Virginia Tech Week: Don’t call it a Rivalry

Virginia Tech Week:  Don’t call it a Rivalry

Rivalry is often defined as “that moment when someone sees a stranger dressed in a team’s colors and, despite being down by three scores and on national television, still shoots both middle fingers at them and accidentally creates a Renaissance painting.”

Pitt and Virginia Tech do not have such a relationship.  Still, they have a history that has fermented into a strong dislike of Pitt by the Virginia Tech faithful.  Perhaps this is because we’ve upset nationally ranked Hokies teams five times since the series began (No. 13 in 2012, No. 5 in 2003, No. 3 in 2002, No. 12/13 in 2001 and No. 19/20 in 1997).

Or perhaps its because of the epic beat down that we handed them at Heinz Field last November.  Continue reading “Virginia Tech Week: Don’t call it a Rivalry”