Pitt 73 vs NC State 74 Recap – 2/17/21

Here is another good dissection of the game just played written by Dan72.

What a typical ‘Pitt fan experience today’s game was. Not on TV (I have Comcast). Not on radio (Cook and Poni are awful). Not on the Pitt app for those of us in Maryland until 15 minutes to go in the game. Tex’s Pitt fan experience article just rang true. So typical Pitt. SOP!

So I followed it on Gamecast and got a halftime update from several (screaming in anger) Pitt fans and friends! Finally the Pitt App started working with about 13 minutes left and I listened to Bill Hillgrove struggling to call the game accurately (an understatement). So looking at the boxscore and following as best I could, here are my thoughts….

This was a tragic and inexcusable one point loss for Pitt. This was a game against a team which was missing both starting guards and that had been blown out in it’s last two games. Pitt is now 0-11 in the last NC State games and 2-19 lifetime vs the Wolfpack.  Pitt was down between four and eight points the entire game and really didn’t threaten until the very last part of the match.

I have now surrendered!

I do not have a single good thing to say about this team. Instead, it’s the continuation of the Pitt tradition (curse) of getting worse as the season goes on and then totally collapsing in the end of the season. Where the hell were the plays and players who defeated Syracuse two times in a row, or who beat and outplayed Duke??

As a former high school basketball coach I am loathe to criticize the Pitt coaching staff but…this team has such an obvious lack of discipline that it’s beyond my imagination as to what they do in practice every day.

Start with the last play:  Pitt had been behind the entire game (amazing in itself) and finally took a one point lead with two minutes to go.

When Pitt got that lead with a terrific shot move by Xman, they stood around celebrating the “feat” while a 6’10″ Wolfpack Forward fast broke (lumbered past) the entire Pitt team for an easy layup. So much for that lead.

Then, of course, Pitt relaxed and NC State scored the next five. Our opponent was up by three with 28 seconds to go then Pitt cut the lead to one. Then a miracle – a NC State guard traveled in Pitt’s end so Pitt gets the ball with 12.3 seconds left on their side of the court.

Capel calls an appropriate time out to diagram a play. Toney totally ignores the play and drives wildly with a one on three to the basket and was cleanly and easily blocked by a Wolfpack big man… but….another miracle… the ball bounces to Champ who panics and throws up an airball.

Chaos, a lack of discipline and awfully terrible basketball on our own frick’n court against only three varsity first team players for NC State? Unbelievable!

Many comments said that we were totally done in by the two NC State big men and we just couldn’t handle their size. Reall? When does Capel and the Pitt players ever try to take away or counter the other team’s advantages?? When??

If it’s not two big men we face then it’s a three point shooter or two. Sometimes what gets us is a terrific point guard on the other team. THESE THINGS ARE NOT SECRETS! We’ve scouted these teams I hope. There are things a coach can do to counter each of these situations….even in junior high school!  But Pitt just goes out game, after game, after game and makes the same mistakes in ignoring the opponent’s strength and weaknesses in trying to play “our game” whatever that is??

I almost can forgive the St Francis loss early on but I cannot forgive this continuing saga of chaotic, unfocussed and undisciplined play!! It has cost Pitt at least four games we should have won.

Either the players are complete talentless idiots or we are seeing an incredible lack of coaching by Capel and his staff. And while we are at it, where the hell is the point guard and big man we’ve needed for three years?? Can anyone say recruiting?  Enough with the “Pitt was left barren.” theme.

Capel, you’re making millions and have four former head-coaches working on your staff. Overcome the damn obstacles and get us the talent we need. You are making way too much salary to repeat your mistakes season after season.

This basketball season is effectively now over no matter how we play the remaining games. What a damn shame because with insightful coaching and a continual emphasis on team fundamentals it did not have to be this way.


Dan 72