POV Podcast: We Are What We Are

We just don’t know what that is yet and better figure out that puzzle tout suite if not sooner.  Pardon my French – let’s just say pretty goddamn fast instead.  Like six days fast.

Here is the Podcast – I had trouble with the recording volume so you have to turn it way up…sorry.

It is easy to look at a score (28-7 Pitt) and the stats of a game and interpret that in any way you want to.  We all have inherent biases and especially for a Pitt fan the quest for a silver lining is always there…. that is what we have been conditioned to do.  Like the Chinese water torture.

But personally I don’t feel that way this morning.  I feel like the Pitt football program let us fans down somewhat … again.  We didn’t lose the game yesterday – quite the contrary as we won by 21 points.  That’s a nice day at the office for anyone and a good way to start a season.

We had some ups – Conner’s return (more on that later), Jester Weah catching a pass finally and our defense coming together after a rocky 1st quarter to play well.  Here – see for yourself:

Notice I didn’t say the team let us down – but the adults in the room didn’t really do what they are paid to do – unless you think a win in any way possible is the goal.

We Pitt fans aren’t in the position to  judge a game like a beauty contest.  We always seem to be saying “Hell, that sucked but hey, we got a “W”!!.  But the bold truth is that we’ll take a “W” any way we can thank you.  But I talked to a lot of Pitt fans yesterday and every one, save one very drunk kid, thought we played “down to ‘Nova’s level“.

I will say this – I put that 1st half of play directly on Narduzzi’s shoulders.  Forget about those 14 points, we played pretty poorly and did not look anywhere near ready to play a football game – regardless of the opponent.

He was screaming at his staff coaches all during the 1st half…  He was also throwing his headset down but that’s because they have been having technical problems with them at HeinzField.

Which is code for we pretty much sucked out there.  So I actually will parse that game played yesterday because that is also what I and other Pitt fans do.  I’ll put up a “Monday Morning QB” article tomorrow with three main points on the positive and negative sides.

So, we won the game at Heinz field under sunny skies and a rather sparse crowd (from what I could tell) but a crowd that was happy to be there and had some fun.

I wasn’t expecting a blowout as some fans were – take a look at the predictions article for some of those wishful thinking scores.  I figured we’d be 20 points better than our opponent with a 37-17 prediction – and truth be told that was the upper limit of the point spread I had in mind.  Lo and behold we beat that by one  point.  I should give myself a prize for second place – or a participation trophy at the very least.

To put things in a nutshell our defense looked OK after a slow start but our offense never got a rhythm going.  We did score four TDs – two by land  and two by sea – but we just never could rely on any one part of the offense to get us moving downfield.

Looking at the statistics we see a bland and under performing offense:


See the rushing game specifically if you want a scare this morning.  Note especially the yards per carry number – coming in at 2.5 ypc.  That is 2.5 ypc folks and with an offensive line that everyone but a few of us with contrary views was gushing over just yesterday morning.

Welcome to the real world Biz and friends.  Here there are actual players on the other side of the ball who want to stop us from moving forward.

But the OL didn’t just come up short of expectations in the run game only.  Our QB, Nate Peterman, had pressure on him almost every time he dropped back to pass – and a lot of his completions were executed while on the run.

He played a rather bland game which was keeping in stride with all the other guys playing on the offense yesterday… and had a 122 QB rating.  Not good but not bad either.

But Jester Weah had a small coming out party yesterday.  The young man had four catches for 38 yards and a TD where he made a great move to open separation in the endzone.

Good for James, good for Jester and good to get a win right off the bat…now onto Penn State.

BTW – I walked through both parking lots and the stadium and I didn’t see any “JOE KNEW” T-shirts.

Notes:  I was wrong about Maddox’s tackles.  Three of five were in Villanova’s backfield, two out in the field.




65 thoughts on “POV Podcast: We Are What We Are

  1. ^^^^^ @ Sean Connelly that LB from Villanova was Redshirt FRESHMAN Drew Wiley (Pennington, N.J.) —- listed at a solid 6’1”, 220 — and the whole time he was making huge plays against our offense I kept thinking, “Dang, why didn’t WE find this kid, he can play!” lol


  2. ^^^ I believe he was #52, Drew Wiley for Villanova. Man I wish Pitt’s staff would’ve dug-up this kid Wiley he would probably be one of Pitt’s starting linebackers right now. But can’t find ’em all lol.


  3. The offensive line was atrocious. There were a handful of dropped passes. Offense looked dysfunctional and inconsistent, which is quite typical for pitt offenses.

    I definitely think the defense was better than ok. They pitched a shutout and didn’t even let Nova in the redzone ONCE. Thats one helluva performance. They obviously will play much better teams with more playmakers but they deserve credit for yesterday. The defensive line was in the backfield all day.


  4. @ Reed: I’m glad you noted what I felt, and I feel validated in what I said before:

    Nathan Peterman looks like a tough guy, an amazing teammate, with a great attitude….but he by-now has shown himself to be a solid RS Senior back-up QB. That’s what he is, and since Thomas MacVittie isn’t close to ready and Bo Schneider is straight-up ineligible, it is what it is right now.

    It made me wonder where Pitt’s REAL starter was who Peterman was filling-in for, 😦 😦 unfortunately.

    Hey, we can’t all have Deshaun Watson out-there at QB. But Thomas MacVittie better be getting mentally ready to go after the Villanova game, because if he can just add a real-measure of mobility and explosive running ability to the QB position he may have to play this season unless Nathan Peterman stops looking like the guy Tennessee said “Good Riddance” to a couple years ago.


  5. I lost a lot of confidence in Nathan Peterman not only after yesterday vs. Villanova—— but acutally also after @Reed’s interview with him, when he spoke about it in a previous podcast.

    —- a Starting QB who is the type of person who is going to lead your team to potential great things is a rare-type person, who you can tell right away is **** A Guy **** lol. @ Reed when you interviewed him you said Nathan Peterman was just a quiet guy who didn’t show much and wasn’t particularly charismatic at all…….Well that’s not a how a Legit Power-5 QB comes-off. You can Tell that: “This dude is something else” lol.

    Oh well —- DANG it is unfortunate that Pitt can’t even get Bo Schneider a look this year. He’s totally ineligible and he can’t even get a shot until next season 😦 😦 😦 lol.

    —-> Thomas MacVittie hopefully will show enough in practice to make Narduzzi give him a real look this season. He’s the future. And Pat Narduzzi better keep the Heat-On-Max, and his Foot-to-the-Pedal down to the floor to keep recruiting Quarterbacks to PITT!


  6. Reed, you owe me a cracker jack prize from last week for predicting the closest score. I said 31-3, final 28-7.

    Next week, Penn State scores 17 points or less.

    Anonymous knows. After week 2, the prize for week 3 should be an anonymous Tshirt with a thumbs up after we beat Penn State.

    Pitt football 2-0. Look out for Watts


  7. MacVitte isn’t going to play this season unless there is two or three injuries. And he sure isn’t a lock to be the starter next season either. Where does everyone get this idea that Canada and Narduzzi are just going to give him the job like there is no competition?

    He is a 3* kid with one year playing in HS and basically three offers – Miami, OH, Cincy and Pitt – and a late ‘Oh, what the hell’ late date phone call from LSU. I don’t get it and we discussed just that thought yesterday up in the press box. II haven’t talked with anyone that says it’s his job at this point. he may well win it but the one thing we know about Narduzzi is he loves competition at positions.

    He already used a scholarship on a experienced QB and that was after MacVitte was recruited.

    Just like I knew Peterman was brought in to compete – Schneider is here for exactly the same reason.

    I’ll disagree with your take on Peterman – he’s no star but he is certainly a starting FBS QB. But he has to break out a bit against PSU… If our running game looks anything this coming week like it looked Saturday he’ll throe the ball 40+ times.

    BTW guys – we had a 50/50 split of run / pass calls. 34 rushes to 33 passes.


  8. I rewatched some of the game and my bitch is with Officer at Center. Nova was putting 2 players over him and busting him hard on every snap. He was nothing short of horrible especially on a few plays where he was asked to pull. It was like he’d never seen contact before !

    Peterman will be fine and you will be lauding his leadership and skill set when we go to Ok State in 2 weeks. It’s hard to QB when you can’t set your feet due to the missed O line assignments

    On another note, my family is in OC for vacation and so far we have avoided Hermine. Hell… I’m retired for 2 years and could care less about vacation … And the weather is awesome. I go back to work for a Fortune 500 company, now desperate for some time off and have to face a frickn hurricane!

    See everyone at Penn State next week! H2P


  9. Blessed beyond measure 🙏🏾Truly a dream come true #RamNation thanks to all my supports and family. pic.twitter.com/AJazirKTrL— Nicholas Grigsby (@FreezeGrigsby3) September 4, 2016


    Holy-$mokes !!! Nicholas Grigsby made the LA Rams’ 53 man roster????!!!!

    Wow$a, congrats you ex-Pitt Panther!!! No one woulda made that bet that Pitt Panther Nicholas Grigsby would make …well, any NFL team haha….but Tear it UP!!!!


  10. Has become a habit with Pitt, coming out really flat in the first half of these games. Have’t had a good first half since the L’ville game of last year. So what is that……..3 games now. Can’t afford to come out that flat in the 1st half against good teams, or you’ll fall behind so much, the game is literally over at half. As we saw in the Miami and Navy games.

    Prior to L-ville, the Duke game we only had 10 pts at the half of a tied game. UNC before that, a measly 3 pts which resulted in a 3-20 halftime deficit. Before that we trailed woeful Syracuse at the half. A piss poor 1st half against Iowa, down 7-17 at half was a major factor in that loss.

    So for whatever reason this team has a pattern of coming out flat and we don’t have the type of offense which can make big comebacks for wins.


  11. Welp, One Positive, PSU runs the EXACT SAME read option offense as Villanova, Now after staff changes and Christian ( 🙂 🙂 Hahaha do you see how bad he is in the NFL Pre-season lol 🙂 ) Hackenberg are gone.

    — PSU’s mayyyybe 6′, mayyyybe 200-pound scrambler QB Trace McSorley here….Uhhh, dunno, really ‘pedestrian’, not very strong (velocity OR distance) arm, but he’s a Tuff’ kid who can really scoot and run — great agility.

    Kent State very-well-might lose to Villanova (I would even put Villanova up for 10).

    —– Pitt and PSU looked so Vanilla, and basically we both looked Asleep.

    #HailtoPitt 🙂 We love our Pitt Panthers no matter what!


  12. http://triblive.com/sports/college/pitt/11071580-74/narduzzi-pitt-saturday

    More on the Rooney slumlord status, our headphones apparently really haven;t worked for two (2) years. Herman Muenster has complained to Lord Art 2 who has assured him he will go to the Dollar Store to get new headphones. For 300K plus a game what do you expect? Bet Lord Art’s favorite team the Pedders will have functional systems.
    Astute in game observation Reed about yelling at assistants.


  13. Got the score wrong(41-21) but I too predicted a 20 point Pitt win. So missed that by a point. Had no idea the offense was going to be that bad against a FCS school. You take away Henderson’s KR for a TD and his PR of 31 yards I believe, which gave us an extremely short field to score another TD, Pitt’s offense only really accounted for 2 TD’s, which is pretty offensive. What did they do in practice for a whole month.


  14. That’s interesting about the malfunctions with the headphones for the Pitt coaching staff.

    I’d really love to know if the opposing team’s coaching staff also is having problems. And if the person or persons responsible for their operation have any Pedo State ties.


  15. I’m really not concerned, they won the game by 21, much better than last seasons opener and much better than losing to an FCS opponent like we have in the past.

    The offensive was bland or vanilla, with a new coordinator what do you expect for the 1st game and with PSU coming up.

    Defense looked good, if Pitt wins 31/0 is the tone of the comments different?

    Narduzzi and staff know what their doing and our program is in great hands going forward.

    Villanova is a good solid program with coaching stability.

    Take Pitt and give the points against PSU.

    It’s going to be a great game if your a Panther fan.


  16. Also if the Steeler’s coaching staff has experienced any problems with their headphones.

    Basically if this non-sense is just limited to Pitt’s coaches.


  17. RKB,
    Crack me up.

    But shitty headsets didn’t cause the shitty performance on the field.
    Come to play or stay home!
    Officer should be benched. Wasn’t there a walk-on ahead of him?


  18. Enel those are all good questions. It is amazing that apparently this has gone on for 2 years. The only problem i recall with the Steelers that was public was in New England. The NFL supposedly has a way to shut down both systems if there are problems though as I recall the Pats seem to keep running while opposing teams are out. I wonder if that is the case with the game Saturday. When it comes to Ped STate and the Rooneys there is not doubt there are long and deep ties to Paterno, Franco and Ham. Just because I’m paranoid doesnt really mean they aren’t out to get me. 🙂 Sounds like a good question for reporters in this weeks presser.


  19. I will say the playing field at the Ketchup Field looked in the best condition I’ve seen it for a long time. Even the Pitt logo at midfield was an upgrade over the tiny circled one from the last couple years. Would be nice to have a couple ACC logo’s on the field where you can actually see them, but that might be asking way too much of the Rooney’s.


  20. ~ RKB I believe Tom Bradley was/is related to someone with the Steelers as well. And those connections had the local media, throwing around Bradley’s name alot as a possible candidate for the Pitt HC job.

    So I forget (or have tried to forget), did Bradley even get in interview and if he didn’t maybe this pissed off some people with the Steelers, and they’re f8cking with our headphones.

    Sounds ridiculous I know, but these types can be very petty.


  21. way too much.
    the new logo was nice but on the smallish side as I paid attention to other games yesterday and most mid field logos were at least 10 yards wide and filled hash to hash. What irks me are the 50’s diagonal stripes in the one endzone and lack of on field acc logos. i have seen the steelers with the AFC logos and better end zones but same small mid field logo. I suspect the NFL makes some demands in return for TV money. While we will never see an OCS in my life, I’m 61, it does show the problem with not being in control.


  22. The Eagles seem to be treating Temple pretty well as a tenant. Look at these Endzones and other Temple logos around Lincoln Financial. Though they don’t get a midfield logo, at least in this game.


  23. Much nicer. People don’t want to believe it in this Steeler heaven but the Rooneys are cheap. Thanks for the pics. This is the type of field Pitt should play on – it doesnt affect the outcome but it ups the visual image which reflect the program. In the second pic it shows how big a midfield logo should be. Thanks again.


  24. Lol —- Texas last year, 5-7 with former top 25-overall “ranked” 5 Star, 6’4, 235, 4.5 40 runnin’ Tyrone Swoopes at QB. But guess what—- some QB’s just don’t “have it”.

    This year they recruited a “medium 4 star” , 6′, 200 pounder who can flat-out play, and Charlie Strong pulls the trigger and starts him game 1. Right now Texas is beating #10 Notre Dame 14-7 (STOCKED, STOCKED, with NFL talent). The entire team feels totally different, because this entire team believes in this young man playing QB.


    If not Thomas MacVittie, then maybe Pitt’s only current QB recruit Kenny Pickett (6’2”, 205, already super-athletic) might be Pitt’s guy to take Pitt over-the-top.

    It’s a full-on BEAR MARKET on Nathan Peterman after Miami, Navy, and now most definitely Villanova. We’ll see.


  25. Your welcome RKB. Sort of dispels the myth, you can’t have a nice looking logo’d field when you share it with a Pro NFL team. Doesn’t it.


  26. These 2 QB’s can really throw the ball. ND & TX. World of difference from what we get at Pitt other than Danny boy and Van Pelt. Rutherford was pretty good, however he was not of this caliber.


  27. Most “Casual Fans” don’t ever, ever desire what they perceive as “Drastic Measures” at QB.

    WELL, there is no Baylor without plugging in Young, electrifying RG III right away, even if he’s rough, over older guys. There is no Oregon without Chip Kelly playing musical chairs in live-action until he finds the QB who is gonna Ball-Out in a Real Game. Etc, etc, etc.

    Pat Narduzzi will bring-in another player, have no doubt, if Nathan Peterman doesn’t step it up from Villanova. He missed reads and threw some horrible passes. He missed Jester Weah wide-open on what would’ve been a game-breaking deep-post.

    Bear Market for Nathan Peterman, Sell, sell, sell lol —- we’ll see: Penn State in 6 Days, on National TV on ESPN so, LET’S GO PITT, STEP IT UP.


  28. Dark Knight. I agree Peterman stinks. But he is better than the other bum QB’s on the roster. No one has recruited QB’s in 15 years at Pitt.


  29. The OL was garbage yesterday. JC was tentative and looked like he lost a step or two. Narduzzi didn’t have his team prepared to play from the get go, just like many games last year. It has become a strong trend.

    That PSU line has dropped like a rock from 9 down to 4.5. Hope we don’t have to rely on Blewitt at the end of the game. First team to 17-20 points might win the game.

    Even sleepy Paul can pull off a major upset, hope Narduzzi can get his first upset win this year. Every single team we play is going to stack the box and force our passing game to beat them. I’m not a fan at all in the type of offense Narduzzi is employing. Will not help in QB & WR recruiting either.


  30. –ND has like 3 QBs who have cannon arms. I remember watching them in warm-ups last season. They throw darts – their passes just look different than our QBs passes because of the difference in velocity, which lets them throw into tighter windows…

    –N. Peterman has had some good games for us. Yesterday wasn’t one of them, but I expect him to do better the rest of the season.

    –And our WRs don’t help with their inability to adjust to the ball – where has that skill gone??? Maybe Mathews will be able to do it.

    Go Pitt.


  31. You guys are funny. By no means did Peterman remind anyone of Danny Marino yesterday. But, come on! I stopped counting drops by the WRs at some point. On a couple of the deeper throws our WRs did not get any separation. He didn’t throw a pick. He didn’t take a “Big Ben” sack by holding the ball too long. He had no support from the run game. He escaped the pocket several times and made throws on the run, including the TD to Weah. The TD throw to Conner (folks, please, it’s Conner. Not Connor, or Conners, or Connors) threaded a needle. Tino he isn’t!!! I trust that our coaching staff knows who the best QB on the roster is.


  32. I don’t think you can overestimate how having the center get blown up nearly every play ruins the entire line’s performance. On runs, if the interior is collapsed, the DT’s and DE’s have bigger lanes to the QB & RB’s. There’s no way the other lineman will get to the second level, which is really what opens up running holes. For the OT, a straight up run block turns into a reach block and your only chance is to get a seal, you won’t be able to drive into the 2nd level. On pass plays, again, if the middle is caving in, there is no pocket, rush lanes are wide open, picking up blitzers or stunts becomes really challenging. However, the other side of the problem is that the coaches have to recognize the mismatch and change the protection calls to get double teams to help out whoever is struggling.

    With the information we get from practice/scrimmages there’s no way to know what the best adjustment may be or what is even reasonable to attempt. I think moving Jones-Smith or O’Neill to guard and shifting Bookser back to C has to be considered, but that’s really just a guess hoping Jone-Smith is close to fully recovered. It depends on who the coaches think really are the best 5.

    Separate from the interior blocking issues, the snap problems are unacceptable. They also are not going to go away in a week using the same player. Whether it was nerves, overexcitement, worry because he was struggling, or he’s been this way all camp, what hasn’t been fixed in weeks of spring practice & fall camp, isn’t going to suddenly, magically work better. A bad snap throws off the quarterback’s timing, whether that’s getting to the handoff point or going through passing reads. Once it happens a couple of times, the QB has to put more concentration on just tracking and catching the snap, which puts him behind in timing. On an ideal short to mid-range pass play, the pass leaves the QB’s hands in less than 2.5 seconds. If you bobble a snap or have to adjust to catch it, half that ideal time is already gone and the QB hasn’t even started his reads.

    That doesn’t absolve Peterman from a subpar game or the receivers from multiple drops, but the fundamental aspect of hiking the ball should not be an issue for a college team, much less a Power-5 team. However, both the blocking issues at C and the snap problems have to resolved if the offense is to improve. Otherwise, they will always be out of rhythm and out of sync. It will be very obvious during film study this week, so we’ll see what the coaches do about it come Saturday.

    Edit: This is one of the best post-game comments I have read in years.


  33. Did I just hear the PSU Pitt Game is at 11am CST? IT is an embarrassment to both schools. Does not one care about football up North anymore at all? How is this possible? Barnes is a joke.


  34. Foster had zip catches for Bama yesterday. Kid could have been a star at Pitt and would be Numero Uno for Pitt this year. With him, Henderson in the slot and Weah we’d have a decent set of WR’s.


  35. Of course if you can’t hike the ball in the shotgun you got some serious problems. Perhaps put Peterson up under the Center. You get better play action passing ability that way too.


  36. UPitt … Went with the over… Really liked the intensity from start to finish of the Texas-ND game… Something that has been missing for many years at PITT


  37. Note: If the game is at 11am on the East coast it will start at 8 am on the West coast!
    Eastern -11 am
    Central – 10 am
    Mountain – 9 am
    Pacific -8 am
    …… And that’s the rest of the story


  38. Texas had problems with Center shot gun snaps last night as well, but still found a way to win a big game. Great entertainment watching Cry’n Kelly constantly complaining in the ear of his D coach on the sidelines. Their D got shredded in many different ways in that loss.

    The nd O looked good for the 1st game of the season and Kisner clearly won the starting QB job.

    Looking forward to an entertaining game vs the pedos next week.



  39. The sky is falling mentality on here is mind blowing.

    When Pitt is eliminated from the conference championship, then start bitching, not now.


  40. I like that our pressing issues needing correction are OL play and RB production.

    Meanwhile, our biggest unknown was who steps into the vacuum left by Tyler Boyd’s departure? Hello, Scott Orndoff AKA, Mr. Reliable. All he does is catch balls thrown his way. And talking of catching balls? Look who figured out how get a reception. Jester even gets his first TD catch. Confidence builder!

    So penn state asks the question this week, “who is the go to guy in this passing game of the Panthers”? Maybe Dontez Ford, who BTW was in hibernation on Saturday.

    Forget about Villanova, now on to our most important game of the season,,,,,,,

    our next one!


  41. Whining bitches is what populates most Pitt blogs. Pitt could play a perfect game and they would still be PMSing about the game wasn’t played at our OCS.

    Ignore the usual suspects. I’ve learned to not even read some of the detractors comments since I already know that their attitudes are we stink, are coached by incompetents and have nothing but morons in Pitt’s administration.

    Blah, blah, blah, we suck, etc. Gets old.

    1-0, next. That’s the reality of Pitt’s current situation. Move along, move along.


  42. Reed, love your podcasts and articles, one suggestion though…..stay away from the race thing please. There is no black and white. There are no slow WHITE linebackers, …. rather just slow linebackers. Everything else you write is tremendous and i plan to keep listening/reading. Thanks


  43. I don’t remember Officer having so many problems two years ago. Hopefully he will get them worked out.

    Offensive lines take some time to gel, hopefully it will happen quickly.

    Two years ago, they moved Bizno to guard to get Jones-Smith on the field, so they do have options,

    but someone needs to solidify the middle. Bookser is the other option at center, but apparently Officer looked better.

    A little late to still be experimenting though.

    Of all the games we have played in years this is the one Fans most want to win.

    Not since the big Cinci game has there been as much passion for one game.

    Recent sellouts have been ND and FSU, but this one still rises above.

    There are enough WPA guys on this team to know what it means.

    This is a huge test for Narduzzi as a head coach, and for recruiting.

    Another Navy -like game and Heinz will be a ghost town for the rest of the year, and probably a 1-3 start to the season.

    The stakes are that high.

    I think that is why many are picking apart our win on Saturday.

    Fear of failure this week.


  44. From anonymous: “Whining bitches is what populates most Pitt blogs. Pitt could play a perfect game and they would still be PMSing about the game wasn’t played at our OCS.”

    — Wow, wow, wow, only like 2-3 posters on this whole thread have posted comments that didn’t have some legitimate point about how Pitt should improve.

    The arguments made were about being dumbfounded about why the offensive line looked so flaccid, and how to improve it, and why the team overall may have come out flat.

    I posted that I tangibly think Nathan Peterman needs to be a Bigger Player out there and make more individual impact, now as a 2nd year QB with the keys to the kingdom, who got almost a full-year last year to start in the ACC Coastal.

    Yo, lol, all I hear is nasty whining from that comment, with zero intelligence or tangible analysis of Pitt’s first game and how to improve.

    “Ignore the usual suspects. I’ve learned to not even read some of the detractors comments since I already know that their attitudes are we stink, are coached by incompetents and have nothing but morons in Pitt’s administration.”

    —- Wow, lol Not Einstein, Pitt has been absolute Hot Mediocrity the last decade (coulda been worse yes!! Coulda been One-Million X better, YES!!!) and as a person who is often abroad Nationwide Pitt has the potential to be a National Brand, and a National Program. But Pitt has to Evolve a lot, and the game vs. Villanova was one that Alabama with Nick Saban, Michigan now with Jim Harbaugh, or any Urban Meyer-level program would have leveled by 50-14 minimum at Home.

    ……Lol why am I even responding to some Anonymous poster who just pi$$es his/her a na$ty vitriol onto the board with zero quality analysis or ideas?? lol


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