Virginia 73 – Pitt 66; 2/6/21 Game Wrap-Up

By Dan72

Pitt lost to UVA by a score of 73 – 66 this afternoon in a game they had every right to lose and so writing this  summary is pretty easy…

Pitt lost to a much better team. A better shooting team and a team that had better basketball players. Pitt hung in for the first half while trading baskets and was down only by three points at the half. Then about five minutes into the second half UVA went on a scoring tear as Pitt went ice cold and lost their composure a bit. Things seemed hopeless when UVA’s two big men were hitting fall away and step back 3 point jumpers like they were layups and put Pitt down 17 points at the twelve minute mark.  To those of you who said Capel has no idea how to defend the three, I call BS. There is no defense for 7’1” and 6’11” studs hitting jumpers from NBA range like the UVA kids did.

Pitt made a valiant effort and came back to only lose by seven.  XMan did not have his best game but it surely wasn’t his worst. He ended with 10 points however was awful from three-land.  Horton played well with 15 points and Champ who was double and triple teamed (get used to it) had a game high 18 points. Toney disappeared off the floor for stretches of time (even though he was in) and had eight.

Pitt out rebounded UVA 32-31 but Pitt shot 30% from the three point line and UVA 50%. That’s the story of the game right there.   I did really like Pitt’s press defense at the end and hope to see more of it in the future. 

Now, onto the announcers!! Why do these ACC mouthpieces feel they have to fill every second of every minute with blabbering. Call the damn game! Tell me who is on the line, who just came in etc. etc.  Don’t talk about other ACC teams and other ACC events so much. YOU ARE HIRED TO CALL PITT Vs UVA!!!! Stick to that. Between the announcers and the ACC refs, I wonder why we stay. At one point  Champ was literally knocked to the floor by a UVA thug. Ref standing right next to them….no call.

And on a different note:

Last and least, I’ve been a diehard Penguins fan since they started the franchise. Tonight, on all but one goal, Chris Letang was directly responsible with an awful (or no) defense. On the Islander’s game winning goal he took a man already covered and then left his own man alone in the crease. Pens lose again. It’s time to ship Letang out and I think that’s exactly what our former GM Rutherford was trying to do. The Pens play much better defense when he’s not on the ice. He is downright awful every single night and is single handed killing this team!


Dan 72