Pitt vs Long Island U. VB Tourney Game Thread 4/13/21

Following are some websites that might help Pitt fans cheer the Women’s Volleyball Team to a 1st round tourney victory tonight. So, if you can stay awake until the start time of 10:30 pm ET and watch it then good for you because I’ll read about it the next day. 

These links can be used for in-game commenting research also.  First off Long Island University (LIU).

Long Island University Athletics - link to home


LIU Volleyball Homepage

LIU Volleyball 2020-21 Schedule

LIU Volleyball 2020-21 Stats

LIU Volleyball 2020-21 Roster

As for our Panthers – here is some info to read before, during and after the game. I expect the following readers watch to the end and write a 300 word essay on what you saw – due by 1:00 am tomorrow morning: Tex, Big B and Richard in SC. I would have put Ike first but we know he needs his beauty rest, although he probably stays up later than me anyway.

Pittsburgh Panthers Primary Logo | Sports Logo History

Pitt Volleyball Homepage

Pitt Volleyball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Volleyball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Volleyball 2020-21 Roster

Here is a recent game against Duke if you want to 1) practice watching for the details in the previous article by John in SC or 2) You want to see attractive co-eds being better athletes than we ever were…