Reed Says: The Periodic Table Restaurant

Folks – I’ve never done this on The POV before, and you know my attitude towards advertising on here, but a good friend of mine, Lance Cook, has opened up a fantastic restaurant here in Columbia, MD and I’d like to share about it.

It is called The Periodic Table, and Lance opened it pretty boldly right during last summer’s C-19 time, and it is just now really getting it’s feet under itself. You’ll see by the photos that this isn’t a “seen and be seen” type fakery place – but where you will find great food, good service and great conversations.

Some info:

If you live in the eastern part of Maryland, or if you are staying here while doing business in DC or Baltimore I cannot recommend a meal there more highly. Here are some specifics:

The lunch menu (and all meals) are no-frills, no-foufou food well conceived and at a great price, especially here in Columbia, MD which tends to have rather high prices on things overall. I truly love meatloaf and Lance has the best I have had in years…but all the items are worthwhile. Our family will be regulars there.

The dinner menu follows along those lines and both lunch and dinner servings are a good sized meal – my wife and I always carry some home with us.

For drinks they serve thoughtful and varied choices; Here are the Ale list, the Bottled Beer list and Wines…

I just ate dinner at a nice place in Pittsburgh, Pointe Brugge in Highland Park (very good) and while Pointe Brugge is more internationally flavored than The Periodic Table I’d say the two place were equal in quality and atmosphere – both really fine.

The Periodic Table also has good music and other events going on so it’s not just food and drink but a bunch of fun also. Please do try this place – the owner has a huge hit in his first eatery, Tino’s Italian Bistro, also in Columbia and which has been around for a years (and always crowded – if possible try the homemade lemon oil salad dressing!), so I wasn’t surprised one bit at his new venture being the top shelf place it is.

If you all remember when Pitt played Navy in Annapolis in the bowl game a bunch of fans stayed here in Columbia, MD and close by. If we do that again – maybe we win this time – we’ll eat here and drinks on me. Yes, all evening.

Thanks my POV friends, as I said – I haven’t done this before but this is a special place run by a special guy and his staff.