Reading Between the Lines with Pat Narduzzi & A Look at NC State

Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi gave his weekly Monday Presser today, and our crack team here at the Pitt POV is here to help Pitt fans read between the lines.

PAT NARDUZZI: All right, guys. It is Monday again. Obviously coming off a nice win against, I think, a very talented Louisville team. Obviously we joked last week about the speed that they had, and obviously we’ve got some speed, as well.

Translation: Actually, despite what you all may think, I kinda know what I’m doing on the recruiting trail.

Our kids played hard. We obviously weren’t perfect, and there’s a lot of stuff we watch on Sunday night in really all phases that obviously we could fix, but defensively we were pretty strong. Had a busted coverage for a touchdown, really two busted coverages for touchdowns, one in the passing game in the red zone after a turnover in a sudden change situation.

Translation: We need to stop busting coverages.

And really in the run versus an unbalanced formation it was a little bit different. Popped us. And again, we didn’t line up perfectly, which I didn’t know from the game field. I thought it was just a fit problem. Obviously always things we can clean up on defense.

Translation: Yeah, no we didn’t see that one on tape.

Offensively really did some good things. Encouraged with our run game and how we’re moving the ball and what we’re doing in that part of the game, which is better than where we’ve been a year ago, and I think just every week if we can continue to get better there. But hurt ourselves in the red zone when we get down there.

Translation: We need to get better in the run. You know that.

As much as I’m happy for Kessman, if he sits on the sideline and kicks into a net all day I’ll be excited for him. He can just kick in the net. He’s never missed one in the net yet.

Translation: I’d kiss him if I could. But as you can see I didn’t need to. Not ruling it out for the Clemson Game though.

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