ACC Football Schedule Open Thread

Might as well comment on this in in real time.  Schedule is due to be released at 9 a.m. EST.

Will Pitt get hosed and get stuck with Clemson, ND and FSU out of the gate?  What about the non-con game?  Will it be a warm-up or a cool-down?  Will Miami be at the end of the season as always?  Without the benefit of a few tune-up games, you’d think the early season advantage this season would swing towards more experienced teams who have not changed coordinators.  (Read:  Pitt …although Clemson and ND have stability as well.   Miami and FSU on the other hand have had some turnover.)

I can tell you one thing, no matter what gets published, I would expect a lot to complain about.  As we’ve discussed, Pitt will always be marginalized in a league founded and run out of North Carolina.

Meanwhile, here is a little levity for you until the actual schedule is announced.  It appears she is a UNC alum as the ‘Heels are the only ACC blueblood not being trolled.

Added 9:11 AM

And here is the schedule.  Not bad actually.  Not bad at all.

Pitt 2021 Schedule