Your Midseason Grades – Offense

Your Midseason Grades – Offense

There have been several “midseason grades” articles published over the last week, and most of them say pretty much the same thing.  Passing game is good.  Running game is bad.  Receivers are playing well.  As such, I’m going to avoid adding to the noise, but I’d like to give you a chance to weigh in with some more detailed opinions.  I’ve provided all the relevant statistics below.

One thing I will add:  Pitt is 31st in Time of Possession.  That is better than 76 percent of college teams out there.  Not something you see everyday with a pass-first offense.

Note:  “Percentile” is a measure of percentage rank.  Higher is better.  I.e. if you are in the 38th percentile you are better than 37% of the population.  If you are in the 99th percentile, you are better than 98% of the population.  

Most stats from

Offensive Line stats are from


Kenny Pickett

  • Completion %:  60.7% 74th out of 120 – 38th percentile
  • Completions per Game:  27.2.  2nd out of 100 – 98th percentile
  • Passing Efficiency:  117.4.  103rd out of 120 – 14th percentile
  • Passing TD:  6.  81st (T) out of 120 – 33rd percentile
  • Passing Yards per Game:  274.  18th out of 120 – 85th percentile
  • Passing Yards per Completion:  10.07.  109th out of 120 – 9th percentile
  • Yards per Pass Attempt:  6.12.  105th out of 120 – 15th percentile
  • 4th quarter game winning drives against P5 opponents:  2.  1st out of 120? – 99th percentile???

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