Another Letter from a POV’er

Our one and only Annie has sent a letter to Pitt Athletic Director Heather Lyke. Much like the POV letter I, the readers and commenters drafted and sent months ago, Annie stated her disappointment in Pitt football and offered her personal suggestions.

Unlike our letter she not only got a receipt response but a 20+ minute phone call from the Pitt Executive Associate Athletic Director, Media Relations, E. J. Borghetti (and a good guy). That position is what used to be called the SID or Sports Information Director.

Dear Ms. Lyke,

I am a Pitt alumnus (class of 1980), and am writing to express my disappointment with the state of the football program. I have been a football season ticket holder since the move was made to Heinz Field, and had tickets at Pitt Stadium before a job transfer and babies took over my life. My freshman year was the year Pitt won the National Championship, followed by successful seasons with Jackie Sherrill as the coach. This year is the first year I’ve upgraded my seats to a club level along with about 15 others I’ve been tailgating with. 

My loyalty to the Pitt football family was born during that time as a student, when going to games were fun, the team was successful, and Pitt athletics were respected. Sadly, that time has long passed, and it doesn’t look like we will ever get it back. I have been supporting the team and Coach Narduzzi for 7 years now. I was hopeful that the program could become relevant nationally again. Games like the one I witnessed yesterday have convinced me that national relevance will not happen under Coaches Narduzzi, Whipple, and Borbely. It saddens me that for some reason, Pitt football cannot get over the hump- the image of a mediocre football team with no running game and a withering fan base.

Yesterday the student section was full at kickoff. It was a great idea to move the student section to the end zone. Congrats on that move. After halftime, half of the section was empty. After “Sweet Caroline”, another half of those students were gone. So by the fourth quarter, the students had given up (or weren’t engaged enough to stay for whole game), despite the game being close, the weather beautiful, and finally being able to watch the team in-person.

We know the people of Pittsburgh have other entertainment opportunities, but we also know that they will support a winner. I remember when tickets to the basketball games were the hardest ones to get in the city. All we see at Heinz is a lot of yellow seats. Why the upper levels of the stadium aren’t tarped off is beyond my understanding. It contributes to the image that Pitt football is not worth spending money to watch. Since football is the engine that brings in the most money for the athletic programs, this is embarrassing and unacceptable.

What are you doing to remedy this?

I will say that I am unlikely to renew my tickets for next year if the current coaching staff is retained. Some individual coaches seem to be great (Marion, for one), but others seem to be stuck in the past. We need new blood, with new ideas and energy to recruit exciting players. I do not believe that will happen with the current staff.

Please make the moves necessary to help save our football program. If you do not do that, then you are as much of a problem as the coaches are. I have season tickets to volleyball, and will spend more of my time and money supporting them and the soccer teams.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ann Best
CAS 1980

Here is a quick bit about the phone call – I don’t think Annie would mind my sharing a bit of it (edited…)

I told him I miss having an offense that is fun to watch. We haven’t had one since Matt Canada was the OC. He said he was standing right by Canada, did I want to tell him that to his face? I laughed. I said we need to have a fun offense again.
I told him about the obnoxiously loud speakers at the stadium that make it difficult to have a conversation when Kurt and I had our seats in the upper lever. He was not aware of that since he is in the press box, but would pass the observation on to the stadium operations team. I also suggested they  have more Pitt band music during timeouts. I also suggested that maybe they could consider flipping the sides so the camera shows the Pitt side instead of the empty visitors side. He said that has come up several times, and the reason the visitors are there is so during early afternoon games the visitors are the ones in the sun. (So far it doesn’t seem to be bothering them….)

Regarding the letter we POV’ers sent in: EJ stated passed it over to the gameday/marketing group as it was outside his area of control. He thought someone from that group had already reached out to me and will follow up on that. Again – while that is nice for EJ to do that letter should have been on AD Lyke’s desk the minute they received it.

Thanks Annie for sharing all this and, of course, for being a great Pitt fan to take the time and effort to get your thoughts to the right place..

Hail to Pitt

Annie is in the first row – second from the right with her floppy Pitt hat.

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  1. Thanks Annie!!

    My favorite line regard cutting out the crappy coaches…

    “If you do not do that, then you are as much of a problem as the coaches are.”

    Rather bad-ass but we already knew that about Annie.

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    1. Yeah, great letter Annie….continue to hold their feet to the fire. We need an RPO offense and maybe a 3-4 front with a zone read secondary and some man-to-man better suited to the talent Narduzzi recruits. Of course Narduzzi is solid granite between the ears, so we need a new NC.


  2. Annie’s last thought to me in this email string: I think more people need to make their feelings apparent to the administration if they want to see some change.

    So very true. Folks – you use email for everything nowadays – take a moment to voice your opinions to those who need to hear them. I do it through the writing of this blog (and the POV letter). You can do it by verbalizing your complains to those who need to hear them. Not renewing season tickets will not do it – that is a faceless and unattached protest and means more to the finance people then to the football and basketball people – in other words the AD.

    Here is her email address:

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  3. One last thing – and I have never realized this document existed. It is the Pitt Athletics Annual Report. The latest one is from after the 2020 season. I can;t put the actual link here as it screws up the comment thread…

    Go to:
    Then click on the menu bars on the right upper corner
    Then click “Athletics”
    Then click “2019-2020 Annual Report (pdf)

    Here is what it says about football (short and somewhat sweet):


     Won eight games for the third
    time in five seasons.

     Earned a postseason victory
    for the fi rst time since 2013,
    defeating Eastern Michigan, 34-
    30, in the Quick Lane Bowl at
    Ford Field.

     Knocked off a ranked team
    at Heinz Field, using the “Pitt
    Special” to upset No. 15 UCF, 35-

     Pitt’s defense was nationally
    ranked and led the nation in
    sacks per game (3.92).

     Maurice Ffrench set a Pitt record
    with 96 catches and paced the
    FBS in receptions per game (8.7)

     Produced eight All-ACC Football
    Team players, including first team selections Jimmy Morrissey,
    Jaylen Twyman and Paris Ford.

    If you want a really great look at the behind-the-scenes workings of Pitt Athletics I strongly suggest you download the .pdf and read it – kind of amazing and I wonder why this didn’t get sent out to the fans somehow. Or maybe it did but I didn’t see it…


  4. Bravo Annie for penning that letter. You expressed what many fans are thinking.

    I hope when Pitt sees 50,000 empty yellow seats at tomorrow’s game, they might understand the fan frustration.

    It will be a very bad look for Pitt even if the game isn’t televised. Someone will tweet a picture of the yellow and possibly a sleeping fan.

    And we can look forward to three more years of this.

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  5. Annie, truly appreciate you taking the time to send that letter.

    The people making a living to maximize ANYTHING off of Pitt Athletics are total BUFFOONS!

    You and I are about the same time at Pitt. Did you ever go to a GREAT party at McCormick Hall?


  6. Great Work Annie!

    I sent this to Heather Lyke on 9.19.2018

    Heather –

    There is no way we keep this guy. Zero integrity, zero recruiting, zero coaching prior to or in-game coaching.

    He makes excuses, blames everyone but himself and is arrogant and is a terrible representative of Pitt. He is at best a MAC level DC. That is being generous. My support is done until he is removed. It needs to happen now not at the end of the season. His only success was with Chryst players. His recruiting is MAC like.

    Make the right move.



    1. I sent her a letter during the Notre Dame game last year. That I paid 800 dollars to attend.
      Non Alum
      10 year club season ticket holder (at Least)
      From the AD or Pitt

      N.B. Great letter Annie


  7. Thanks Annie. Pitt needs thousands more fans like you.
    People that really care. I fear we have lost so many and are in danger of losing many more.

    There seems a simple solution to the students leaving early. Do not start busing till twenty minutes after the game is over. If they have to leave early there is public transit, I think they still have passes.

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    1. The simple solution is build an on campus stadium.

      Its embarrassing that Pitt busses students to a game. I didn’t see any Tennessee students being bussed. I didn’t see any students leaving after the third quarter

      I saw adults walking and being dropped off by Uber.

      But Pitt will try all these superficial things first to win fans back and keep the students from leaving.

      It’s simple. Win and play on campus.

      Pitt won’t be able to win big without a new coach and staff. Don’t underestimate staff. Won’t win without elite recruits. Won’t get the elites when they experience Heinz.

      And I’ll bet my Texas Pesos that some New Hampshire fan attending the game tomorrow will think our campus is somewhere on the North Shore. Like what many a Tennessee fan told me when I said Pitt plays off campus in the Steelers stadium – ‘that’s strange’

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      1. If they venture a little North a couple blocks from Mustard Jar….they will be on CCAC’s campus.

        Maybe Pitt can sublet it for game days….and say it’s the downtown Pittsburgh branch. lol


          1. In lieu of a miracle and an OCS/MPS….winning would do a lot in filling up Mustard Jar.

            Just like winning year after year after year….got us a full house with waiting list for season tickets
            in basketball.

            If Pitt won 10+ games a year in football and became Top 3 elite in the ACC, which it should be and
            could be
            ……Mustard Jar would have 60,000 plus for most games.

            It’s there for the taking…..the big question is……Will Pitt Take it ?


  8. Annie,
    Thank you for that passionate letter. My frustration with Pitt Football has caused me my last sleepless night. I am angrier than I’ve ever been at anything over current state of PF. When I get like this over a problem, I usually have my wife handle it. Like your wonderful letter, she can put facts and passion into “dealing” without the vitriol of my frustration.

    What bothers me most is like UPitt says, this isn’t “rocket science”. We have a man in charge of Pitt Football who’s incompetence Is there for everyone to see. When is the last time Pitt actually looked like a “well coached” football team? It doesn’t take Knute Rockne to see that if you throw the same “man” defense with players not equipped to run it, RPO offenses will tear it up as they have for seven years!

    The arrogance and alum/press hating attitude of this coach has set Pitt Football and Alum relations back 50 years!


    1. I and my fellow Yellow Seats agree. Some of us would like to be ‘tarped’ with a nice blue tarp with a
      HUGE gold/yellow Pitt Script on it. Like most all in the Upper Deck Reaches of Mustard Jar.


  9. Duzz’s solution to putting corners on an island (and his BIG adjustment) is to put safety’s on an island also!)

    Heather “please make it stop!)

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  10. Can someone clean this up and I’ll send it?

    Hi Pitt Representative,

    I’ll try to make this short but wanted to express my frustration with the football program and it’s trajectory. I am a 1984 grad who enjoyed some of the golden years of Pitt football during my 4 years there. I’m originally from NE Pennsylvania then went to grad school in Philly and NYC and eventually settled near Washington D.C. I stayed connected to Pitt minimally for many years and returned for games randomly for the first 15 years until Pitt basketball success. The Jamie Dixon years after Howland were amazing and they reignited my connection to Pitt greatly.

    Back to short, family trips happened yearly from 2000 to 2019 once or twice a year for each of a basketball and football game. Only bought football season tickets 2 of those years when PSU was put back on the schedule. At this point I’d resume with that as kids are out of the house and decisions regarding entertainment spending and activities/trips will be made. Unfortunately the likelihood is low with the way the Pitt football program appears to operate and its overall success. Saturday’s game continued to reveal to me and many the limitations of the current situation which appears to be coaching staff related but also Pitt administration related as the game day experience leaves a lot to be desired.

    Short is getting tough 🙂 . Game day experience issues include blaring speakers with profanity laced music choices, little of the Pitt band, minimal fan engagement in any ways let alone creative, and a game where it appears a well paid coaching staff has either fallen short on recruiting or preparation or game day coaching or all of the above.

    Please think about the front porch that this as well as Pitt basketball presents. Please move ahead past stability and let us see the efforts going on with these 2 critical value components of the University. I’m glad Scott Barnes is long gone, though he did have some positives, the Stallings debacle and presser is inexcusable. Be better, do better, commit to us and communicate what that is and if not, move along and let’s have someone that pays that effort more than lip service move in to your position.

    Thanks for reading. Hopeful for the near future to see action to make many believe better things for football and basketball are on the way.

    Tom Vax
    ’84 Pitt CAS

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    1. Ditto on the Game Day experience…which usually leads to one glaring Headache from that crap they pump out of the over-volumed speakers.

      I want to feel like I’m at a college game, not an NBA game. And a college band should be used at a college game, as you see them used….at places like Southern Cal, UCLA, all the schools in the SEC, Clemson….where a college game day atmosphere is created….by mostly their bands playing traditional songs and pep pieces, drum rolls and little ditties after big plays and such.

      In all these schools I mentioned, they all are known for their college songs, because they play them so often during their football games.

      You might hear the Pitt band play the Fight song..2 or 3 times…if they can squeeze it in, between the profanity laced crap.

      (Slightly edited)

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    2. Profane music broadcast throughout the stadium during game time. Are you serious? That’s disgraceful and unacceptable and a good reason to not attend. WedThurFri! 🤬


  11. Great Letter Annie…..echoed many of my sentiments.

    Great minds think alike. Must be the NA thing and the Class of 80 thing 🙂

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  12. Great letter Annie! The more people that write such well written letters to the AD, the greater the chances are there will be a change. If one is going to write a letter, please keep it constructive and to the point! I firmly believe that AD Lyke has what it takes to fire Narduzzi! Depending on how the rest of the season goes, this may be his last year. One added benefit of firing Narduzzi is we get rid of all the other bad coaches on his staff as well.

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  13. EJ is great and responsive. He will DM me on twitter when I reach out. He can only do so much, though.

    As I’ve said before, this is beyond Lyke and EJ. This is an institutional decision. Duzz needs a change of scenery but when he leaves only the aesthetic will change. The results will be almost identical. The last 40 years of data point to that declaration. Unless Pitt makes changes institutionally, it’s all for show and only smoke and mirrors … “hey look over here … we have a new coach … never mind that we aren’t investing more money or leveling ourselves with our ACC counterparts” …

    The front porch is great and all but it’s not a commitment to being nationally relevant. Our re-brand was generally successful … it’s a shame that Pitt did not take advantage of it … It’s nice to have nationally ranked uniforms but … c’mon … Lol.

    It’s becoming more and more clear that the next evolutionary step for the collegiate athletics will require schools to put athletics on par with the academics, if not superior (at the elite schools it’s already there) … I don’t think Pitt has the fortitude to make that leap … The missing link for Pitt is the institutional commitment … without the missing link, Pitt will be a neanderthal and continue to fade into history … Our DNA may still be present … national championships and professional hall of famers will creep into conversations here and there … but as Pearl Jam once sang “hearts and thoughts … they fade, fade away” …

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  14. The bottom line is that he was supposed to be a defensive Guru, He was given a lot of time because Chryst mostly left him with quality offensive players and few on defense. He has had plenty of time to get “his” players and has had some success. However, his scheme does not work and the results are not debatable any longer. He will not make this program successful unless you consider 8 wins a success with at least 5 embarrassing losses each season.
    I think we have all seen enough.
    With any decision you look at the Pros vs. the Cons. The Cons are far outweighing the Pros.

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    1. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Moon ! (or the Dark Side of Pitt Bigtime Sports)

      Unless Pitt admins are color blind, in Year 7 of a regime, in the next home game following
      a HUGE road win over Tennessee, a school with name recognition and tradition, in the toughest conf
      and in a year following the covid year with very limited seating capacity and on a beautiful fall afternoon.
      And not to mention Pitt was 13th in the nation entering the game, scoring over 45 ppg and
      you have a Sea of Yellow, a more than half empty stadium.

      Or do they all wear blinders up in their Pitt admin luxury boxes.


        1. The probability of Pitt winning this game is 98 percent. If Pitt does Buck the odds and lose, Narduzzi should be fired on the spot. I’d name the third grade art teacher from carrick as interim coach.


  15. Unless Pitt finishes in the top 25, I honestly think Duzz is done. I felt he lost the remaining fan base last year. With his buyout and Covid, I understood getting a free pass but he killed all goodwill pretty quickly. With a new season comes hope but it didn’t take him long to extinguish that.

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  16. Kudos to Annie your thoughts/grievances were truthfully and beautifully laid down in black and white. The letter needs be copied and copied and shared with ALL of the administration/BoT.

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  17. So, now we have two examples of well written, cogent and constructive letters addressed to Pitt’s director of athletics. One gets no reply at all. The other gets a phone call from EJ. EJ’s response by phone is commendable and he is a class act, a credit to the University.

    But the fact that neither of these letters elicited a reply from Heather Lyke, not even a “thanks for writing” reply, speaks volumes about where we are headed with Pitt athletics.


    1. Do you think she’s willing to admit her mistake at extending Narduzzi? I don’t think so unless forced. But who will force it?


      1. I don’t believe Lyke and Gallagher are anywhere near making a change. Remember when Stallings was fired? Everyone around the program knew it was going to happen. There were reports of big donor pressure on Lyke to pull the plug. Just not seeing any signs of a change – at this point. Lyke does not involve herself, doesn’t comment, and has been led to believe she doesn’t have to engage fans. Does she even mix with fans before games? Is she seen outside the stadium? Even Pederson tried for fan engagement.

        My hunch is she is working on an extension and has been slowed down by all the negativity around the program. Gallagher’s disinterest protects her.

        Lyke, Gallagher, Narduzzi and the BOT (Jimbo Covert praised Narduzzi) are a cabal. I hope I’m wrong.


    2. Proof that our AD cares very little for our university. She is looking for the next landing spot.

      Trust me, I know.


  18. Annie, that was an excellent letter, and thank goodness there are loyal fans like you who are willing to express their thoughts. If it’s true that the decision process goes above Heather Lyke, then let’s hope she is passing these letters on to the BoT and Chancellor, so that they will understand the level of disgust and despair that exists on the part of the Pitt alums and fans.


    1. Voice, letters are nice but the reality are the empty seats and lack of big time boosters stepping forward. Bickel was the exception and not the rule. He’s proven himself to be a fool.

      However Pitt does understand the eye test and the money.

      If they decide that the next three years under King Pat will cost more in tangible dollars and intangibles than what it receives, Tom Richards may, just may, approach Gallagher and direct him to do something about it.

      Heather will not do anything unless told. She extended the coach. She owns this mess. But she won’t admit her mistake. That’s career suicide. Like Narduzzi, this is the best job she will ever get.

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      1. I don’t disagree with the wisdom of replacing Narduzzi IF DONE RIGHT. But I would refrain from referring to our biggest contributor of all time as a fool. He may read this blog.

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  19. Glad Annie stepped up. Thanks to her. I stopped following the Pirates and as I posted earlier, “they are racing to get to 100 losses this season”. Although Pitt is not racing to lose games, they certainly are slow walking to get to FB relevance.

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  20. I would love to be able to write a great letter to express my grievances but after I write the opening sentence the “ inner rage takes over and the bp sky-rockets.
    Annie, you spoke so eloquently for many of the faithful. I hope you efforts produces- something that can’t be said of Narduzzi.

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    1. When I get stressed out Bernie, I take my 12 gauge Remington to the skeet range. I picture Narduzzi as a bird.


  21. One thing to consider is this; individuals can express personal emotion and discuss personal ramifications in their communications much more than a letter from a blog owner and its readers can do.

    I truly believe that if I lived in WPA and could attend all the media events, press conferences, interviews and practices/games then the POV’s readers’ comments and opinions would be taken much more seriously. As it is I’m just that complainer who lives in Maryland.


  22. I do think it is interesting that when something big happens we get a lot more commenters coming onboard to discuss things…like after the WMU loss.

    That supports what I’ve been saying about the number of readers vice the number of regular commenters. I’d say on any regular in-season day it is about 1000:1 readers to commenters. That’s a rough estimate but after a big loss or big win it is probably more.

    We didn’t get many predictions. What I’ll do is put the UNH gameday thread up early and we can list our predictions on that…and see in real time who is closest.


  23. Here are my predictions

    I’ll take the over on points scored

    I’ll take pitt to cover

    I’ll place the over/under at 22,000 for actual butts in the stands

    Kenny throws for 400 plus yards

    No pitt running back goes over 100 yards

    Pitt will be penalized 8 times for 105 yards

    Pitt wins 59 to 21

    The media begins calling Narduzzi a genius

    Heather seriously thinks about another extension.


  24. Thanks for the nice comments. I thought that if I just sent a letter filled with rage that it would be tossed as coming from a crazy person. I just wrote what came from my heart so they know there are people who love Pitt but hate what the program has become.

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    1. There’s nothing quite like a love/hate relationship. Perhaps you can’t have one without the other.

      Like the ying & yang of it.

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    2. You wrote it from heart, a financial investment, and involvement of more sports than just football. Your well-written letter carried clout. My only question is this: Who gets a personal response from the AD and not her subordinate? Annie, you are the type of fan Pitt should be fostering for the health of their programs. So she doesn’t like to talk on the phone. She could always email or, better yet, promise to visit you and your fans at a game.

      So….what is the very self–important AD of the University of Pittsburgh doing personally to engage fans?


  25. ​​ ​

    September 24, 2021​

    Pitt’s Cal Adomitis Named to Allstate AFCA Good Works Team

    PITTSBURGH—Pitt senior long snapper Cal Adomitis has been named to the 2021 Allstate American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team, a prestigious honor that recognizes college football student-athletes for their dedication to community service and the positive impact they have made on the lives of others.

    Adomitis is one of 22 players named to this year’s team, which was selected from a nationwide pool of 109 nominees. Eleven players were chosen from the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), while the additional 11 honorees represent the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), Division II, Division III and NAIA levels of play.

    For the first time in the program’s 30-year history, Allstate will be making a $10,000 donation to a non-profit organization chosen by each member of the Good Works Team.

    “Being selected to the 2021 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team is an honor of the highest degree,” Adomitis said. “One of the most important realizations I’ve come to during my time at Pitt is that no matter where you come from, someone has helped you along the way.

    Because of this reality, I feel strongly that each of us has a responsibility to pay it forward however we can. Pitt Athletics’ culture of service has continuously reinforced this belief in me, and for that reason I will always be grateful for this university and all those who make every day a great day to be a Pitt Panther. Thank you and ‘Hail to Pitt!’”

    “I don’t think I have enough superlatives to describe Cal Adomitis and the type of person, player and leader that he is,” Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi said. “Cal makes everyone around him better because he is continuously trying to be better himself. That’s reflected in his incredible commitment to the community and serving others.

    He’s a tremendous representative of not only our football program but the entire university. We are incredibly proud of Cal and know he will continue to make an impact for others.”

    Adomitis (Pittsburgh, Pa./Pittsburgh Central Catholic) graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in economics and is now enrolled in Pitt’s Katz Graduate School of Business. He has been a fixture at long snapper for the Panthers, playing in 53 consecutive contests, and is considered among the country’s elite at his position.

    From a leadership and community perspective, Adomitis has been equally exceptional. Among his initiatives:

    He recently concluded a year-long term as president of Pitt’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). In that role, he initiated Town Hall-style meetings with university administration to discuss social justice and amplifying the voice of student-athletes.

    During the course of the pandemic, Adomitis donated his football student-athlete per diem so that city youth football teams could have resources to purchase bottled water for practices and games.

    He has been a volunteer for the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ “Bring Your Father to School Day,” pairing with those students who did not have someone to attend. Serving as a “father,” Adomitis provided a positive male role model and encouragement for the students.

    In 2019, Adomitis traveled to the town of Jarabacoa in the La Vega Province of the Dominican Republic, where he volunteered at Doulos Discovery School. In addition to classroom teaching, he helped build a concrete ramp so that physically challenged students could access the outdoor auditorium. Adomitis also spent time at Jarabacoa’s only special-needs school and helped construct a safe recreation area for children in the mountain village of Angosto.

    He has served as a mentor at the Waypoint Youth and Community Center and also helped host Make-A-Wish children at the Pitt football facility for tours and lunch in the team cafeteria.

    Adomitis worked on behalf of Dollar Energy Fund’s “Cool Down for Warmth” campaign that provides utility assistance grants for families who are without home heating during the winter. He also led a group effort to ride in a six-hour stationary bike race—the “Race to Anyplace”— to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

    Adomitis worked on behalf of the “Voting Matters” campaign to promote voter registration, voter education and voter participation in the Pitt community.

    Adomitis is the sixth Pitt player to be named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. The Panthers’ previous honorees are wide receiver Tre Tipton (2019), linebacker Mike Caprara (2016), running back James Conner (2015), quarterback Tyler Palko (2006) and quarterback Alex Van Pelt (1992).

    Pitt fans are encouraged to visit, where they can cast their vote for Adomitis to be named Captain of the 2021 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team. Voting runs until November 22.

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  26. I agree that the Narduzzi years should end. BUT…..his departure could undoubtedly result in both a poor initial recruiting class for the incoming coach due to a shorter than normal time to make connections and develop relationships with recruits and their families, AND the departure of some/many of our current players—-and those with greater upsides will likely be the ones who leave.

    Therefore if the new hire is not several steps above Narduzzi in both ability and reputation, we will suffer again in the short (long?) term with nothing to show from our attempt to improve.

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    1. Are there any four stars at risk of leaving? 🤠

      It’s not like Pitt is awash in talent. And transfers work both ways.

      Few if any of Pitts starters could start on an sec team. Pitt fields a Mac team.

      You have my four who are all significantly above mister Youngstown.

      Your future coach is now a successful head coach at Toledo, coastal Carolina, Troy or Louisiana.


        1. Willie might have been a good pick ten years ago.

          I was engaged in conversation with Lee, one of the four helpful souls in editing my MPC article.

          We discussed youth and diversity.

          Those are important attributes but shouldn’t be overriding criteria.

          But I do think that any new potential head coach should strive to fill his staff with youth and minorities. Although what’s a minority these days in Texas. Texas is the look of America in 20 years.

          Find coaches that can relate to the youth of today. Coaches that are truthful, tough, fair and demand excellence. Can’t go wrong.


    2. I’d also add that I would hope the next coach does continue Narduzzi’s emphasis in what some have called “being good Boy Scouts”. We don’t need Boy Scouts but when you see things like what Cal Adomitis has done and been recognized for, if it doesn’t make you proud as a Pitt fan/alum, then perhaps your priorities could stand a small tweak??
      I don’t think I could support a team coachesd by a Bobby Petrino, Lane Kiffen, etc etc despite the fact that they would probably win more games than Narduzzi.

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    3. Poor recruitng class? This years class can’t get any worse. Only 1 player in Pa top 25 . no 4 star recruits. PSU is making Narduzzi look like a fool.


  27. Anyone who pretends that forcing Students to ride Buses to and from Heinz is not a BIG problem is again just ignoring reality.

    All you have to do is take a look at the LONG lines of Students that start forming at the end of third Quarters… not just some games but EVERY Game.

    It’s been going on forever and will. “Sweet Caroline” was their “Quick Fix” to try and keep Students in their seats as long as possible.

    The LONG-TERM Fix is obviously to eliminate the need for the Buses altogether!

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  28. Thank you, Annie, for your sincere letter and for sharing it.
    For almost forty years we have been on the short end of the football stick, and if no coaching changes are made we will simply continue to wallow in mediocrity.

    Coastal Carolina.
    Iowa State.
    And we can’t come close to hitting the top 25.

    Our front porch has rotted.

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  29. Nice letter Annie. Thanks for sending to Pitt and posting on the POV. However, I don’t think firing Narduzzi will solve the problem. I agree with an earlier post by Tossing, Pitt’s wanting no more than football mediocrity seems to be a bigger problem than the athletic department can fix. As Tossing said, it’s institutional. Unless the “deep university” wants success and not mediocrity, firing Narduzzi will just get Pitt more Narduzzis, as we’ve seen over and over and over again.

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      1. Hobie, there are short term and long term fixes.

        The easiest short term fix is with a new head coach and staff.

        But if you want sustained success defined by consistent top 25 seasons, the structural issues need to be addressed.

        That requires a reorganization of the BOT, an athletic mission statement, a focus on running sports as a business with profitability in mind, and new leadership in both the chancellors and AD office.

        We’re a long way off from that. There are two men who yield utmost influence today. It’s Tom and Dave. They have keys to the Tardis.


        1. Excuse my ignorance, Tex. Who are Tom and Dave and what is Tardis? It would seem like the “deep university” is made up of more than two individuals.


          1. Tom is chairperson of the BOT. Dave is a Pitt alumnus who would rather donate to CMU and buy professional football and soccer teams in Carolina.

            Those two are more than welcome to take a joy ride in my Tardis. Won it during a game of Texas Holdem.

            Time machine Hobie. It’s like a roller coaster. Need a tough stomach for it. What you see in the future sometimes will make you 🤮


    1. When you’re in crisis, you can only solve one problem at a time.
      Firing Narduzzi is step one of thirty. But… you can’t do step two until you complete step one.

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      1. Problem there Dan is that, if nothing else changes concurrently, we’ll hire another mediocre coach and go backwards again.


        1. We are going backwards now!
          The team is a train wreck. The head coach an incompetent stubborn ass.
          Pitt admin has given up any semblance of trying to improve Coach/Alum/ Press relations.
          Or game day (miserable) experience.

          7,300 expected at homecoming.
          No one can hear the Pitt Band but maybe that’s good because the last 3 years in their silly “Music Man uniforms,” they too have sucked. At Pitt Stadium, my wife and I sat with former Pitt Band Director Jack Anderson and his wife. A brilliant director, he told us what to look for that distinguishes a marching band.
          Pitt had it then but no longer.

          How can game day get any worse you ask? NH 24 – Pitt 20


          1. I thought you weren’t commenting on Pitt football anymore until basketball season?

            Asking for a friend…


          2. Look at Penn State’s band uniforms. They look like they are from the 50’s. Ours look fantastic by comparison. I have no problems with their look.


  30. Tex, every Athletics Director hires a head coach at some point. If you are right, no HC would ever be fired for fear of making a mistake. Heather may not have initiated Narduzzi’s extension, maybe it was the Chancellor who wanted the stability. Or maybe she saw an opportunity to eliminate a big buyout. And your theory about replacing coaches is somewhat askew. It is not always about the decision being a mathematical calculation. Sometimes emotion takes over, as with a ridiculous loss or a big booster about to pull the plug.

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  31. By the way, you are the one who says they don’t run things like a business. So why would they make a financial calculation to decide whether or not to can him? And the easiest, least risky alternative for the administration to do was to let Narduzzi’s old contract ride because they held all the cards. But I’m guessing that extending him after a 5-7 season gave Heather and the chancellor all the leverage.


  32. You can absolutely have quick success with a new coach – as long as he truly understands and cares about both offense and defense.

    As far as wins and losses; lets say we get a new coach and staff and drop to a 5-7 season. Sound familiar. Most coaches have to build a team to have sustained success. But Narduzzi had one of the best offensive rosters handed to him and won 8 game show first two years.

    Since then he has not gotten a single true star player on offense to commit to Pitt. Pickett is good but I mean a player who hits the deck running and is good his first years and the whole time he is at Pitt. Think Conner, Q. Henderson, Aston or Tyler Boyd, etc…

    Narduzzi just can’t get that talent. So get a HC who appreciates the fact that there are three separate parts of a team and how they all have to be good to win consistently.

    I truly believe that Narduzzi has hit his high water mark at Pitt and unless you just want more of the same you need to make a change.

    BTW, don’t be too sure that if Narduzzi is fired there will be a mass exodus of talent. Didn’t happen after DW really and won’t happen with PN. As someone else mentioned, Pitt players who leave are not starting on any P5 teams…his recruiting isn’t that good.

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  33. Last week the big Saturday night game was the pedos vs (who cares…) and this week it’s the hoopies against Oklahoma. What’s wrong with this picture and can a team that loses to a midland MAC team ever get on the game of the week?


  34. Someone once posted the list of Cincinnati head coaches over the past 20 years or so. They tend to be big names or well thought of up and comers, even if they didn’t stay. Take a look at Pitt’s choice of head coaches since Jackie Sherrill left. This Pitt list crosses several ADs and tells the story. No one thinks of Cincinnati as the equal of Pitt, at least academically, but compare those coaches lists. Heather has a tough job to overcome the SOP legacy.

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  35. Never-mind the Bullocks. PITT’s record the past 7 years mimics the last 40 years. All of a sudden a rumpus breaks out?


  36. I haven’t read anything about Pitt, on the POV or otherwise, since that wretched game. I have to distract myself for days after a bad Pitt loss. But then I see in an email that our Annie has written a letter – so I had to read it.

    Great job Annie. Here’s a true story, with no exaggerations. After we lost to Stanford in the bowl game, I sent an email to HL. I complained about the offensive coaching and said specifically that Watson and the WR Coach should be fired. Either the next day or the day after, Pitt announced that both Watson and the WR Coach would not be returning.

    Now I know my email had nothing to do with it, but still, I was kind of stunned by the timing – and that the only two people who were canned were the two I named…

    Anyway, may Annie’s letter have as much impact as my email did…😊

    I especially liked what Annie said about the coaches: “…others seem to be stuck in the past. We need new blood, with new ideas and energy…”

    Go Annie!

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  37. Wow, Annie, that letter was fantastic! I’m calling it now. Ann Best will be the next POVer on the Pitt Fan Experience committee !


  38. Note to Duzz and Whip –

    UVA cannot stop the run (well they haven’t played Pitt yet).

    W_F is running at will. Their #0 RB has over 130 yards in the 1st half. And he is one of two Michigan transfers. They (W_F) also have a transfer from Stanford.


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