The Day After + Saturday Football Open Thread

So despite an ugly second half, Pitt now sits and 5-2 and we are a Virginia loss away from controlling our own destiny in the ACC Coastal.  I’ll post MMQB as usual on Monday, but I figured I’d give y’unz a new thread to comment on since the game thread tends to get saturated fast.  Focus should be on today’s games of course.  Here are a few notables from the schedule.


WVU @ Oklahoma (FOX) – Because nothing is better than watching the hoopies lose after watching Pitt win.

Florida @ South Carolina (ESPN) – The Cocks beat Florida last year and Georgia last week.  Chances are they slide back to mediocrity but hey, the first quarter is probably worth a gander.

Georgia Tech @ Miami (ACCN) – Don’t watch for the quality of the game.  Watch so you can lower your expectations for Pitt’s homecoming against the ‘Canes next week.  That defense is scary. Continue reading “The Day After + Saturday Football Open Thread”