155 thoughts on “Roundball: Syracuse at Pitt Open Game Thread

  1. Horrible start for Pitt and then they made a nice come back in the middle of the 1st half.

    Really poor finish to the first half though – shooting, D and FT shooting disappeared.

    Pitt’s 3 point lead turned upside down to a 5 point deficit.


  2. Illinois is 9-4 and ranked 14th. If we win this and go 7-2 why shouldn’t we break into the Top 25?


  3. The most enjoyable game to watch in years. Total destruction of Boeheim, Cuse and the 2/3 zone.
    Cuse was a 4 point fave to open.

    Champ, the best Pitt player in years. This may be the best Pitt team in 6 years!
    X man awesome. My only criticism is Toney trying to force the ball. Pitt with 3 players 20 points
    Horton a killer from 3.

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  4. So few comments funny, where did all the bashers go? More comments on Hugely than an outstanding Pitt win.

    Seriously when is the last time Pitt scored 90+ and dominated a team down the stretch?

    Good thing it is not how you start but how you finish.

    Heck, Brown even hip checked a guy to the ground. When did Johnson become automatic from the free throw line.

    Hoping this is a sign of things to come and not an outlier.

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    1. Johnson has been very good from the FT line late in games, I’ll give him that. Brown being physical was new though.


    2. The Hugley thing was big. And comments were over 24 hours. This post was up since late morn. Just a little context.

      And we all know it’s easier to bash than say nice things. It’s called human nature. You act surprised.


  5. I listened to Billy on the radio and taped the game for tomorrow to view.
    Best of both worlds.
    Uncle Iek, I hope you watched!
    Hang in there my friend.

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    1. That’s a whole game for Jamie. Jamie had 2/3 of the formula for advancing in the NCAA’s. Defense & rebounding. Capel may have all 3 right now.


      1. He still needs a reliable point guard with a better assist to turnover ratio.

        And another big that doesn’t steal cars from party girls

        But this is the best team in at least 6 years

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  6. didn’t watch any of this, at lax practice

    hard to believe a little over a game and a half ago Pitt trailed this team 30-12
    maybe THAT comeback broke the Orange

    also hard to believe THIS team lost to St F, could that loss have been one of those good ones? didn’t look like it at the time and even I who like Capel was wondering WTF
    could Hugley situation have helped?

    did Heather do a great job getting this player’s coach even though she was played by the previous few she “should have” gotten?

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    1. I still thinks oats should have been the pick. But I’m biased and I had insider booster knowledge from UB.


  7. We are a basketball school again.
    Big day for the Champ Brothers—–Julian top scorer today for St. John’s with 20.


  8. Just returning to hotel after hockey. Nice victory by all accounts.

    Dan – seems like we disected the Syracuse defense last time and I am glad that Capel looked to the POV for a brief chalkboard talk after the last game to bring easier success this time. Really solid victory. I worry that programs that arent doing well, will start to cancel out.


  9. I think the big difference is that Johnson no longer has to try to do it by himself. He is playing much more within himself and as an important part of the team. He looks much more in control, I only noticed him force one shot. Plus the whole team is passing much more effectively. Only six turnovers, has to be a record for the last few years as well.

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  10. Okudale had 8 assists coming off the bench. I just hope and pray that he and Jeffress stay patient as I have little doubt we will enjoy watching them in the next couple of years like we are with Champ, Toney and X right now.

    I am the 54th comment on this blog. If Pitt loses, we would be on the 154th comment, at the very least

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    1. Who besides UPitt and myself are ‘negative’ ?

      He and I aren’t making up the difference even by using different handles. 95 percent of the time I use Tex. I use handles judiciously.

      So you mean all the Koolaid drinkers suddenly enjoy piss and vinegar and decide to keep things real. That’s not how it works. I’m very consistent and not hypocritical in my point of view.

      If you want more positive comments, have some of the kids at carrick elementary comment. They gave us our pitt script at the 50.


  11. —Panthers scored over 90 and it wasn’t against a cupcake. Or maybe it was? 😊

    —Wonder how we’ll look against man-to-man defense – they had to have spent a lot of time coaching them on attacking the Cuse zone…

    —Anyone miss Trey McGowens today?

    —X-Man is quite an athlete… Anyone remember Darryl Gissendanner? Fastest Panther I can remember getting from one end of the floor to the other — but not necessarily under control… X-Man can motor like that…

    Go Pitt.


  12. Hmmm…Ben staying. I guess they want to keep the same offense and terminology.
    Don’t want to upset Gentle Ben.


  13. I think the obvious weakness for this Pitt team is that it won’t be able to defend against a talented center or front line. However, they still should make a game out of it.

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  14. Looking at the stats, some thoughts:

    50% shooting from Champ from the field and 50% from 3-pt by Horton was huge
    96 points with X FG shooting at only 33% is hard to believe
    Toney at 43% from the field helped
    Only 5 RBs by Brown and ‘Baly, thank God for Champ, gotta replace Hugely production
    Jeffress still not producing which is an upside potential going forward
    Down game for Odukale, but he’s proven he can score

    Overall, a great win. Like Pitt fball vs VT, Pitt bball seems to have success against the ‘Cuse. Love seeing Boeheim go down.

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  15. FWWB you’re right, Brown and ‘Baly need to play “hack a Shak” against Duke and find a way to greatly improve their rebounding stats for as long as they are on the floor.

    Nike sighting? Hope he’s not caught up in something as welll.


  16. Can’t wait to go back to the Pete with Scooter and his Champagnie wig.
    Screw the Blew Devils!
    Yes, I know how to spell…

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  17. Big Win!!!!Another strong second half!

    Dare I say that it may be evidence of half time adjustments?



  18. One thing that helped Pitt is Syracuse didn’t seem to have that “eraser” at the back of their zone D to clean up after penetration and entry passes. Usually when their defense is clicking, they have an agile 6’9″ guy with a 27-foot wingspan as the last line of defense.

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  19. All I know is that boeheim is just another glorified poopy pants in Syracuse. The man can literally get away with murder. He has a special place in Hell reserved.


  20. If Champ keeps playing like this, he could be NBA bound. Which would be a bummer for the team.

    And the Oakland Zoo wig business.


    1. I’ll take the wins now and the loss of Champ when he goes to the NBA.

      His stardom should be a Pitt fan’s entertainment.

      Who on this team will step up when Duke’s best defender is called on to shut down Champ?

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  21. Little Ben will be cut given Canada is now OC. Those two don’t see eye to eye. Mason is a much better Q than Nate to run his schemes. Canada is a good hire. Tomlin still as coach not so much. Pitt not fighting to keep him looks very bad at this point. Does heathers basement have a exit door? I like my parents basement. Fully furnished. I’d never leave.

    Tex – and you all thought I lived in Texas.


  22. 103 comments since the car thief from Cleveland news broke pertaining to that. Just human nature Gordo. Bad news sells more than good. The Greeks knew this. Been that way for over 2500 years.

    Hail to Piss and Vinegar


    1. The funny thing is…I never feel good or bad for myself. I put down people like meatballs because he deserves it since nobody around here holds him accountable for mediocre results. And I think meatballs is a very fitting name given his game coaching is borderline idiot IQ.


  23. The Steelers didn’t have to search far for their new offensive coordinator.

    The team is expected to promote quarterbacks coach Matt Canada to offensive coordinator, a source confirmed to ESPN.

    With Canada running the Panthers’ offense in 2016, Pitt led the nation in red zone touchdown percentage (82%) and scored at least 28 points in all 12 regular-season games.

    Pitt missed the boat…yet again !


    1. Pitt wasn’t going to match LSU’s offer. Always remember, Pitt fans were glad the school didn’t get into a bidding war. Pitt fans hate bidding wars. It is much easier to complain later when the offense stinks.


  24. Canada was fired by NC St in 2015 …. fired by LSU in 2017 … and not retained by Maryland in 2018, While I admit I do prefer him more than Whipple, let’s not get carried away because of one really good season

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  25. Turns out that the Upitt news isn’t the only breaking news forthcoming. Stay tuned for a big story tomorrow sometime on the POV. WOW!

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    1. I’m guessing the big story is that Scooter has been hired as Pitt’s new LB Coach. Go Scooter!

      Go Pitt.


    1. Pitt crushed Syracuse today and less than 30 comments during the game. I thought fans were supposed to engage when things were going well, at least that is how it is with other teams, my mistake.

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      1. GC, no comments from me ‘cause I don’t watch BBall and played the sport in Jr. High and HS…back in the days of palming the ball, traveling, 3 second rule, fouls called if you touched someone… we even had jump balls at the foul-line- no possession arrow for you young’uns….


      2. I watched the game but was busy making cinnamon rolls and sewing some new face masks. I DVR’d it so I might watch it again tomorrow since I was multi-tasking and not watching every play.

        Saw that Boeheim got T’d up. My response to that was, of course, ” Quit your whining Boeheim!”

        H2P, and I like Ike! Hang in there buddy!

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      3. I am at hockey most weekends. Candidly, with all the non-sports overtaking college and pro sports, it is not surprising many just don’t care to watch. I make no extra effort to watch.


      4. We’re talking about Pitt fans right?

        What you read on this site combined with pantherlair is the Pitt universe. That’s it. There are probably no more than 200 individuals that take the time to actually comment on either platform.

        Those 200 are the bravest and most passionate fans. Because it takes guts to comment. It takes time to invest your heart in Pitt.

        Some granted might hide behind a handle. But several of you guys have met me and UPitt. So we’re real alumni and care deeply about Pitt. We just show it differently than the rest of you.

        I personally like to call out hypocrisy. I like straight shooters. I like Colt owners better.

        Tex who can’t shoot a pistol worth a damn. But a rifle…now that’s different.


  26. Ironic that Canada was moved up from QB Coach to OC, when what ruined the Steelers’ offense was the awful and risky decision-making by the QB.

    Mason R. is taking the Steelers to nothing but .500 ball, IMHO. Need a QB who is at least an average run threat. That’s not Mason R.

    Go Pitt.


  27. I can’t speak for others but I can’t stand basketball. Pro or College. I’d rather watch Bulgarian Carp Fishing. The sport has gone down hill. The NBA is worse than college. I will maybe watch some of the tourney but that is it. No one on the team like the Fields years.


    1. I agree. You don’t speak for me. Can’t remember enjoying a second half of Pitt basketball more than today. And I stood next to Billy Knight by chance eating hot dogs at the Dirty O after a big Pitt win over WVU.

      And Thank You Pov-ites as this has been a most enjoyable read today.

      Hail to Pitt
      Hail to Ike

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    2. The secret to carp fishing is to first chum the waters with loafs of bread.

      Then throw your line out with a piece of meatball on your hook.

      Set your line and pull hard at the first strike.

      Carp is actually a tasty fish. I prefer over catfish.


  28. upittbaseball, I agree! Me too! Lost interest in the pros after the70’s. I loved Willis Reed, Walt Frasier, Bill Bradley, and the rest of the NY knicks of that era. College ball, I too was a fan of Fields and the rest of those guys. Loved getting on the train to the NY City and every stop being joined by fans from all the schools in the Big East Tournament. Great times.
    Lost interest with the move to Stallings.

    However this new team with Johnson playing team ball (finally), Toney adding, and of course Campagnie . Odukale and the rest are winners too. They play defense! I like them better than the last few years. The jury is still out. I am still not a Capel fan.


    1. is there a version of Kumbaya that includes a background singer with Tourette’s?

      that might be a more “realistic” comparison

      would need to be extremely severe Tourette’s case, think hospitalization with a few drop-in visits by curmudgeon family members

      yeah, THAT’s the new POV


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  29. Basketball is a great sport. it’s evolved but I think for the better. Way better than that “club” sport, hockey.


  30. I think the lack of comments is more COVID related. Games have been very intermittent. The program has been down and we still don’t trust the team. College basketball in general is not getting much hype right now. Need to get fans back. If Pitt can crack the top 25, you’ll see a little more traffic. Right now ESPN still has Pitt as first 4 out.



    1. Capel doesn’t have a nickname yet. Once he gets one, expect more comments.

      Pitt basketball is at least respectable this year.

      Tex hoping that UPitts newborns first words won’t be Pitt sux.


  31. I’m ready for the big news Ike.

    Pitt is going to sponsor hockey?

    Heather actually came out of the basement?

    Narduzzi got another five year extension?

    Pitt is finally conducting a feasibility study for an OCS?

    The ‘O’ is coming back to Oakland?

    I’m salivating like my dog watching me eat a T-bone.


    1. I speculate there might be a connection with the Hugely suspension and Nike not playing vs the orange yesterday. Both came from Ohio, and Nike knows at least one female in Pittsburgh. The connection seems too obvious.

      OR maybe with the passing of Mr. Roger’s bride this past week, there was a large leave behind for a Pitt OCS with a train station connection (Pitt Stadium in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood).


      1. Who knew that mister Rogers was a closet Pitt fan.

        I hope the big news is positive.

        Done talking about the stupid things that stupid kids do.


  32. About the comments, simply put Pitt has a great deal more FB followers than they do BB watchers. Part of that reason is the awful BB the Pitt fans have been subjected to the past few years. For me, I could give or take watching a Pitt BB game and I have joined the group of not setting my watch to view the next BB game. I’ll be watching more often going forward but I might not miss a good movie to do so. My preference will probably be to DVR the game and only watch if they won.


    1. 3000 season ticket holders for basketball roughly compared to about 20,000 pre season sales for football

      Probably seven times the fanbase if not far more.

      And this is a football site

      Panther lair has two separate comment boards. But the action is still with football. There are at least ten times more comments on the football board than basketball even during the football offseason.

      But again, most people will generally just say a thing or two after a win. A bad loss or bad news will generate much more discussion and tangents.


  33. I barely got home from work in time for the first cuse score. I settled in with my lunch and watched another poor shooting start by our Pitt Panthers.

    Eating lunch and computers don’t work well, so no early comments. Pitt kept the game close with good D and eventually took the lead when my lunch was finished. The finish to the 1st half was bad, but because of the previous cuse game and NW, I finished some chores during the halftime adjustments break and settled in for the entertaining 2nd half.

    It was fun to watch. When the team is smelling up the court, not so fun, thus commenting on the POV provides a bit of entertainment.

    I think that might be the explanation for many Pitt fans, but not in those exact words.


  34. The Panthers sit in 4th place in the ACC with FL St and Duke (game scheduled for Tuesday night).

    Virginia is in 1st at 5-0 with VA Tech and Louisville (Pitt’s only conference loss to date) in 2nd at 4-1.

    Tentatively scheduled games in the coming weeks are Duke, BC and UNC.

    In normal years, 1-2 in that stretch is expected. This ain’t normal.

    Go Pitt!


  35. The Steelers would be foolish to promote Canada. He’s never called plays or designed an offense in the pros. If it happens, sounds like another move to keep Ben happy. Wasn’t Randy Sphincter his QB coach also, then promoted to OC at Ben’s urging?


    1. I don’t think Ben really like the man. He audibles every Canada play. Bens not a big fan of pre snap motions and sweeps and bunched receiver sets. Bens old school. The move actually might have been to force Ben out.

      Maybe the big news is that Ben is retiring. Or Tomlin is being fired. Both would be positives to me. Can I have both?


  36. Great Pitt win yesterday. I watched the game. What a difference depth makes. Hughley’s absence hurts the big man depth.


  37. Interesting that there is a broad consensus that Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State are the cream of the college football crop and are likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. But look at Kentucky, UNC, and Duke in basketball this year. They are the bluest of blue bloods and struggling mightily. Very different sport? Or are we overestimating the advantages of the football elites?


    1. This only proves IMO how much harder it is to build and maintain a FB program than a BB program. One example is how many really big stars Pitt as had thru the last 30 years ….. Sean Gilbert, Curtis Martin, Reuben Brown, Antonio Bryant, Gerald Hayes, Larry Fitz, Darrel Revis, Andy Lee, Shady McCoy, Jon Baldwin, Jabal Sheard, Greg Romeus, Dion Lewis, Aaron Donald, James Conner, Brian O’Neal, Ejuan Price, Tyler Boyd, and we will see how the recent crop will do

      And I didn’t even include the likes of Ramon Walker, Shawtae Spence, Luisaka Polite, Kris wilson, Clint Session, Jeff Otah, Ray Graham, Lucas Nix, DJ Johnson, Quad Henderson, J Whitehead etc

      Now most of these FB players have done well in the pros are generally regarded with more esteem that Pitt BB players …. yet its the basketball team that Pitt has had substantially more success in the past 20 years.


  38. since this is obviously a FB site (even though Pitt is now a BB school) ….

    There are at least 11 new arrivals this week of FB players who have already enrolled at Pitt, including transfers Marcus Minor OG and MJ Devonshire DB, If spring practice is allowed, they will participate. The others are …

    Terrence Rankl OT / Philip O’Brien DB / Jake Renda TE / Gavin Bartholomew TE/ Terrence Enos OT / Malik Newton RB / Myles Alston WR / Trey Anderson OT / Nahki Johnson DE

    There may be others but these are the ones who have arrived over the past few days


    1. I’ll be curious to read in the spring how Yellen looks throwing the ball. Those Lake Travis kids succeed in college and if Nate pans out it will be huge for the program.


  39. It is far easier to build a basketball program.

    Fewer players and positions than football

    A tourney where you need to win six games to be crowned champion and not just two

    A tourney comprised of 68 teams and not just four

    But as in football with a QB, you need an elite point guard. Easier for Pitt to find one of those.

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  40. My interest in watching sports has certainly waned over the years. Gave up on baseball years ago, there’s a sport that could use some rule changes.

    Football and basketball rule changes have improved both sports. Football mostly for the safety of the players and to increase scoring.

    BigB are you really missing center court tip-offs?

    Now golfs a game that needs some changes, but equipment manufacturers make a living selling new drivers that go further, and same with balls. Meantime golf has become driver wedge for the pros which at least to me is boring and only favors the long hitters, at least most of the time.

    Mostly I just watch Pitt and the Steelers, but I don’t live or die with either any more.

    But I got satisfaction from the game yesterday, a commodity that has been rare indeed with Pitt basketball.
    I guess I hoped that other POVers did as well. and don’t just get their satisfaction from trashing all things Pitt.
    If that is the case you have gone from a fan to a troll.

    Someone that hates basketball, but makes many comments on a coaches shoes or hair, hmm.

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    1. People who get bashed often deserve it

      Did rockports deserve a free pass?

      How about slick hair Dixon

      Miss yellow blouse

      Mister charmin


      Atom counter

      Capel doesn’t have a name yet. That’s good

      I call good coaches who get good results by their formal title. Like Coach Jay for soccer. They get my respect and not my scorn. They also get my money.

      I’ve been given many names by you guys on here. I rightfully deserved everyone of them and I’m fine with 95 percent of them. I have a problem with troll.


        1. Get over yourself Mr. Important. If you support Rockports and how he ran a program you truly are a moron.

          You are tough on the keyboard but never say a word to me at the golf events. Hmmm


          1. I tried to talk to you and you ignored me. If you hate basketball as you say, why do you care about what the coaches wear or how they look? So when did I say Stallings was any good?

            I tried to set up golf so you could come and you couldn’t make it.

            Seems like you can dish it out , but revert to name calling when someone calls you on it.

            Let’s play golf.


            1. I don’t remember ignoring you. I’m sorry if I did that. Let’s bury the hatchet and start new. I’d be happy to golf this Spring. We should shoot for the Summit Inn for us or even the POV. If us maybe Nemacolin.


            2. Hey I like the back and forth, I don’t take it that seriously. Let’s get two other POVers, maybe Fran and Erie to make a foursome. It would be great if we could get Tex to join us.


            3. I like Nemacolin but hard to get a deal there, same with Bedford Springs, outstanding golf courses but hard to justify $200 for a round of golf in WPA. Unless you have local connections, since retired my work connections are all long gone. Most of the quality Country Clubs are around $100 for guest fees.
              Golf was nuts here last year due to the pandemic, need to plan well in advance.


  41. A football program is much harder to build, but easier to maintain by recruiting elite players every year.

    In basketball there is much more turnover from year to year and then you have the one and dones that have a major impact coming and going. Also injuries are more impactful to basketball.


  42. Great win yesterday and good to see Champ back and healthy. I think Capel is rebuilding this program in the right way – slowly building momentum, rebuilding the fan base and starting to attract talent that wants to be here. Some more key wins like sweeping Cuse are what the program needs to show improvement. Would love to see a good showing in the conference tournament if there is one and maybe even an outside shot at the big tournament.
    A good finish this year will bring back the fans to the Pete and the Zoo will be locked and loaded.


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  43. Champ really has some similar abilities to DeJuan Blair around the hoop without the bulk.
    His quickness from rebound to put back and his accuracy and repertoire of short shots are the best I’ve seen since Blair. His ability to be in the right spot for the rebound is uncanny.

    The three highlight dunks were more like Julius Page though.

    Sure fun to watch.

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  44. By the way, no telling if yesterdays heroics will carry over to other games. No one else plays that defense.
    I agree that the loss of Hugely will hurt moving forward. Brown seems to like playing Syracuse, but he will be needed from here on. Collier is a weak link so far, so hopefully he improves with experience.


  45. So I just counted 89 comments during the Pitt St. Francis game approximately three times as many.

    Going by recent years attendance, St Francis would be less than half of what a Syracuse game would be.


  46. CBS Bracketology expert has Pitt in the 1st 4 out column. It’s good to see Pitt being mentioned again!
    Hope to move to the last 4 in and beyond! H2P!!!!!


  47. Xavier leads the ACC in assists per game at 5.6. In an even better apples-to-apples statistic, assists per 40 minutes of playing time, he again leads the ACC at 8.0. His assist to turnover ratio is 1.79. The ACC leader is around 2.4. Not too shabby.

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    1. He looks so much more in control than the last two years. Femi and Sibande seem more complimentary, much better chemistry and less rivalry with the last two guards.
      Too early to worry about rankings. No idea of how well or poorly Pitt’s going to do moving forward.


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