Homecoming 2019 – Miami at Pitt Open Game Thread

Homecoming 2019 – Miami at Pitt Open Game Thread

This year’s homecoming has everything you want.  A big game against an opponent with a national profile.  A chance to beat them and land in the top 25.

It also has a bad-ass Pitt RV courtesy of Tom Bailey.  This weekend marks Tom’s 50th homecoming, and that folks is a big deal.

Tom enrolled in PITT as a Freshman from Elizabeth-Forward High School in 1969, Fifty (50!)years ago.  He was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha, the ‘PIKAS’ and was the President of the Student Government Board.

As an avid PITT fan, Tom is known as “The Partying Panther”.  You’ve probably seen his custom-wrapped RV around Oakland, at Heinze and at many of Pitt’s away games because he’s driven it from Syracuse to Miami, from Boston & New York City to Texas and Arizona.

Tom’s motto listed on the RV is “Never Let A Bad Game Ruin A Good Party”, and that’s a motto that resonates well with us here at the POV!

KUDOS  to TOM BAILEY  for celebrating his 50th PITT HOMECOMING GAME!

Now all we need is for the Panthers to deliver Tom and the rest us fans a win against the hated ‘Canes.  LETS GO PITT!

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