Pat Narduzzi – 11th Practice

First of all…if you want some insight into how the Pitt Football press corps rolls watch the entire video. Chris Peak captured the pre-interview banter and it’s fabulous that he did.

My only question is why did nobody ask Chris Peak about what he was eating? Looked like a damn fine peach to me.

“It’s a beautiful day in Pittsburgh” – Pat Narduzzi. Ostensibly he said this as a follow up to Lucas Krull’s inadvertant shade-throw towards Pittsburgh’s weather in yesterday’s interview. Pat also went so far as to take is computer to the window to show off the practice fields and the lovely sunny day on the Southside. Well played Pat, because Summer in Pittsburgh is indeed very nice. Take it from a guy who now lives in the South where it is HOTTT.

On the offensive line and Running Backs: “We’re so much deeeper on the O line”

Gabe Houey coming off postseason surgery. Shoulder issue.

Goncalves has done a nice job

Owen Drexel “has really really stepped up”

Keldrick Wislon continues to progress – a different deal those ends rushing off the edge

Blake Zubovic – been playing a little right tackle. He’s really getting better.

There’s the normal guys, you know Carter Warren’s doing great.

MM Commentary. Okay so lets talk about the offensive line. If you haven’t been following along at home I recently subscribed to Pro Football Focus College, and let me tell you the stats they provide are eye opening. They grade Every Single Play – and have multiple people looking at the film. While it’s not going to be perfect, it’s perhaps the best representation of how players perform relative to expectation. Each player is then assigned a ranking based on their body of work from 1 – 100. Generally speaking anything over 80 is Very Good. (Patrick Jones Graded out at 82 for the season last year). From what I’ve seen mid 60’s is about average. 70’s is above average, 50’s is below, and well 40’s is Very Bad. 90+ of course is lights-out.

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