10 Reasons why Pitt will beat Virginia Tech on Saturday

  1.  The defense
  2. All parts of said defense
  3. Damar Hamlin is well-rested and fired up
  4. Patrick Jones is from Virginia and will want to make sure all the Hokies know it.
  5. Pitt is 4-1 on the road
  6. Kenny Pickett may have turned the corner
  7. The O Line is better than it’s been all season
  8. Pitt always plays Virginia Tech tough
  9. We’ve got leaders on this team
  10. Destiny

10 Reasons why Pitt will lose to Virginia Tech on Saturday

  1. Bud Foster’s last game
  2. It’s Senior Day
  3. Virginia Tech is hot
  4. Their pass rush
  5. Their DB’s
  6. Kenny’s shoulder
  7. Pitt is 2-6 at Lane Stadium
  8. The Hokies want revenge from last year’s beat down
  9. ACC Officiating
  10. Fate

Look, I want Pitt to win out as much as anyone, and I will be delighted if they do.  But there is no way that I’m going to make the same mistake that I made with Miami.  Yes this is the best Pitt defense in the last twenty years, but doggone it we are going down to hostile territory and playing someone that the ACC legitimately wants to win (although I’ll admit that is a bit conspiracy-theoryish of me).  Even if the conspiracy theories aren’t true (and they probably aren’t), Virginia Tech is going to be the toughest road game since Penn State, and so there is little doubt in my mind that Pitt is going to have to play near-perfect to win this one.  Pitt hasn’t shown me they can do that yet.  Sadly, I think we need to get ready for another low-scoring heartbreak.

Pitt 16

Turkeys 20

Hail to Pitt

Michaelangelo Monteleone




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  1. Except for Clemson, Pitt has actually been the ACC’s most consistent team this year. However, over the past month, except for Clemson, VT has the edge over Miami as the best ACC team.

    If Pitt wins the turnover battle, they will have a good chance. VT 23-16


  2. Maestro – you mention KP almost in passing (pun intended!). Last week, he threw for 359 yards, 1 TD, and ran for 2 more TDs. His confidence level should be sky high.

    So the question is, will he be able to duplicate his performance, or will his high confidence level encourage him to throw into double coverage, instead of going thru progressions to find the open man???

    Our Red Zone D is critical, since they have a powerful run attack. Best strategy is keep ’em out of the Red Zone! Can we???

    I assume they don’t pass too much because: 1.) they don’t have to; and B) they are run blockers, not pass blockers (been there; done that!) I think our D can throttle any passing game they may try. Can we stop the run??? (And RPOS, +screen passes)???

    If KP is Good Kenny, we win by 10, 27-17.
    If KP is Bad Kenny, we win by 3 – last second 50 yard FG, 17-14.


  3. I have to go with MM’s 10 reasons why Pitt will lose over the 10 reasons why Pitt will win. The bad weather helps the running team much more than the passing pass and I still don’t consider Pitt’s running game anything to be feared. VT 24 Pitt 13. The good news is that I have been notoriously wrong with my predictions this year however.—–For some upbeat reading you all should read an article from yesterday titled: Pitt On The Brink Of History by SouthernPigskin.com

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  4. The #1 reason why we won’t win this game: SOP.

    The last time we were playing a game with the Orange Bowl on the line. (And it really is. If we win our last 2, the Orange is our most likely bowl destination), the lethal combination of Dave Wannstedt, Mardy Gilyard and SOP, conspired to dash our hopes. Well, Wanny and Gilyard aren’t around any longer, so all that’s left is SOP.

    Belk/Pinstripe/Music City Bowl, here we come!

    Tragic. 24-13 Hokies.


  5. I’m gonna keep a close eye on the predictions this week to see if the same posters who predicted a PITT loss last week against UNC, again predict a PITT loss this week against VT? I think it’s beginning to get to the time of believing in PITT football.


    1. ike, often it’s more important when you play someone rather than who you play. For example, I firmly believe that if we opened at Virginia Tech and was hosting Virginia this weekend, we would be wrapping up the 2nd straight Coastal title this weekend. But, we can’t pick and choose.

      The only reason I picked VT because they are on an impressive streak right now

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      1. This is certainly true Bill, certainly true. Or PITT opened up with Delaware and played VT second game? btw, I was jagging missingwlat around a bit.


  6. great article jrn, hope Pitt players don’t read it and have it go to their heads. just need them to keep it up and tomorrow could be another exciting game to test POV cardiac wellness.

    I haven’t predicted many this year and don’t feel like I have any idea what to expect. I hope KP is again the PSU KP and as much hope our receivers don’t let him down which will be tougher in the rain.

    Pitt 22
    Hokeys(haha) 20



  7. Go to gobblercountry.com, and read SB Nation’s, “Five things for Victory over Pitt”. Interesting read, good points.

    Predicting 1″ of rain during the game. Hope Kenny’s gloves work on a wet ball! Can we run on these guys?? We’ll need to do a little Turkey Trot Saturday to keep ’em honest.


  8. Well, MM, I think that you missed one in the “Why We Win” list. I live halfway between Blacksburg and Charlottesville. VT players are looking ahead to their most important game of every year—next week against UVA. Plus, I believe that we are the better team. Unless Ike and Eli tell me differently, I see a Pitt win, 30-22.

    And, I am not so sure about that much rain tomorrow. Forecasts around here are almost never correct.

    And, while I am rambling on. VT and its fans are very similar to PSU. Small town. Nothing else to do but be nuts about the Hokies.


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      1. Hot Springs. But, we move soon to a house about four miles west of Cville in Ivy Farm. I will definitely be there for the UVA game next fall.



    1. Eli is in contemplation mode just yet. He still has that swagger when he walks though, so I think he may be leaning PITTs way again. TBD.


  9. It is not in my nature and this is always the type of game Pitt finds away not to win, but I like the Panthers to win.
    Stop the run
    3rd long mix in 3 man rush make the kid confused
    hit him
    I think the rookie QB will make mistakes. The issue is can we score? I hope and I don’t want first and goal one the 1 for the win.


  10. This game is the real deal with the Coastal on the line.

    Turnovers and refs still the key, although weather might factor in.

    My guess is that the refs will be hard pressed to let Pitt win with VaTech vs VA next week.

    Season on the line and we find out if we are for real tomorrow.

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  11. VTech comes out on fire and goes up 10-0. Pitt weathers the storm and roars back for an easy 35-17 win.

    How many years has everyone overrated the Gobblers? Pitt is their kryptonite!!

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  12. OT: Pitt’s lastest PWO commit Guess plans to enroll in January. It would appear that there will be some stiff competition for the punting duties come next season.


  13. Last week I mentioned the VT vs UVA game as a possible positive for PITT as in VT looking ahead but gc brings up a great point in saying watch out for the officials looking out for the ACC in this game. Yes, I think the good ole boys theory has legs to it.

    The weather? I don’t think KP has done real well in rainy weather conditions. Having said that We don’t how the Happy Hooker has performed with wet balls either. So moving along, this could be a slog fest with the better defense winning the game for their team. Turnovers and penalties will once again be the two big keys to this game.

    Funny thing and strange as it sounds here, is that PITT actually has the better passing offense. Everyone tells me that the offense has the advantage in rainy weather conditions, especially the passing offense. Supposedly the receivers are supposed to know where they are going and the D-Backs may slip down on sharp cuts. Hey isn’t that an advantage PITT?

    I just think PITT’s defense is just too good to allow VT to run all over them and control the game while racking up lots of points. So imo, PITT has the better defense to stop the almost one dimensional VT offense and has a good enough passing game to throw the ball to keep VT’s defense honest. So as surprising as this might be to some folks, I’m predicting a PITT victory.

    PITT….. 30

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  14. NO FATE….the words carved into a picnic table via Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. “There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.”

    ~ TheShaman


  15. OT: Pitt’s season ticket holders evidently got an email this week offering two free complimentary tickets for the BC game. It’s been recommended that all take advantage of this offer and get them attempt into the hands of some Pitt faithful to help fill some seats for the final Pitt home game. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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  16. FWIW, I don’t think a Pitt loss would be SOP ….unless they lose in final minute after a big lead. Consider …

    1) Pitt is the underdog and should be
    2) VT has as much incentive to win … maybe even more due to last year’s embarrassment
    3) VT is on a roll, with impressive wins the last 2 weeks as well as a 5 and 1 record since the beginning of October, and
    4) VT’s only recent defeat was a 1 pt loss at Notre Dame (currently 16th) and that was without Herndon at QB

    Pitt has been anything but SOP this year (except the Miami game) as they have been the mist consistent Coast team all season IMO. I think Pitt can certainly win tomorrow but I am not going to rant and rave if they don’t (at least I don’t plan to)

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    1. @wbb

      When I refer to SOP, I don’t always refer to losing games you are supposed to win. I also apply it to games that have great importance. With the exception of last year, when we won some games late that we needed to win to secure the coastal, we have a history of losing important games. Wins over Clemson and Miami were great, for example, but didn’t have any real meaning for those particular seasons. I always revert back to Pitt Cincinnati.

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  17. I’m going with

    Panthers 24

    Hokies 16

    Pitt wins out right, I’m not sold on VT, 3 really easy cupcakes for out of conference. I originally thought a bit closer with VT scoring 23 but Pitt is a better all around team and had a few more days to prepare and rest.

    The defense will feast on the VT QB and Bud Fosters defense is going to disappoint, they can take the lunch pail home because it’s going to be a disappointing game for the belligerent Hokie faithful.



  18. With hopes of hyping up VTech-Virginia for all the Coastal marbles, the shady refs from the ACC screw Pitt over in a 21-17 Hokes win.


  19. All this positivity has me concerned. I expect a really tight game and Pitt will need to avoid turnovers on offense and mistakes all around (incl the refs) to have a chance.

    I wouldn’t underestimate the revenge factor. They were humiliated last yr and as much as I enjoyed it at the time, there is a very small part of me that wishes it had been closer

    I’ve been nervous about this game since last Friday. Lot at stake for bragging rights here in Richmond. Win and I get to wear my gear in public and do the “Stayin Alive” strut.Not to mention my office, where we have dozens of Hokie grads – by far the largest segment of our population

    That said, a guy (football picks expert) on the radio today said that when the over/under in a game is less than 50 this year, the underdog wins outright a large majority of the time.

    Winner will score 4-5 points more than the loser, with the loser trying to take back the lead in the final minute.

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  20. Weather underground says that the chance of precip is 85% around game time.

    VT runs the ball well and uses the screen pass quite a bit. They seem to use the run and screen to setup the long pass routes. They seem to like to throw the long routes out along the side lines and not down the middle of the field (possibly because of the young QB).

    Pitt likes to throw the ball all over the field – long and short – and runs a little.

    With the weather prediction, this sets up to be a game where you want to be able to run north south. And, you want the QB to run 10 to 15 times. Receivers from both teams will likely have more drops than usual. Field goals may be a little more difficult to make. Exchanges may result in fumbles…

    Prediction: Pitt comes in to Blacksburg with a plan… Increase the QB runs… Kenny has his best day on the ground gaining 70 yards, and Pitt brings in Davis Beville with the lead late in the 3rd to run the read option. Beville keeps the ball most of the time and gains another 75 yards on the ground. Pitt wins a soggy game against the Hokies by adapting to the weather.

    Pitt 24 VT 23

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      1. Well Rocky does eat those mountain oysters from Colorado and we don’t know what is exactly in them? Of course we do have some idea but I don’t want to think about that. Apparently it gives you a Rocky Mountain High?


        1. I have tried the rocky mountain oysters… And one of these days I’m going to show up at a POV tailgate and bring a few dozens of them for the crew.

          I stay away from that plant that we are known for out here!


  21. Interesting take on Beville. He’s a bigger kid and probably has bigger hands to handle a wet football and he also ran well in high school. Maybe tomorrow is the day PITT uses a free game for him?


  22. Middling team from PA 28
    Middling team from VA 23

    Pitt scores a TD in each quarter and the D makes several stops in the Red Zone, forcing the hokie kicker (cousin to the wvcc boot licker) to keep them in the game.

    Come Sunday, Pitt will be ranked just outside the top 25 in both polls at #26, but will sit at #25 come Tuesday night when the CFB playoff rankings are updated.

    Middling team no more…onward and upward.


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  23. missingwlat – actually, SOP would be: we beat vt, vt beats UVA next week, and then lose next week to bc!

    But, that’s looking ahead, and we don’t do that here!

    So, I’m saying:
    We beat the STUFFING out of them, and then cram it into Bud Foster’s lunch pail as a ffond piece of memorabilia. Chew on that on Thanksgiving Day, buddy!

    Happy trails, Bud!

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    1. That is so probable, you have no idea Savannah. As probable as me getting an overrated and overpriced meal at Lady and Sons next time in your neck of the woods.

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  24. H-m-m-m. My above SOP scenario presents an intriguing Coastal end game:

    All 3 – Pitt, UVA, and VT – end up with 3 league losses. UVA has the tie breaker over us; we have the tie breaker over VT; and VT has the tie breaker over UVA!!

    What is the deciding factor after the tie breaker??? Inquiring minds want to know. Sounds like a job for Richard Hefner.

    Richard: are you on the line?


  25. I’d guess the league would award the trophy to VT – afterall, they would be the Southern-most team. But, then again, UVA is the Blue Blood!

    Or, maybe Pitt would get the trophy as the team with the most Targeting Ejections!


  26. VT has gained almost 1,800 on the ground through 10 games. Nothing too remarkable.

    Pitt has gained just over 1,300 on the ground through 10 games. A bit lower than you’d like.


  27. MM – your article took us to the top of the mountain, then dropped us off a cliff!

    Additional reasons Pitt wins:

    —Pitt is NOT honoring any Pitt greats at the game.
    —There are so many years of stats on Bud Fosters defensive-call tendencies that Coach Whip should be able to set up some big plays. Ask Walt! 😊

    And then it began to rain. And all of my positive thoughts washed along the gutter and down the sewer…

    In good weather, my guess is Pitt wins. But we don’t perform well in the elements. So with pouring rain, I expect a narrow, heartbreaking Pitt loss.

    Go Pitt.

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    1. So John, you’re saying that VT is a mudder? Their Mother was a mudder, their father was a mudder? C’mon my good friend, both teams are playing in the MUD. btw, PITT has had a lot of experience the past couple years of playing in the mud. 😉 PITT could very well be a mudder as well?

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      1. Hello Mudder! Hello Faudder!

        ike — I think our Oline limits our wet-field running ability: and throwing the wet ball and catching the wet ball will limit our passing game.

        Just my hunch on the game. Hoping you are correct and I am pleasantly surprised!

        Go Pitt.

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  28. Iek – we used to play tackle football up on the back street, after we had about 6″ of snow packed down on the streets. The snow plows rarely plowed, and NEVER put salt on that street. Always fun – until you slid into a parked car!

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  29. Called a 31-27 Pitt victory against Carolina and that was almost on the money. Going against my true nature, I’ll offer another optimistic prediction of a 27-24 Panther win this Saturday.

    I’ve seen enough to know that this team has matured beyond what I expected when I foresaw a 6-6 season. The confidence level, cohesion, and tenaciousness helps to paper over talent deficiencies at a few position groups as well as a maddening tendency toward unforced errors.

    Usually, I’m a believer that defense-first teams with tepid offenses have to win on the margins: special teams, turnover margins, and clean football. Pitt does none of those things, really, but I think a sloppy track will prove to be an equalizing force where fundamentals are concerned. Pitt can prevail by slowing down the Virginia Tech run game and forcing an inexperienced quarterback to make plays through the air. This is really the type of game Narduzzi teams are built to win. Have faith. H2P!

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  30. If Pickett plays error filled ball, we win. Just one interception, we lose. Saw the best Pickett last week so this week we expect him to revert to the mean. Pitt loses. Another factor going against us is a win would have us ranked. Fate cannot allow that. Perhaps next year!


  31. We as PITT fans cannot always assume PITT will be the only team playing on the field on any given Saturday making mistakes. Although it does seem ingrained to may PITT fans minds.


  32. If my math is right the run/pass ratios for PITT and VT are the following. PITT 47/53 and VT 64/36. Wow, that is a heavy, heavy ground game. But, that is what the Panthers do best; they stop the run. Considering the weather, this is going to be very interesting. H2P


  33. The three most important things that Pitt should have practiced this week are 1) tackling (with wet uniforms in the mud) 2) holding on to a wet football and 3) running the football (RBs and QBs).

    They will have to make sure tackles in a soggy game on a couple of strong RBs and a large backup QB. The football will be wet on Saturday, but we will need to hold onto it. And, we will need to run effectively (RBs and QBs) to win this one.

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  34. Games are won in the trenches – even more so in the mud. My money’s on Charlie Partridge and Dave Borbley!!

    Can’t wait to see what Randy Bates and Mr. Whipple have dialed up for this game!

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  35. I’m worried about this being the last home game for their favorite coach, Bud Foster. Of course Pitt has owned VT pretty much….[flips coin]


  36. ^ Jack, most of the VT players have only played under Foster for a couple years. There is no on and off switch and there shouldn’t be imo. If the VT defense can play harder tomorrow than they have so far this season, he wasn’t doing his job in the first place and needed to retire. One mans opinions. ike

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  37. Last week I liked Sam Howell as a pro style QB. This week I like Hendon Hooker as a run/pass option QB. Like last week I predict Pitt to win Pitt 27– VT 16.


    1. Pitt volleyball breaks a two match losing streak at the Pete! They need to get comfortable in the venue. Hopefully they will play one more regular season match there and then four playoff matches. After that it is on to the PPG Paints Arena!


  38. —Something to consider— I heard Coach Duzz say in an interview a while back that when Paul Johnson was at GT, Pitt would spend extra time in camp and practice working on defending the triple option. (And Coach Duzz did pretty well against Paul Johnson, winning close games…).

    Now, with Johnson gone, Coach Duzz said this year they spent extra practice time defending the RPO offense. Maybe this emphasis helps us steal a win tomorrow… 👍

    —Also, I’m wondering how much of Van Lynn we see tomorrow at OT. And do we see Houy some at the other tackle. The more mobile guys may fare better tomorrow?

    —Lastly, I see where bunches of the experts are picking VT to win, some handily. Maybe the Hokies come out a bit full of themselves…

    Go Pitt.

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    1. Duzz did say they had a good practice this week. That’s always good. You play like you practice. They are motivated if nothing else…


  39. I have picked Pitt every game so am 7-3 so far. I think Pitt can win this game although don’t ask me how. Hopefully a lot of turnovers by their rbs and a tip for an interception. If the rain is heavy, 17-16. If the rain is light 31-30.

    Jesse Palmer all over VT on this one. Was his lock of the week. Giving points too.


  40. Unlike Frank L, I’ve been expecting a laugher all season. Maybe this is it. Pitt scores ten over their average, and holds VT to 10 under. Pitt 31 VT 11. Not a laugher, but no extra BP medicine needed.

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  41. For the 3rd straight week I’m going to say: I don’t have warm fuzzies. That could also be the fact it will be 40s and 100% chance of rain.

    Pitt’s D is beast. I think most of this game they dominate. I can also see 3-4 PI calls and will we see Targeting for the 4th week? (I think). And I think that gives VT at least 1 TD.

    Pitt’s O is what scares me. With the weather I think this is going to be a ground and pound game and that’s the part of our offense I’m most worried about. I sure hope our offense can find the dreaded “consistency”.

    I also hope we see those baby blue kicking shoes! We’re going to need it!

    VT 20 – Pitt 16

    I’ll be at the game rooting them on!

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    1. Pendlum- be loud … bring bedlam…. first time the POVert nation will not be there in force- We are counting on you to BRING IT!!!

      Watched the HUDDLE this am …All for commentators are picking Virginia tech… One interesting note, they showed a pass play in the Carolina game of a long touchdown pass against stocker… Carolinas center was six or 7 yards downfield which would’ve been a penalty but nobody caught it


  42. I’m looking for Pitt to struggle getting into the endzone and having to resort to some trickery.

    But trickery in the rain is tough.

    (Hey, ike, is Lou Christie still alive? 😊)

    Go Pitt!


  43. Note — last year we played 14 games and ended up with 32 total sacks, or an average of 2.3 per game.

    This year, thru 10 games, we have 45 sacks! You do the math. 😊

    And that’s with Weaver and Camp out…

    Go Pitt.


  44. D kicks a$$…Kenny runs for 2 TD.
    We see a shovel pass.
    Good guys win 24-10…Kenny auctions off his Aquaman gloves for charity…Scooter is the winning bid at $500.
    “Enter the Sandman” is retired as “no longer effective”

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    1. I just finished watching a replay of Pitt’s 2016 win over Clemson at Clemson. Clemson won the National Championship that year. The shovel pass was a key to Pitt’s success in that game. Must have used it 10 times, and with the exception of 1 time, decent to significant yardage was gained. SHOVEL TECH AND THEY’LL WRECK!


  45. Channel 4 must have seen Gordon’s post…this am they had mucho Pitt coverage for the VT game including an interview with KP (confident and focused) as well as highlights of the women’s volleyball win.


  46. I’m whispering right now as to not wake up Eli. He was a wild pup last night and actually caught my finger with his snaggle tooth and drew blood. (accidentally) He was ready to run through a brick wall, here’s hoping he wakes up in another nasty mood looking for turkey blood! Other than Eli, my wife and I, I’ll have 5 grand kids and four additional adults for the game. Anyone who would also like to watch the game in my little house is most certainly welcome. Pizza, salad and homemade wedding soup on the menu. << I think it’s Hotel Loyal pizza Eric? My soup was made with a hokie dokie ass kicken recipe.

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    1. We are having pizza and salad as well….my Pitt grad daughter is in town and sister LizL will be here too. As an added bonus, my UVA daughter and UVA son-in-law will be here rooting for Pitt with us.

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  47. First off, in responding to Iek, I’d definitely drive 4 hours for Hotel Loyal Pizza. My son would be right beside me.

    One additional forecast for today…. 100 percent chance of rain, high temperature of 42, with light winds and a 50 percent chance of SOP.

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  48. First off, in responding to Iek, I’d definitely drive 4 hours for Hotel Loyal Pizza. My son would be right beside me.

    One additional forecast for today…. 100 percent chance of rain, high temperature of 42, with light winds and a 50 percent chance of SOP.


    1. OK Eric, I’ll keep a light on, hey Rick, also serving up those mini buffalo chicken balls as an appetizer.

      JoeL, Family is fun, it’s a great day of celebration, I know you will embrace it. Our family is already 1-0 this week and not kicking the extra point, we’re going for 2 today.

      Put me in coach.


  49. Hey Fran, are you guys tailgating in the driveway?

    What’s everyone else doing for the biggest game for PITT in a very long time?


  50. I want to give a shout-out to Pitt Volleyball for their big win last night. Y’all need to watch these exciting ladies. They are one intense group of over achievers. Champions in every sense of the word. Awesome.

    One of the players is Maddie Soboleski, father Mark. Any of you SAE’s out there know if there is a brother connection? H2P.


  51. BTW, if I remember correctly, the VT game last year was a cold, rainy affair and our boys did pretty well. Here’s hoping for more of the same this year!


    1. Our boys were Mudders last year with Ollison, Hall and that run heavy Oline.

      This year, IDK, seems the eliminates may play against us.


  52. I have stopped predicting pitt games due to superstition. But I am predicting a massive raise in my blood pressure due to a few drops in the rain.


  53. Prediction:
    Thee Ohio State bucknuts trounce the Nits: 45-10.

    As for us, I don’t think we contain their qb in the RPO.
    Good guys – 10.
    Wanna be UVA but can’t measure up – 34


  54. We opened them like a hot knife going through on a cold and rainy night… I don’t see Virginia tech attacking upfront like they did last year which created a lot of those long runs… They will use their linebackers more affectively this year and let the play come to them…I see a real tight game… PITT scores on a tackle eligible screen pass- The Brian O’Neill special to pull this one out ….Jimmy Morrissey leads the charge into the end zone and comes out safely to lead us into the season finale!

    The most difficult part of this game will be watching the game without my POVerted friends.

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    When this team gets associated with the acronym SOP, then it’s time for me to throw my hat into this prediction thread. My advice to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, THIS TEAM isn’t SOP, nor do they deserve to be associated with all of the BS baggage that goes along with that derogatory term.

    These Panthers are far from perfect. They commit turnovers on Offense, they come out from halftime sleep walking, they commit stupid penalties at inopportune times, but these guys are NOT SOP. SOP are losers, SOP give games away, SOP don’t come from behind to win games, SOP teams lay down.

    Tell me any of the following happens with a SOP team:

    UCF game, The Pitt Special to win it in the final seconds.

    Duke game, a come from behind win with a beautiful pass over the middle to V. Carter for the winning TD.

    Syracuse game, the double pass trick play giving Mathews his 1st TD catch of his career.

    GT game, a Pitt defense that ovrcome three 1st half Panther turnovers to deny the Yellowjackets multiple TDs. Then Kylan Johnson’s brutal hit on the GT QB, Lucas Johnson, causing him to cough up the ball so Cam Bright can return a fumble 79 yards, halting yet another GT TD drive.

    UNC game, finally, FINALLY getting that hairy, dirty, smelly monkey off the Panthers back in OT. An OT that demonstrated a killer Pitt TD drive followed by a Pitt Defense that smothered a must have GT TD attempt.

    This crew of Panthers don’t even comprehend the term SOP. This crew only knows how to scrap, claw and win. They only accept winning, abhor losing and never quit. This team is only getting better.

    Do the Panthers win today, I don’t know, you don’t know, but they won’t be SOP.

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  56. dan72…great to finally meet you at the tailgate last week… always enjoy your take on PITT sports.

    JeanieB n me Watched the 4th set of PITT VB last night and right after we won the camera panned into the crowd – lo and behold Annie appears on the big screen… always great to see a celebrity/ legend who we’ve rubbed elbows with……

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  57. Dr Tom. You SOB…😎 meant that in a good way brother. I agree with you.
    Ike, going to my cousin Don’s house to tailgate. He’s been ill for a few years now. Had season tickets with me and Tom until f’ing cancer entered the picture.


  58. So great to hear a Pitt game fully analyzed and discussed on GameDay, Pitt is relevant and its been a long time since we Pitt fans can honestly say that 10 games into the season.

    My heart predicts a 17- 14 victory for the good guys, but my head says the Bud Fosters pull this one out by 10. I’m going with my head. . . . . unfortunately. Until KP can put 3 games together like the one against NC, I think the offense puts the D in too many tough spots.


  59. Fran, been wanting to ask you about your cousin Don, I guess I was afraid of your answer. Happy to hear he is hanging in there. I nice PITT win would help him feel better and all of us PITT loyalists. Send him my best!

    Good call Doc. Although I get where Eric was coming from, he’s a reverse jinx-est. < I know many of these types. Let’s hope that species becomes extinct after this season. Eric, Hotel Loyal Pizza serves at 2:00.


  60. Remember, you can’t have a Happy Thanksgiving without roasted Turkey!! 🦃🍗🍗😊

    When last seen, SOP was floating down the Allegheny River under the firm grasp of the smelly hairy Earhole Monkey armpit.
    Headed for Ohio!🦍🐒💩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah but he recovered a fumble that might swing the game. I hate both teams but tOSU has to win this one or the NITs are in the CFB.

      tOSU has played a pretty easy schedule and their coach is vastly overrated and he, the fans and players are puckering right now.

      Hold on


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