New Hampshire Gameday Thread & Predictions

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Here is the Gameday Thread for PITT football as we play the New Hampshire Wildcats in Heinz Field at 12:00 noon. Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win. 

These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Football Homepage

Pitt ESPN Homepage

Pitt Football 2021-22 Schedule

Pitt Football 2021-22 Stats

Pitt Football 2021-22 Roster

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

New Hampshire Football Website

Pitt vs New Hampshire Game Notes

Colonial Athletic Conference Football 2021-22 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

New Hampshire Stats (current & historical info)

Here is Pitt’s Two Deep for the game:

If we lose this one the police need to close all the bridges in the Pittsburgh area to stop jumpers.


294 thoughts on “New Hampshire Gameday Thread & Predictions

    1. Pat was actually placed in the “Teacher” category in the article. And it may not be too far off:

      General definition of the “Teacher”

      Committed to the mission of education, the Teacher seeks to lead by instructing, not managing. Then, when that fails, he yells, grows despondent, or shows videos for class until the Vice Principals notice. The difference between the Vice Principals and the Teachers is a sincere belief in the value of learning above all else. The Vice Principal knows he can’t do it all himself, and hires Teachers. The Teacher believes they can, and the gap between what’s in their heads and the flawed reality on the field either drives them mad or to despair.

      Analysis of Pat specifically:

      Pat Narduzzi: The Enthusiastic Teacher. No one’s sure what kind of math Mr. Narduzzi teaches, exactly. But whatever it is, it’s taught with radiant intensity. Math works better the harder you press the marker into the whiteboard! Pops up when you least expect him to, rarely when expected.


  1. Just saw that about Freddie Fu, Fran. Very sad indeed. He was a great ambassador for the university and was gracious enough to do some guest lectures for the Pitt PTstudents when I was in school. RIP Freddie.


  2. ACCNX is the ACC digital channel. If you get the ACC channel on your cable/steaming service, you can watch the game on you computer by going to the ESPN site watching it there.

    I need anyone familiar with the Pitt volleyball program to get me an answer to why Valeria Vazquez Gomez did not travel to North Carolina with the team. She may have not made the trip to Murray State either. I just assumed she was rested for those two easy matches. I watched the match at UNC tonight and she was not with the team in uniform. She could have been used tonight especially when Pitt got waxed 25-9 in the third set. Pitt looked as bad as they have in a long time in that set. Coach Fisher settled everything down after that fiasco. Pitt took the fourth set and beat UNC 3-1.

    Dr. Fu was a big Pitt volleyball fan. Coach Fisher posted a photo taken by Dr. Fu on his twitter account this evening in tribute to Dr. Fu.

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    1. John, we probably need an insider to tell us what is wrong with Valeria. Could be injury or Covid. Hopefully she’s not out long, but it was probably good that these are the games she’s missed instead of Ga Tech or Louisville.

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  3. “I don’t have a good feel for what NH has or is capable of doing against this Pitt team.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say they can probably stop our run game and will be able to throw the ball over the top. They won’t have to do too much with special teams, cause we are a mess there.

    We’ll have two of the greatest Pitt players in attendance, maybe two of the greatest college FB defensive players ever in Hugh Green and Rickey Jackson. Hoping our kids respond well to that.

    Predicting a close game with the 3-0 NH Wildcats. We’ll look at the tape after the game.”

    Pat Narduzzi


  4. Pitt and the medical community lost a great one yesterday when Dr. Fu passed away. He has left behind a great legacy with his brilliant surgical procedures he created and taught others to master.

    More importantly is that he was a great human being and a true, die-hard Pitt Panthers fan.

    RIP Dr. Fu – you will be missed…

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  5. I could be wrong but it seems like Pitt has a pretty poor history when bringing past Pitt greats to Heinz.

    Hopefully, Hugh Green and Ricky Jackson will be the exception.


  6. I have so many thoughts on Pitt this year, but I’m just going to try and enjoy the game. I hope there will be a decent crowd, but I doubt it. I also have no idea about NH, but hope it’s an enjoyable, relaxing game. I will get into my thoughts after I get home from the game. Homecoming, it just doesn’t feel right not being on campus, 😔


  7. No reason to close the bridges if Pitt loses. No reason to jump. At this point, Pitt fans will just shake their heads and wait for the next disappointment.


  8. Article headline in the Trib. “take 5: There’s a game Saturday, but the real Pitt season starts next week”. That’s the last thing the team needs to read.

    Pitt 33 – NH 32


  9. Pitt will be handing out rally towels to the first 15000 fans.

    My prediction is the announced attendance will be 43000, and there will be towels left over.

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  10. Here’s another prediction… PITT is about to play a football game where they have a zero chance of winning. Narduzzi will surely do something that will piss off the povers. PITT fans need a new target so go ahead and fire Narduzzi and bring on the next miserable muck. Go on and bring in a coach that can recruit better and fill the stadium to the brim. I know that coach is out there but the big question is……… is he on the Tex list?

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  11. A question from the stupid gallery:

    The game is on ESPN+
    Because I am stuck in ACC- Comcast hell, the cheapest avenue to watch Pitt games is ESPN+.
    So the question is: Are all ACC Pitt games on ESPN+?

    Mucho gracias.
    Vielen Dank.


    1. No they’re not! I pay for ESPN+ just to get Penguin games, but if your provider does NOT carry ACCN games, you can’t get Pitt football today even with ESPN+

      I have Comcast which I hate but the wife hates the DTV dish in the yard so I cannot switch. Comcast has the worst customer service in the history of customer service. Used to pour a big glass of scotch before I called them!

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        1. I called ESPN + and they assured me that if I subscribe I can watch game in spite of Comcast.
          And because I am stupid an trusting, here goes $6.95.


    2. No longer live in the Pittsburgh area but yes, able to watch all ACC games either on ESPN, +, or ESPN 3.

      Don’t recall if that’s the case in the event they may be on Fox, but get that also.



  12. switched this past week from DirecTV to Hulu Live with Disney bundle

    need fast internet

    has ACCN and ESPN and ESPN+ when you do the above

    was happy with Direct but this is great and has more for less but have not yet figured out the replay capabilities of LIVE TV part 😦 – counting on wife or daughter for that before game time 🙂

    I WILL miss storms blocking the signal, seriously I kinda liked that happening, mother nature v technology and cool when a small intense cell blocked the signal but little rain or intense weather at the house which meant it was on the way or would pass quickly

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    1. and not controlling TOP by running/scrambling more and getting injured and blocking and calling more run plays and only throwing short passes that don’t score quickly and….

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      1. oh, forgot, he needs to let the time clock run down to 1 sec on every play

        on a scramble where he can get the 1st down, slide 1/2 yard short so YOU can QB sneak the next play and run clock, God knows our RB’s next play is likely to NOT convert

        never, never stop the clock

        damn, I’m a jerk

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  13. Seems to be a lot of tickets available in Creepy Valley for the Villanova/Pedo State tilt.

    Villanova is also 3-0. Would be nice to see ……….


  14. Hard to believe that CBS (the regular network) is broadcasting the Boise State @ Utah State game,
    in the Carolinas at Noon.

    Neither team has many or any alumni in the area and not much if any of a fan base.
    It’s Pandemic Crazy !


    1. See people want to hear and love the Pitt Band.
      But we know what we’re going to get, after each & every play.

      Snoop Dog & other profanity laced filth.

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  15. A little late but final
    Will be Pitt 47- NH 13
    Defense will return but what does it mean for the rest of the year?


    1. I’m happy with my score of 13 for UNC but I’d like to change my Pitt prediction upward from 47 a bit. 🤪


  16. missing 2 extra points…should not happen at college level…did not see because I have Comcast.
    What happened? Shanks?Bad snaps?


    1. He’ll play in the 2nd half. Like to see Neville Street Beville play too !

      Always with the negative waves….Moriarity.


  17. Here’s my last comment from last weeks loss. What did we have to pay Western Michigan for that game? $750,000?

    Narduzzi should have to reimburse the university for the loss.

    There. I’m done.

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    1. Actually when they showed the Pitt side…looked like a decent crowd on that side.

      And there are peeps in the Upper Deck as well !

      Pitt needs to get that Camera angle changed to show the Pitt side as they did in Hoops.

      Cheer xtra loud for us Walking Wounded who can not attend !

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      1. If you enjoy hockey OhioStateHater, you will get your money’s worth. ESPN has bought the broadcast rights to NHL from NBC. There will be lots of hockey on ESPN+!


  18. Starters should be in the game. You want them to get a drive after the half. Starting a half is part of getting reps in. I’m sure most will be done after that drive, now. Getting the backup QB reps is almost as useless as time of possession.

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  19. Watching the other Game which actually does have Fans in the Stands. A LOT of them.

    One easily drawn conclusion, compared to the Wisconsin or Notre Dame Quarterbacks, Pickett looks like a CONSENSUS All-American!

    Oh, what Chryst could do if he only had a Pickett.

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  20. Hey the Carrick 5th grade Pitt Logo is back at mid-field. And the vertical stripes were in the endzone,
    last week i saw

    Guess we can’t go a year without it !


  21. Rodney Hammond has 100 yards rushing today on 17 carries with 3 short Power TD’s.

    Hard to figure if that means anything substantial or not.

    The Flea has 50 yards on 7 carries ..a 7 ypc
    And Izzy has 75 yards on 13 carries……a 5.8 ypc

    247 total, again we’ll know after next week if this means anything.


  22. Didn’t see or hear the game. Mowed grass instead. Hope Narduzzi used as many backups as possible and didn’t keep in the starters to run up the score.


      1. I agree. Texas should just play Texas Tech every year instead. What are they thinking about joining the sec. and they’ll be in the same division as the Aggies and razorbacks. And most likely the Indian territory school and those Cajuns.


  23. ACC’s Notre Dame knocked the stuffing out of B1G Wisconsin at Soldier Field. 41-13.

    Too bad the Domers don’t play Pedo State who lucked out against Wisky.


      1. Paulie needs a better QB….Mertz 18 of 41 with 4 picks.

        Still he has a 75% winning % at Wisky. Better than Bielema at 74% and
        Godfather Barry at 61%.

        Of course Godfather Barry built the program from the depths of irrelevancy.


  24. Schools like New Hampshire make enough in this one game to pay their entire coaching staff and still have some money left over for a round of beers and pizzas.

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  25. OK, back from the game. Some observations and opinions:
    1) Wife and I enjoyed game, relaxing and a perfect day weather wise.
    2) Someone paid attention and really toned the music d9wn, that was welcome and surprising.
    3) The freashman TE looked good. He will be much better than Krull, and that penalty was really weak.
    4) Picket solid. Addison really a nice player. Hammond ran hard, but watch out for ball security issues.
    5) Couldn’t run ball at all early. No holes. Picket scrambles and a draw play. I mean a draw vs NH, check, you usually only use that when you can’t control the los. Oh , ya, right.
    6) 23-25k max. Very sad.

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  26. Tex… Chryst is NOT great, but a GOOD Head Coach.

    His problem is LOYALTY as I posted REPEATEDLY while he was still at Pitt.

    Wisconsin would have won today if it weren’t for the starting Quarterback Mertz. But just like with Voytik, Chryst will stick with Mertz FAR longer than he should.

    As posted above, give Chryst a Pickett and everything is coming up Roses!


  27. NDvs Whisky @ the Bears Stadium… Texas AM vs Arkansas @ the Cowboys Stadium and PITT vs UNH @ Steeler Stadium…it’s trending… kidding

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    1. I purposefully am staying off the roads today. I don’t trust Razorback and Aggie drivers. I live ten miles south of the stadium. I plan on driving in the countryside tonight. Rendon area. Only armadillos to worry about.


  28. Good win against a lower tier team. No one got hurt. Everyone played (5 different quarterbacks took a snap including a walk-on from ‘Quip). Pitt is now 3-1.

    Next week ACC play starts. Stay tuned?!?! What is in store for this team? Only the opposing quarterbacks know:)

    WMU is up 20-3 against San Jose State in the 4th quarter. Tennessee plays Florida tonight. Tennessee did beat Bowling Green who in turn beat Minnesota. So Pitt>Tennessee>Bowling Green>Minnesota!

    Some thing slightly more interesting, Pitt volleyball takes on NC State tomorrow at 1 PM on ACCNX. Pitt should win in 3 sets.


    1. Sounds good….Columbus has a lot of good bars, especially down around Nationwide Arena.

      Instead of the campus scene of Ohio Fake.


    1. But Pitt hasn’t played a team that couldn’t beat a Texas high school team since then either. I seriously could have started on the wildcat team and led in tackles. You think I jest?


  29. Watching NC State vs Clemson…. Packs kicker has never missed a PAT. In 4 years of play… talk about consistency


  30. In a typical B1G snoozefest…Purdue leads Illinois at the half……6-3

    Illinois has 19 yards passing & Purdue has 69 yards passing

    No wonder Nardo’s Island defense worked there !

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    1. Pitt did lose to a good team. But they did lose in convincing fashion for only having led for less than five minutes of the game.
      I count on one hand who called that game out ( some nearly 12 months ago) of over 300 commenters and 3000 lurkers.

      The hand doesn’t reach for Koolaid.


  31. 707 yards is what Pitt put up today. A school record. Against a New England high school team albeit still a record. That’s the distance from my house to the cemetery. Where the Pitt spirit is buried. I’m digging her up right now. Will need it for a real school next week. Don’t fret about the wildcats. Pitt subsidized half their budget for the year. They gladly lost. No shame. They have business smarts unlike Pitt.


  32. Iowa tied with Colorado State halfway thru the 3rd.

    TX A&M losing to Arkansas 17-3.

    Baylor beating Iowa State.

    Auburn losing at the half to Georgia State 24-12.

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  33. For those of you who attended the post game tailgate, the young man that needed treatment near our group was eventually taken to the hospital by the Pgh paramedics thanks to the fine care of 2 of the POVs finest Healthcare workers, Lisa and Scooter.

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    1. That is good to know. Mrs. Erie was very concerned for that young man.

      She gave him some kind motherly advise.

      Hope he ends up ok. He’s in good hands.


  34. As an FYI – Pitt paid at least $425k for the rent a win. Not sure we sold enough seats to cover that expenditure. Any thoughts on how many were actually in attendance today or what was announced as a sellout on homecoming?

    In my observation and discussion of the flea over the past week, I suggested that Hammond would be my number one back. I also like Carter, then Izz and Sibley if healthy.


    1. It was more like a million

      Game proved nothing.

      Was truly a scrimmage. No disrespect in using that word.

      But good for New Hampshire. They will be in the black by seasons end unlike Pitt.

      New Hampshire would have lost to the top ten high schools in Texas. Let’s not sugar coat this win. It’s a feel good thing like Koolaid. You get high and then you crash.

      Techs coach hates Narduzzi. More wins come out of hate than love or respect. I hate King Pat as well…nothing personal. Just business.

      But Of course I’ll be rooting for pitt despite me fixin and itchin to release the kraken. 🐙


      1. NOPE Tex……Live Free or Die …..only got $500K per the Tribune.

        “What was proven Saturday on the Heinz Field turf is that New Hampshire (3-1), a nationally ranked FCS team, should not have been on the same field as the Panthers (other than the Wildcats’ $500,000 pay day for visiting Pittsburgh)”


      2. Tex, you should know better. It was a 425k payout. Maybe a bonus of 1000 per point on top of it, lol. No, it was 425k. Different budgets for those type of schools versus mac schools. I can’t figure out why Pitt would pay a mac school to come here. Pitt and Mac are similar and we shouldn’t pay for losses.


    1. When’s the last time, the Horns lost to both the Hogs and the Sooners in same year.

      Since they pulled a Pedo State with playing Arkansas annually.


    1. They hate Florida. Alabama is their main rival. But they are snake bit with Florida. I know. Since I traveled 900 miles to know.


  35. Cmon Tex, you are sounding like one of those AL-A-BAMA fans that like to claim they could beat some NFL teams with this talk about a TX HS team beating a Div 1 college football team…I’m not making anything more out of today’s game than what it was – an easy win against a team that was paid to be an easy win…PITT did what they were supposed to do. There is just no logical way to put a negative spin on today’s PITT performance.

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    1. Have you ever watched in person a high school football game in Texas. Hollywood does it no justice. Pitt would lose to cedar Hill.


      1. But we actually back it up. Our actions back up our talk. All cattle and no hat. With the fifth largest economy in the world. Now not all is great down here. But there IS a reason why we’re gaining population and PA is losing. And as a former construction guy, when six high Crains are in your capital, you are doing something right. Name me on in the four largest cities in PA. I already know your answer.


    2. Negative spin – Attendance for homecoming.

      As for the game, can’t say I watched or listened, or anything. Hoping GT is feeling overconfident, especially after watching pitt’s performance last week.


  36. Well, Camp had zero tackles today. That’s a grand total of one tackle in the past two games. Is he hurt, or just a major flop at this point. Narduzzi was raving about him in Fall camp.


    1. Yes the media is giddy after a thumping of a school that couldn’t beat legacy high. But go on and be fools.


      1. As reported by WTAE in Pittsburgh –

        Carlos Washington Jr. ran for 91 yards for the Wildcats, who received $425,000 to travel to Heinz Field.

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        1. That’s a bargain if it’s truly the figure. I trust not what Pitt discloses. Granite states head coach doesn’t make more than $100k. Narduzzi on the other hand makes 50 times that. Just sayin. Is pitt really 50 times Better? Should have scored 200 then right?


  37. TX – The game doesn’t prove anything but c’mon … gotta give the team credit for making a statement. When you beat a team by 70 as effortlessly as they did today you’re allowed to say nice game fellas. It meant nothing long term but ego boosting games can be good for the soul. The offense has showed all season. When people complain you score too quickly you’re doing something right. Lol.

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  38. How bad do all these 1st round QBs look? Kenny may start getting some first day buzz if these front runners don’t turn it around.


    1. Kenny would be great as an eagle in a RPO. He’s got Brady like intangibles but Pitt is Wasting his talent. And I called out his moxy before even fashionable. Yep I did.


        1. A waste when you lose to Western Michigan Ike. He’s too good for king pat and his ship of fools. You even know that. You should direct your attention not to me. I’m mister irrelevant in the universe. I only observe, comment and drop seeds.


  39. One last tangent. You think a kid these days really takes pride in the sport. You think they punish the opponent. You think they are more interested in playing the game as opposed to social media crap and making money on likes. I’m old school. There’s no way some 18 year old punk can beat me in a game these days. Because I play like it’s end of days. It’s all mental and experience. I’ve got that edge. The youth these days would have surrendered at Normandy. You think I’m far fetched. Pound sand. I expect the sweet Caroline luvers to respond in force. And yes those that call Cathy the Cathedral. Pile on.


    1. Anyone getting giddy over a win over a new England high school team needs to seriously contemplate how clemson will completely shut us out. And they are mediocre by Clemson’s standards. I wish we were their standard.

      But I’m glad the 20,000 of you saw a semi entertaining game. I watched my grass grow instead.


    1. It’s about time. But you neglect to mention the loss our women suffered to Florida state.five to nil. That was embarrassing. No excuse to lose that bad. That was not just talent but coaching. I won’t comment on soccer. But yes I will. Too many soft euros. And I know cherry got canned for saying less. But he’s right. You need Americans. And in soccer you need Mexicans. And Americans for jimminy crickets. Us mens is following that approach. They actually will surprise in the cup. Go USA. 🇺🇸

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      1. Florida State won the National Championship last year. They have a long tradition in the sport. Pitt is only just beginning to improve in soccer. We have 2 freshmen starters. Give it a break Tex. You are such a Debbie Downer. You complain when we win AND when we lose. Please renew your prescription for anti- depressants ASAP

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    1. Pitts keeper actually had hands in this game. Pitt is weak down the center. Pitt is very easy to exploit. Much like football being one dimensional on offense and playing an island scheme D. I wish I was coaching again. Easy money. And yes I bet against Pitt. I’m not stupid.


  40. Biggest win in 95 years, over 700 yards of offense. Rumor has it Heather is getting the extension papers ready for Narduzzi to sign.

    A new day is dawning for Pitt football. Wahoo!



  41. As a coach even when outmatched with far superior talent, you always want to score. It shows you can draw blood. And it’s not garbage goals. It’s a goal that matters. Randy failed to do that. That would have meant something. Something to build on. Can’t describe how I feel about that performance. This mentality I show is what separates the Pitts from the elites. So as coach in the next game I wouldn’t play any of my starters for the first half. I wonder what that makes me as one of the 8 types of coaches. I’m fine being called an A. Winning is all that matters. Better an A than a Clown.


  42. We learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about our football team today. We should have saved $425k and just had CMU come across town to play. Or maybe the Pittsburgh Central Catholic high school team. I will say this though, Kenny threw a couple of really sweet deep balls today, right in stride. He has looked very good all season, excepting two mistakes last week. Also, Addison is a pretty special talent. Season starts next Saturday. Got to see some POV celebrities at the Red 5a tailgate. See you all for the Clemson game.


  43. Watching GA Tech kick the daylights out of the University of No Classes tonight. Pitt will be hard pressed to even be in this game next week. Well coached with a terrific defense. Pitt will earn it if they win. Not like today when they ran up the score against a helpless foe.

    A very sad day for me. Freddie Fu did surgery on my daughters knee when she played basketball at Carlow. Dead at 70 years old. Wow. And tonight Howard Hanna passed away at 101. I sold my first print job in a 48 year career to Howard who used to hand address his envelopes. RIP all!


  44. Anyone care to reevaluate the GT game? They are playing really good ball. Clemson goes down again, the whole conference is wide open for the taking, just wish we had the team and coach to take advantage, this opportunity may not happen again for many, many years.
    Tex, is there any bourbon left in your part of Texas, slow down, we get it, lol.
    We are where most of us thought we’d be after 4 games, just not how. I’m still interested to see how he gets to those 5+ losses. After it happens I’ll scratch my head and still not believe it.
    Till next week, remember what Uncle Billy said and hope it will hold true next week. Nite all.

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  45. On the bright side, we scheduled a team we could beat for homecoming. That is actually a pretty rare event. We also had former superstars in the house.

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  46. Very sad, Dan. Pitt didn’t run up the score tho. The starters played the first series of the second half and they got down to their 4th QB. I’ll jump all over Pitt when deserved but they didn’t do anything to warrant anger today. GT has to keep pace with Pitt’s scoring. They don’t have a great offense. UNC has not looked great this season either. Is GT a guaranteed win? Nope. Are they beatable? Yep. So much so, Pitt should be favored. Clemson all of a sudden looks a lot better too. Not only did they lose but draftable players will start opting out soon. No reason to risk injury for a team out of playoff contention.

    Some people’s worst nightmare would be Pitt cracking the top 25 and Duzz staying.

    I don’t want Duzz to return but I’m not to the point where I’ll actively root against Pitt to make that happen.

    Kenny credited the dominating performance to a players only meeting after the WMU game … maybe player leadership can overcome the coaching deficit? Maybe this group has enough pride to actually make WMU a blip instead of SOP …

    I know a lot of people want to move on but I’m still going to throw out H2P’s when they’re earned … and Pitt earned it today … as well as a little … just a little … optimism.

    Let’s go Kenny! Put this team on your back and make yourself a Pitt legend.

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  47. Player only meeting is a bit of drama. Have a player only meeting before Notre Dame or Clempson, not the university of southern new hampshire. It seemed like we played the on-line school today. Player only meeting is so Nardstop like. Create drama where none exists…..good grief! It’s almost like the pov when things are slow, someone says someone else called them a name, then reed has a pov team meeting.

    GT didn’t look great, nor did UNC obviously. Best ACC team with two losses already will keep ACC out of playoff. Mayb NCSt can run the table and be a viable winner. Virginia looked awful against wake. What a bad year in the ACC. Maybe Pitt makes a run through the next few weeks whilst everyone is down on all of the ACC. The stars may be aligning.

    WV was one bad snap away from beating oklahoma. That snap was a 23 yard loss and pushed them out of field goal range. Their defense is really fast and aggressive. Offense is bad tho in my opinion, but enjoyed watching that game and especially seeing the result!

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  48. Tx, you need to give it a rest, you sound like an angry old man. I am actually worried about your mental health. Yesterday was nothing to rant about. Your straw man argument that there are those that are ecstatic about the win falls flat. No one is jumping up and down with joy. There will be plenty of days ahead to bash Narduzzi and everything Pitt, yesterday wasn’t one of them.

    I’m glad there was a player only meeting. It means they took responsibility for their role in the loss. You think that one hurt the fans, I’m sure it stung the players 10X as much.


  49. WordPress really giving me a hard time. After post attempt asked to log in. Comments were not posted.
    I had copied so tried again. WordPress says duplicate post so I’m trying again.

    Tx, you need to give it a rest, you sound like an angry old man. I am actually worried about your mental health. Yesterday was nothing to rant about. Your straw man argument that there are those that are ecstatic about the win falls flat. No one is jumping up and down with joy. There will be plenty of days ahead to bash Narduzzi and everything Pitt, yesterday wasn’t one of them.

    I’m glad there was a player only meeting. It means they took responsibility for their role in the loss. You think that one hurt the fans, I’m sure it stung the players 10X as much.

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  50. Clemson’s off year means no playoff team for the ACC. Narduzzi is right about one thing, the season is still ahead for this team. Unfortunately he handed the rest of the league the formula to beat him.

    Agree that Hafley is a heck of a coach, beat Missouri with a second string QB. Good practice for our 2nd through 5th string QB’s yesterday. For you guys that never actually played a sport, it means the world to those guys and their families for them to get some playing time.

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  51. US Ryder Cup putting on a show. Hope it continues today.
    Love that golf course another Pete Dye masterpiece.
    Us hackers would need a lot of golf balls.


  52. is anyone really feeling confident about next Saturday’s game v a team that lost to N Illinois? not me

    still deciding what gear to wear – maybe my new anthracite Pitt hoodie that Tex loves

    soph son was planning on Pitt gear a couple weeks ago(post N Illinois)

    he made the telecast from Mercedes last night

    good looking dancer on the left 🙂

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  53. Ran into a Pitt alumni and fan at dinner last night. He is a few years older than me, had a sharp looking Pitt script class ring – was in school for Jackie’s three years of 11-1.

    He was very unimpressed by the 77-7 win and extremely disappointed in last week’s loss, to the point that in his mind this team won’t accomplish nothin…

    He made a bold statement that we’ll never see a season like the mid-70’s to the early 80’s again. I asked him why he thought that – he said Pitt’s administration does not see the value in winning and is only interested in government grants. That administration was ok to lose last week.

    Michigan is rated as the number 1 Public University and places a high importance on winning athletic championships. Two totally opposite university administration mindsets.

    I shared with some at the tailgate that I wrote two handwritten letters – one to Barnes and one to Lyke. Neither of them did I receive a response. Both were professional written from an alum who was a Pitt athlete and is now a business owner.

    No response from either has soured me on Pitt. I’m glad Annie and JoeL received responses, but that does not satisfy my effort.

    Last week’s loss was to a decent team that I hope wins out in 2021.

    Pitt could win out but I seriously doubt it. The brain trusts in place are not engaged with what excellence means nor do they know what it looks like.

    Yesterday’s attendance was no better nor worse than the last two games, yet it was homecoming. There was no HC Queen, in fact I heard no mention of the fact that it was homecoming. They did honor the senior band members.


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    1. Erie – This is what I’ve been preaching. It’s easy to point the finger at coaches and players but 40 years of the same thing tells you it’s an administration problem. The coaches and players change, the results don’t. The sad thing is, I truly believe could just turn it on. We have the money to do it.

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      1. I am telling you guys. Losing is a badge of honor for the academic side.
        I saw at at BU.
        Dropped football, moved basketball into worst conference in America and the suits and faculty were happy.
        They were rewarded with an invite to the Patriot league like 7 years later. They proved they were not interested in sports and ended up where they wanted.
        The Alumni refused to buckle on hockey. I am sure plenty of guys on the team are not world class scholars.
        Pitt folks need to demand they will not treat football the way they do. I am telling you they are happy losing. They can brag about it at a symposium on equity or some crap with the other egg heads.


      2. Same reason 2 of the oldest franchises in the NFL (Detroit & Cleveland) have never been to the Super Bowl… bad management


    2. I’ve been saying this for a while now: Pitt got out of the big time football business in 1982.

      For most of its existence the school gave Olympic sports zero attention. If it gave men’s hoops serious attention in the late 40s, Pitt could have been a powerhouse due to all the studs who came from Western Pennsylvania up until the class of 1974. But instead nah. My dad grew up next door to a Pitt hoopster from the 60s, Dave Sauer. Timmons was a joke is the story I heard.

      The beauty now is being in the ACC the school is trying for those Olympic sports or else, but football won’t be given the funds to become as big as possible.


    3. Erie, I sent my letter to Heather but also copied EJ, that’s why he contacted me. I figured HL would not look at it, but wanted to make sure something went into her In Box.


    4. Gallagher is probably on board with the “free tuition” mantra… in fact they just got a pile of money to give to students…. They could give a crap about how we feel… sports, winning extra …I won’t give… but they have other ways of getting what the want….we need a Posvar type


  54. Tex, slow down on your f*cking comments, yet again (and again, and again)

    Let others have conversations without trying to dominate every one on here. Ths is recurring with you and the others, and myself, really hate it.

    We just went through all this last month. It’s a damn blog Tex, not a game show where the guy with the most comments wins.

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    1. He’s a sure fire 2nd day draft pick right now. We’ll see how that holds as we get into ACC play. I give him credit; he has worked very hard to improve his craft.


  55. I believe kman, Tossing and Erie are correct…what the heck can we do about it other than stop attending and giving money?
    Anyone know of a similar situation where change was initiated?


    1. The board would have to replace the chancellor with a pro-athletics chancellor and both would have to work in unison to make the necessary commitment to winning at an elite level.

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  56. Next week is obviously the TEST. Going to find out really quick where Pitt and Pickett stand in the Pecking Order.

    Georgia Tech showed last night it really can BRING IT when it comes to containing and attacking a Quarterback!

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    1. From week to week, it’s really hard to figure these teams. More so now than ever I believe.

      Which GT is going to show up…..the one that lost to Northern Illinois, who has given up 63 points to Michigan and 50 to Wyoming, but only 21 to GT.

      Or the GT of last night.

      And which Pitt team is going to show up ? We played GT in Atlanta last year What’s with the
      Rambling Rambler getting 2 Home games in a row ? And Clemson for a 2nd straight year on
      the division crossover game. Yea they’re down, but it’s still Clemson.

      This ACC scheduling is a joke.

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  57. We had only 3 predictions of Pitt scoring in the 50’s(i think). One was your’s truly.

    Also was correct on my teaser 🙂

    Gasman I think was the closest however. He had 54-3 Pitt

    Cudos to Gasman !

    WhipDuzz Chaos
    September 25, 2021 at 11:07 am

    Fighting Charmins 50

    Live Free or Die Football Club 28

    Pitt rushes for over 100 yards…..yippee !


  58. Sims will be the key for GaTech

    he was great last night and makes them practically 3 dimensional

    they have 2 very good backs and Sims who if accurate will beat us and very possibly badly

    win this one PN and I’m leaving the dark side and I’d consider forgiveness

    don’t see a betting line on it yet but expect it to be a pick em’ however I expect the game to end up not very close

    we’ll be there and will win either way….
    and lose 🙂

    hoping no one gets hurt and Pitt wins by 1

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  59. I would say that KP’s accuracy and consistency has improved immensely so far this year.
    He also has many more options with better and more guys to throw to.
    The line has been better than what he has had as well.
    But the competition is going to get a whole lot stiffer starting this week so we shall see.

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  60. It looks like the COVID scheduling from last year is the cause of the apparently poor scheduling. They may be trying to get back to the longer term scheduling plan.

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  61. Tyler Boyd….. Has led the Bengals in receiving the past 3 years and now wears a C on his jersey. I think it’s save to say….. Tyler’s made it good in the NFL!

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  62. Another perfect day for football in da Burgh. As I look around the country, most all these games
    have perfect weather. Same on Saturdays.

    Big Ben is becoming Little Ben….avg’g just 4.4 yds per attempt.

    Meanwhile Joe Burrow is at 12.3


  63. Pitt Women’s Volleyball sweeps NC State 3-0. NC State put up a battle for the first two sets. Pitt finished off the third set and the match strong. Without OH Vazquez Gomez, Pitt is not going to be able to handle Louisville. We desperately need her spark and stability back in the lineup.

    Virginia is looking to upset UNC at home. UNC had a cupcake OOC and is about to pay the price. Pitt’s win over UNC will be less impressive with the UVA win over them.

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  64. I have a college friend who’s husband went to Clemson. Very nice people. They are looking for six tix for the Clemson game, preferably on the Clemson side. If anyone has six to sell please let me know. Thanks.


      1. Yep, if I just could have held off pulling the trigger until after the WMU game … but I was dream’n 6-0….. oh well, Red5A is well worth the heftier ticket price…


  65. This game tells us nothing about this team or our coaching staff. And in no way makes up for what happened last week. I was on the road and did not see the game but did catch the box score on my phone. I did have a chance to watch WVU &OU game and was impressed how close WVU came to an winning. During that game several thoughts came to mind. In no particular order (excluding the scrimmage against UNH).

    When was the last time Pitt had an 8+ min drive heavily weighted on the run against a top 10 team?
    If WVU has an O-line that can run against #4 OU why doesn’t Pitt have a respectable O-line?
    Why haven’t we recruited better for O-line positions?
    Often times see lessor talented teams upset or almost upset a more talented team and hear the announcers state how the underdog had a “perfect game plan” or simply out coached the other team. When was the last time we heard that about a Narduzzi coached team?
    Why can’t Narduzzi at this point in his career make in game adjustments like other coaches? Think RPO Western MI.
    Georgia Tech was working the PRO hard this past weekend with their QB doing his best Lamar Jackson impression. Will Narduzzi be able to game plan for this offensive style?
    Of the remaining 8 games I predict at most 4 wins for a 7 & 5 season. Why would I should think otherwise? Change my mind.

    Anyway just some random thoughts.

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  66. New College Rankings are out. No Pitt is not in them.

    We did however climb 9 spots in ESPN Computer Rankings Power Index to No. 16. Only 5 spots
    behind the Creepsters of Pedo St.

    So while the game didn’t apparently impress many on here……it did the Computers.


    1. If we had beaten Western Michigan I’m pretty sure we would be in the Top 25. Just like the loss to West Virginia in 2009 that kicked us out of the Top 10 (we were 9) and Wannstedt saying he didn’t have team ready, Narduzzi blows his chance for an early season ranking by not having his team ready to play. Hopefully, we have a good game in Atlanta, come back 4-1, and join the Top 25 25,


  67. Clearly the Stillers are headed to a decline. Which will vastly accelerate when Little Ben hangs them up.
    Cleve & Cincy on the upswing. Repeat of the 1980’s.

    Also take note of the attendance.

    The Cincinnati Bengals, behind three touchdown passes from Joe Burrow, jumped to a 17-point lead in the third quarter and defeated the Steelers, 24-10, before 58,076 — about 10,000 short of capacity.

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    1. I saw a TV ad for Steeler tickets for maybe the first time in my life. Mentioned it to my hubby and he said the stadium was not full. All this shows is that in order to put butts in the seats you have to put a competitive product on the field and WIN.

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      1. Way more than winning…. Time to put the political stuff to rest … I know lots of peeps who are finished with the NFL


  68. Others receiving votes from the Coaches Poll:

    Others receiving votes: Texas 101; Boston College 91; NC State 70; San Diego State 69; Maryland 59; Wisconsin 56; Southern Methodist 54; Virginia Tech 39; Louisiana State 36; Iowa State 31; Army 23; Arizona State 12; Texas-San Antonio 11; Liberty 11; North Carolina 10; Central Florida 9; Oregon State 7; UL Lafayette 3; Appalachian State 3; Louisville 2; Indiana 2; Wyoming 1

    Pitt not in the top 48 – many teams with 2 losses are in this group of “others”. Oregon State and Scotty Barnes? No sign of WMU who happens to be 3-1 too.

    Pitt not deserving – it will take a win streak through the Clemson game to crack the top 30, IMHO.

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    1. Apparently neither the Coaches or the AP writers look much at the Computer Rankings where Pitt
      sits at No. 16.

      Was watching some PAC 12 last night and the Oregon State/USC game at USC.

      First time in near 30 visits to LA Coliseum, dating back to 1960…that Oregon State won in that

      And it wasn’t even close……Oregon State routed them 45-27.


  69. After 4 games, Pitt is 2nd in the Nation in Scoring.

    52.5 ppg.

    Got to keep it up ! At least 40’s against the Rambling Heap.


  70. KP-8 is 2nd in the Nation in TD passes (15).

    No. 2 in QB Rating !

    No. 2 in Yards Per Attempt 10.2 (for QB’s with at least 100 Attempts)

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  71. Well isn’t this something? We have people warning us all about this Georgia Tech team (as they should) you know the one. The football team that couldn’t beat Illinois State football team at home.

    The GT game will be real tough but we need to look around the rest of the country. A 3 point loss to WMU is not out of the ordinary at all. BUT! PITT needs to win this coming weeks game!

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  72. I believe that ESPN power ranking relies heavily on ppg scored and ppg allowed. Those two FCS wins where we beat them by huge scores really helps us in that particular poll.

    However, thinking humans look at those two true pushover wins and our FCS WMU loss and think…”Hmmm, not that impressive really.” Beating Tenn just isn’t that impressive to anyone but Pitt fans.

    And you can’t really argue with that. Plus Pitt doesn’t have any positive wins history for someone to look at us and think we’ll right the ship and get the benefit of the voters’ doubt. At this point I have to agree with that. When you haven’t been ranked for 11 years and in the last six years have suffered huge beat downs on national TV that sticks in the minds of the voters.

    Back in 2008 DW lost to Bowling Green to open the season but then went 9-2 the rest of the year. 8-1 actually in the regular season and was ranked #18 going into the infamous Sun Bowl game and lost…3-0… (still hurts to think about it) to drop out of the polls completely.

    I seriously doubt this team, with the rather obvious weaknesses we have in the run game and passing defense, will go 9-1 the rest of the way. So brace ourselves for another non-Top 25 finish.


  73. So Canada not much of a star with an over the hill QB, rebuilding O-line and a bunch of injured receivers.
    Methinks our offense would have looked the same the following year if he’d stayed. While good coaches can make a difference there are limits based on the quality of their players.

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  74. I think it’s time we give Coach Brennan Marion, our new wide receivers coach, his due for the improved performance we are seeing from our receivers. Pretty much no drops, crisp routes, really strong effort for yards after the catch, pretty good down-field blocking … I don’t even remember our wideouts getting called for false starts. I’m not sure how much of that you can say for certain is his influence but I am impressed!

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  75. PITT POSTGAME NOTES (vs. New Hampshire)
    Sept. 25, 2021


    With today’s 77-7 victory, Pitt is now 2-0 all-time against New Hampshire and 19-1 against members of the Football Championship Subdivision.

    The Panthers are now 3-1 on the season, the third time (2015, 2020) during Pat Narduzzi’s seven-year tenure that Pitt has won three of its first four games.


    Pitt compiled a school-record 707 yards in total offense (455 pass/252 rush). The prior record was 654 yards (492 rush/162 pass) in a 52-22 win over Virginia Tech on Nov. 10, 2018.

    Pitt’s 77 points marked its highest since an 88-0 victory over Westminster on Oct. 30, 1926.

    Pitt has scored 40+ points in four consecutive games to start a season for the first time ever.

    Dating back to the 2020 season, Pitt has now scored at least 30 points in five consecutive games, its longest streak since the 2016 team had a streak of seven such contests.

    Kenny Pickett threw for 403 yards and five touchdowns on 24-of-28 passing. It marked the third 400-yard passing game of his career. Pickett is the only player in Pitt history with multiple 400-yard passing games. Nine other Pitt quarterbacks have one 400-yard game to their credit.

    On the season, Pickett has now thrown 15 touchdowns against just one interception.

    Pickett’s one-yard score in the opening quarter marked the 17th rushing touchdown of his career, the most by a quarterback in Pitt history. Pickett surpassed Rick Trocano, who had 16 rushing scores from 1977-80, for the record.

    With 409 total yards today (403 pass/6 rush), Pickett now has 10,015 for his career. He is now one of only two Pitt players in history to surpass 10,000 career yards in total offense (Alex Van Pelt, 11,148 from 1989-92).

    Rodney Hammond Jr. had a career-high 100 yards on 17 carries with three touchdowns. It was the Panthers’ first 100-yard rushing performance of the season. He is the first freshman to rush for 100 yards since V’Lique Carter (137 vs. Duke, Oct. 27, 2018). Hammond is the first Pitt freshman to rush for three TDs in a game since Dion Lewis (3 vs. Cincinnati, Dec. 5, 2009).

    Jordan Addison compiled a career-high 179 receiving yards (on six catches). He matched his career best with three touchdown receptions, the second consecutive game he had three TDs.

    The Panthers finished with 252 rushing yards as a team. It is the 26th time Pitt has eclipsed 200 rush yards under Narduzzi. The Panthers are 20-6 in those contests.

    Pitt’s starting offensive line consisted of left tackle Carter Warren, left guard Marcus Minor, center Jake Kradel, right guard Gabe Houy and right tackle Matt Goncalves. It was the first career start at center for Kradel. Goncalves made his first start at right tackle (after logging three starts at left tackle in 2020).


    Pitt’s opening points came on a safety when linebacker Phil Campbell III forced an intentional grounding penalty on UNH quarterback Bret Edwards in the end zone. It marked the Panthers’ first safety since Oct. 27, 2018 in a 54-45 victory over Duke. (The Blue Devils lateraled through the back of the end zone on a kickoff.)

    Pitt’s last defensive safety occurred on Sept. 24, 2016 at North Carolina (UNC’s Ryan Switzer tackled by Ejuan Price).

    Damarri Mathis had a 35-yard interception return for a touchdown in the first quarter, giving Pitt a 14-0 lead. It was the fourth interception of his career and first for a score.

    Mathis’ touchdown marked the Panthers’ first INT return for a TD since Nov. 7, 2020, when Brandon Hill had a 50-yarder at Florida State.

    Pitt now has scored 12 defensive touchdowns under Narduzzi since the 2015 season (six by interception and six by fumble recoveries).

    Pitt limited New Hampshire to 160 total yards (100 rushing/60 passing). It marked the fourth-lowest overall output allowed by Pitt under Narduzzi.

    The Pitt POV is still the best source of great Pitt football news and opinions.

    (Psych!! Just kidding EJ!)

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  76. Here in Raven land, when the Lions gave up a 45 yard completion to to 48 with 4th and 19, I told my wife Justin Tucker can make that kick. He did 66 yds off the center post.

    The Steelers may not win another game til November…. if then.

    What a great opportunity for Pitt to go on a winning streak and steal back some of those fans! What could go wrong???


  77. OT. I don’t mean to cross any lines here and don’t really know what I should do? I’ll just follow my heart because I care about this guy very much. Fran, who enjoys keeping many things to himself, lost a best friend this past week after a long courageous fight with Cancer. Donny is also a cousin of Fran’s who was a big part of the original Fran and friends tailgate until he got sick. Before the POV joined in. Our friend Tommy (who doesn’t post) is Donny’s brother. So sorry for your loss Tommy!

    RIP Donny! Keep strong Tommy, Fran and your whole family as Angie and myself send along our deepest condolences and prayers.

    Fran, I hope you’re not upset with me for sharing this story with the POV. This past weekend you suffered without anyone knowing and thought you could use a few more friends. ike


    1. No worries Ike…and thank you.
      Donny is Tommy’s cousin.
      Tommy’s uncle passed away last night too…he is devastated.


      1. So sorry to hear, Fran. What a tough week. Our best to you, Tommy, and all the other family members impacted by those losses.

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  78. I’m very sorry Fran and Tommy. Fran and I were saying at the tailgate that the POV group sure could use some good news. Ike, you just keep on getting better so we get to see you soon.

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  79. Ike, no matter how you cut it loss to a MAC team is not “ordinary” . It may be rare but certainly is not ordinary for any P5 team. Minimizing that loss is very apologetic for what never should have happened by a team with so much hype going into the season.


    1. To me it wasn’t that we lost, it was how we lost. Our defense was manhandled. That should never happen.
      Upsets happen but Pitt didn’t lose that game, WMU won it.


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