 1998. Going to the Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl & Gator.

      Also while Pitt was stinking it up in the mid ’80s to mid 90’s, Syracuse was going to 6 Bowl Games,
      including a Sugar & a Fiesta Bowl.

      So while they have been generally terrible lately, not nearly as inept as Pitt over the last 40 years.


  73. Arnold, I think you have been rolling in the mud too much. Excellence is a choice? Name one school that doesn’t choose or say they choose excellence.

    While I agree that Pitt should stop saying they are going to win championships which is absolute nonsense, most fans are smart enough to understand hyperbole.

    Even if those schools do not have advantages over Pitt, which I am not ready to concede, Pitt certainly has no advantage over them. So assuming or making the statement that a mythical new coach has a better chance than Narduzzi of winning 10 games is delusional.


    1. I noticed that the article BigB linked yesterday, on potential candidates for Tennessee, listed both Tom Herman and Dave Doeren. Herman was 22-4 at Houston and just fired by Texas for not achieving the success they wanted in 4 years. Doeren was 23-4 at Northern Illinois before being hired by NC State. He has since achieved a .533 win percentage over 8 years. I bet both would have made Tex’s lists of can’t miss Head Coach candidates when at their previous schools.


      1. I never did any research on those two. Y’all have my list. I took the time to research unlike heather would.


    2. I don’t assume anything GC. Assuming is not provable. After 6 years we know what we have in Narduzzi. Pitt has a choice to make. Stay in the slow lane and risk getting passed up by other coastal squads, or change lanes, understanding that the upside is 80% more likely to happen than not, based on who you hire. It’s all about being real. You don’t change coaches, if you are going to hire Reed (example only, calm down feller). You change coaches if you have someone that recruits better than Narduzzi and doesn’t make stupid in game decisions more often than not.

      You all have to remember that at the big programs and at the small programs, there all always jock sniffers and time soakers. When the head coach gets his time soaked up by big donors and forgets what got him to the position in the first place, problems occur in the program because noone is watching the door. Stated differently, there are time and circumstance issues (gladhanding) that come with the big jobs. Herman didn’t do well with his first big opportunity but I would expect him to succeed at his next one.

      GC, when you studied, you had a choice. You could study for an hour and know you would get a 70% or you could study for 2 hours and get a 95%. Your choice. I am glad you chose studying because you are quite smart. Excellence is a choice in all things. You could be married to the woman of your dreams and not tell her. Or, you could be married to the woman of your dreams, tell her she is, and show her she is. That would be excellent. The first would be typical of man, average (for annie to shake her head). Your choice. Same with sport. You choose whether you will be excellent or not. Sometimes you need help and good breaks along the way. The makers of Annie Greensprings wine don’t try to tell you that you are drinking Opus One. They choose to be below par.

      What Pitt says and what Pitt does is two different things. When all is said and done, more will be said then done. It takes courage to fail like Pitt, but it also takes courage to succeed. Piglet, circa 1968

      Rolling in the mud is fun for us swines, gc. Kick back, relax and enjoy the finer things every once in awhile.


  74. Talking about being drunk and staggering down Cardiac Hill after a FB game, after a Pitt win my WVU friend walked into a parking sign on Forbes. We thought about helping him but thought better of it because we did not know his true state of mind. Better to keep walking and ignore the obvious. The good old days.


  75. so for the record, +1 for all wwb posts

    -1 for 99% Tex posts

    +1/2 or -1/2 for all Reed’s posts,,,, wait, what?

    🙂 do I need that notarized?

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    1. You will learn to like the taste of vinegar over time. It is an acquired taste. If not, you’re more than welcome to the Texas bourbon I plan on bringing to a Fran tailgate this Fall.


      1. Bourbon comes from Kentucky, everything else is “Bourbon like Whiskey” Some of it is pretty good, had an excellent one from Colorado recently.


        1. You’d swear Tex was born in Texas…with his Texas Tall Stories. lol For the longest time, the producing of Bourbon was further limited to only Bourbon County, Kentucky.

          If it’s from texas it’s most likely that mexican crap called tequila.


          1. I’m thinking at this point is that us Cowboys in Texas should just cross the Red River and annex y’all.


        2. Not true..There is excellent bourbon made throughout the US. In fact, barrel-aged corn whiskey (bourbon) was being made in Western PA in large quantities, long before Kentucky. Bourbon is a type of American whiskey- a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. The name ultimately derives from the French Bourbon dynasty, although the precise inspiration for the whiskey’s name is uncertain; contenders include Bourbon County in Kentucky and Bourbon Street in New Orleans, both of which are named after the dynasty. While bourbon has been distilled since the 18th century, the name “Bourbon” was not applied until the 1850s, and the use of Kentucky etymology was not advanced until the late 19th century. Pennsylvanians used mostly unsold rye to produce rye whiskey but many used unsold corn. The Scotch-Irish who inhabited the Appalachian Chain, brought with them the process of distillation and “barrel aging”. For a whiskey to call itself bourbon, its mash must contain at least 51% corn. The mash must be distilled at 160 proof or less, put into the barrel at 125 proof or less, and it must not contain any additives. The distillate must be aged in a new charred oak barrel. If a distilled whiskey meets those standards, it’s bourbon. Where it’s made has nothing to do with it.


    2. Do think think my posts since I took back over deserve (-) scores? And here I am trying to be nice about it all.

      It won’t take me all that long to ramp back up to my 2016-18 ways TVAX1 – after all what about Pitt football has changed since then. Anything? No, not at all. Especially this season when PN made an ass out of himself crying about being unranked going into 2020 play then shat the bed in almost every way possible.

      The only difference over the last two years is that Mike bit his tongue more than I did when writing on here.

      “OHHHHMMMMmmmmm” ( That sound is Reed saying his calming mantra)


    1. not sure why and I’m really not even much of a hard stuff drinker but I’m going to go out and get me some Balcones and determine directly if your inclinations and machinations are to be trusted

      sooo, are you meaning the Balcones Baby Blue Whiskey or the Texas Pot Still Bourbon?


  76. Tennessee got caught handing cash to recruits in McDonald’s bags and still went 3-7. This at a program that fancies itself football royalty. Life in the SEC is tough. If you’re not Alabama, LSU, Georgia, or Florida, you are really pushing a rock up hill.


    1. I remember walking around the Tenn. campus years ago while waiting for my daughter to finish an audition. What struck me was coming upon sports facility after sports facility. Don’t remember seeing much in the way of academic-buildings the whole time…


  77. Very impressed with mister piggies 🐷 contributions thus far to the discussions. Could it be UPitt under a different handle. Maybe even a crazy Paco high on peyote. Doesn’t matter to me. Just appreciate keeping things real. I’m an 80’s kid. But I had to look up who the hell u were.

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    1. uh oh, one more option so either Balcones Baby Blue Whiskey or the Texas Pot Still Bourbon or TEXAS BLUE CORN BOURBON? Which one is your preference Tex?


  78. When comparing Pitt to another northern school, with also a somewhat historic place in college football,
    that being Syracuse. Pitt has been much more inept over the last 40 years.

    Syracuse’s drought of being relative isn’t quite as long as Pitt’s. In fact it’s not even close, by some
    15 years.

    For instance they did have a 10 win season just 2 years ago in 2018 and quite coincidental
    finished the season ranked Number 15. Same as Pitt’s highest season ending ranking
    of 15th in 2009.

    Also Syracuse had a nice little run in the mid 90’s to 2001, when McNab was their QB
    from 1995 to 1998. Going to the Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl & Gator.

    Also while Pitt was stinking it up in the mid ’80s to mid 90’s, Syracuse was going to 6 Bowl Games,
    including a Sugar Bowl & a Fiesta Bowl.

    So while they have been generally terrible lately, not nearly as inept as Pitt over the last 40 years.

    In fact for programs that have some historically place in college football (like winning NC’s and such),
    you’d be hard pressed to find a program as inept as Pitt over the last 40 years.


  79. Speaking of chicken fried steak. I couldn’t make the trip from DFW to Denver without having one in Childress.

    Frankly, Pitt needs more attitude from Texas. Cuse gets plenty of attitude from downstate. The folk from the City. I wasn’t all that fond of them during my UB days. Annoying.

    I’d rather shoot guns with a Texan. Or my Appalachia buds back home in Indiana County.


  80. Going to put up BB Game Thread now with a favor asked… could you guys fill me in a bit on how our BB teams looks this season. I can see the record and stats but have no idea what the team feels like to the fans.

    BTW – I can edit comments so don’t be surprised if I make a comment easier to read or be better formatted. That will be mostly paragraphs, spelling, etc. especially if it draws people away from reading the original. I won’t change the comment’s purpose or anything like that. This is what I did earlier also.


  81. Hey Reed, as you prepare for the first post under your new leadership, maybe some easing of tight rules of the road are needed for clarification. MM ran a pretty tight ship. What are the new boundaries for 1) moderate, flagrant vulgarities; 2) personal attacks slanders and various insults on public figures and POVers; and 3) discussion of politics? Also, what is the tolerance for Nitters? 🙂


    1. Well, let’s go back to pre-Mike in someways:

      Crude swearing I.e. sht, fck, assh*le, …you get it – the really crude words are out and I’ll leave Mike’s filters on for those. Asshat is completely acceptable as is damn like “Damn Clemson! We almost had them this year!” Remember we have women on here also and others who might be offended more easily then, say, UPitt.

      Politics is completely out. I mean that 100% and will hold all of us to that.

      Religion is OK if conversed about in a cultured way. However it is fine to call the ND players “whores of Babylon”.

      Nitters? Hmmmm, anything you want if it adheres to the above.

      Guys, in the 2.5 years I ran the POV I banned only two people if memory serves and those were temporary. But it wasn’t just a loss of interest in Pitt football that led to me giving it over. Just as strong a reason is that I got sick of some commenters’ pettiness and insulting manners on here.

      There is no need for that and if that happens again after fair warnings then we will have some hard choices to make.

      I really don’t want to be involved in The POV on a daily basis just to mediate crap between intelligent adults. I got sick of it in ’18 and will do so again If things get bad. But, I’ve a feeling things will go smoothly…just do not mention my name in the same paragraph as Ike’s name. That would three tokes over the line as they say.

      Which brings me to this – Maryland has legalized marijuana and I’ve got a MCC patient card. So, if my articles don’t make much sense its probably me not you. Since I don’t drink any longer (unless I’m in PGH for some weird reason) drunken posting by me is not going to be a problem.

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