Good, Bad and Ugly: Austin Peay

Quick observations…

Good: Really the first all around dominant Pitt win we’ve seen a while, even though it was against sub-par competition. Still, we’ve seen the Panthers play sloppy football in these types of situations and to their credit, they came out and took care of business.

Also good: 1st team offense. 1st and 2nd team defense. Backups got some work. We got a look at the backup QB’s. DJ Turner played well for only 10 days of practice. The refs let the kids play. Pickett was not touched in the pocket and Carter Warren looked like a different guy out there.

Bad: Two, maybe three dropped passes in first half. I’m picking nits here though. Maybe I’m just a little shell shocked. Pickett also should have rightfully had three TD’s – Kyi Wright dropped one and Jaylen Barden clearly was in bounds and over the pylon bit the refs called him out at the 1. Baldonaldo injury. Krull on sideline. Joey Yellen was a dumpster fire out there. Pat Narduzzi somehow managed to ice his own kicker…(and then that was followed up by a botched snap and missed xp…)

Ugly: (Note there is some question as to whether this is actually a penalty. I looked it up and the rule reads “no two players of the same team shall participate in the same down wearing identical numbers. This was the 2018 rule book.). The punt team had the same number on the field at the same time multiple times. They need to get that cleaned up next time. Really inexcusable and is the only part of the afternoon that stank of SOP. Yep I said it.