Pitt at #14 Virginia; 2/6/21; 4:00 pm

Here is the Gameday Thread for today’s Pitt Basketball game. Today we play the Virginia Cavaliers at home starting at 4:00 pm.

Following are some websites that might help you all get ready to cheer the team onto a win.  These can be used for in-game commenting research also.

Pitt Basketball Homepage

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Schedule

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Stats

Pitt Basketball 2020-21 Roster

Sports-Reference.com Pitt Homepage (current & historical)

Here are some sites for info on our opponents:

ACC Basketball 2020-21 Standings (w/ links to team pages)

Virginia Basketball – Sports-Reference 2020-21

I’ll try to keep these threads updated as far as actual days and opponents are jerked around due to C-19 rescheduling.  If you see something wrong with any post just email me at rkohberger@gmail.com and I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.


191 thoughts on “Pitt at #14 Virginia; 2/6/21; 4:00 pm

  1. Have to put this up early as I’m on the road most of the day… We can take this game even if XMan plays 2/3rds as well as last game and as long as Champs plays and gets his normal results.

    Pitt 71 – VA 67



  2. Thanks Reed. I’m thinking this will be a very difficult game because of VA’s style of play and also their height. We had a lot of problems with NC’s height. Everyone will have to play to their best.


  3. I agree notrocket. Pitt will need Champ and the good X to be on top of their game and contributions from many others to beat UVA. I just don’t see it happening. UVA on another level than Pitt. Pitt may not break 50 points scored.

    Here’s hoping the Panthers can pull off the upset and I am featured on freezing cold takes.


  4. I see that Pitt is only credited with two national championships. So did pitt make up the other seven?🤠

    Pitts tweet – winners of 9 national championships. And then in the small print it says ‘but we made up seven of them and the last real one was nearly 50 years ago’


    1. National championships muck up academics, at least Pitt’s administrators feel that way. Why else do you not go all-in at football, especially with how good it was from 1973-81.


  5. You da man Reed…game thread up 6 hours prior to tip.
    Kind of like Wolfe setting up a football tailgate. 😎

    For the dyslexic:
    I Iek ❤

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  6. back in September 2011 when it was announced that Pitt and Syracuse were leaving the Big East for the ACC, Mr SEC Paul Finebaum proclaimed that Pitt and Syracuse leaving the Big East in basketball would be like Alabama and LSU leaving the SEC in football. Think about that statement awhile.

    The ACC wanted to get back the title of the best college basketball conference from the Big East, so they chose Pitt and Syracuse. And it was the reason that UConn, who had just won the national MBB championship, was their original choice (over Pitt) .. that and the NYC TV market.. And of course BC AD DeFelippo halted that as discussed on the previous thread.

    The decade before that saw the Big East harmed in FB when the ACC took the 3 best BE football programs …. Miami, Va Tech and BC … back in 2003. A lot has happened in the past 20 years, and much of it not good for Pitt sports. And that came after the 90s in which Pitt FB sunk almost as low Pitt BB did a few years back.

    The good news is that it is much easier for Pitt to rebuild a BB program than a FB program. But apparently it may be taking longer than we hoped.

    As such, I’ll be surprised if we don’t see Good Pitt today. And that may well be due to the fact that the opponent is IMO the best team in the ACC this year. I’m expecting Pitt to play hard but just not measuring up talent wise to a well-coached, legit Top 15 team.

    It’s a long process


    1. It is a long process for Pitt, but it did not have to be that way. Currently, as I posted yesterday morning, there are 9 teams in the top 25 who hired new coaches when Capel joined Pitt and a total of 18 teams in the top 45.

      Pitt, I believe is somewhere between 50 and 75 in the rankings.

      It wasn’t a long process for those 18 teams and don’t use the excuse that Capel was left with a bare cupboard – Young at VT has one player left on the team that Buzz left behind. In basketball, you have fewer players to replace and there is a transfer portal with some good players. Good coaching mixed with good players equals top 25.


            1. Look, no coach starts with nothing when you have the transfer portal.

              It is just a poor excuse.


            2. If the coach is right the players will come. I listened to the St. Bonaventure’s coach today in a pre-game interview sell his team which is in the snow belt of NY. He said he tells recruits it is 70 degrees in our gym just like any other gym. The summers are mild and beautiful.

              HC Schmidt has built a winning program in a place that has to be hard to recruit to. Syracuse is the same way.


  7. The experience gained playing UNC’s huge front court will help Pitt today. UVA will not let Pitt drive the lanes, but they could be weak in getting back to stop transition baskets. Look for Pitt to turn X Man loose for quick penetrations to the hoop before UVA can set their defense. In addition, Pitt must hit its 3s if it has any chance to win.


  8. Before I take off:

    A follow-up on those AP Top 25 polls. I just looked back at the last five normal seasons (2019 – 2015) and here are the totals of non-Power 5 teams reaching Top 25 status with the highest rank. I have excluded ND:

    2019 – 7 non-P5 – #17 Memphis

    2018 – 6 non-P5 – #11 – UCF; Pitt was #24 at week 13 but lost last three games

    2017 – 4 non-P5 – #6 UCF

    2016 – 3 non-P5 – #15 W. Michigan ; Pitt was #22 at week 15 but lost bowl game.

    2015 – 4 non-P5 – #8 Houston; Pitt was # 25 going into week 8 but went 2-4 last six games.

    Also – in weird 2020 season Pitt was #24 with a 3-0 record then lost four straight.

    So, under Pat Narduzzi we haven’t finished Top 25 yet. He has had his team’s ranked during the season at some point but keeps losing momentum before the season ends.


    1. quite true …. but Pitt has finished ranked only 4 times in the past 30 years, the highest in 2009 when it finished 15th. And that was the last year it finished ranked.

      That year, they lost to the only 2 teams they played that finished ranked as well as to an ACC team that finished 5-7


  9. Reed, you keep ignoring the fact that Pitt has played a much harder schedule than his predecessors … the only comparison would be in the early 00s before the ACC took Miami, VT and BC


    1. Yeah – and you keep using that as an excuse.

      It’s been a decade sine we were a BE team. Don’t you think ten years is long enough to get acclimated to a different conference?

      Look bottom line is we pretty much sucked as a BE team (no conference title and blah years for the most part) and now we pretty much suck as an ACC team.

      Good HCs break molds and PN hasn’t done that yet. Yet Pitt fans love the guy and keep spouting ‘wait ’til next year’ and when next year comes it is more of the same. Narduzzi had exactly one more win than Chryst in three seasons yet somehow Pitt bends over backwards for him.

      I love the way – when we talk about the 2012 Pitt defense and how great it was:

      Total D = #17 nationally; 330 ypg
      Scoring D = #23 21.0 ppg
      Passing D = #20 194.1 ppg allowed
      Pass Eff D = #21 113.17

      Everyone say that was only because of inherited DW players.

      Then when PN gets here with his first two season’s offenses stocked completely with Chryst’s players and goes 8-5 we think he’s the greatest coach alive.

      All against ACC teams mind you…


      1. Another year of wait and I might be dead.

        I really don’t understand the fear of change and the non appetite for taking calculated risks.

        But I’m not your typical Pitt fan.

        I moo and don’t baah.


  10. I’ll flat out state the obvious. Narduzzi will never win 9 games and will never have Pitt ranked at seasons end. It will never happen. Just like birds flying out of my butt.

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    1. and that has happened only 3 times since the 80s, and again … against easier schedules than what Pitt has been playing recently

      I am not implying that Pitt can’t make a hire that that will be able to accomplish this, not at all. But there are no guarantees … as Pitt Fb fans know quite well since Sherill left.


      1. and I meant to add …. and so what if Narduzzi or his replacement does get 9 wins (instead of 8 as Duzz has done 3 times) …..BFD! Hey, if all the stars align and Pitt gets to 10 wins, wooooooo!! That is the absolute ceiling for this program. And it has been since 1982. Is it worth the risk?


        1. Yes. Because a ten win season breaks through the ceiling. Recruits see that. And I finally get to go to a warm bowl. 🤠


    2. First he has to recruit a ‘hot shot’ QB coming out of HS. Then get a OC that isn’t 90 years old
      that doesn’t run a….. 3 yards and a cloud of air, offense.

      Or hire an OC ala Chaney who brought his own transfer QB with him. Cause Stromboli isn’t recruiting


    1. Whatever. Let’s just home pitt is awake for today’s game and this season isn’t cancelled due to covid. H2P!

      God save the Queen


      1. Awaken Tex….Covid infections have fallen 45% in the USA since Jan 11th.

        Must be the change of guard !


        1. Let’s hope players still wear that mask and don’t do anything stupid like steal cars and go to strip clubs. You’ll catch more than covid at a club.


          1. I don’t see the players wearing masks in college, do you ? I do in HS bball games.

            And are Strip Clubs considered Essential or Non-Essential business ?


          1. Well of course they have. I didn’t say March, 2020. Look at the chart since Mid January 2021.

            The seven-day rolling average of new cases currently sits at 135,904, a 44% decline from the average three weeks weeks earlier and hospitalizations are down 30% from their peak on January 6.

            Hospitalizations have fallen 26 percent since they peaked most recently on January 12, the data shows, with 96,534 reported in the hospital as of Wednesday.

            Forty-four states are seeing a decline in cases, Johns Hopkins data reveals, with just Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, on the upswing.

            In addition, as the country headed into February, COVID-19 hospitalizations fell below 100,000 for the first time in two months.

            Currently, 92,880 patients are hospitalized with the virus, the lowest figure seen since November 29 and falling nearly 30 percent from a peak of 132,474 on January 6, according to data from The COVID Tracking Project.


            1. No doubt things are looking better, especially as vaccines roll out.
              Just hope the mutations aren’t a big monkey wrench.


            1. That doesn’t take into account hospitalizations have fallen 30% since Nov 29. And they’re testing more now than ever. So there will be a point, this will all drop…and we might have reached it.


  11. Understood. No guarantees or gimmes like X playing under control, Brown catching the ball, some bench player to step up today.


  12. Onward to today’s game in Charlottesville….where I use to play sometimes, when I lived in Culpeper.

    Play as in drinking at all their campus bars. And romancing their women.

    It would be nice to beat these arrogant pr*cks today, but unfortunately I don’t see UVA losing
    in back to back weeks….as they just dropped 6 spots out of the Top 10 to Number 14,in Monday’s poll.

    And a loss to Pitt, would knock them probably Out of the Top 20 for sure, maybe Top 25.
    VT was the 2nd highest ranked ACC team at Number 16 and they are gonna fall large for sure,
    after losing large to us. Like maybe totally OUT of the rankings.

    ACC basketball is taking a beating this year on perception…and perception is everything.
    Conf can’t afford to have no Top 10, Top 15 teams.

    So for that reason (and really no other)……sadly Punxsutawney Phil predicts a Pitt loss.
    ** Bet you didn’t know Phil also predicted sporting events


    1. I’ve predicted correctly every early Spring.

      Fine print – except in years 1967-70, 1979, 1985-89, 1994, 2005, 2015-17

      I got me degree in meteorology from Penn State


  13. Seriously Gordon. Sometimes I feel like I’m arguing with my Dad on whether the chicken needs to stay on the grill for another five minutes. It’s all good.


  14. Omg….Drake University is in the Top 25..and sits at 17-0.

    They’ve finished once in the Top 25 in the last 46 years.

    Always liked driving past Drake’s Bread Company in Bloomfield. The smell was glorious.
    And as a kid loved the lite-up walking Drakes along the front top of their building.


    1. The year before they hired their current coach (started same year as Capel) the team was 17-17.

      Their hire was an assistant coach from Creighton. He created a good system and he became a good HC. That is the formula to getting into the top 25.

      This guy and several others I have pointed out have turned programs around in the short time Capel has struggled at Pitt.

      I hate the Drake (line from Seinfeld)


    1. Those aren’t all students…they are also Pitt professors and staff and they are on the floor balcony by my dad’s office. I watched a bunch of games from there – you can see everything but home plate.

      My dad is the guy on the right with glasses on.


      1. Really….that’s so cool…Commander. I use to take a class way up there in a tiny cubicle.
        Well actually it was an IQ test,


  15. UVA settling for long jumpers. Pitt rebounding reasonably well. Great to see them hanging with a quality program like UVA.


  16. It means this game has a lot riding on it and these teams don’t care for each other.

    Pitt relevance, tourney worthy and Capel arriving as a HC.

    UVA top team of the ACC and relevance of the ACC.


  17. Pretty good first half for Pitt. UVA lulls you into a false sense of security then goes on an 8-0 run.
    Love that Pitt is using skip passes to find open men, but we got a bit crazy w those cross court. Champ is doubled and tripled every time he touch’s the ball. That means someone else is open. Just gotta find them. H2P.


  18. BIG mistake starting X and Horton.

    They will lose this game.

    Bad coaching decision.

    Tex – you’ll need that Viagra to get up for the 2nd half now.

    There is a blowout coming cause our coach made a BIG mistake…

    I’m ticked!


  19. Toney needs to pick up his game in the second half. And Pitt cannot afford to have 7-8 more turnovers in the second half. They cannot rely on Champ to pull this game out. He is double teamed and someone else will need to take over.


  20. UVA will systematically beat Pitt today because they have a good system.

    Pitt and Capel have NO system.


  21. Several of my posts did not come thru – I’ll sit the rest of the game out –

    Capel frustrates me with his lack of adjustments which equals poor coaching.


    1. It’s like they think we care…what they think about this and that and the other thing.



    2. Toney’s game is off today but he is hustling his butt off. The no call refs took his game away.


  22. These announcers s*ck…..the color man should listen to 25 year veteran Dan Bonner and learn something.


  23. How does Hauser not have any fouls – he pushes off on offense and he hacks on D.

    The fix is on?


    1. Fix has been on for UVA for more than few years. Remember the non-call in the last minute of the Championship game when they won it. ( or were given it)


  24. Pitt not able to defend the three because their coach does not know how to. The better coach wins today.


  25. X gifting to ball away

    Champ grabs a rebound and is pushed to the ground with no call

    ACC refs at their best


  26. This clown color announcer needs a muzzle. He was even lobbying for the girl looking
    uva player on the clear offensive foul.


  27. not seeing the lack of coaching at all today

    UVA is hitting shots on good ball movement while Pitt is defending with great effort

    Pitt is missing tougher shots and even some makeable ones


  28. Champ trying to put team on shoulders and forcing some, not able to make things happen against the UVA bigs


  29. Did I just hear….what I thought I heard from this idiot color announcer ?

    A Muzzle is a start….how about a lobotomy.


    1. Well at least we accomplished something today ! Cheers.

      Said pre-game, the ACC would not allow UVA to fall out of the Top 20.

      And sure nuff…..they didn’t !!!


  30. while I like what Horton is starting to show, he is somewhat of a liability on defense

    Terrell Brown is really disappointing, probably has zero confidence but looks to not have a clue along with little effort on D


    1. Brown is a really puzzling player for sure. Nice comeback by Pitt after being down by 16. Had to do it with steals since UVA was hitting almost every shot. Tough night for Champ. Most of his shots were contested and seemed to force him into awkward, unbalanced misses. Looked really frustrated to me.
      Many bright spots though. I though Coulibaly played especially well. Pretty decent already and appears to have a lot of potential.

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      1. Champ not ready for the NBA and Capel’s lack of defensive adjustments and defense of the 3 will keep Pitt in the mid to low end of the ACC


      2. A comeback is when you win.

        Nothing I saw resembled a win unless you beat the line Tex was betting.



    2. Brown had Zero’s across the stat sheet. Except he did have 1 turnover. But we knew this about him
      2-3 years ago.

      Pitt only played Him and Femi off the bench. 2 off the bench in Year 3.

      I’m not liking that !

      If Champ goes NBA……next year not looking to good !


        1. Nike?

          Jeffress may be a bust

          Collier not ready for prime time

          Folks, we lost the game and there was nothing nice to see. Losses don’t get you into the top 25 nor help with the tournament selection.


          1. We lost a game to a Top 15, Top 10 type team. Jeffress is the 2nd youngest player in all NCAAB.

            I’m not anywhere close to even having an inkling that this 17 yr old kid is a bust.

            Come on man….get a grip.

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      1. he should be far better on defensive end

        limited on offense with stone hands and not enough stuff back to basket or facing the rim either, even though he’s had a bit of a mid-range shot in the past


      2. Capel has had two classes to over recruit Brown and failed. Even with Hughley’s issue, AKC cannot be your only big in your first full class. There should also be a sophomore point guard on the roster, too. The Lair is full of moral victory posters today, but this roster should be better in year three. Forget 0-19 and Stallings. Capel was hired for his recruiting to speed up this process.

        A losing record would be deflating.


        1. This team is 1-4 in it’s last 5 games. The trend is heading toward a losing record.

          Probably finish the last 6 games at 2-4 to finish the regular season at 11-10.

          For some Pitt fans that will be ok, just as 6-5 was ok in football.


  31. If I remember correctly, Hugley’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb 18th. I still don’t know why Coach Capel did not take the Paterno approach. Announce that in America you are presumed innocent until proven guilty and we will let the legal system play out. In the meantime, you play him, like Rashard Casey. If charges are dropped or witnesses for some reason decide not to testify, you beat your chest for being so wise. If found guilty, you make a very public announcement that we as a team and as a university will not condone unlawful behavior and summarily dismiss him from the team. If it happens to be a year or two after his eligibility is exhausted, oh well.

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  32. I guess we got the bad PG today – o for 3’s and 2-12 from the field for 10 points.

    Toney had a tough game, but hustled and dove for loose balls, but could not contribute meaningful numbers.

    Champ had a double/double with two and three guys draped over his his back all game. And some say he had a bad game.


  33. UVA not know for their 3 point shooting in 20/21 right?

    Pitt getting beat by the three too often – coaches don’t know how to defend the perimeter.

    Is there a defensive stat for 3 point shots made against?


  34. Dan – two runs in this game killed Pitt:

    To end the 1st half, UVA went on a 8-1 run to lead by 3 at the half. How many time outs did Capel keep in his pocket?

    In the 2nd half, UVA stormed to a 16-0 run, and Capel was slow to call a time out.

    He is struggling to coach at the D-1 level. He is either a D-1 assistant/bag man or a D-2 HC.


    1. Common, David. Coach Capel used his first timeout in the final minute of the first half. There was a tv timeout at the 15:58 mark of the second half with the score tied 36-36. One minute and 35 seconds later, VA went up 8 and Coach Capel called his second timeout of the game. Two minutes and 5 seconds later, VA is up 16 and Pitt calls it’s third timeout, leaving Coach Capel with one timeout left for the final 12 plus minutes of play. What would a D-1 coach do? Use all three?

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      1. My question on time outs was directed at the first half usage. Sorry I was not more clear. I genuinely asked Dan72 why our coach did not use more of his TO’s to help kill the cavs momentum.

        Capel allowed UVA to go on an 8-1 run to finish the 1st half down 3. You say he only used his first TO of the first half with under a minute to play.

        I hope it wasn’t to set up the last Pitt offensive possession, as it was truly offensive. The PG (do we have one?) was standing still for about 12 seconds to allow Pitt to get the last shot. The PG then threw the ball away to a tightly guarded player – I don’t believe that PG got credit for that turnover.

        That gave the ball back to UVA for another chance to score.


  35. I saw a good team get soundly beat by a very good team.
    As I said after the Duke game sore knees get more sore not less sore.
    Champ definitely hobbled and double teamed most of the day.
    VA played better defense and were extremely efficient on offense.
    Hauser is excellent and a seven footer that shoots threes is hard to stop.
    A great point guard with a National Championship ring.
    Pitt played hard and Johnson was cold.
    Hard to beat a team that makes 12 threes, shoots at a very high percentage and plays ferocious defense,
    has lost only one ACC game in its last sixteen, but Capel can’t coach.

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  36. Jeffress will be fine in a year or two. Needs some time in the weight room.
    Nike must not be the answer at least Horton is playing a little better.
    Femi the only worthwhile guy off the bench right now. Just not enough depth.
    No one to spell Champ or Toney and score a few points, rebound etc.
    Coulibaly playing better, but not nearly enough with Brown only playing well vs Syracuse.


  37. VA pulled away when Pitt didn’t keep up the defensive intensity. They picked it up again the last 5 minutes or so but it was too late. But we need to rotate more players to do so. And I wish someone would tell that announcer that he needs to shut the hell up. And he’s always talking about something other than the game. Why do we always seem to get that guy?


      1. Yea…well we know…don’t we. Clown calls us Pittsburgh all the time too !

        He would be bad doing a HS game !

        Only one that is good is Pittsburgher Dan Bonner(Avonworth) who has been doing ACC games for decades.


  38. Moving forward it looks like this year’s class is a bust at least for now.
    Femi the only one contributing. Hugley gone and all the rest are projects for next year.
    Nike, the one transfer has not produced nearly what is needed.

    With no one yet on the horizon for next year….


    1. haven’t given up on Jeffress yet. Saw too much potential back when he was playing …. and he’s only 17, will turn 18 in June. Haven’t seen enough of Collier yet


      1. I agree he will be good, somewhat surprised he isn’t getting a few minutes, probably because Champ and Toney are our best rebounders.


  39. Regarding the X’s performance yesterday:
    He leads the ACC in assists at 6.2 per game. He had 7 yesterday.
    He had 1 turnover. That is an assist to turnover ratio of 7.0. The best ratio in the NCAA is 5.27.
    He scored 10 points on 3 for 12 shooting, 25%. 4.2 under his average.
    He had 4 rebounds.

    Compare that to the VA point guard:
    11 Points on 4 for 12 shooting. 8 assists. 4 turnovers. 1 rebound.

    Pretty comparable, in my opinion.

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  40. I agree that X did a good job guarding his man.

    Another reason Champ may be hurting even though he scored 18 and had 10 rebounds, the man he was guarding most of the time scored 23, and only missed one shot.


  41. Of Pitt’s remaining seven games, the next @ Louisville is in jeopardy due to the ville team on COVID quarantine.

    We then play GT who beat ND in their last game, two games with Clemson who recently was ranked in the top 25. There is a game with 2-8 WF (ACC record) and two more with NC State.


      1. After winning our first ACC game against the Wolfpack. Pitt has lost 11 games in a row to NCSU.

        Apparently Panthers turn into Kitty Cats when playing Wolves. Football much the same.


  42. Looking to be another mediocre year with every sport except soccer. Mediocre to disappointing to just flat out bad. Where is the excellence across the athletic department that heather promised nearly four years ago. It wasn’t like every program was a dumpster fire.

    Good luck to all the pitt guys in the game tonight. Bad luck for any Nitter. Hope KC wins.

    It is a house divided back at my ranch. Sons a big Brady fan. The dogs are split. The cats prefer Tampa. The cows are for KC even though they’ll be a good steak in two weeks.


  43. off topic but I have often talked of what a winning environment WPa native Barry Alvarez created at Wisconsin. He has been coaching and/or AD at UW for 31 years now. The 3 coaches who have succeeded him have all done much better at UW than anywhere else.

    And of course Alvarez has Big10 money, has an OCS and a large student population to fill it.

    In addition, his HC and both coordinators are UW alums. The latest is that the DC just turned down being DC for Packers. How’s that for stability?

    And to add insult to injury … while UW never have had top 25 classes … the previous five classes ranked 35, 35, 40, 27, 28 ….. this year’s class is rated 14th

    This is why I have always said Alvarez is the best AD around …. even though the so-called experts will never deem him as such

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    1. He’s genius for recommending chryst to Pitt and having Pitt provide the needed on the job training. Genius.


      1. He stole candy from a baby.

        Riddick or Wanny could set up a winning system if the Pitt administration would get behind such a concept.

        The administration is behind Barry’s system – that is why it works so well.


    1. I think Reuben brown might have a shot next. Revis is a lock. I don’t think Shady. Fitz of course. Who else am I missing?


  44. Pitt had a chance to use the Wisconsin ‘model’. Alvarez from HC to AD with Wanny.

    And much like Wisconsin does, the Associate AD does the day to day requirements of
    an AD. Alvarez sits at the top, much like a Godfather.

    With Wanny’s countless football coaching contacts including Pitt coaching alumni, we would
    have never lacked for good coaches and a Pitt Man at the Top. And no better an
    ambassador for all things Pitt and Pittsburgh. Talk about stability.

    And possibly Cornhole saw that possible scenario, which also was another reason, he wanted him


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