The Firing is the Easy Part

Should Narduzzi Continue to be Head Football Coach at Pitt or Not?

By Bill Aloe (formerly WWB)

I am going to start this article with the correct answer to the above:  I have no idea and neither do any of you.

Here are how two prominent college sports publications rated the top college head coach football hires when Narduzzi was hired in 2015:

Athlon Sports                                                             CBS Sports

  1. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan                             1.  Jim Harbaugh, Michigan
  2. Gary Anderson, Oregon St                         2.  Tom Herman, Houston
  3. Tom Herman, Houston                               3.  Chad Morris, SMU
  4. Chad Morris, SMU                                       4.  Mike Riley, Nebraska
  5. Lance Leipold, Buffalo                                5.  Gary Anderson, Oregon State
  6. Jim McIlwain, Florida                                  6.  Jim McIlwain, Florida
  7. Pat Narduzzi, Pitt                                         7. Pat Narduzzi, Pitt
  8. Mike Riley, Nebraska                                  8.  Mike Bobo, Colorado St
  9. Paul Chryst, Wisconsin                               9.  Phil Montgomery, Tulsa
  10. Mike Bobo, Colorado St                              10.  Paul Chryst, Wisconsin

Note that of the eleven coaches listed above, the following six, Gary Anderson (7-22), Chad Morris (14-22), Mike Riley (19-19), Jim McIlwain (22-12), Mike Bobo (28-35) and Phil Montgomery (31-38) were let go or forced out.   Herman was hired by Texas where he is now in limbo, and only Harbaugh, Leipold, Narduzzi and Chryst remain at their schools. (Editor’s note: Herman was relieved of his duties at Texas yesterday. The article was sent to me a few days prior)

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