Guest Article: Kenny Pickett; How Efficient is He Actually?

Guest Article:  Kenny Pickett; How Efficient is He Actually?

By Reed Kohberger

Editor’s Note: Lt. Commander USCG (Ret), and Pitt POV Blogger Emeritus Reed emailed me this article yesterday afternoon. Seeing as how today is Labor Day, it was well timed, because let me tell you writing a decent article is Hard Work, and well, now I can spend a couple of extra hours with my family. Regarding the article, it’s vintage Kohberger. Enjoy.

In a POV comment regarding Kenny Pickett the other day I wrote about him as “all show, no substance Pickett”.

Perhaps I should have said about Pickett is that I think he’s “all show and no effectiveness” which describes him more accurately. He’s a gamer, and tough as nails,  and I rooted for him to do well since I watched him in drills and scrimmages in his early first spring camp years ago. I saw he was a tough kid back then and he’s remained that.

But to me the true mark of a successful QB is not how gutsy he is but 1) How many points are scored while he’s behind Center and 2) How effective is his passing game to where he has a direct hand in moving the ball downfield to get the offense in position to score? That means moving the sticks whether it is by passing for 1st downs and red zone TDs or having the RBs able to take it in on shorter TDs.

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