Game Day Thread: Pitt v ‘Nova

Yeah us!!  Looks like a beautiful day for football if you aren’t driving anywhere.

We came into town for a wedding last evening – got checked in at the William Penn Hotel at 4:00 – left at 5:00 for a 6:00 wedding and missed the whole thing.  it took us 90 minutes to got from Downtown to the Phipps Conservatory.

Anyway, plan accordingly – it truly is terrible.

We got 121 comment predictions on today’s game so that’s great.  I’ll be in the prsess Box today but as I said in a comment yesterday I’m going to do something different this game – I’ll do a Podcast for pre-game, each half then post-game so that tomorrow I’ll put up three or four different audio files.

I can pretty much guarantee they will be Not Safe For Work or little children.  Especially if Pitts starts shooting itself in the foot,  I’m also sure they won’t be real politically correct either.

I’ll shoot for civility but that may go out the window pretty quickly also.1066441

BTW – I’ll be at a tailgate under the bypass over by the Clark Bar.  I’m in jeans, a goldish-yellow polo shirt with Pitt POV on the upper right chest and am 6’6″ tall – longish brown hair and a mustache…  if you see me say hello please.

So – log on and stay on through the game.  i won’t be back on here until around 1:00 pm when I get set up in the press box so talk among yourselves… you are good at that.


Have at it…

PV stats

At the half




374 thoughts on “Game Day Thread: Pitt v ‘Nova

  1. Let’s get the party started – remember don’t hold back but also that this is read nationally and internationally…

    Again, my prediction is 37-17 Pitt.

    Erie – which hotel are you in? I’m at the William Penn for tonight also…


  2. William Penn? Holy Cow this Reed guy is loaded!!! Because of Liberty Bridge fire and bike lanes traffic must have been a nightmare. HAIL TO PITT!!! Cill the Cats (homage to eddie murphy) 31-24 Pitt but hoping for better. Dear God let the field look like a college, not junior high. Off to game.


  3. Didn’t make a prediction but think Pitt will win big using Conner’s return as motivation

    Chad Voytik was on TV last night, lost 31-10 to Toledo … but in fairness, had 1 sure TD pass and another pass that may have gone for TD both dropped. Only saw 4th quarter but this offense utilizes his running a lot, so it may be good for him. They (Ark St) play at Auburn next week


  4. Field looks better than last year – mid-field improved – end zones look the same – Pittsburgh and lines.

    Pitt script is prominent

    Reed – staying at the Mariott at Neville Island. How is the Wm Penn for lodging?

    The Rooney’s interrupted the Gold Lot tailgating with their money grab for a new parking garage.


  5. Up in the press box as we speak. Nice crowd outside but everything is torn up in the parking lots – not as many tailgates as last year.

    The field is designed with a small logo midfield and PITTSBURGH in one endzone and //////// in the other.

    Just had a nice conversation with Chas Rich and he’s looking good and was good on his promise of a bottle for me… will open at Pitt’s first score… which will be a pass.

    Erie – William Penn i9s awesome in every way – I think i paid $100 per night on


  6. Jaryd Jones-Smith’s injury was catastrophic! Much, much, much worse than Conners’s injury. In fact, it was the same injury that befell Dan Mason, leaving him with a permanent foot-drop.
    The fact that he is playing, let alone walking, is a testament to Pitt’s medical staff, trainers, physical therapists and most of all, JJS’s indomitable spirit!


  7. I’m surprised they didn’t give us Doris Burke. Narduzzi all talk and smoke. Herman is a real coach. Smoke that Sooner Ass. He turned Houston into something fast. No excuses there.


  8. Hello all, greetings form Brooklyn. First post on here after 12+ years on Pitt Blather. Apparently this is the place to be now? So I sprung for a SlingTV trial package to make sure I could catch this game even if it was on ESPN437. Good thing the stream finally stabilized. Just in time for our first serious drive. Nothing like being there in person of course. Maybe for homecoming


  9. Watching the Houston cougars… Ever since they kicked our ass in the bowl game and I lost $200 betting for my boys… The cougars have been on a good roll and are leading Oklahoma in the third quarter


  10. Houston returns a kick off109 yards and 11 inches for a score… Keep me posted on our Panthers…keep me posted on the Panthers… Has Jester caught a ball yet?


  11. lack of attention to detail on offense given an exclamation point by peterman needing to call a timeout after the camera focuses on him ambling up to the center and looking around obviously with no idea the play clock is going under 10 seconds.


  12. Really sloppy offense today no flow or continuity. Defense is keeping them in the game but offense is useless so far.


  13. at least i can enjoy watching this defense running around popping people

    pitt doesn’t need some crazy innovative OC they need an OC who can get the offense to execute whatever stupid or genius plays he calls the way they’re supposed to be executed. i dunno what the offense was doing at camp and practice this week because practicing offensive football plays doesn’t seem to have been on the schedule.


  14. Let’s pray to the God of Skinny Punks they are looking ahead and are not this bad on offense. If this is what they really are, PSU by 2TDs


  15. I don’t care how much you practice. There is no way you can simulate game speed and game tension.

    That’s why u schedule Nova 1st.

    Nice TD Conner. A few tears here.


  16. Keep us posted boys a lot of us are watching other games… Good to see jester finally caught a pass… Mountaineers are putting it on Missouri


  17. don’t worry everyone will feel better when psu makes kent state’s defense look like the reincarnation of the steel curtain starting in half an hour.

    peterman has looked really terrible tho.


  18. Good afternoon everyone!

    I hope this vanilla offense is by design, as not to give anything away for next week… Not looking like it’s going to be getting anyone open to this point.


  19. OK – here are my impressions and I’ll take some time with it.

    First off this team was not ready to play this game at all – forget the score, Villanova completely out played us in the 1st quarter.

    The timing on offense is horrendous. The passing game was better on the last two series – I think that will be fine but our OL is not giving NP much time back there. He’s pretty good at stepping up into the pocket – but he’s only had a pocket 2 or 3 times. he’s had to throw mostly on the move.

    Our run game is very hit and miss. Based on what we have seen so far i really think we need to get Ollison more touches and he needs to be a solid #2 at least. also we need to get Hall and Moss action also (if we have the game in hand).

    at this point I’m not sold Conner is in top shape and he may take sometime to get mentally back in the game. he’s dancing around and running sideways and that’s NOT his style. He’s getting some bull-yards but he’s been dropped for loss three times (2 runs and a reception where he got dropped by a DB I believe)


  20. Villanova has 100 yards of offense and got the ball first.

    The credit for the Pitt defense is non existent. And Mr. anonymous predicted 31-3 final score. Might be 31-0.

    Penn State wont score against Pitt either for most of the game.


  21. Seems like opposite day around here…o line supposed to be all American and is getting outplayed by an fcs team! lets see if nard wakesthem up at halftime…


  22. The bottom feeders of the SEC suck. Miss St just lost ton 28 point underdog South Alabama. 21-20. Vandy, Mizzou, & even my gamecocks look bad. Tennessee doesn’t look like a top 10 team.


  23. peterman is mediocre most of the time. this line has played awful 80% of its snaps

    this amazing veteran offensive line one of the best in the country! better get its head out of its butt


  24. What’s the score I can no longer watch that horse shit on a fucking iPad. Plus there’s just too many other good games on where coaches actually prepare and put a good product on the field


  25. Virginia is loosing 6-0 at home to Richmond and Western Michigan beat Northwestern 22-21 on the road. It could be worse folks…

    Oh no…..their playing Sweet Caroline…..


  26. OK – end of 3rd Q.

    Peterman’s passing, save two throws, has been on the mark. I have counted 5 drops by receivers and all were in and out of their hands.

    Our QB is getting a lot of pressure though.

    Lots of yellow in the stands for sure. The students are the only full sections.

    Actually there wasn’t a lot of people here at all really – at least I expected what Barnes was shoveling to us, didn’t happen.


  27. they must be using some super espn3 cinematography because the stands don’t look very empty. the shot they showed a second ago of the home side had me shocked at how many people were still there.


  28. South Alabama just beat Miss. St. on the road too, 21-20 with 14 4th quarter points. Virginia down 13-0 now.

    Let’s just get out of here with a win….


  29. from what i remember reading this OL has never been very good except at a few certain blocking schemes and it seems canada didn’t call many plays using those few schemes today.


  30. We really stink, very disappointed in the offensive line.

    Peterman looks a lot like he did vs Miami and Navy.

    Not making plays when needed.

    Any word on Hendrix?


  31. Peterman’s YPC…..a dismal 5.1. probably throw a couple more bombs in an attempt to bring that up to something approaching respectability.


  32. Timeout Villanova.

    Again, our OL has done absolutely nothing to help win this game. Any yards have been on 2nd effort by the RBs – none of that “changing a 4 yard run into a 10 yard run” we heard come out of camp so much.




    Clearly all this talk about the offense is nonsense with EMPEROR WEAH I in there. There is nothing to worry about.


  34. At this point I’m 100% happier with our passing game then our running game and the pass protection hasn’t even been that good. If we had caught a few of those easy dropped passes earlier we’d have another score most probably.


  35. Barkley at PSU better than anyone on Pitt. Will spell trouble for us next week.

    We need a change at center and kicker. Blewitt seems to have gotten worse each year at Pitt. A win is a win but boy, O not at all impressive!


  36. Since other than Henderson, Pitt WR’s are middling at best (at this time). Our offense would be better served playing with a FB to help out the middling O-line(at this point) with blocking. imo


  37. -I was closest with my prediction. Please mail me my cracker jack prize. Pitt beats Penn state next week by 2 scores. Pitt defense pitches a shutout today. Nice looking D. Actually great looking defense.


  38. I watched Whiskey play football and Our X coach dominating Louisiana State in the first half… 16 white boys starting… Who says white men can’t jump…


  39. Welp, on the bright side, we did not lay an egg as Pitt has done so many times before. And I am truly happy that I never felt we could lose this game, only that less than 3 TD would be a TOTAL failure.

    And, also on the bright side: Price is looking good! Maddox is improved. The D in general was good though to me the Nova offense looked just so, so, so small. And they missed too many tackles but a lot of that was 2nd string I think.

    On the dark side:
    1. Connor is not the same. Not as strong. Not as bullish. Might not be able to get back to that level this season. Might take more time. A wee bit concerned he might not be the best RB on the team but it will be really hard to not give him the lion’s share of carries. Time will tell and I hope that is not the case.
    2. O line has been said already. Concerning is not just getting beat but also plain just missing assignments. Total chaos out there!


  40. Clement just scored. Wisky now leading 13-0. If this continues, Miles gets fired after the game. X coach wearing a white shirt & no mustard stains as of now.


  41. Reed… You need to do your history of the Coast Guard lecture at the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth city… Room, board and drinks on me… We will take a boat ride on the Pasquotank river… We will get pulled and searched by the US Coast Guard… You will feel like you’re back home… Love you buddy and thanks for The POV… We just survived the hurricane in North Carolina and are busy drinking and watching the Tar Heels play the Bulldogs


  42. Narduzzi called it early this week. If hew was defending our offense, he would load the box. We will be seeing plenty of run blitzes, effectively stuffing the box and making NP and our WR crew beat the defense. Looks like Bam may have broke a finger from how it looked. Looks like the OL, particularly Officer lacked an attitude.

    I am not sure that we looked a lot faster overall. Tough game to gauge on that.

    You can’t be 2-0 without being 1-0. Glad for the victory. Should be an interesting game next week. I think both Pitt and the Dairy College look similar and expect the spread to be 3 to even, come kick-off. Hope to see you skunk haired fellas next week. I am going to watch game again to see if my initial underwhelming thoughts ring true.


  43. Just home from game with a few thoughts – UGLY. No wonder Nard closed practices, he might have been fired before kickoff. BULLWINKLE – THE FIELD IS HIDEOUS – THE ROONEY’S ARE CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. I’m sure the fan committee is telling you how wonderful you are. If you dip your head down to the noise. The Pitt Script logo is only 6 yards wide – Jeez watching USC/North Hills last night the USC mid-field logo goes from 35 to 35 (garish i know but USC’ 72 here, we had no home stadium my senior yr but Bethel treated us better, I digress). The one end zone PITTSBURGH – dull and Smiley has left town we are Pitt. I could live with the PITTSBURGH but the other end zone is 50’s diagonal stripes not PANTHERS. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. No on field ACC logo. Let me put it this way Moose Head aka HERMAN MUNSTER, aka BULLWINKLE (your big head not filled with brains eh) – the Rooneys are slum lords and we are treated like Five Point tenement dwellers ca. 1863.
    Oh yeah we really sucked on offense, horrible. You all covered it above. Welcome backs JC you have a ways to go but keep pluggin, nicest part of WeeAhh TD was ball thrown from sun to shade. Those are the highlights. Defense, I know many of you like Hendrix but he looks more like an interior DL – slow and fat. allen edwards nas some speed but it was late in game. The most improvement is said to be from week 1 to week 2 or Ped State will kill us. UGLY
    ps enjoyed your thread of game. Sadly some funny stuff.


  44. the fighting paul chrysts pull it out for the glory of the moose 16-14 over #5 LSU.

    paul chryst was heard to say “wow, that was pretty neat right?”


  45. Sadly, Conner is not the best back on this team. I hope the staff realizes this by next week when we actually play a real opponent. It was nice to see him play and score. However, the object is to win. Right now, it’s clear that Ollison is better


  46. Well to my untrained eye the defense got better as the game went on, but the offense never got in rhythm . Hopefully , the offense didn’t ant of its “real” plays in this game or it could be a long season….Nice wins for Wisconsin and Houston today!


  47. Any word on Hendrix?

    Officer needs to pick it up, as does Orndoff who missed a bunch of blocks.
    And I hope Ibrahim shows up next week as I saw no speed from the tailbacks.


  48. Got home , had time to reflect. Here goes
    1) area of biggest concern, kickers! Blew it and Winslow were terrible. Just plain bad.
    2) relax on the running game. Can’t believe no one pointed out they ran off tackle on all but 3 plays. Would still have expected more.
    3) D backs played way too far off the ball. Do that next week and you have trouble.
    4) O line disappointing. No movement
    5) Conner, with one or two exceptions ran tentative and Ollison was best back, Hall sucks.
    6)Peterman, so-so.
    7)Thought much the same as most poster, that PSU will kill us, then I watched them, they suck too.
    8) Bottom line, O was as vanilla as you will ever see. They showed nothing, which is exactly what Narduzzi wanted. It will be a vary competitive game next week.


  49. Will foster lighted up for Alabama tonight? I bet he has a solid game will have to see. Our Panthers better get better and better get better quick. Thank God Penn State week as well


  50. Conner was playing way to jumpy, Ill agee with that. His best runs were when he put his shoulders down and crashed the hole. To me, Ollison had better blocking on a lot of his runs so I am not ready to put him over Conner yet. Let’s wait oh, I don’t know, two games before we start throwing our former All-ACC back to the sharks.

    The game was disappointing and ugly but let’s relax just a little bit guys.

    The most concerning thing is obviously we felt our O-line and Peterman were the locks for this year and they looked the shakiest out of anyone. Peterman’s final line was very OK but his play was not as good as it looks (flashback to Tino gasp). There were a number of throws that were poorly placed/decided. Because of this I do not put much blame on the WRs (for now… no glaring drops from what I recall). Weah looked good and Conner had a couple real nice grabs (something I feel Ollison lacks comparatively)

    D-line wise was tough. Very inconsistent from my view. Soto would crash through a gy one play then get knocked into the midlevel the next. Let’s hope he learns quickly because he showed a couple flashes.

    In the end a win is a win. PSU are not world beaters, but we do need to play better. OSU might be ugly if we do not see another team show up next week….


  51. FWIW I didn’t even notice the field markings watching on TV. Either that’s a testament to how small the markings were or how little that matters in the grand scheme of a football game…. I personally favor the latter


  52. and how bout the play-by-play guys on the stream…. ugghhhhh, I am NOT one to complain about announcers (my roommates in school did it all the time and I would make fun of them), but COME ON !!! Give me a mic for next game for crying out loud.

    My two favorites…

    350 pound tyrique Jarrett makes a tackle at the line and announcer states Dewayne Hendrix (who had been carted off the field for a good 20 minutes already) makes the play… Take 15 seconds for him to realize the mistake after seeing the replay.

    2) Talks about ejuan price with the captain letter on his jersey in between plays…. like four minutes later shows Price again and announcer talks about how “theres another C on Price’s jersey, one of the other captains on this team”.


  53. Reed, when you do your article tomorrow could you highlight the “easy dropped passes”…. reading the older comments I saw you say this several times and I don’t know how I missed all those… Outside of the one by Parrish. I’m normally very critical of drops too which is why I am confused haha


  54. I know I am blowing this page up at the moment but I think Narduzzi hit Conner’s game right on the head with this quote:

    “I’m sure as we watch the tape we’re going to have a lot of corrections for him,” coach Pat Narduzzi said. “Mainly that he’s looking for a touchdown every play instead of hitting it up there for three or four yards and be happy with it. It’s been a long time since he stepped on the field in a game situation. He made plays when he needed to.”

    Conner is a mature guy. I think we see a different guy next week, I really do.


  55. Reed, when you do your article tomorrow can you highlight the defensive line domination? I think we had 10 sacks today. Anonymous knows. Penn State is in trouble.


  56. Ooooh wow lol.

    Okay —- Offensive Line is a group of Prototype-Size, Strength, & Athleticism specimens — who are all just Too Dang Nice of Guys. They’re big, strong, and powerful…but they play like straight-up Wu$$ies. Pitt’s Offensive Line has the physical talent and size that Nick Saban would want for his offensive line —- only Bisnowatty and company just have ZERO Nastiness + Ferociousness right now. Just Too-Nice. They want to go tear-it-up in the weight room, but after go bake some delicious cakes and sweets for the opposing team.

    Nathan Peterman — He clearly hit the weights hard and he looks awesome as specimen, and he has really trained and looks quick — but dude, be a Stud, you gotta make more big plays against an FCS team. Villanova clearly played with everything they had for their coach and who knows, maybe they make noise in FCS — but Nathan Peterman played like a journey-man, band-aid quarterback today against a team that has way less talent than any MAC team.

    Defense —- I KNOW how FEROCIOUS they will be with all-Narduzz’ers but even now they look decent.

    ****Weeeeeeee-Ahhhhhh*** —- welcome Bud. Now show PSU what’s-up 🙂 :).

    *** Dang…..Pitt and PSU fans kinda admit going into this game, we’re both not all that amazing haha…..but still, a huge game!


  57. The stadium looked good on TV. The band was picked up a lot by the ESPN mics. Did they ditch the canned music? Another slow start. Is there something in the Pitt water that makes our basketball and football teams stumble around the opening minutes of a game?

    We have a very tough stretch ahead (Oklahoma State scored a bunch of points today). Not feeling great.


  58. Nathan Peterman gets a Huge test next week against Penn State.

    Honestly, both Pitt and Penn state now and for the next 3 years after this year have the potential to be very, very good teams in the ACC & Big 10 (even yes, compete for championships) and this upcoming game is huge.

    Pitt & PSU basically played their first games with one hand “tied behind their backs”, as we PA Power 5 Squads both want to beat each other so dang-gon’ bad.

    Nathan Peterman needs to step it up, because (@ REED!!!) he DOES NOT HAVE STRONG ARM TALENT and therefore he needs to make extremely-strong anticipation read-throws on normal reads, or really find open guys when he extends plays —– and Guess What — PSU’s QB Todd McSorley has an even WEAKER ARM!!!


    Jester Weah though —– MAN, he looked good. @ Matt Canada find more ways to get that 6’3”, 210 pound speed demon the ball 🙂 . Boy his hands looked great today 🙂


  59. Had a chance to go back and catchup on some posts.

    ~ RKB……that was a hilarious post.

    Meanwhile Reed is scoring with the old ladies at the William Penn. Go get em Lt.


  60. The Mighty Gators of Florida struggling with FCS UMass, 10-7 in the 4th. Whatever the Seminoles did in the political aspect of the game worked. Maybe the shift towards Alabama had an effect.


  61. Strange goings on with some FB games today. I guess we should be happy for a win? Right?

    Did anyone see Robert Foster in the Bama game yet? They are up 31-3 over USC – no catches yet that I’ve seen. Pitt could sure use him…


  62. Robert Foster will be a Steeler FA next year. They’re the only NFL team that will know anything about him. Nice job Mr. Foster. Of course your son has a ring he did nothing to earn…and it’s real shiny too.

    Maybe Boyd can get him a couple tickets to a Cincy game soon.


  63. @ “Erie Express” I’m sorry for him, but Robert Foster was a “High School Hero”, and he can be thankful he got a free education (I know how callous it sounds).

    Sometimes rankings don’t tell the story —- Robert Foster was just a twig-legged person who was great at football in highs school and it gave him an opportunity.

    Tyler Boyd was just a Goodness-Blessed different level talent. Things don’t always work out perfectly. Robert Foster will hopefully get a Masters Degree from the University of Alabama and do great it life—maybe coach.

    ******* Man, no comments on just how great Jester Weah (WEEEEEEE – AAAAHHHHH) looked on his strides today!!!

    This was an FCS team Narduzzi & co. would only use pee-wee level play-calls against, next week is THE MUTHA-TRUCKIN GAME.


  64. I did not have access to watching the game but I listened to the whole game with Bill Hillgrove. My question is I never heard any mention of a fullback. Hence, does Canada not use a fullback, and if not, did this effect our RBs who are use to running behind one???


  65. ______> 🙂 🙂 🙂 HAHAHA : Because, it’s not like maybe Narduzzi and Pitt + Franklin and Penn State are All-In on their Rival!!! haha

    These game-‘one’s’ were just “tune-ups” for both US Pitt Panthers and those pesky, mischievous Nittany Lions.


    —– Seriously, no Jester Weah Love at all????!!! He looked like a dang Beast out-there once he got the ball :).


  66. ~ pittman. here is an online link for Pitt games, bookmark it.

    Don’t click on AM football…just scroll down and look for the Pitt game.

    Click off on all pop ups ASAP and be careful. There’s another one alot of us used in previous years. I
    can’t remember. Maybe other posters can help.


  67. For whatever reason,,,,some people fail to realize (or don’t want to admit) what a remarkable WR Tyler Boyd truly was for Pitt (sans the drop against Houston for game winning perhaps FG against Houston in Bowl).
    The kid put up great numbers with 3 different QB’s and 3 different OC’s.


  68. @ “Emel” — Yes, that’s correct, as we were discussing how Robert Foster who committed to Alabama was not quite the true-talent who Tyler Boyd was, so you’re interpretation was correct.

    **** And now I’m telling you honestly that I feel Jester Weah is going to be an NFL #1 – star receiver.

    Pat Narduzzi even personally pulled-Peterman aside in a very early series in the game because he made a sideline-throw to Quadree Henderson that went incomplete, while Jester Weah BURNED his single coverage for a touchdown on a shallow-post route over the middle. If Peterman made that pass, Weah streaks for a 70-odd yard touchdown, and Narduzzi personally let him know it.


  69. lol, @ “deepelemblues” : “Jester Weah? I think you mean GOD-EMPEROR WEAH.”

    — He caught deep in-cut routes where he was WIDE OPEN before the defensive back could even look to break. On his ONE SCREEN OPPORTUNITY he made the FCS corner in press coverage fall down on his dead-to-rights tackle-attempt, and dragged defenders for almost 9 yards.

    And Jester Weah broke-open on a corner route by 5 yards in about “1-Mississippi” against press-coverage vs. Villanova’s #1 corner on a blitz that led to his TD reception (*AND HIS 3RD-4TH RECEPTION OF THE GAME AND HIS CAREER!!!).

    Dunno how to further “justify” it to ya’ , so my suggestion is to just watch @ “deepelemblues” lol 🙂 🙂 🙂 —- PS ‘Who??” in one week 🙂 !!!!!!!


  70. Pittman, Pitt ran a lot of different sets, but didn’t use a fullback because they didn’t list one on the official 2 deep, i.e. Aston. They used jumbo with Herndon & Jones-Smith as TE’s, with Herndon sometimes lining up as an offset FB. They ran traditional 2 TE with Orndoff & Parrish with Parrish sometimes lining up in the backfield. They also used some 2 back sets with Conner & Ollison together, but usually split one out wide. I don’t recall ever seeing them line up in an I formation with a true fullback.


  71. LET’S BE REAL —-

    Nathan Peterman showed today that he is not anything even remotely-resembling a Big-Time QB for OUR PITT PANTHERS.

    Zero Inspiration of the offense all game, and clearly no one was inspired by their QB in the slightest. No one has any extra-“Ummf” with Nathan Peterman at QB for Pitt 😦 .

    I say let’s get Thomas MacVittie in ASAP and let’s see what the young guy has :).

    No joke, coming out-WHACK on offense and not converting any first downs has a TON to do with the QB of team.

    I know this is a hard sell….(laughing out loud hahahaha) because a lot of Pitt fans did not have the comprehension to understand that some QB-play is not even remotely D-1 level ( 🙂 HAHA literally “Pitt Fans” tried to argue Chad Voytik was a viable Pitt Qb in the past 😦 😦 😦 :(: (: lol )

    But both Pitt in Peterman and PSU in Trace McSorley have WEAK-A$$ QB’s, with weak arms…. lol sorry to all of us in about week — #DefensiveBattle .


  72. Voytik was a viable D1 QB in 2014, Hell he even was instrumental in Pitt not losing to Bowling Green in the Pizza Bowl the year previous. Yea at times he didn’t look great or even good, I will admit but at other times (and I’ve posted the video’s previously) he looked very good. Pitt goes 7-6 in 2014 without the total defensive collapse and paulie going to wiskey,

    And I don’t think McVittie is ready to throw in there. They wanted Peterman and we have to live by that.


  73. Chubbs or no Chubbs. (almost believing that Chubbs coming here was more about his longevity and standing in FBS as an OC as it was about anything else)


  74. Voytik was also a square peg they tried to fit into a round hole in 2014 and 2015 both. He’s not a drop-back or shotgun passer, he’s a running spread QB.


  75. DK you don’t know what the he** your talking about in Peterman’s case. Without him in this game Pitt may well have lost it. That’s because what’s behind him at this point is much worse than what Voytik would have been last year. Did he miss some passes yesterday? Yes Did some receivers drop some catchable balls and run wrong routes? Most definitely Yes I’d be willing to bet right now he’ll be getting a shot at QB in the NFL. Not sure if it will be in the draft or as a walk on as the former PSU QB McGloin did.


  76. Interesting stat…. or rather disheartening/concerning/not good stat

    Our leading tacklers were: Terrish Webb (6), Jordan Whitehead (6), Ryan Lewis (5), and Avonte Maddox (5).

    What’s the common theme there? Did you guess they are the coolest guys on the team? Well, maybe you’re right but not for this question… Answer: They are our entire secondary!!!

    Unless a team does not run the ball (like a 60/40 split favoring pass at least), your secondary should not lead in tackles IMO. Whitehead is a bit of a hybrid so I am ok with that. Not all 4 of our DBs though. DL/LBs need to step up.


  77. Announced attendance was 50149 – Barney told us 61000 tickets were sold – about 11000 chose not to show up – the student section was jammed pack full until “Sweet Caroline”. When we left the stadium after watching the team sing the school song with the band, the students were still waiting in long lines for the buses to arrive for the short trip back to campus.

    There was one important person in attendance that made the day worth while and that was James Conner. Welcome back and we are glad to have you…



  78. Pitt will be fortunate two one out of their next 3 games. IMO they don’t have a snow balls chance in hell of beating Okla St. or North Carolina on the road(or for that matter if they were playing them at Heinz Field). The PSU game next week is a toss up at best.


  79. Thank you Emel and Nick for answering some of my questions!
    I feel like the total changing of OC’s and the change from not having a power running game (aka no fullback) hurt JC.
    If you watched Chubby’s offense with Georgia their RB, running behind a FB, ran like crazy last night. Personally, I think our RBs run better with the FB leading.


  80. From Pittsburgh Sports Now, these players didn’t dress for the game:

    “Cornerback Damar Hamlin, fullbacks George Aston and Colton Lively, tight end Zach Poker, defensive tackles Jeremiah Taleni and Calvin Hamilton and cornerback Rob Boatright did not dress, in addition to the two players that are out for the year: tackle Mike Grimm (hip), defensive end Zack Gilbert (heart condition).”

    I wondered why we didn’t use fullbacks or why Teleni didn’t play.

    Injured or suspensions?


  81. Any idea how that girl in the yellow shirt (pictured at the top of the link) keeps her pants up?
    The answer to that is probably simpler than why couldn’t we run the damn ball


  82. #OverReaction on Nathan Peterman by me yesterday. I re-skimmed the game and Peterman did indeed make some really good contested throws that were dropped (a big 3rd-down, Perfect pass to James Conner was dropped by James early, and the early pass to Quadree Henderson on the run was also perfect, just young-Henderson couldn’t keep in both feet).

    —— You know what? That defensive end from Villanova, 92 TANOH KPASSAGNON, was an absolute MONSTER. What was he, 6’8, 280??? Adam Bisnowatty did Mediocre against him. I thought we were watching Greg Romeus from 2009 come back to life against Pitt!

    ********** 🙂 🙂 🙂 Okay Pitt fans and supporters just please understand:

    —- true sophomore running back Saquon Barkley of Penn State is gonna make Pitt linebackers look really, really bad. Barkley is gonna get his yards lol —- they all talk about Barkley in a way that’s Eerily Similar to how we Pitt fans felt about one James Conner during 2014.

    We’ll see in a week!!

    *** Hey — vanilla defense, and Ultra-Vanilla offense vs. Vinnilla-Nova lol. Let’s see what’s-up vs. PSU.

    Yeah Matt Canada……:( 😦 😦 gotta step it up next week, the playcalling vs. Villanova had everyone scratching their heads 😦 .


  83. Yesterday for example Villanova (obviously, lol) stacked the box with basically almost 10 players at times with the safeties creeping-up within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

    So, even very-Vanilla quick perimeter screens —- just throwing it out-wide to our true-speedsters Henderson and Weah on the snap —- was gaining 8-15 yards A POP to counter the stacked box. Totally vanilla and common, not exposing anything secret — but it would totally get Villanova from just STUFFING the box with all their defenders and help-out our struggling offensive line and a Rusty James Conner. But Canada called this maybe 2-times.

    I think — no, I am HOPING, that Matt Canada and Pat Narduzzi decided to save EVERYTHING for PSU.


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