The Official Season Prediction Thread

Well, here we are: A week away from Pitt football. By this time on the 12th we’ll have a first look at how good or bad Pitt looks, at least against fair-to-middling FCS competition. As with most seasons, the pundits are expecting Pitt to finish somewhere around the middle of the pack, and as with most seasons, there is a pretty obvious disrespect narrative.

The optimists in the crowd (and there are plenty) will point out that this is the first season in Pat Narduzzi’s six-year tenure where Pitt has had continuity at both coordinator positions. That will help. Especially on offense. And, to their credit Pitt does have a lot more going for it on that side of the ball than it did last year. Lets run down the list shall we:

  • A Senior Quarterback who’s got the same coordinator two years in a row for the first time in his college career.
  • Four out of five starters back on the offensive line, and an experienced and surgically-repaired Right Tackle (Gabe Houy) stepping into the spot that was vacated.
  • A receiving corps that returns all but one receiver, with a true freshman (Jordan Addison) who is rumored to be the Real Deal.
  • A running back room that returns all but one contributor from last season
  • A grad transfer Tight End that can reportedly both run and catch.

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