MMQB -Pitt at Duke

MMQB -Pitt at Duke

On the way back to the tailgate on Saturday, one of the POV’ers suggested I rename this piece “the cardiac kids.”  I don’t disagree.  Over the past three games Pitt has a displayed a unique talent for dominating the first half of play, making just enough mistakes to let their opponent take a small lead in the fourth quarter, and then rallying for a last second win.

Is it maddening?  Yes.  Is it entertaining?  Absolutely.

It’s also unsustainable.

But lets not worry about that right now.  We snatched victory from the jaws of defeat (after we had nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…) on Saturday and now Pitt sits at 4-2 at the midpoint of the season.

Here are my goods, bads and uglies from the game. Continue reading “MMQB -Pitt at Duke”