This is JoeKnew’s Comment

Wanted to post this publicly since JoeKnew has been taking it in the shorts from wordpress recently.  Poor guy posted six times and six times the comment went to the spam filter.  Feel free to discuss. – Michaelangelo

OK, well, I wanted to wait until today so my review wouldn’t be so knee jerk. I’d also like to say my mood matches today’s weather, but that really isn’t true. I’m not angry, or gloomy, or pessimistic. I realize the feeling I have today is total apathy. Yup, much like a Pirate fan, I really don’t care, which is probably the worst thing that could happen to a sports fan.
It takes a lot to remove the passion which has burned for over 50 years. I’ll let that sink in……. 50 plus years of ups and downs and pride following a team that had highs, lots of lows, and even more moments of frustration. But you know, it always involved passion. They have managed to suck that out of me, I actually looked at the sports section , saw the Pitt write up, and just passed it by like I do with an NBA box score.
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