Fun With Pitt POV’s Stats

My fellow Americans and POVers, this article has been sitting in the draft box for some time (since 2/24/21 actually) and I’m too busy to start a new piece so here it is.

On a whim I decided to take a look at The POV’s statistics since it’s conception on 16 June 2016 until today 24 Feb 2021 (1,714 days). If you every doubted just how deep in substance or how popular the POV is check this stuff out.

As for as output to the readers this table is complete to 2/24/21 (not sure what “Likes” are so I glossed over them):

What that adds up to is; Posts: 1,240; Average Words Per Post: 922; ; Total Words: 1,143,876; Total Comments: 175,421 and Average Comments per Post: 141. Add in Visitors: 319,560 and Views: 3,220,558 (that’s not a misprint). BTW, the average wordcount for a novel is around 90,000 words so POV writers have produced the equivalent of almost 13 novels in our four and one sixth years of existence. I guarantee you no other pure blog covering Pitt athletics has done anywhere near that. Nor even Pitt’s media/email/sites’ output I’d wager.

Now for reading traffic here is some amplifying information. The two main units of blogging traffic measurement are views and unique visitors. A view is counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. A visitor is counted when we see a user or browser for the first time in a given period (day, week, month).

If one person reads three posts on your site, that would be counted as one visitor and three views. OK? So, the POV has had 3,220,558 Views or 2,598 views per post. In addition the POV has had 319,560 Visitors or 257 Visitors per post. Wow! Well over three million views…

To put in in time-based numbers we have had 1,879 Views and 186 Visitors (readers first entering the site) per day. I’m not the most adept at massaging stats and navigating WordPress wormholes to get all the info possible but I wanted to let you readers know what happens on here. I even got into a phone conversation with a WordPress tech guy to walk me through this before writing the article.

I have said many times that we have about 15-20 times more readers than commenters on average on POV posts throughout the year. Of course that number rises dramatically during the football time period. Here is an example of a recent reader to commenter ratio…

Tex’s well written “School Spirt – Follow Up” article last week had 153 comments in total from 21 separate commenters . However, there were 303 separate readers for that same post. So, that singular post had 279 other readers aside from the commenters – or 13.3 times as many non-commenter readers to commenters.

This is why I always try to caution you folks that just reading the comments is not a true gauge of what all the readers feel about the subject matter. When I mentioned that I get tons of emails regarding the POV and any issues it might be having the above is what I meant – I get emails from our most well known commenters but I get a ton more from readers who don’t comment at all – and there are a great many of those.

In another direction – if someone Googles “Pitt football blog” the POV comes up second behind Cardiac Hill, which is a profession business blog and not someone’s hobby like the POV.

This is what you guys have done for the POV and Pitt FB

Anyway I – thought this might open some eyes as to what The Pitt POV Blog is and does. I said before that when I first started the POV back in June of 2016 I allowed some advertising on it – and made around $60+ per month. But that was with me doing absolutely nothing to increase readers or make the site enticing for advertisers.

I’m sure if someone was adept at that sort of business one could make a decent amount of money on here. I finally stopped all advertising after a few months because I felt it detracted from how I wanted the POV to be projected to the reading public. I wanted it to be a conversation among Pitt fans and not a business with advertising thrown in your faces all the time.

So, now that the Final Four has now been completed and Spring Football is, well…. a bushel of misdirection wrapped in a veil of false promises and presented to the public by a completely bored professional media…how about getting in front of your writing machine and kick out some articles for publication?

And don’t tell me you can’t write either – some of the best written, longest, and detailed comments are put up by readers from whom I have never gotten an draft article. So get moving…and “Try It – You’ll Like It!”