The Week in Review 8/2/2020

Good morning to you all.  Big week last week for ACC football and college football in general, and I’ll be posting all the news and notes, but before I do I wanted to put up a couple of links that Reed Kohberger sent me.  (If you are new here, he founded the blog.  If you’re not new here well then you already know this).  Reed has started his own Blog “Reed’s Home Port” and it gives him the space to explore topics that are typically off limits to this Pitt Sports blog.  Here are two of his latest offerings.  He goes deep into his formative years, and if you’ve met Reed or simply been a fan of his sports writing, they are an extremely interesting glimpse into the personal side of Reed Kohberger, with a philosophical slant that is genuine food for thought.

Check them out and I’m sure he’d enjoy your comments.

Okay, and now back to your regularly scheduled Pitt content:

First – after the Elliot Donald commit, Dorien Ford is a big target.  It’s not just Pat Narduzzi that wants him.

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