Game Day Thread: Pitt v ‘Nova

Yeah us!!  Looks like a beautiful day for football if you aren’t driving anywhere.

We came into town for a wedding last evening – got checked in at the William Penn Hotel at 4:00 – left at 5:00 for a 6:00 wedding and missed the whole thing.  it took us 90 minutes to got from Downtown to the Phipps Conservatory.

Anyway, plan accordingly – it truly is terrible.

We got 121 comment predictions on today’s game so that’s great.  I’ll be in the prsess Box today but as I said in a comment yesterday I’m going to do something different this game – I’ll do a Podcast for pre-game, each half then post-game so that tomorrow I’ll put up three or four different audio files.

I can pretty much guarantee they will be Not Safe For Work or little children.  Especially if Pitts starts shooting itself in the foot,  I’m also sure they won’t be real politically correct either.

I’ll shoot for civility but that may go out the window pretty quickly also.1066441

BTW – I’ll be at a tailgate under the bypass over by the Clark Bar.  I’m in jeans, a goldish-yellow polo shirt with Pitt POV on the upper right chest and am 6’6″ tall – longish brown hair and a mustache…  if you see me say hello please.

So – log on and stay on through the game.  i won’t be back on here until around 1:00 pm when I get set up in the press box so talk among yourselves… you are good at that.


Have at it…

PV stats

At the half




374 thoughts on “Game Day Thread: Pitt v ‘Nova

  1. Let’s get the party started – remember don’t hold back but also that this is read nationally and internationally…

    Again, my prediction is 37-17 Pitt.

    Erie – which hotel are you in? I’m at the William Penn for tonight also…


  2. William Penn? Holy Cow this Reed guy is loaded!!! Because of Liberty Bridge fire and bike lanes traffic must have been a nightmare. HAIL TO PITT!!! Cill the Cats (homage to eddie murphy) 31-24 Pitt but hoping for better. Dear God let the field look like a college, not junior high. Off to game.


  3. Didn’t make a prediction but think Pitt will win big using Conner’s return as motivation

    Chad Voytik was on TV last night, lost 31-10 to Toledo … but in fairness, had 1 sure TD pass and another pass that may have gone for TD both dropped. Only saw 4th quarter but this offense utilizes his running a lot, so it may be good for him. They (Ark St) play at Auburn next week


  4. Field looks better than last year – mid-field improved – end zones look the same – Pittsburgh and lines.

    Pitt script is prominent

    Reed – staying at the Mariott at Neville Island. How is the Wm Penn for lodging?

    The Rooney’s interrupted the Gold Lot tailgating with their money grab for a new parking garage.


  5. Up in the press box as we speak. Nice crowd outside but everything is torn up in the parking lots – not as many tailgates as last year.

    The field is designed with a small logo midfield and PITTSBURGH in one endzone and //////// in the other.

    Just had a nice conversation with Chas Rich and he’s looking good and was good on his promise of a bottle for me… will open at Pitt’s first score… which will be a pass.

    Erie – William Penn i9s awesome in every way – I think i paid $100 per night on


  6. Jaryd Jones-Smith’s injury was catastrophic! Much, much, much worse than Conners’s injury. In fact, it was the same injury that befell Dan Mason, leaving him with a permanent foot-drop.
    The fact that he is playing, let alone walking, is a testament to Pitt’s medical staff, trainers, physical therapists and most of all, JJS’s indomitable spirit!


  7. I’m surprised they didn’t give us Doris Burke. Narduzzi all talk and smoke. Herman is a real coach. Smoke that Sooner Ass. He turned Houston into something fast. No excuses there.


  8. Hello all, greetings form Brooklyn. First post on here after 12+ years on Pitt Blather. Apparently this is the place to be now? So I sprung for a SlingTV trial package to make sure I could catch this game even if it was on ESPN437. Good thing the stream finally stabilized. Just in time for our first serious drive. Nothing like being there in person of course. Maybe for homecoming


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